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Asked: 5 years ago

Wind archer abilities?

Could someone explain the abilities "Bow Mastery" and "Final Attack" to me? I have no Idea what bow mastery does, if all that accuracy does is raise your chance of a successful hit, and for "Final Attack", I'm not sure what "at a rate of 2%" means. O_o

Additional details - 5 years ago

How good is Final Attack with 30 skill points in it?

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Mastery rises decreases your damage range
e.g. your current damage range is 70~200
with lvl3 bow mastery your mastery would be 10%, which boost your damage range to 90~200

that's the basic idea of mastery.........
and I don't think you should worry about FA, because from what I heard, most ppl just add 1 and leave it

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