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Is their a specific place go get maple tokens faster??

I was looking online they said their is a place called coin farm or something like that in the Monster Carnival PQ??


upokluv answered:

I got this from another topic:
-Make sure each party knows that the battle is a coin farm; neither party should use buffs or skills (the only exception is the Speed Up skill, so that the mobs may move towards you more quickly)
-Summon weak monsters for the opposing party. This will most often entail Teddies, or Chronos if the opposing party contains a Cleric.
-Kill things without relent for 10 minutes.

That's the gist of it. This is best done with parties of two due to the fact that you'll be splitting the coins with your partner, and it also becomes much, much easier to organize if your partner and opponents are all guild members or friends. You'll probably have some arrangement to trade wins to share exp, but that's up to you.
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grubme answered:

Coin farming is best if ur in guild. my guild members and i jus form 2 teams. and it doesnt matter if u win or not becuz ur jus farming for coin. so jus try to support both sides. its really easy to get coin this way. and besides if u have extra coins jus trade it for something good and sell it for a good price. its monster carnival.
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