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Asked: 4 years ago

Where do i find the Fire Hydrants in Kerning?

I am doing the Quest Drought in Perion on my new warrior (add me if you like:WarriorLuke9) and i went to where the guy told me but i cant find the fire hydrants
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Additional details - 4 years ago

It says to go o site north of kc and there are no hydrants and on sunset sky i cant hit them

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I think your supose to go to sunset sky east of kerning

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That was a glitch in the game, it should work now.

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Head towards the North Construction Site of Kerning (rephrase it, I think its C Site N of K). There are fire hydrants over there. And you can hit them.

*What server are you in?!
**Add me if you want to, (Windia) Hersheys5

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