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Asked: 6 years ago

How do i spawn King Clang?

Im at the area in Florina, but i cant seem to find the giant Turban Shell. Do i have to kill a certain number of monsters? Or does he randomly spawn?

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From: namedidntfit 5 years ago

Well, what server are you on? If your om a high population server, it's harder to find bosses because most of them have been killed already so you have to wait a bit until they respawn. King Clang spaws in Florina Beach on the map Hot Sand. Go channel through channel until you see a message in the chat box that says "A strange turban shell has washed up on the beach." or something like that. (the text is blue) When you see that message, look all over the map Hot Sand until you find a gigantic shell with a black hole in it. You will have to damage it (it has 4.5k HP) until he comes out of his shell and takes his true form. Have fun!

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It spawns every 40 minutes to 2 hours. I don't know the exact time, but CC until you find it.

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He randomly spawns once every half hour to an hour (I don't know the exact time).

Because every map in Maplestory only supports a set number of monsters, you'll have to kill a few to make room for King Clang.

Also, make sure you're at Florina Road: Hot Sand.

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Same as above. You might not see him at first because he camouflages with the other shells on the hot sand map. You need to attack each shell to find him and then when his shell's hp reaches zero, you need to defeat his real form. However, he might not be there when you get there so cc or just defeat enemies or something until he does appear. Good Luck! ^_^

Hope this helps~ ^_^

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King Clang spawns in Hot Sand the farthest map to the right apparently he looks different from other shells if you want to see a picture of it go to
scroll down till you see him. he usually spawns in a while, just cc or so to find him

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