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Asked: 2 years ago

Are there other "bag" items like the mineral bag?

I know of a couple related to quest/untradeable items (like the pink coin purse) but is there anything that holds regular items?

Accepted Answer

From: eraDeviI 1 year ago

There are only two bags, the Profession herb and mineral bag items. There is however a purse item that you can buy to hold all your coin items like Tempest Coins, Renegade Coins, etc. If you are have the disease known as "Pack Rat", I suggest making a mule which can be a 2nd job Warrior class or wait for another Legendary Event where you can make a Pirate class called a Cannoneer. The major difference between the two is that Cannoneer's can store up to a maximum of 48 items. This means you can store up to 48 equips, use items, etc items, and set-up items in each column. 2nd job Warriors gives a maximum of 32. Hope this helps.

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