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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you find this monster?

So I'm trying to find this Monster called the GREEN MUSHROOM. I know you can find them alot but can u tell me a place where you can fight them where theres like 30 in a room?

Additional details - 5 years ago

I need to know because i need to train and maybe get a Panlid. and im lvl 25-mage

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I think the best place now days is the top of Henesys Hunting Ground 3. It can be reached by going to the top of HHG1 and going up the rope, and do the same at HHG2.

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There is also a map near ellinia which has a tree with about 20-30 of them with a high spawn.

To get there start in ellinia then head to henesys. Once you get to the HUGE ellinia based map you can find the tree entrance in above 5 seconds.

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actually mushroom castle, the mini-dungeon to the west side of Henysys has a very high green mushroom spawn rate.

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