Question from kirbydude385

Asked: 6 years ago

What is the best brawler build?

Im looking for a build for a brawler that gives you decent exp and decent money and preferably is unfunded.

Additional details - 6 years ago

A lot of information on pirates has already been released and other people should have experience by playing KMS or another version

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From: AlexanderDrake 5 years ago

For the begining make sure you take Bullet Time, and Somersault kick, take Flashfist too as the gun skills are of no help. (Bullet Time adds ACC and no, it is not only usable with a gun, it's passve for all pirates.)

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Pirates aren't even OUT YET, Gamefaqs isn't exactly the gospel

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i am playing maple story and my boy is a brawler, i got a perfect guide from a site named AGAMEGOLD.
see here

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Go to hiddenstreet .com there u find hundreds of builds for every class k

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I know it i do

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The best build is the build u can enjoy

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