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Item Location Help Answers
8th Anniversary - What are the best items to sell for profit from the coin shop? 0
Where can I find/buy Kino? 0
Black Phoenix Shield stats? 2
Duck tubes still dropping? 1
Duey zakum helm? 1
How do I get belt scrolls? 2
How do I get the agent suit or overall? 2
How do I use scrolls? 2
How do you get haircut coupons? 3
How do you get the 3rd unwelcome guest magician shield? 2
How do you get the Xerxes Chair? 1
How much does a Maple Staff cost or is it better to buy myself a petal staff i am a level 35 Cleric? 4
How to get Explorer Bazlud? 1
How to get mount? 1
How to get stirge wings? 3
How to i get the evil's eye tail? 2
Is their a specific place go get maple tokens faster?? 2
Is there midlevel NPC armor and weapons shops? 1
Monster Book effects? 1
What are the best weapons to trade in with Maple Coins that sells for the most? 1
What can I do with all the Maple Leaves that monsters keep dropping? 2
What does "Stone of Evolution" do exactly? 1
What does candy twirl do? 1
What Enemy Drops maple umbrellas ? 2
What has the best lidium ore drop rate? 1
What is the best way to earn money for a level 40 warrior? 7
What is the strongest weapon for a Dark Knight to use? 2
What is the use of a claw production manual? 1
Where can I find (piece of accuresie)? 2
Where can I find a Korean fan? 4
Where can I find archer gloves I can BUY? 6
Where can I find better claws? 2
Where can I find blackwings? 2
Where can I find Ellinia Tree Barrel? 2
Where can I find Prosessed wood and screws? 1
Where can I find the gun that looks like a big grenade launcher or something of the sort ? 2
Where can I find the memo thing? 1
Where can i get medicine with weird vibes and witchgrass leaf? 1
Where do I go for the ludus lake medal? 1
Where to find aligator skin pouch? 1
Which monster has highest drop rate for lidium ores? 1
Who wants to buy a red katana? 1
Why Can't I seem to find a shop that sells Bow Arrows? 1

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
Where do I go after leaving Pantheon? 0

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Does Gun Booster affect special skills? 0
Any places for a level 16 magician to train? 4
Aran skill and stat builds? 2
Blaze wizard help? 1
How can i get a rank S on the monster carmival? 1
How do dual blades work? 1
How do ultimate explorers work with stats? 1
How much SP after 2nd advancement? 1
I have a clean 87 attack Red Katana. What is the wisest/best strategy to get it above 100+ attack? 1
Is this worth going for? 2
Luk-less Cleric help, anyone? 3
Monster Carnival Glitch? 2
Now that I'm lvl 50, is it time to start really scrolling claws? (no 100%) 8
Post BB Nightwalker Skills? 1
Should I start again or not? 2
Spear Final Attack or Hyper Body? 5
Training spot for 70 Priest? 2
Training spots (I did one already xP)? 1
What are the Pro's and con's of a Shadower? Buccaneer? 2
What are the stats for aran? 1
What can a lvl 34 cleric do to lvl up quicker? 3
What class should I choose if I want to become a thief in the begginning of the game? 1
What is a good ap disribution for a demon slayer? 1
What is the best level to fight Zakum? 3
What is the best place to level up from 40-60 Evan? 1
What is the best strategy for cleric 5x? 1
What is the best strategy for getting Boss Monster Cards? 1
What is the best strategy for Hermit (3rd job)? 1
What is the best way to earn mesos im a level 47 sin? 4
What monster drops the most mesos that a lvl 29 warropr can kill? 2
What's the best way...? 1
Whats a good fighters build ? 1
Where do I train? Any strategies? (Level 28 Aran) 1
Where is the best armor/clothing i can get for my LV. 35 Night Walker? 1
Where is the best place for leveling a level 30?? 3
Where should A Level 108 Priest train? 5
Where should I train as a lvl 32 Thunderbreaker? 1
Which Cygnus Knight final stat result is better? 1
Which mode of transportation takes longer? 1
Wind archer abilities? 1

Technical Help Answers
Error -40 (Game Installation Error) 11315 ? 0
I keep getting a Firewall is blocking the game error? 0
Maplestory won't load after Nexon Game Security how do I fix it? 0
New character stuck in black room? 0
Runtime Error? 0
Why does the game closes automatically when i choose the world? 0
Why does the game keep telling me -2005530518? 0
Why does the game keep telling me that my file has ended? 0
Why is one of my facial expressions I bought from the cash shop greyed out, and I can't use it? 0
?Why when I try to log in to the SG gateway... 1
Back to level 1, which one? 1
Easy way to play Big Bang from Europe? 1
How come my ventrilo keybinding or my music buttons don't work in Maple Story? 1
How do i download private server? 4
How to reset maple story password? 1
I can't even installed this game.currently using windows 7..Why is that? HELP!! 1
I cannot uninstall this game. Help? 1
I try to download maplestory but it says there is not enough space in the disk,what do i do? 2
I'm Stuck!! How do I use portals again?? (This is not as hopeless as it seems...) 2
Keyboard problem? 1
Maple Story not working for me need help? 1
Maple story's port #? 1
Maplestory v55? 2
MapleStory won't load! Help? Anyone? 1
Transparent characters? 1
Why can't i log on? 1
Why cant i send packages any more? 1
Why do I keep logging off? 9
Why does the game keep messin up with the pando media booster? 2
Why does the game keep telling me 'error code -2147467259?' 2
Why does the game not work with my Vista laptop? 2
Why dose my maplestory screen go black?? 1
Why won't Maple start? 1
Why won't this game let me register an account? 1
Why wont the game download? 1

Other Help Answers
Are you able to get roo-d as a pet? 0
Does the Magical Storm affect kinesis? 0
Help about Hayato? 0
How to create Guild? 0
I can't use this name... ? 0
Is there any offline Maplestory-like game for PC? 0
What are those images above players...? 0
Why cant i advance to 2nd job for Aran? 0
About Ariant Desert? 4
About link skills (and other miscellaneous questions) ...? 1
Are Dexless Arans Better Than Dex Arans? 1
Double uppercut or not Double uppercut? 1
Evan 3rd growth skills maxed but with extra sp? 1
Helmet? 2
Help? 3
How can i earn easy mesos? 1
How can i earn mesos im level 59? 3
How can I get gold ticket pieces? 1
How do Cygnus knights change classes? 1
How do i create an alliance? 1
How do I get rid of this (this question is about the PC in particular so all those in text support, come here)? 2
How do I make my character look like a monster? 3
How do you become a GM? 6
How do you find this monster? 3
How do you get back from argiant? 2
How do you win? 2
How many times can I go to Ariant? 2
How much MP does a blaze wizard get at lvl 10 -- just when he/she job advances? 1
How much??? 3
How to delete Maple Account? 2
I nid help for cygnus of knight stat? 2
I want money fast? 5
If you are a Cygnus Knight how do u summon that spirit thingy? 2
Is a zhelm droppable once its been SoKed (scissors of karma'ed)? 3
Is there an easier way to switch between characters? 2
Is This True? 4
Level 200? 6
Leveling up help? 2
Leveling...? 2
Malaysia? 1
Mushroom kingdom quest? 1
Need help on how to improve my spearmen got any answers? More info in detail. 1
Need help understanding Dual Blade jobs.....? 1
Noob question: funded vs unfunded? 4
Potential? Flexibility? Difficulty? 1
Problems with Aran character? 1
REAL free nexon cash? 12
Should I choose Page or Fighter? 1
Should I go dexless? 2
Sign-up says "Object cannot be cast from DBNull to other types." Help?! 1
Stat changes after leveling a mount? 1
Teleportation? 2
Tespia? 1
Thumbs up? 2
Too late to do puppeteers invitation for aran class? 1
Training spot ideas for a Lvl 66 Thunder Breaker? 3
Training? 1
Weres a good place for a lvl 71 Dragon Knight? 1
What are good dexless NW(Night Walker) equips to get with a 700m buget? 1
What do the bars under the channel names mean? 1
What does a pirate do? 1
What happened to my character? 1
What happened...!!!?? 2
What to go with?! 2
When Does Big Band Update Come Out For GMS? 1
When i made a new character, why does it automatically give me warrior stats ? 2
When using Mirror Image, where is the effect located that allows you to duplicate yourself as your double? 1
Where can I find my PIN? 2
Where is a good place for a level 64 Bandit to train? 2
Where is Athena Pierce? 1
Where is Don Hwang? 1
Where should I train??? 2
Which is better a bowman or a gunslinger? 5
Who Wants A Free Account? 2
Why are people addicted to this game? 4
Why are Slimes' dmg to me increasing after I level up? 4

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