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Maple Story                                                     Party Quest FAQ
                                                                  Version 0.2.0
By PhQ                                                      Updated: 31/10/2005
If you play on GMS Scania and want to thank me for making this or something,
fame me, my IGN is PhQX.
00. Table of Contents

00. Table of Contents
01. About Party Quests, Getting into a Party Quest, Tracking
02. Stage 1
03. Stages 2-4
04. Final Stage
05. Bonus Stage
06. Exit, Rushing
07. Leading a Party Quest
08. Terminology
09. Version History, Copyright and Credits

01. About Party Quests, Getting into a Party Quest, Tracking

  Party Quests, which I shall occasionally call PQ's, are quests that you do
with three other people. You must be atleast level 21 and at most level 30 to
be able to do a party quest. The place where you can do a party quest is in
Kerning City. Just go to the bottom-left area of the city, into the place with
sewer pipes, an NPC called Lakelis and usually a huge amount of people trading
stuff and talking about party quests. There you will usually find a party that
is willing to take you with them. Sometimes people will even invite you when
you go in there before you have chance to even ask to get into a party, espe-
cially if you're a magician.
Anyway, just go to Kerning City and start yelling 'Looking for PQ!' or
something like that and someone is bound to invite you. Also, remember to leave
your previous party if you're still in one when you start spamming for invites.
  To get inside the quest, your party's leader must click Lakelis. All of the
following conditions must be met:
- Your party has 4 members that are in Kerning City. (Party members outside of
Kerning/offline don't
- Everyone in the party is level 21-30.
- Nobody on the same channel is currently doing a party quest.
  Some party is in middle of a PQ almost all the time so it might take you a
good while before you can get in, especially during the rush hours, weekends
and holidays.
  Now, you want to know when you're going to get in? Well, this is what
tracking is for. When you or someone else sees who goes into the party quest
and sees the username, (s)he can do a /find for that username and see what
level the person is on. Simple, eh? Say, if user called PhQX was standing in
Kerning, and he suddenly disappears along with three other people, you see that
and decide to try tracking, you just type /find PhQX. If the /find result is
something like 'Hidden Street: 1st accomdament - 1st Stage' user PhQX has
gotten in to the party quest and you can keep doing a /find to see how far his
party has gotten. Then, when you see that the party is in Final Stage, the
leader should start clicking repeatedly.

02. Stage 1

  When your screen suddenly goes black and you appear in a swamp, your party
has gotten into the party quest. Yay! First, I recommend putting your chat mode
to 'Party' so other members hear what you say even if they are on the other
side of the map. Next, start moving to the right. Go to the very end of the map
and talk to the NPC in there. Now, she will ask you a question. Possible
questions and their answers are:
  Level to become magician                       8
  Level to become any other job                 10
  EXP needed to level 2 from level 1            15
  INT needed to become a magician               20
  DEX needed to become an archer or a thief     25
  STR needed to become a warrior                35
If you get a large number and if you aren't very strong, ask for help. Anyway,
to answer the question you will need to defeat Ligator enemies the stage is
filled with and collect a correct number of Coupons which they drop. For
example if your question is what level you need to become a magician, you need
to collect 8 Coupons. Now, just go and start killing. The party leader doesn't
have to do this, so (s)he usually has time to help others.
  Once you have correct amount of Coupons, just talk to the NPC again and you
get a Pass. Give this Pass to the party leader. If others haven't finished and
want/need help getting the Coupons they need, go help them.
  If someone dies, three people can still go on, but if two people die your
party can't complete levels 2-4. The dead person goes to the Exit stage after
reviving. (S)he can wait there or go back to Kerning to write down people's
names for tracking them afterwards. If the leader dies, the party has failed
and the entire party gets kicked out.
  When everyone has gotten their Pass, the party leader can open the portal to
the next level. If one person has died, your party will only need 2 Passes to
open the portal. When the leader opens the portal, everyone gets 100EXP.

03. Stages 2-4

  Stages from 2 to 4 are so similar that they only need one section. Basically
the idea in them is to guess a 'password' by having three of the party members
stand somewhere. Usually the leader does the clicking and the rest of the party
stands in the locations to guess the 'password'.
  In first level, three people have to hang from the vines and leader has to
click the NPC in the right to try the combination. When you get to stage 2,
just jump into a free rope and wait until a giant WRONG if your party has the
wrong combination or giant CORRECT if the combination was right. Anyway, in the
first level there are four combinations, in each one of them one rope is empty
and other three have a person hanging from them. 200EXP for completing this
one. Yay.
  Third level is another combination thingy with five platforms. People refer
to them as 1-5, where the platform with 1 kitten is 1 and the one with 5
kittens is 5. I recommend going through the combinations in numerical order,
like this: 1-2-3, 1-2-4, 1-2-5, 1-3-4, 1-3-5, 1-4-5, 2-3-4, 2-3-5, 2-4-5,
3-4-5. By doing that you will eventually get the correct combination. 400EXP
for this level.
  Fourth level is even harder combination thing. In this one there are six
barrels numbered from 1 to 6. Again, your party should go through the
combinations in numerical order, like 1-2-3, 1-2-4, 1-2-5, 1-2-6, 1-3-4, etc.
When you get the combination right, 800EXP and next level opens.

04. Final Stage

  Final level is fighting again. Just jump down regardless of people telling
you to "wait so monsters would spawn", it's a rumour. Anyway, after jumping you
will fight two or three Curse Eyes. Each one drops a Pass. There is no need to
worry about corner killing them anymore, that bug was fixed. Anyway, once the
Curse Eyes are dead, go through the portal to the lower level. This time there
are about six Jr. Neckis. They are quite fast and you may not be able to hit
them. Each of them drops a Pass as well.
  After the Jr. Neckis comes the boss, the King Slime. It's a gigantic version
of green slime that can hurt you normally by touching you, jump and stomp on
the ground and do huge damage to you (Mages, beware @_@, make sure you have
Magic Guard on), or summon a bunch of small green slimes. He has 8000HP so it
might take you some time to kill him. After he dies, he drops one Pass and
summons a bunch of small slimes. Go ahead and kill the small slimes regard-
less of people telling you not to, this is another rumour.
  After King Slime, time to return to the top and to the portal in the right
corner. Your party should have total of 10 passes, if not, you have failed to
complete the quest. Sometimes some new monsters will spawn (I have seen this
only once) even after killing King Slime so you might get a Pass from there.
That seems to be extremely rare or possibly a bug. Anyway, if you have less
than 10 Passes, click the NPC near the entrance to get out. If you have more,
the portal to the bonus level will open. Before you can go through, click the
NPC whom the leader talked to to open the portal and you will get your party
quest prize. It is usually an earring, a scroll, potions or ores. Also,
1500EXP for completing this level. After getting your prize, go through the

I wrote the amount of EXP from the final stage mistakenly as 1600EXP in the
previous version. Curiously, and not pointing any fingers, this exact same
mistake was repeated some time after my guide being posted on GameFAQs by
people posting mini-guides on forums and some Maple Story websites. Strange,

05. Bonus Stage

  The bonus stage is a place filled mostly with Horny Mushrooms (Which are
apparently supposed to be called Horned Mushrooms >_>) and some Green
Mushrooms. They spawn quite fast so you can have some fun killing the
Mushrooms. If you stay here for a long time people waiting outside might start
whispering you telling you to get out because they want in themselves. When you
want to leave, talk to the NPC in the right.

06. Exit, Rushing

  Immediately when your party leader gets into the exit, the next party is able
to get in. The exit is a place where party members who die during the PQ are
thrown to. Rushing means getting out of the party quest quickly and running
back to Lakelis and trying to get back in for second time in a row. Might work
sometimes if there are not too many people, no one is using autoclick and if
the leader is fast.

07. Leading a Party Quest

  After doing several party quests you might want to lead one yourself. Just
recruit three members for your party and go to Kerning. You will now have to
click Lakelis to get inside. If you have track, ask someone to constantly track
the people inside and tell you when they're on the final stage. Then start
clicking like mad. If you want to be faster, position the window that opens
above Lakelis so the OK button is directly above her so you don't have to move
your mouse.
  On level one you don't have to collect a Pass. You should help people in your
party who have difficulties killing Ligators or who need many Coupons. After
you've received enough Passes, talk to the NPC in right and the portal to the
next level opens. If you have extra Passes, don't worry, they won't disappear
with the three Passes used to get through this level.
  On the next three levels you need to click the NPC in the right for each
combination and the giant WRONG or CORRECT appears when you do so. Sometimes
a party member might not have climbed high enough on the rope or is not
standing in the center of a platform or barrel, if so, just tell them to do it
  On the final level you are responsible for picking up the Passes among with
the usual killing. The last Pass from King Slime might be a pain in the ass to
get when little slime buggers keep hurting you before you can pick it up.
Anyway, when you have the 10 Passes, talk to the NPC in the right to open the
  Remember that when the leader dies, the entire party is thrown out. If one of
your members dies in level 1, you will have to replace him in the combination
guessing levels.

08. Terminology

AC                            Acronym for Autoclick.
Autoclick                     A program that is used to automatically click
                              Lakelis to guarantee getting in to party quest.
Cloto                         An NPC you need to click to advance in the party
Corner kill                   Killing a monster when its in a corner on the
                              last level, causing it to not drop a pass.
Coupon                        An item you need to collect on the first level of
                              party quest.
Curse Eye                     A monster you need to kill on the final level of
                              party quest
Jr.Necki                      A snake monster you need to kill on the final
                              level of party quest.
King Slime                    A giant slime in the last stage of party quest.
                              It has 8000HP.
Lakelis                       An NPC you need to click to get into the party
Ligator                       A green crocodile monster you need to defeat in
                              the first level to get coupons.
Pass                          An item you need to collect to advance in first
                              and final stages.
Track                         Name of a person currently doing the PQ. See
Tracking                      Using the /find command to see what level someone
                              is at in the party quest to be prepared for
                              clicking when they are exiting.

09. Version History, Copyright and Credits

0.1.0 - 16751 bytes - 03/01/2005
First version, typed during the 0.18 patch downtime. >_>

0.2.0 - 16712 bytes - 31/10/2005
Minor corrections, put in rest of the terminology section which I accidentally

This file is  Copyright PhQ 2005. You may not post this file anywhere without
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This entire file is written by me.
Thanks to:
- All sites hosting this file.
- People who have done party quests with me.
- kingofxanth, Downaire, Sefiroth DarkBlade, maryolin, blazingarm0r and JJ Lam
for corrections, theories and other things.

My IGN is PhQX and I play Global Maple Story on Scania. I cannot do party
quests with you because at the time of this writing my levels is in 70's. If
you want, go ahead and fame me if you see me around.