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    Thief/Rogue/Assassin Guide by xChrome

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 08/20/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Maple Story - "The adventure awaits you..after all, it's your story."
    Thief/Rogue/Assassin/Hermit Guide v3.0.
    Made by: jetjak24@hotmail.com/xChrome/Reuben Reyes
    DISCLAIMER: MapleStory and all therein belong to Wizet and/or Nexon, 
    I make no profit from this. I do, however, take credit for this guide.
    August 20 ('07), 3.0: Made major changes to the guide, updated and 
    added more thief builds, etc. Made guide up to date with current 
    September 30, 2.0: Added Hermits to the guide.
    August 26, 1.5: Added a lot of important details, 3rd job info, fixed
    a few errors.
    June 2, 1.2: Added new build, new training spots. More 3rd job info.
    simplified the AP distribution.
    March 19, 1.1: Fixed DEX req. error, (sorry to those of you who 
    messed up because of it.) fixed version error, fixed class info.
    I. Introduction
    A. Introduction to MapleStory
    B. Where to Download MapleStory
    C. Requirements to Download MapleStory
    D. Introducing Myself
    II. How to Play
    A. Initial (starting) Controls
    B. About Customizing your Controls
    III. About Thieves
    A. Pros and Cons
    B. Why choose an Assassin?
    C. Assassin/Bandit comparison
    D. Hermit/Chief Bandit comparison
    E. Night Road/Shadower comparison
    F. Banditsins
    IV. Getting Started
    A. Roll the Dice!
    B. Welcome to Maple Island.
    C. Ability Point distribution
    D. Life in Maple Island
    V. Victoria Island: The Adventure Begins
    A. Becoming a Rogue
    B. Skills / SP Distribution
    C. Stars, Claws and Armor
    D. What to train on?
    E. Financial Descisions
    VI. An Assassin's life
    A. Becoming an Assassin
    B. Skills / SP Distribution
    C. Training training...
    VII. The Long Run: Becoming one of the pros
    A. The Advantages of being a long-term Assassin
    B. Becoming a Hermit
    C. Hermit Skills
    D. What to do now?
    E. What to Expect
    VIII. End Credits
    A. A Special thanks to..
    B. Contacting me
    C. Disclaimer
    I. Introduction
    A. Introduction to MapleStory
    MapleStory is one of the world's most successful 2-D MMORPGs massively
    multiplayer online role playing game). It's created by Wizet and 
    sponsored by Nexon (or the other way around, not sure >_>;;).
    Anyways, there are lots of choices that you can make in the game,
    as with many other MMORPGs. There are four classes, each with their
    own unique arsenal, skills, and power. Warriors, Bowmen, Mages,
    and Thieves are the four general classes in MapleStory, but
    there are 34 classes available. 10 for the Warrior and mages, 7 for
    the Bowmen and Thieves. We will be covering Thieves in this guide.
    Also, there are 7 versions of MapleStory, South Korean being the 
    first. Japanese and Chinese followed, and soon Taiwan, Thailand, 
    Global (the version I'm covering), and now MapleSEA (South-East Asia
    B. Where to Download MapleStory
    To get MapleStory Global version (gMS for short), go to 
    www.mapleglobal.com, or www.nexon.net. Click on the MapleStory
    redirection link and click on "Downloads" once on mapleglobal.com, 
    and you will find the .EXE download file. Click on it and click RUN 
    to download it, or SAVE to save the file to your desktop to download
    later. Or, you can download it in .RAR format, in different parts 
    if you have an older computer or a 56K internet connection. Make sure
    your computer is compatible with the requirements to download 
    C. Requirements to Download Maplestory
    Here, I'll list the minimum requirements to download MapleStory.
    CPU: Celeron 500 mHz
    RAM: 64 mB
    HDD: 300 mB space needed
    OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
    VGA: 3D acceleration card
    Sound: N/A
    Network: 56k modem (dial-up) 
    With these settings, you can download MapleStory and play it,
    but you'll experience some lag and opening it might take a while.
    D. Introducing myself
    I was being rude wasn't I? DON'T SLAP ME! -hides-
    Ehh, I'm Reuben Reyes, Ben for short. This is my Assassin guide. 
    *environment spins* Right now, I'm a level 8x Hermit (and loving it!) 
    and I thought writing a guide might be fun. >_>;;. My IGN 
    (in-game name) is ChaosXLegion. You can contact me in-game or e-mail 
    me, or IM me on MSN, with my same e-mail. I also have a level 52 
    (not active right now) BW Page, Xaenus and a level 24 Magician 
    ChestIcies.. You can contact me through them, too. Enough about me, 
    you beast. -hopes that you're not a stalker-
    II. How to Play
    A. Initial (starting) Controls
    Your starting controls..are..
    Arrow keys - Move
    ALT - Jump
    CTRL - Attack
    1 - Chat to All (talk to the public)
    2 - Chat to Party (talk to your party/group)
    3 - Chat to Buddy (talk to your friends)
    4 - Chat to Guild (talk to your guild)
    Z - Pick up (Items, mesos (gMS currency), etc.)
    x - Sit down (on bench or chair, if available)
    M - Minimap (your current map)
    W - World Map (of Victoria Island only)
    E - Equipment (what you're wearing)
    I - Inventory (what you have in your inventory)
    S - Ability (your stats - STR, INT, DEX, and LUK)
    H - Whisper (directly and privately to ONE player) (copies the 
    player's name to clipboard)
    K - Skill (your skills - unique to your job class)
    R, P, and G - Groups window (Buddy list, party list, guild list and 
    F1-7: Facial Expressions
    Those are all the ones I can memorize, and the mandatory ones for
    a good experience in MapleStory (MS for short).
    B. About Customizing your Controls
    You can also customize your controls for a comfortable playing
    experience. You can customize your controls through KEY SETTINGS 
    (on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, the keyboard keys).
    My personal controls:
    CTRL - Drain (skill)
    Shift - Lucky Seven (skill)
    Q - Attack
    W - Dark Sight (skill)
    R - Inventory
    T - Avenger (skill)
    A - Claw Booster (skill)
    S - Haste (skill)
    D - Warrior Elixir (potion)
    F - Pick up
    G - Flash Jump (skill)
    B - Ability
    Page Up - Barbarian Elixirs
    Page Down - Sorcerer Elixirs
    Home - All Cure Potions
    Insert - Shadow Partner
    Delete - Buddy list
    End - Guild list
    And everything else is the starting controls.
    As you can see above, you can assign your skills to specific 
    keys on your keyboard.
    You can also assign POTIONS (recover your health, mana points, and
    can increase your stats for a temporary period of time) and return 
    scrolls (bring you back to a certain town),for quick access to them.
    III. About Thieves
    A. Pros and Cons (of assassins)
    + is one of the most popular classes in the game
    + makes quite a lot of money at levels 40 - 50+
    + has both ranged and physical attacks (somewhat)
    + skills are fun to use
    + has the hottest gear IMO.
    + has a wide variety of throwing stars
    + becomes very fast and strong at third and fourth job
    - is one of the most popular classes in the game
    - is one of the most expensive classes until level 40
    - can get confusing (EX: If you're gonna be an Assassin, many put
    points into double stab, a bandit skill, since Assassins commonly 
    use daggers IRL.)
    - are known as "KS*-ers" (kill stealers**)
    - stars are expensive (from +23 atk and up)
    - buying scrolled claws is expensive and can take a while
    - claws and claw scrolls (especially 30%) are very expensive
    *KS stands for Kill-steal, killing a monster that another person has
    already attacked, purposely or accidentally. Some people, however, 
    do not know the actual definition of KS.
    **a kill stealer is a person who KSes, purposely or accidentally.
    B. Assassin/Bandit Comparison
    The main difference between Assassins and Bandits: Assassins are 
    ranged fighters, and bandits are close ranged fighters.
    But people often argue about which is better.
    Some people choose bandit because:
    -They are somewhat cheaper
    -Their skills involve multiple hits, and people like to see a lot of 
    damage numbers pop up on the screen.
    -A third job skill, Meso Explosion, is extremely powerful.
    -Their daggers look cooler
    I can counter against these statements.
    -They are somewhat cheaper
    Actually, their daggers are just about as expensive as any claw up to
    level 70, where a Scarab is more expensive than a Kandine by a long 
    shot. That and stars.
    -Their skills involve multiple hits
    This fact doesn't make bandits better. The damage of each hit in the 
    attack is often low, and is the main reason why there are multiple 
    hits. If it was just 1 or 2 hits, the skill would be extremely weak. 
    But the skills are more flashy.
    -Meso Explosion is extremely powerful
    Yes, but it involves Mesos (the currency of MS). Mesos dropped by
    monsters can add up to a lot of money, and if you don't loot it,
    and instead use it for meso explosion, it will waste a lot of money.
    Also, dropping money for meso explosion is also a waste.
    But the skill is flashy.
    -Their daggers look cooler
    That's really just your own opinion. I personally like the Blue 
    Dragon Sleeve, level 110 claw.
    I'm not saying Assassins are better, I'm just disproving that 
    Bandits AREN'T. Its all in your opinion about which class is better.
    E. Hermit/Chief Bandit comparison
    Before, there was a huge debate between which was better; Hermit or
    Chief Bandit. I'll bring up current opinions of my friends and 
    guildies, and counter them with facts.
    -Avenger SUCKS.
    Avenger is just a mob attack, like Iron Arrow. It's pretty useful.
    -Chief Bandit is better because of Meso Explosion
    Well, MExplosion is a very powerful skill, but it uses way too much
    meso. Imagine if MExplosion was a CB's only skill. They'd be burning
    so much money.
    -Hermits own bandits all their skills rock.
    Hermits do have better damage and speed than Bandits, but let's face 
    the fact that Hermits are very repetitive (SP?) and Bandits can be 
    much more fun.
    -Assaulter SUCKS.
    Assaulter stuns, and can be used for various other purposes, like 
    rebounding after being knocked off a cliff, or just traveling. Its 
    damage isn't too shabby either. It does the same (and eventually 
    more) than Savage Blow, but its damage range is more unstable. Its
    only disadvantage is that it can only be used when a monster is 
    -Hermits are overpowered!
    Why do you think Hermits make up 70% of MapleStory's population?
    L7 is superior to double stab, Hermit skills are more useful, 
    Lucky Seven can and is used throughout a Hermit's life. The only 
    reason Lucky Seven is so powerful is because it's our ONLY main 
    attack until we get a decent Triple Throw.
    E. Night Road/Shadower comparison
    Night road and Shadower are Assassin and bandit 4th jobs. They're
    currently out officially in kMS, gMS and cMS.
    -Night Roadss suck, Assassination is a melee skill and Hermits have 
    to use a claw to do it.
    Assassination for Hermits has been removed.
    -Shadowers own night roads! Assassination + Pickpocket = perfect
    finishing attack - Meso explosion!
    Assassination is only 4 hits. 4~6 coins come out of each hit with
    pickpocket. That's only about 16~24 coins. That damage compared to
    Assassination's damage is nothing. Besides, Assassination IS a 
    finishing attack.
    -Boomerang Step and Smokescreen can own any day.
    Be aware of Smokescreen's cooldown time. Boomerang Step is a very 
    fast and cool looking attack that acts as a telecast, so I can't 
    exactly disagree.
    -Venom and Ambush or Tornado will be heaven for training.
    Yes, yes it will. But Shadowers get it too and can utilize it just 
    as well as us with Challenge.
    -Challenge for Shadowers is biased since it's melee only.
    It is, but Hermits are better in damage and focus on range, it's the 
    least they can do for Shadowers.
    F. Banditsins
    Banditsins are, well, half bandit half assassins. You have to be
    rich to be one type of banditsin, and these are mainly made for fun.
    Types of banditsins:
    These Banditsins level up as Assassins in the first job, and choose
    BANDIT as their second job. THey use Stars and Claws until they 
    can use Savage Blow (a bandit's main attacking skill) as their main 
    attack. But they update and scroll both daggers and claws according
    to their level, which can add up. The advantage of being this bandit
    sin is that you level up faster up until level 45-50, and you can 
    have fun using both Lucky Seven and Savage Blow to fght efficiently.
    These banditins basically level up like assassins and choose bandit.
    They continue to level up like assassins until they are able to use
    Savage Blow efficiently. Unlike hybrid Banditsins, they 
    discontinue updating their claws, and focus mainly on daggers. This
    type of Banditsin is to level up faster during first job.
    IV. Getting Started
    A. Roll the Dice!
    Yes, I mean that literally. >_O.
    Ok, at character creation, you customize your character with the 
    available clothes, weapons, armors, hairstyles and faces. 
    After you've done that, you choose your name, and confirm to see
    if it's not being used already. Now, you determine your starting
    Ability Points.
    Click on the red dice to randomly generate your stats. Once you get
    your desired stats, click "create character" to create your 
    character. Then select your character to begin playing.
    But, you're gonna want the right stats.
    A thief's main stats are LUK and DEX, and STR for STR bandits.
    THere are four stats, STR, DEX, INT, and LUK.
    Your stats should be like this:
    STR: 4-5
    DEX: ??
    INT: 4-5
    LUK: ??
    As long as you have your STR and INT at 4 or 5 (4 in both being a 
    "perfect roll"), you're fine. Your LUK and DEX don't matter at the 
    start, as they'll end up the same as all other correct Assassins in 
    the long run.
    B. Welcome to Maple Island.
    Yes, the Tutorial Island of MS. Here, you learn the basics of the 
    game, how to communicate with NPCs, attacking monsters, etc. etc.
    Since the training area has all the quests packed close together 
    unlike the old Maple Island, you might want to actually take the 
    time to do these quests since they're all only a conveyor belt away. 
    Training? Why yes! Train only on Green and Blue Snails and Shrooms. 
    Red Snails and everything else take too many hits and are much slower,
    despite the higher EXP.
    Now, get yourself to level 10 and head on over to Victoria Island,
    you thief you!
    C. Ability Point Distribution
    For Assassins, this is how your AP should be distributed.
    Since this section is highly misunderstood by many (Yes I got your
    PMs in game, on AIM, through e-mail. I'll change it to make it so 
    that it's easier to understand.)
    Levels 1-10: points into DEX until 25, (not 20 as I said before,
    sorry again if I messed you up) rest in LUK. What I mean is, put all
    stat points into your DEX stat until it reaches 25 and no higher, 
    and then pump all points into LUK until level 10.
    Levels 11-40: LUK LUK LUK DEX DEX every 5 levels. Explanation:
    Level x1: 5 points into LUK.
    Level x2: 5 points into LUK.
    Level x3: 5 points into LUK.
    Level x4: 5 points into DEX.
    Level x5: 5 points into DEX.
    Level x6: 5 points into LUK.
    Level x7: 5 points into LUK.
    Level x8: 5 points into LUK.
    Level x9: 5 points into DEX.
    Level x0: 5 points into DEX.
    "x" can stand for any number between 1 - 4. Simple algebra, people.
    Simple algebra.
    Levels 50+: The same as 10-40, only you go 8 LUK 2 DEX in a 10 level
    range. Got it? Good. 
    In-depth chart:
    Level x1: 5 points into LUK.
    Level x2: 5 points into LUK.
    Level x3: 5 points into LUK.
    Level x4: 5 points into LUK.
    Level x5: 5 points into LUK.
    Level x6: 5 points into LUK.
    Level x7: 5 points into LUK.
    Level x8: 5 points into LUK.
    Level x9: 5 points into DEX.
    Level x0: 5 points into DEX.
    "x" can stand for any number between 5 - 20, that's levels 50 - 200. 
    Remember that if later, you get some kind of DEX equipment that 
    you're willing to use to cap your DEX so that you get more LUK, 
    factor that in. For example if you have a pair of 7 DEX shoes and
    you need 130 DEX for your Casters, cap your DEX at 123.
    D. Life in Maple Island
    Maple Island is only a Tutorial Island, don't expect anything TOO 
    exciting here. (unless you find killing snails exciting. Whee.)
    There are a few quests in store, and a few shops where you can buy
    levels 1-10 weapons, and level 1 armor.
    Otherwise, this place is boring. GET TO VICTORIA! (talk to Shanks
    the ship captain in Southperry and pay him 150 mesos to go to 
    V. Victoria Island: The Adventure Begins
    A. Becoming a Rogue
    Ok, you're level 10 and have 25 DEX right? Get your BUTT to Kerning
    City and become a rogue NOW!
    To get to Kerning, pay 150 mesos to the guy in the ticket booth in
    Lith Harbor (the place where you arrive after leaving Maple Island),
    and click on Kerning City as your destination.
    Now, find the "Fusion Bar", go down the ladder in the bathroom,
    and talk to Dark Lord, your job instructor. He'll say some stuff 
    about your potential to be a thief, yadayada. He'll make you a thief
    , increasing your MAX HP (and MP I think), and giving you 1 SP upon
    leveling. I suggest you spend this point on NIMBLE BODY. 
    Now get yourself a garnier and a few subis, and go west, young 
    grasshopper! (go train yourself you lazy dog.)
    B. Skills / SP Distribution
    You guessed it, SP is short for skill point. Good job!
    These are the skills available for the Rogue, and their general
    descriptions. Skill increase info not available, too lazy. >_>;; 
    Oh yeah, there are 2 skill types, passive and active. Passive means
    that it works automatically, and active means that you have to 
    activate it yourself. The three skill actions are support, buff, and
    action. Support means that it increases defensive or evasive or 
    accuracy stats, buff means that it increases attacking stats, and 
    action means that the skill attacks or takes action on any monsters.
    NIMBLE BODY - Master Level 20
    Increases accuracy and avoidability.
    Type: Passive (Support)
    KEEN EYES - Master Level 8
    Increases attacking range of throwing star 
    Type: Passive (Support)
    DISORDER - Master level 20
    Decreses the Weapon defense and attack of the opposing monster, and 
    stuns it temporarily. Melee attack.
    Type: Active (Action)
    DARK SIGHT - Master level 20
    Become invisible to enemies, but not to yourself or other players.
    Enemies won't attack you, but you can't attack them either. Your 
    speed also decreases while Dark Sight is being used.
    Type: Active (Support)
    DOUBLE STAB - Master level 20
    Quickly attack an enemy twice at once with a dagger, doing more 
    damage as LUK and skill level increase. Melee attack.
    Type: Active (Action)
    LUCKY SEVEN - Master level 20
    Throw 2 throwing stars at once, doing more damage as LUK and skill
    level increase. Ranged attack.
    Type: Active (Action)
    "Build A"
    Lv. 10: Nimble body (1)
    Lv. 11: Nimble Body (2), Keen Eyes (1)
    Lv. 12: Keen Eyes (3)
    Lv. 13: Keen Eyes (3)
    Lv. 14: Keen Eyes (1) (Keen Eyes is now maxed), Disorder (2)
    Lv. 15: Disorder (1), Dark sight (2)
    Lv. 16: Dark sight (3)
    Lv. 17: Dark sight (3)
    Lv. 18: Dark sight (2), Lucky Seven (1)
    Lv. 19: Nimble Body (3)
    Lv. 20: Nimble Body (3)
    Lv. 21: Nimble Body (3)
    Lv. 22: Nimble Body (3)
    Lv. 23: Nimble Body (3) 
    Lv. 24: Nimble Body (2) (Nimble Body is now maxed), Lucky Seven (1)
    Lv. 25: Lucky Seven (3)
    Lv. 26: Lucky Seven (3)
    Lv. 27: Lucky Seven (3)
    Lv. 28: Lucky Seven (3)
    Lv. 29: Lucky Seven (3)
    Lv. 30: Lucky Seven (3) (Lucky Seven is now maxed)
    This build is mainly to save money, as Lucky Seven isn't needed until
    around level 27, where you start training at the Ant Tunnel, on 
    Horned Mushrooms. This build also slightly improves your avoid 
    and accuracy. 
    At the end you should have:
    Nimble Body 20 
    Keen Eyes 8
    Disorder 3
    Dark sight 10 
    Double Stab 0
    Lucky Seven 20
    (Thanks to Random69 for the new build)
    "Build B (recommended)"
    Lv. 10: Nimble Body (1)
    Lv. 11: Nimble Body (2), Keen Eyes (1)
    Lv. 12: Keen Eyes (3)
    Lv. 13: Keen Eyes (3)
    Lv. 14: Keen Eyes (1) (Keen Eyes is now maxed), Disorder (2)
    Lv. 15: Disorder (1), Dark Sight (2)
    Lv. 16: Dark Sight (3)
    Lv. 17: Dark Sight (3)
    Lv. 18: Dark Sight (3)
    Lv. 19: Dark Sight (3)
    Lv. 20: Dark Sight (3)
    Lv. 21: Dark Sight (3)(Dark Sight is now Maxed)
    Lv. 22: Lucky Seven (1), Nimble Body (2)
    Lv. 23: Nimble Body (3)
    Lv. 24: Nimble Body (2), Lucky Seven (1)
    Lv. 25: Lucky Seven (3)
    Lv. 26: Lucky Seven (3)
    Lv. 27: Lucky Seven (3)
    Lv. 28: Lucky Seven (3)
    Lv. 29: Lucky Seven (3)
    Lv. 30: Lucky Seven (3) (Lucky Seven is now maxed)
    This build is similar, only maxing dark sight so when you get Haste 
    later, there is no speed decrease. 
    At the end you should have:
    Nimble Body 10
    Keen Eyes 8
    Disorder 3
    Dark sight 20 
    Double Stab 0
    Lucky Seven 20
    C. Stars, Claws, and Armor
    This is how you should buy your equipment to save a little money. If
    you're funded, ignore this.
    Lv. 10-35: Level 1 gear, Subi, Garnier until 25 (at which point, you
    can equip a Meba. Try to scroll the Meba +7 with 100% scrolls.)
    Lv. 35-40: Level 35 top and bottom, Pilfer (red or black). You should
    have enough money for a few kumbis by now, if you've been saving your
    money. Keep your Meba until 40. Try to get a 4 attack work glove at 
    this point.
    Lv. 40-50: Keep your 35 top and bottom until 50, at which point you
    try to get a PERFECT China set (4 LUK top, 2 LUK bottom). At level
    40, you should have a +7 Adamantium or Dark Avarice at your disposal.
    By the mid forties, you should have a decent amount of Kumbis, and
    maybe a few tobis if you've been saving your money. Also, at this 
    point you should have an Icarus cape. Scroll it if you have the money, 
    with LUK preferrably unless you plan to go low DEX. Try to go for a 
    work glove (4 or higher is what I had)
    Level 50-60: If you have a 3 LUK pilfer, keep it. Get a Napoleon of 
    your choice if you want, or keep your Icarus. By now, you should have
    a few  tobis, and icicles to replace your Kumbis. A 33 (at least) 
    attack slain will do, for now. If you have enough money, try to get 
    a higher attack slain. If you think you can, try and get a 6+ attack 
    glove. At this point you should have some Drain, which will save you 
    money by reducing the amount you spend on HP pots.
    Level 60-70: Stay with your slain, granted it's at least 38 attack.
    Otherwise get a 40+ Gigantic. Keep your level 50 China as well, and 
    get a Silver ID, 4 LUK and at least 1 DEX. That extra 1 DEX isn't 
    much, but it benefits you more than a Dark ID. Also, try to get a 
    LUK cape or DEX snowshoes at this point, for a few extra points in 
    Level 70-80: Get a 42 (at least) attack Scarab, any kind. Have a LUK
    robe/cape at hand. You should have several tobis, maybe two or three
    Steelies. Keep your Identity, should be Dark, 4-5 LUK by now. If 
    you've saved your money efficiently from all that Draining in the 
    past levels, get even more stars.
    Level 80+: Keep your Scarab. Period. Your gear is all up to you. Go 
    for a Zakum Helmet, swap to a LUK Sauna if you haven't already. Go 
    get a Red Craven if you have the money and DEX. 
    D. What to train on? (unfunded)
    This is what I trained on through lvls 10-30. It saves a bit more 
    10-21: Slime Tree (slimes)
    21-26: Pig Beach, the Rainforst East of Henesys (pigs and ribbon
    27-30: Ant Tunnel 1 (horned mushrooms), Mushroom tree (green and 
    horned mushrooms)
    DI: What to train on? (funded)
    If you're funded and want to level fast and have money to spend, 
    train on these.
    10-15: Slime Tree (slimes)
    16-21: Pig beach, Rainforest East of Henesys (pigs and ribbon pigs)
    22-25: Horned mushrooms (Tree Dungeon IV, Ant Tunnel I)
    26-30: Horned mushrooms, Wild boar, Zombie mushrooms (Ant tunnel,
    Land of Wild Boar I and II)
    DII: What to train on? (Highly funded)
    If you're funded, and have loads of money to spend, or have godly 
    equipment, train here.
    10-21: Exchange quest
    21-30: Ant Tunnel I (Horned Mushroom, Undead Mushroom)
    DIII: What to train on? (Outside support)
    If you have a friend to help you, train here.
    10-22: Exchange quest or Mushroom Garden or Slime Tree (Orange 
    Mushrooms, Slimes)
    22-30: Boomer party at New Leaf City with Mist (Boomers, Urban Fungus,
    Urban Slimes)
    Boomer Parties In-Depth (Credits to sharkbait474):
    "Boomer parties work like this. You have a Poison Mister (A F/P 
    Mage, of course) to Mist all of the Boomers in your spot/map. The 
    EXP is much faster if other people kill properly and if you are 
    partied with the F/P. The Boomers will multiply upon reaching 1 HP, 
    and there will be a ton of them by the time others start killing. 
    Depending on your level, in a 2 person party with you and the F/P, 
    you leech about 15 - 20+ experience per Boomer including party EXP, 
    and they die FAST, about 10+ per second. This EXP is great even at 
    higher levels."
    E. Financial Descisions
    If you're unfunded, try not to get your level's equipment until level
    35. Don't get the level 40 gear, unless you want a pilfer, since they
    look cool. Always, ALWAYS train on something you can 1-2HKO. Anything
    else will waste your pots and time. Do NOT get a claw higher than a
    Meba (100% scrolled) until level 40, where you get an Adamantium or
    Dark Avarice. Also, do NOT get the level 60 set, or level 60 claw. 
    Unless you have the money for a Gigantic, the level 60 claw. Get a 
    fairly scrolled level 50 claw (Slain). Also, don't bother trying to 
    get a Dark Identity (4 LUK) at level 60. They're 1m more expensive 
    than a Silver ID of the same stats. Instead, get a 4 LUK Silver ID 
    (1-2m) or Bronze ID (x00k-1m). And at higher levels, when you have 
    enough money, try to market as much as you can, to get rich
    and make profit.
    VI. An Assassin's Life  
    So you're level 30, and are ready to move on? Say no more, for you're
    an Assassin from here..
    A. Becoming an Assassin
    Obviously, you don't become an Assassin right away. You have to pass
    a test. However, before you take this test, I recommend you stock up
    with a few HP and MP pots, as much as a regular repot to you, or 
    more, because this test may take a while.
    Now that you've stocked up on potions and allocated your SP and AP,
    go talk to Dark Lord again and he'll blab about how much stronger 
    you've become and give you the chance to become stronger. Say yes,
    and he'll give you a note to give to his apprentice in the 
    Construction Site North of Kerning City. This is how to get there if
    you don't know:
    Kerning City -> EAST EXIT -> Sunset Sky -> EAST EXIT -> The 
    Construction Site North of Kerning City
    The 2nd job guide is on top of a transformer on an electric pole.
    Talk to him, and give him the letter, and you'll take the test. 
    He'll give you details on the test, which I'll give you now.
    In the test, you must find 30 DARK MARBLES killing Cold Eyes and
    Blue Mushrooms. These are modified so that you can kill them in 3-4
    hits. The monsters give no experience, but you lose experience if 
    you die, and they do the same damage as a regular monster of their
    kind. And the marbles only drop in a 1 to 3 ratio. That means that
    only 1 out of 3 monsters will drop a marble. Once you have collected
    30 marbles, talk to the 2nd Job Instructor to get a PROOF OF HERO, 
    and give it back to Dark Lord at the Fusion Bar. He will then give
    you a choice of Bandit or Assassin, and, you obviously choose 
    Assassin. He will give you a bit of HP and MP, and 1 SP for your
    second job skill. Congratulations, you're an Assassin!
    B. Skills / SP Distribution
    The skills of an Assassin are as follows:
    CLAW MASTERY - Master level 20
    Increases the mastery of the throwing stars and accuracy, also gives
    more stars to recharge. Only applies when the character is equipped
    with a claw.
    Type: Passive (Support)
    CRITICAL THROW - Master level 30
    Allows the character to hit a critical shot at an enemy with a 
    certain success rate.
    Type: Passive (Buff)
    ENDURE - Master level 20
    Allows the character to recover more HP and MP, even while hanging on
    a rope or ladder. HP and MP recovery increases as skill levels up.
    Type: Passive (Support)
    CLAW BOOSTER - Master level 20
    Increases the attacking speed of the claw. Only applies when the
    character is equipped with a claw.
    Type: Active (Buff)
    HASTE - Master level 20
    Temporarily increases the speed and jumping ability of everyone in 
    the party, or just you if you are not in a party.
    Type: Active (Buff..?)
    DRAIN - Master level 30
    Absorbs some of the damage dealt to the enemy as HP. Can only 
    absorb 1/2 of the enemy's HP at max.
    Type: Active (Action)
    I'll make this shorter for you. I won't list it level-by-level, 
    I'll just show you the order of which to max and level up.
    "Build A"
    Claw Mastery (3)
    Critical Throw (30) (MAX)
    Claw Mastery (2)
    Claw Booster (6)
    Haste (20) (MAX)
    Endure (3)
    Drain (30) (MAX)
    Claw Mastery (17) (MAX)
    Endure (2)
    The last few points can be spent on whatever.
    "Build B"
    Claw mastery (3)
    Critical THrow (30) (MAX)
    Claw Mastery (2)
    Claw Booster (5)
    Haste (20) (MAX)
    Endure (3)
    Drain (3)
    Claw Mastery (12)
    Drain (27) (MAX)
    Claw Mastery (5) (MAX)
    Endure (2)
    The last few points can be spent on whatever also.
    C. Training training..
    Training guide time!
    Lv. 30-36: Boomers, Crows, Evil Eyes, Zombie Mushrooms
    Lv. 37-49: Boomers, Teddies, Pink Teddies, Evil Eyes, Curse Eyes
    Lv. 50-55: Boomers, Lunar Pixies, Copper Drakes, Drakes, Jr. Yetis, 
    Hectors, Stone Gollem, Flyeyes
    Lv. 55-59: Boomers, Luster Pixies, Coolie Zombies, Jr. Yetis, Drakes
    Lv. 60-66: Boomers, Coolie Zombies, Mixed Stone Gollems, Gryphons, H
    ectors, Yetis (Transforming), Grupins, Luster Pixies, Flyeyes
    Lv. 67-70: Boomers, Coolie Zombies, Mixed Stone Gollems, White Pangs,
    Yetis, Pepe, Luster Pixies, Grupins
    VII: The Long Run: Becoming one of the pros
    Now, I don't use the term "pro" a lot, because there is no actual 
    "pro" in MS. Being high leveled doesn't make you a pro, you're just 
    a high level. I just use the term "pro" so that other people who DO
    use it often will understand what this section is about. I dont want
    people at a high level thinking that they're above all others in all
    ...besides, we're all pros on the inside...>_>;;
    A. The Advantages of Being a Long-term Assassin
    Now that you're an Assassin in your 50's-60's,people will look up to
    you. They'll think you're strong, even if you're not. Some people 
    will even pay you for making it that far. I know, it's happened to
    me. Now that you're a high leveled Assassin, people will want you 
    for Yepe (Yeti & Pepe) parties. They'll want you for other quests
    that require parties. You might even make money from people asking
    for Haste. Now, this probably encourages you to continue on with
    your Assassin, but trust me, you'll get bored.
    Now, read on.
    B. Becoming a Hermit
    Level 70, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. All your time and effort doesn't
    all go to waste here; at this point we basically dominate every class
    except Rangers and Snipers.
    Here, how to become a Hermit.
    Go to El Nath, Chief Residence (the big wooden house on the bigass 
    ledge). Talk to AREC (The mystic with the scar on his face) and click
    on the "I'd like to take the 3rd job Advancement" option. Given 
    you're level 70, he will allow you to do so and instruct you to go 
    speak to Dark Lord back in Kerning. Talk to him, and he will tell you
    to go fight his anti, located in MONKEY SWAMP II, in the Kerning 
    Sewers. Once there, click on the DOOR OF DIMENSION and walk through
    the tunnel. Go down to the bottom-left-hand side of the map, where
    Dark Lord will be hiding behind a few crystals. Defeat him (he's 
    quite easy. He summons Tauromacis, has an Avenger attack doing ~1000 
    damage, a regular star attack doing ~1500 damage, and ~800 touch 
    damage. He's very slow.) and pick up the BLACK CHARM. Return it to 
    Dark Lord back at the Fusion Bar and he'll award you with the 
    Now, go back to Arec and give the Necklace of Strength to him. He 
    will instruct you to go to the HOLY GROUND AT THE SNOWFIELD and speak
    to the HOLY STONE. Bring one refined DARK (not black) CRYSTAL, and
    go to the HOLY GROUND*. Speak to the Holy Stone, and he'll ask you 
    five questions. The questions are also very easy. They include 
    monster etc. drops, town NPCs, etc. They are very easy and obvious. 
    Answer these correctly, and bring the awarded NECKLACE OF WISDOM to
     Arec. Beware that if you get one question wrong, you will have to 
    refine another Dark Crystal and start over.
    If you answered correctly, Arec will explain the skills of the Hermit
    and give you the Skill book, thus granting you the job advancement.
    Congratulations, you're now a Hermit!
    *The Holy Ground at the Snowfield is located inside an obvious wooden 
    door at Sharp Cliff II. If you don't know how to get there, I'll 
    tell you:
    From El Nath, keep going east until you reach Cold Field II. Then, 
    take the upper portal and keep climbing up until you reach Ice Valley
    II. Take the tunnel to the level 50 area and proceed up to Sharp 
    Cliff II, and proceed up until you see the door. Enter the door, and
    drop down to where the Holy Stone is located.
    C. Hermit Skills
    If you've read this before, you might have seen that I was NOT 
    covering Hermits. Now that I am one, I can help you out more. 
    Shadow Partner (Master Level 30)- Creates a copy of yourself to fight with you.
    Type - Active (Buff)
    Avenger (Master Level 30)- Throws a large shuriken-like star that 
    hits up to 6 enemies at once.
    Type - Active (Action)
    Flash Jump (Master Level 20)- Jump once in the air, and jump again. 
    It's quite fun, even at level one.
    Type - Active (Action...or Support)
    Meso Up (Master Level 20)- Increases the amount of mesos you pick 
    up. It's a party skill, so it really helps. See, if you pick up 1000 
    mesos, instead of picking up 1000, you'll pick up 1500. Not sure if 
    this is a fact, I'm just using it as an example.
    Type - Active (Support)
    Shadow Meso (Master Level 20)- Throws a hardened Meso coin or note 
    at the enemy for damage. I don't recommend getting this skill, since
    it wastes your mesos, and it's about the same damage as L7. THe only
    advantage is that it doesn't use any stars and that it super crits 
    once in a while. You should have plenty of stars anyway, right? Plus
    Soul Javelin in 4th job makes this skill nearly useless.
    Type - Active (Action) 
    Alchemist (Master Level 20)- Increases the effect of potions and 
    stat increasing items of sorts. By 50%, I believe. This skill is 
    more useful to you than Meso Up in making and saving mesos, 
    especially in MP potions.
    Shadow Web (Master Level 20)- Uses a clone of oneself to trap the 
    enemy in place. Melee.
    Type - Active (Action)
    Yaya, Hermit build!
    Build A (Flash Jump, Avenger first)
    Avenger (5)
    Flash Jump (1)
    Shadow Partner (30 MAX)
    Avenger (25 MAX)
    Flash Jump (19 MAX)
    Alchemist (20 MAX)
    Meso Up (20 MAX)
    Shadow Web (20 MAX)
    Shadow Meso (whatever you have left)
    Build B (Flash Jump early)
    Avenger (5)
    Flash Jump (1)
    Shadow Partner (30 MAX)
    Flash Jump (19 MAX)
    Avenger (25 MAX)
    Alchemist (20 MAX)
    Meso Up (20 MAX)
    Shadow Web (20 MAX)
    Shadow Meso (whatever you have left)
    Build C (Pure SP) (recommended)
    Shadow Partner (30 MAX)
    Avenger (5)
    Flash Jump (20 MAX)
    Avenger (25 MAX)
    Alchemist (20 MAX)
    Meso Up (20 MAX)
    Shadow Web (20 MAX)
    Shadow Meso (whatever you have left)
    Build D (1 Avenger, Pure SP) (recommended)
    Avenger (1)
    Shadow Partner (30 MAX)
    Avenger (4)
    Flash Jump (20 MAX)
    Avenger (25 MAX)
    Alchemist (20 MAX)
    Meso Up (20 MAX)
    Shadow Web (20 MAX)
    Shadow Meso (whatever you have left)
    D. What to do now?
    Well, um, train yourself with your new flashy Hermit skills you lazy
    Go show off to your friends, or just random people. Go hunt some 
    strong monster. Hunt your level 80 gear. I dunno, it's just that
    most people get bored at this level. I'll add more from other 
    Hermits next update.
    E. What to Expect
    What to expect out of yourself? SPEED, POWER, AND EVASIVENESS THAT'S
    Um, you can wait for 4th job..which will be released..a few months
    after the kMS release. >_>;; Expect..to be envied by several 
    people at a lower level than you. Expect to be looked up to highly.
    Expect to look flashy throwing your cash shop fireballs and water
    balloons, once they come out.
    This is pretty much the end of my guide, so good luck with your
    VIII. End Credits
    Well, this is it. We part here. I'll never forget you, old friend, 
    with your practical jokes..and beating me to a pulp, burning my 
    house to a pile of ashes..
    No wait, that was my 5th birthday party. Whoops!
    A. A Special thanks to..
    I'd like to thank..
    CJayC, for creating GameFAQS, and for hosting my guide.
    The Reverie guild for helping me through my emocidal period
    (Level 74).
    Reverie again for being awesome.
    DRCsyntax, the founder of TWM, the guild I'm in, for giving me some
    or most of the information of how to be a good Assassin.
    ExAtlas, another TWM member, helped me get to 50, and motivated me 
    to get as far as I am now. Being a 5x Assassin made me want to write
    a guide about Assassins, as I'm pretty experienced..had one in Beta
    Myself, for powerleveling me (Being a Hermit is oh-so sweet.)
    The community of onRPG's former Forum 57, the Maple Story forum, for
    helping me, giving me tips on how to be an Assassin, leading to this
    And you, the readers, especially, for taking the time to read this
    guide. I hope all this information doesn't go to waste. >_O
    B. Contacting me
    You can reach me in the following ways:
    E-mail: jetjak24@hotmail.com, make sure that you put "MSGUIDE" as 
    the subject, because for some reason, some of my mail from other 
    people is randomly filtered to my Junk Folder, which I am always 
    checking now. So just put MSGUIDE on the subject line to make 
    sure I'll read it, if it's related to this guide.
    Note: I will not reply to any obscene insults. I will only reply to 
    insults if they are accompanied with suggestions or contributions 
    to the guide. Thanks if you're e-mailing me about something wrong in 
    the guide, if I know it or not. You're trying to help. Again, I will
    only reply to insults with no obscene language if it's accompanied 
    with suggestions or contributions. 
    AIM: FLmBsTiN
    In-game: ChaosXLegion, Xaenus, or ChesticIes, on Scania.
    C. Disclaimer
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except 
    for personal, private use without my permission. It may NOT be hosted
    on ANY website other than the ones listed below without my consent.
    If you print out a copy for your friend, that's fine, but I don't 
    want you telling random people about this guide, or even advertising 
    it. Also, I don't want you using this guide for any profit 
    whatsoever, in real life or in-game. All of the above are copyright
    But. I authorize this guide to be hosted only by the following sites:
    GameFAQs [http://www.gamefaqs.com/]
    NeoSeeker [http://www.neoseeker.com/]
    CheatCodes [http://www.cheatcodes.com/]
    And any other sites that request my permission.
    Thanks again for reading my guide.
    Copyright (C), 2006 ChaosXLegion/Reuben Reyes
    Remember, ilu2. <3

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