Assassin/Hermit Guide by tubby353

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MapleStory Assassin/Hermit Guide for all

By, SinMastah/Tubby353 

Table of Contents
1.1 Introduction
2.1 Legal Info
3.1 Starting Off
4.1 Rogue Skills
4.2 Assassin Skills
4.3 Hermit Skills
5.1 Regular Stat Build
5.2 Low DEX Stat Build
6.1 Rogue Skill Build
6.2 Assassin Skill Build
6.3 Hermit Skill Build
7.1 Funded vs. Unfunded
8.1 Training Spots for Rogue
8.2 Training Spots for Assassin
8.3 Training Spots for Hermits
9.1 Weapons to use
9.2 Stars
9.3 General Equips Regular Build
9.4 General Equips Low DEX Build
9.5 Useful Cash Shop Items
10.1 Small Bits of Advice
11.1 Contact Information
11.2 Closing and Thanks
11.3 Next Version

1.1 Introduction

	So you want to become an Assassin. See an 
Assassin is basically 
an archer with two key differences. Archers are slower than 
thieves in 
general and Assassins can jump shoot enemies with ease 
and have a longer range. 
Assassins are not the most powerful class, but probably the 
fastest class. 
If being very fast and some one powerful appeals to you 
become an 

2.1 Legal Info

1.	Do not produce this guide to the masses and 
distribute it, you 
can print off a copy for your friends if you want to.
2.	Do not sell my publication.
3.	This guide only belongs on,,, and
4.	If you want you, you can link this in a post such as 
in the 
forums, but do not post the guide itself in a forum
5.	Note that SinMastah and Tubby353 are the same 
person, SinMastah 
was my favorite IGN, Tubby353 is my screen name for 
most things

3.1 Starting off

	So you have chosen to become an Assassin, but 
do not think it will 
be that easy. First when you are making your character, roll 
the die 
until you get 4 into STR and 4 into int. It may take a while 
but it is 
definitely worth it. Now as you start the game you will have 
to overcome 
monsters as a beginner doing very low damage. Just 
because you do low 
damage does not mean you will suck later on. As you start 
out do every 
quest you can on Maple Island because it gives you 
valuable exp points 
which are hard to come across in Maple Island. Do not 
leave Maple Island 
until you become level 10. As you level up put 5 into DEX 
until it is 
at 25. Put the rest into LUK until you leave Maple Island. 
You will want 
to stay in the first map with snails until about level 7 or 8, 
then venture 
off to do some of the quests and do all the quests you 
encounter while 
getting to level 7 or 8. After many kills and quests done get 
off Maple 
Island by talking to Shanks. Now the real journey begins.

4.1 Rogue Skills

	Nimble body, this basically increases your 
Accuracy and 
Availability by a decent amount. This is very useful and we 
will be maxing 
Level 1: Accuracy +1, avoidability +1
Level 10: Accuracy +10, avoidability +10
Level 20: Accuracy +20, avoidability +20
	Keen Eyes, This skills increases range for your 
throwing. In the 
beginning of using throwing stars you will have short range 
and can not 
jump attack, which is why we max this skill ASAP.

Level 1: Range of attack for throwing weapon: +25
Level 4: Range of attack for throwing weapon: +100
Level 8: Range of attack for throwing weapon: +200

	Disorder, This skill is pointless for Assassins, we 
still need 
3 into this though to get dark sight. Basically this skill drops 
stats of enemies by a very low amount, it is fun to mess 
around with. 
It might be more useful if you could throw stars using 
disorder, but 
it is only a melee attack unfortunately.

Level 1: MP -5; Enemy's weapon attack -1, weapon def. -1 
for 7 seconds
Level 10: MP -7; Enemy's weapon attack -10, weapon def. -
10 for 31 seconds
Level 20: MP -10; Enemy's weapon attack -20, weapon def. 
-20 for 60 
	Dark Sight, This skill allows thieves to disappear 
and now you 
can not be hit by physical attacks when this skill is being 
Notice how I said physical attacks and not magical attacks. 
Also this 
skill will slow you down unless it is maxed. It also cancels 
hasteís speed bonus unless it is maxed.

Level 1: MP -24; Disappear for 10 seconds, speed -57
Level 10: MP -15; Disappear for 100 seconds, speed -30
Level 20: MP -5; Disappear for 200 seconds, speed -0

	Double Stab, This skill is for bandits, not for 
assassins. Itís 
where you attack an enemy twice with a melee weapon.

Level 1: MP -6; Damage 65% 2 Hits
Level 10: MP -9; Damage 95% 2 Hits
Level 20: MP -14; Damage 130% 2 Hits
	Lucky 7, this is the main attacking skill for 
assassins, so far 
itís the only single attacking skill that you will be using to 
effectively train with. Later on we get new skills to use, but 
might not be the most effective. However we will get into 
this later.

Level 1: MP -8; Damage 58% x 2 Hits
Level 10: MP -11; Damage 100% x 2 Hits
Level 20: MP -16; Damage 150% x 2 Hits
	4.2 Assassin skills, Congrats on being an Assassin, 
now you have 
more passives and party skills to use. Most are very useful.

	Claw Mastery, More accuracy, more stars, more 
minimum damage. 
Thatís all there is to this skill. Consider this mastery the best 
of all masteries because it adds more stars.

Level 1: Claw mastery 15%, accuracy +1, maximum 
number +10
Level 10: Claw mastery 35%, accuracy +10, maximum 
number +100
Level 20: Claw mastery 60%, accuracy +20, maximum 
number +200
	Critical Throw, This is possibly the best second job 
skill for 
Assassins because it has a chance to multiply the damage 
by two and 
itís passive. With a 50% chance you can expect at least one 
per Lucky 7. Very useful.

Level 1: 21% success rate, critical damage 113%
Level 10: 30% success rate, critical damage 140%
Level 20: 40% success rate, critical damage 170%
Level 30: 50% success rate, critical damage 200%
	Endure, Not very useful skill, it adds how much HP 
and MP you 
regenerate. We need 3 into this for drain though.

Level 1: Additional recovery of HP +3, MP +1 every 29 
Level 10: Additional recovery of HP +30, MP +10 every 20 
Level 20: Additional recovery of HP +60, MP +20 every 10 
	Claw Booster, Faster attack basically. We have the 
choice of 
either maxing this or maxing drain. This is a must. Honestly 
if you 
want get 1 into this and compare the different speeds if you 
do not 
believe me. You will definitely get booster.

Level 1: HP -29, MP -29; Improves claw speed for 10 
Level 10: HP -20, MP -20; Improves claw speed for 100 
Level 20: HP -10, MP -10; Improves claw speed for 200 

	Haste, This skill makes you jump higher and run 
faster. This skill 
is a big difference between Archers and Assassins. The 
bonus is huge. 
Also useful if some one wanted to KS you out of the map. 
Did I mention 
party members can benefit from this skill too.

Level 1: MP -15; Speed +2, jump +1 for 10 seconds
Level 10: MP -15; Speed +20, jump +10 for 100 seconds
Level 20: MP -30; Speed +40, jump +20 for 200 seconds

	Drain, this is kind of like heal, but instead of just 
youíre leaching. Not effective for killing, but throw one of 
when your HP is low. The limitations are kind of confusing 
but they 
are understandable.

Level 1: MP -12; Damage 102%, absorbing 16% of the 
Level 10: MP -12; Damage 120%, absorbing 25% of the 
Level 20: MP -24; Damage 140%, absorbing 35% of the 
Level 30: MP -24; Damage 160%, absorbing 45% of the 

	4.3 Hermit Skills, Wow now you really deserve 
congrats. 60 levels 
of lucky 7 and you made it. Now it pays off big time.

	Alchemist, you heal more and potions that increase 
your stats have 
a longer time period. Simple.

Level 1: Recovery rate 103%, duration of effect 103%
Level 10: Recovery rate 130%, duration of effect 130%
Level 20: Recovery rate 150%, duration of effect 150%

	Mesos Up, Alright so we have a skill that increases 
the money we 
get. It will help a little bit but not enough to be the first thing 
to max.

Level 1: MP -45; Drop rate +3% for 25 seconds
Level 10: MP -50; Drop rate +30% for 70 seconds
Level 20: MP -60; Drop rate +50% for 120 seconds	

	CopyCat, now we are talking. This skill is like 
having two 
Assassins. They copy cat attacks with you so you throw 4 
stars instead 
of 2. At a cost of a summoning stone to summon it which 
costs 5k this 
skill is not cheap, but it is worth it. Probably the best Hermit 

Level 1: MP -200; Normal attack 20%, summoned with 
basic attack 21% for 
60 seconds
Level 10: MP -155; Normal attack 49%, summoned with 
basic attack 24% 
for 60 seconds
Level 20: MP -105; Normal attack 70%, summoned with 
basic attack 34% 
for 120 seconds
Level 30: MP -55; Normal attack 80%, summoned with 
basic attack 50% for 
180 seconds
Shadow Web, This skill basically traps monsters for a 
period of time 
for you to attack, again simple.

Level 1: MP -10; Holds the enemies with 42% success rate 
for 5 seconds
Level 10: MP -14; Holds the enemies with 60% success 
rate for 6 seconds
Level 20: MP -22; Holds the enemies with 80% success 
rate for 8 seconds

	Shadow Mesos, This skill uses mesos instead of 
MP. Useful in a 
way. It also ignores enemies defense up skills.

Level 1: Uses min. 50 mesos, max. 220 mesos; Basic 
attack +50% with 1% 
success rate
Level 10: Uses min. 140 mesos, max. 400 mesos; Basic 
attack +50% with 
4% success rate
Level 20: Uses min. 240 mesos, max. 600 mesos; Basic 
attack +50% with 
7% success rate
Level 30: Uses min. 340 mesos, max. 800 mesos; Basic 
attack +50% with 
10% success rate
	Avenger, finally we have a multi enemy attack. This 
will pass 
through enemies so you can hit up to 6 depending on the 
skill level. 
Also is you use copy cat, it will throw the avenger again.

Level 1: MP -16; Basic attack 65%, uses 3 throwing stars to 
attack up 
to 4 enemies
Level 10: MP -16; Basic attack 110%, uses 3 throwing stars 
to attack 
up to 4 enemies
Level 20: MP -23; Basic attack 150%, uses 3 throwing stars 
to attack 
up to 5 enemies
Level 30: MP -30; Basic attack 180%, uses 3 throwing stars 
to attack 
up to 6 enemies

	Flash Jump, Have you heard some one say 
something relating to FJ 
and how amazing it is. Well this is it. Itís like the teleport for 
Assassins, but we move farther and it looks a lot cooler too. 
A big 
MP loss per jump though.

Level 1: MP -60; Jumps a certain distance
Level 10: MP -33; Jumps a certain distance
Level 20: MP -13; Jumps a certain distance

	5.1, Regular stat build.

	This is an easy and probably the most common 
build you can find. 
Most unfunded Assassins decide to go this way since they 
do not have 
to scroll their items for more DEX to use their weapon. 
have very low weapon attack based on the claw. You see 
level 70 claws 
with around 50 attack and yet you see other weapon with 
100+ attack 
at this level. This is why we need to use every weapon we 
Fortunately with this stat build you will be able to do this. 
Basically while you start out make sure you have 4 into 
STR and 4 
into INT. Then continue on with this build.

Level 10-	25 DEX
Level 15-	30 DEX
Level 20-	40 DEX
Level 25-	50 DEX
Level 30-	60 DEX
Level 35-	70 DEX
Level 40-	80 DEX
Level 50-	90 DEX
Level 60-	100 DEX

	Just add 1 DEX per level after level 60 and you will 
be able to 
use every equipment afterwards.

	5.2, Low-DEX stat build.
	Now like mentioned early we need to use every 
weapon at the higher 
levels. To do this we need more DEX to be able to do this. 
So you 
will scroll a Sauna robe to get as much DEX as possible. It 
is a good 
idea to get around 20+ DEX. The reason people go Low-
DEX is to get 
more LUK which is the main damage booster for Assassins. 
There is 
one drawback, and to avoid it you need a lot of DEX added 
or you can 
not use the new weapon at your level so you just end up 
being even 
with every one else. However you can scroll many things 
for DEX, this 
includes overalls, capes, and gloves, however it is not 
to scroll gloves for DEX, rather than attack. Most people 
cap their 
DEX around 80 because you can easily get 35+ DEX from 
equips. If you 
plan on leveling to the 100+ it might be easier to cap DEX 
at 100 
just so you can use casters and any higher level claws that 
may come 
out in the future. Some people cap their DEX around 70 
because they 
have great Sauna robes. If at your level you are fine for 
DEX, such 
as you are level 60 and have capped your DEX at 70 and 
have a 30 DEX 
Sauna robe have more LUK equips as it will add more 
damage then DEX. 
The reason people go low-DEX remember is to be able to 
equip the 
highest level claw at your level and still have a lot of LUK.
Note, Thanks to Mitsune_Rakaen I have more info in this 

	6.1 Rogue Skill Build
	This is probably the most common skill build for 
considering there are not a lot of skills to choose from and 
are for Bandits only and some are for Assassins only. After 
the job 
advancements the skill choosing becomes harder, but not 
as hard as 
the leveling itself, so be prepared for massive grinding.

Level 10- 1 nimble body
Level 11- 2 nimble body, 1 keen eyes
Level 12- 3 keen eyes
Level 13- 3 keen eyes
Level 14- 1 keen eyes (maxed) 2 lucky 7
Level 15- 3 lucky 7
Level 16- 3 lucky 7
Level 17- 3 lucky 7
Level 18- 3 lucky 7
Level 19- 3 lucky 7
Level 20- 3 lucky 7 (maxed)
Level 21- 3 nimble body
Level 22- 3 nimble body
Level 23- 3 nimble body
Level 24- 3 nimble body
Level 25- 3 nimble body
Level 26- 2 nimble body (maxed) 1 disorder
Level 27- 2 disorder 1 dark sight
Level 28- 3 dark sight
Level 29- 3 dark sight
Level 30- 3 dark sight

	6.2 Assassin Skill Build

	Now it gets good, we are finally an Assassin with a 
lot of skills 
at your disposal. These are all good except for possibly 
endure which 
is ok. In this we max basically everything in order so your 
and training speed will be at its fullest in my opinion. This is 
you do not mind spending a little more on Hp pots then 
having more 
stars, and recasting booster every so often.

Level 30- 1 mastery
Level 31- 2 mastery 1 critical throw
Level 32- 3 critical throw
Level 33- 3 critical throw
Level 34- 3 critical throw
Level 35- 3 critical throw
Level 36- 3 critical throw
Level 37- 3 critical throw
Level 38- 3 critical throw
Level 39- 3 critical throw
Level 40- 3 critical throw
Level 41- 2 critical throw 1 mastery
Level 42- 1 mastery 2 booster
Level 43- 3 booster
Level 44- 1 booster 2 haste
Level 45- 3 haste
Level 46- 3 haste
Level 47- 3 haste
Level 48- 3 haste
Level 49- 3 haste
Level 50- 3 haste
Level 51- 3 mastery
Level 52- 3 mastery
Level 53- 3 mastery
Level 54- 3 mastery
Level 55- 3 mastery
Level 56- 3 endure
Level 57- 3 drain
Level 58- 3 drain
Level 59- 3 drain
Level 60- 3 drain
Level 61- 3 drain
Level 62- 3 drain
Level 63- 3 drain
Level 64- 3 drain
Level 65- 3 drain
Level 66- 3 drain*
Level 67- 3 booster
Level 68- 3 booster
Level 69- 3 booster
Level 70- 3 booster

	6.3 Hermit Skill Build
	Wow and congrats, after all that time you spent itís 
about to pay 
off. This is where Assassins really start to get good. We 
our attack at level 80 and we finally get a multi enemy 
We even save money on potions and we have a skill that 
increases the 
mesos you pick up. We also get a new skill to make us 
even go faster. 
You can max shadow mesos or shadow web, I find shadow 
web to be kind 
of pointless, but if you want it you will have 10 more points, 
I would 
recommend finishing drain or booster, or just put some 
points into 
shadow mesos, or you can put points into endure which I 
find to be 
less important but it is your character not mine. Also if you 
content with single attacks you can max avenger later on, 
or at least 
get 5 points into it the get flash jump then continue with 
then continue on with the build. You can also get mesos up 

Level 70- 1 copycat
Level 71- 3 Avenger
Level 72- 2 Avenger 1 copycat
Level 73- 3 copycat
Level 74- 3 copycat
Level 75- 3 copycat
Level 76- 3 copycat
Level 77- 3 copycat
Level 78- 3 copycat
Level 79- 3 copycat
Level 80- 3 copycat
Level 81- 3 copy cat
Level 82- 1 copy cat 2 avenger
Level 83- 3 avenger
Level 84- 3 avenger
Level 85- 3 avenger
Level 86- 3 avenger
Level 87- 3 avenger
Level 88- 3 avenger
Level 89- 3 avenger
Level 90- 2 avenger 1 flash jump
Level 91- 3 flash jump
Level 92- 3 flash jump
Level 93- 3 flash jump
Level 94- 3 flash jump
Level 95- 3 flash jump
Level 96- 3 flash jump
Level 97- 1 flash jump 2 alchemist
Level 98- 3 alchemist
Level 99- 3 alchemist
Level 100- 3 alchemist
Level 101- 3 alchemist
Level 102- 3 alchemist
Level 103- 3 alchemist
Level 104- 3 mesos up
Level 105- 3 mesos up
Level 106- 3 mesos up
Level 107- 3 mesos up
Level 108- 3 mesos up
Level 109- 3 mesos up
Level 110- 2 mesos up 1 shadow mesos
Level 111- 3 shadow mesos
Level 112- 3 shadow mesos
Level 113- 3 shadow mesos
Level 114- 3 shadow mesos
Level 115- 3 shadow mesos
Level 116- 3 shadow mesos
Level 117- 3 shadow mesos
Level 118- 3 shadow mesos
Level 119- 3 shadow mesos
Level 120- 2 shadow mesos 1 into Booster, Drain, or 
shadow web

7.1	 Funded vs. Unfunded
	You may think that funded Assassins are better off 
then unfunded 
Assassins. Well, youíre dead right they are better. Usually if 
funded you have a higher level character that you quit and 
used the 
mesos from that character and moved it to your new 
Assassin. This 
helps because you have a lot of potions to use with out a 
big dent 
in your money supply. You can also buy nicer stars which 
tremendously. More important you can buy a really nice 
attack work 
glove. Considering you can use it at level 10 it immediately 
you. Letís say you have 20 mill to spend on your new 
Assassin. You 
may buy a nice 8 attack glove and some sets of tobis. 
Already you 
have an 8 attack bonus from your glove, and tobis are 6 
attack higher 
than subis so already you have 14 more attack. The funded 
bonus does 
not stop there. It is easier to make a low DEX Assassin 
because you 
can scroll for more DEX. Most unfunded characters can not 
do that. 
Later on you will get a cape at level 25 and 42 from quests. 
I recommend 
if youíre funded to scroll your level 25 cape with 100% cape 
scrolls so you have some more attack. You can either skip 
scroll the 
level 42 cape, or once again you can 100% cape LUK it. At 
level 50 
you have three options, you can stay with your cape (I 
changing it if itís a level 25 one.) You can scroll your new 
50 cape for LUK with 100%s or 60%. Or if your low-DEX 
you should scroll 
your new cape with DEX. Most unfunded Assassins have 
scrolling their capes because of the new claws they need, 
and they 
need better stats etc. Remember it is better to be funded, 
but also 
remember it is easier to be unfunded then to be in debt, so 
beg your friends for money unless they give it to you and do 
not expect 
it back.

8.1 Training Spots for Rogue
	When you make your character you are going to 
end up on Maple Island. 
This is a great training spots for new people. Start by killing 
1 exp sentinels for 1 or 2 levels. Then move onto green and 
blue snails. 
Do not kill red snails because that takes way too long. Stay 
at Maple 
Island until level 10 unless you have a friend that is willing 
level you. At level 10 make your way over to kerning city, 
then go 
in the jazz bar and your life will change forever. Here are 
your basic 
training spots from here until Assassin.

Level 10-15. Stay on the bottom floor of Henesys hunting 
located on map left of Henesys.
Level 15-20. Move up a level in the hunting grounds or 
move to the 
slime tree in Ellinia, named the dungeon, southern forest 1. 
when in the slime tree you should probably equip a dagger 
since it 
is very close range. I did this, but my friend was fine using a 
Level 20-24. Go to the pig beach and find a nice quiet area 
the top right corner platform is a good spot with a nice 
spawn, but 
if you one hit kill pigs you should try roaming on the bottom 
area more.
Level 24-30. Go to the dungeon, southern forest 4 and kill 
those guys, 
again its kind of close range but I do not recommend using 
a dagger 
this far in. In the later 20ís you can try party questing at 
city or go to the ant tunnel 1 and 2.
Note, for map reference look at

	8.2 Training Spots for Assassin.
	Again congrats on being an Assassin, but that was 
nothing really. 
In the beginning the leveling will not be very bad, but later 
on it 
gets pretty bad so you might want to switch the areas you 
train at. 
I will suggest these places also. Note that the other places 
not be the best for exp, but rather for mild training, but they 
drop good stuff for you.

Level 30-35. Kill wild boars at land of the wild boar 1 or 2. 
out for jr. boogies.
Level 25-35. Crows in the maple shrine. If you have a good 
enough character you should be able to one hit kill at level 
Level 35-40. Go to the burnt land 1, 2, or 3 and kill fire 
Level 40-45. Dangerous valley 1 or kill jr. cellions in Orbis at 
garden of red 1, 
Level 45-50. Ludibrium party quest for platoon chronos, 
Also in the 
late 40ís you could try to take on robos and tobos but I donít 
Level 50-60. Zombies. If you get bored of zombies who will 
probably happen go red drakes in search of steelys in the 
later 50ís. 
Also for a little worse exp but better drops would be yetis. 
You can 
go dark stone golems if you need tobis and mild exp in the 
later 50s.
Level 60-70. If your really hard core stay at zombies. If 
youíre bored 
continue with yetis or red drakes for drops. In the later 60ís 
may be able to go to the mixed golems in the sleepy 

	8.3 Training spots for Hermit
	Again congrats on being hard core and leveling 
through the dead 
zombies. Amazing exp arenít they. But enough of that, once 
you max 
copy cat you almost doubled your power so you need to 
unleash it. 
With a lot of high leveled Ludibrium monsters out they are 
places to train, but I am not very familiar with them, so later 
will upgrade my guide to have those places more 

Level 70-75. Zombies still. You can try going cerebes early 
if you 
have nice equips, but zombies should still be good exp, if 
not try 
Level 75-80ish. Try going cerebes, unless you have a lot of 
donít use copycat until 75+ because you will just be wasting 
stones. Some other places may be death teddies or 
buffoons for drops, 
but cerebes already have probably one of the best drops 
you can get 
at your level so I would stay there.
Level 80ish- 85 or 90. Go to bains, with your new copy cat 
and avenger 
you should be dominating bains at this level. It might be 
harder in 
the later 70ís so you may want to try some more cerebes. 
Again bains 
have great drops, but you might want to try Vikings and find 
ilbis but be careful, they do high damage but their attacks 
can be 
Level 90- 100. Spirit Vikings all the way. They drop some 
nice stuff 
like ilbis, and you can use those for sure. Maybe later move 
on to 
gigantic spirit Vikings. If you find a level 90ish cleric go to 
phantom watches and stick with the cleric. Also try death 
or some pirates if you want, get a cleric for death teddies or 
death teddies
Level 100-110. You may want to try thanatos and possibly 
The gatekeeper spawn might not be the best though. If you 
get bored 
you should try going back to Vikings or maybe pirates 
because you 
dominate them now and should keep a good spawn going.
Level 110-120. Just stay at the higher leveled monsters 
such as 
gatekeepers or thanatos. Possibly Vikings and grim 
phantom watches. 
If you have very low stars I would suggest going Vikings or 
macis/spears. If you do go to macis/spears go to cursed 
4 and just lay waste to anything there. Do not bring a friend 
Why? You donít need one. Basically at this level it is very 
hard to 
level with the monsters out. I might even suggest 
basically any high leveled thing.

Note: You can easily take on zombies from level 50-90 if 
you want 
to. It would be amazing exp around 70s-80s because you 
can one hit 
kill them with CopyCat, around the upper 80ís and 90ís you 
probably not be getting the most exp you can. Also if you 
train there 
for that long you may be missing out on drops.

	9.1 Weapons to Use
	From starting out it is very simple to know what 
weapons to use. 
It is universal to follow the order I am about to give you 
or non funded.

Level 10-14. Garnier
Level 15-19. Steel Titans
Level 20-24. Bronze igor (Skip if not funded)
Level 25-39. Meba with 7 100% scrolls
Level 40-49. Dark avarice with 7 100% scrolls
Level 50-59. Dark or sapphire slain using 7 60% scrolls
Level 60-69. Dark gigantic using 7 60% scrolls
Level 70-89. Dark or green scarab using 7 60% scrolls, this 
can last you easily through a mamba
Level 90-99. Casters using 7 60% scrolls

Note that when using 60% scrolls a good scrolled claw is +5 
or higher, 
anything lower should be rescrolled.
Note I will update this list once more claws are available to 
Note that trying out 30% scrolls are definetely worth it, but 
don't test
your luck

	9.2 Stars
	Stars are the things you throw when attacking with 
an Assassin, 
it is very useful to upgrade stars as they add more attack. 
Here is 
a guide about when you should upgrade for unfunded 
Assassins. However 
if you do not have the money do not upgrade stars, and 
make sure you 
get a better claw and attack glove before getting better 

Level 10-20. Subi
Level 20-30 mokbis or wooden tops
Level 30-40 Kumbis or icicles
Level 50-60 Tobis
Level 60 and higher. Steelys and ilbis
And if you become insanely rich go for hwabis

Note for funded Assassins you should buy an attack work 
glove then 
buy nice stars first. Try getting tobis in the beginning then 
to either ilbis or steelys.
Note I will upgrade this when new stars are added to OMS

	9.3 General Equips Regular Build
	Here you will find what you should have equipped 
at what level. 
It is preferable to have higher LUK on these equips. 
Defense is not 
a must but it is nice.

Level 10-14. Dream Set, Dark alley Beanie, Gidder, Attack 
Level 15-24. Night Set, Theif hood, Gidder, (attack) Work 
Glove or 
Level 25-29 Sneak/Sneakless Set, Tiberian, Gidder, Attack 
work glove 
or mischief
Level 30-34 Stealer/Steal Set, Guide, Chain Shoes, Attack 
work glove 
or sylvia
Level 35-39 Knuckle Vest/Fruit Set, Burglar, Line Boots, 
Attack glove 
or arbion
Level 40-49 Shadow Set, Pilfer, Black Lined shoes, Attack 
work glove 
or arbion
Level 50-59 China/Moon Set, Sonata, Goni Shoes, Attack 
work glove
Level 60-69 Scorpio/Mantis Set, Dark Identity, Moss shoes, 
Attack work 
Level 70-79 Stud/Mystique Set, NightFox, Mystique shoes, 
Attack work 
Level 80-89 Pirate Set, Pireta, Pirate shoes, Attack work 
Level 90-100 Osfa Set, Osfa, Osfa Boots, Attack work glove

Note, The order for equipment is set/hat/shoes/glove
Note, I will update this list once more equips come out to 
Note, Try to get an attack work glove right away
Note, Starting on level 30 get new earrings every 10 levels.

	9.4 General equips Low-DEX build
	In this build I will not make a list for equipment, but 
have suggestions for you to have for equipment. First off 
have a sauna 
robe with 20 DEX on it, 30 DEX is ideal and any higher is 
unrealistic, but anything is possible. After the robe is taken 
of you will need to scroll a cape. I suggest at level 50 
because this 
is when you actually start to cap your DEX. I would suggest 
an 8 DEX cape or 10 DEX. What you might want to try to do 
is to keep 
scrolling the first slot in a napoleon with 10% or 30% DEX 
cape scroll until 
one works, then continue scrolling with 60%s. Always have 
DEX boots 
and DEX hats equipped and use an attack work glove 
always. Remember 
more attack will always beat low-DEX, but both is dominate. 
It is 
rumored that earring scroll for DEX may come out so do 
that when you 
can. If you get to level 70 use a green scarab for an 
addition DEX 
bonus. If done ideally you may have a 50 DEX bonus from 
every equip 
that I mentioned except for the earrings. Just remember to 
perfect DEX equips every time.

	9.5 Useful Cash Shop Items
	There are many Cash Shop items, but not all of 
these are very good. 
Some of these do however help you. For starters buy a 
cheap shop permit 
so you can sell your drops and make some money for more 
stars and 
useful things. Also I found that if you have a pet with mesos 
and item pouch it will decrease your leveling time by a good 
or 2 and the upper levels. This is even more useful for 
people with 
bad connections that do not pick up that fast.Then look at 
the 2x exp
cards and buy one for the time you usually play as this will 
help you alot, and it is only 15 dollars a month. Last but not 
be sure to pick up 5 safety charms so you do not lose your 
hard earned 
exp. Itís a good idea to get the safety charms around level 
60 because 
before then it is a waste of money. This only costs about 30 
and can literally save you hours from picking up items, or 
in the free market, or just making up for sloppy use of your 

	10.1 Small Bits of Advice
	This is what every new player needs, just little 
advice for you. 
If you feel unmotivated but want to be all powerful just go to and search for movies relating to high level 
in no time you will be back playing and hoping to get there. 
upgrading your equips make sure you upgrade them in this 
order, start 
out by upgrading your claw, then get an attack work glove, 
then lastly 
upgrade your throwing stars. Try not to KS people, this can 
lead them 
to be angry and defame you, or even KS you back. Learn 
how to jump 
attack once you have maxed your range, this will be very 
useful to 
you in the future. Do not wait too long for pqs because they 
are very 
hard to get into. If you are funded I would recommend 
getting an attack 
work glove before great stars, also maybe buy a +6 or +7 
slain. That 
is all the advice I have at the moment, I will be updating my 
and will probably update this section too.

	11.1 Contact Information
	You can contact me at sportsguy0356 on instant 
messaging (I have 
AIM) to give me ideas of what to put in, or just typos too fix, or 
whatever. Please do not contact me here if you just have a 
question but PM cKAMRON of Bellocan on the game. If you 
are not on Bellocan 
just make a new character and ask him.
	11.2 Closing and Thanks.
	Well thatís the end of my guide and I hope you 
guys enjoyed it 
and learned a lot from it. Thatís the reason I wrote it, it was 
all you maple players that want to score big on becoming 
an Assassin 
and good luck. Before I end this guide I need to thank many 
I owe big thanks to for letting me use 
their skill 
page. They also helped me when I was just starting and 
they still 
help me today, so if you have not looked there please take 
a peak 
or donate a dollar or two.
Big thanks to LunaStrike of Bera, he was a great motivation 
when I 
was an Assassin. If you see him please change channels if 
he wants 
you to and give him a friendly fame for being so cool
Thanks to my friend Bobby, he got me into this game and 
also helped 
me get motivated. If you see cKAMRON on Bellocan please 
give him a nice 
friendly fame.

	11.3 Next Version
	Current Version: 1.05, Fixed hermits build a little, 
added a 
little more info to the stars section
	Next Version: Possibly adding Bandits, I might add 
descriptions, add to training areas.

(C)2006 SinMastah/Tubby356. Please look at section 2 for 
information. Work finished 25th of March '06, last changed 
20th of June 07'