Pirate Party Quest Guide by cutekittenkyti

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                        Pirate Party Quest Guide
                              For Maple Story
                                Version 1.7
                            By: cutekittenkyti
     This guide covers the Pirate Party Quest.

Table of Contents
I.  	Legal Ramifications
II.	Version History
III.	Requirements for the PPQ
IV.	Entrance Map (Over the Pirate Ship)
V.	Stage 1 (On the way to the Pirate Ship)
VI.	Stage 2 (Through the head of the Ship)
VII.	Stage 3 (Through the Deck I)
VIII.	Stage 4 (Through the Deck II)
IX.	Stage 5 (Eliminate Pirates) 
X.	Boss Stage (The Captain’s Dignity)
XI.	“Bonus Stage” (Wu Yang Giving Thanks)
XII.	End of Journey (Pirate Ship On Its Way Out)
XIII.	Miscellaneous (FAQ's)
XIV.	Contact Information
XV.	Thanks (References)

Legal Ramifications

Copyright 2007 cutekittenkyti

This guide may not be replicated under any circumstances except for private
uses. It may not be copied, placed on other websites, or distributed in any 
way without permission from the author. Use of this guide or any parts of 
this guide on any other website as public display is strictly prohibited. 
This file may not be used for monetary gain by any person or party, and using 
this guide in such a manner is a violation of copyright.

As of now the only websites allowed to display this guide are:

In other words don’t copy my guide, you can reference it, post links to it, 
but no plagiarism (posting it and taking credit for it).
Version History

Version 1.0
 Well I’m writing the PPQ guide on the day it has come out, also I’ve only 
PPQed twice, so if this guide is a little inconsistent, don’t worry I’ll fill 
more of it out later.

Version 1.5
I took screen shots of all the stages, so now all the times are correct and 
all the names are as well. However I’m still missing the drop info on the 
Pirate Lord.

Version 1.6 
I found out that there are a BUNCH of hidden streets in this PQ and that 
there is a LOT more then meets they eye. So I’m going to have to do a lot 
more work on this guide. A lot more then I thought I would have to.

Version 1.7
Thanks to an awesome email I received I now know a whole lot more about the 
hidden streets and the three different bosses. Thanks a bunch Seth M.

Version 1.8
More drops and better info on the hidden stages and where they are located, 
and pirate boss exp thanks to xSoz

Requirements for the PPQ

In order to Pirate Party Quest (PPQ), according to the patch you need to be 
level 55-100. But since PPQ has harder monsters and probably less experience 
then lmpq or opq most people are level 65 plus.

Probably no one will invite you if you aren’t close to level 70 because there 
is a time limit on how long you have to kill the monsters. If you can’t kill 
them quickly, or have good skills, then you’re out of luck.

Your party can have a maximum of six people and I believe a minimum of three 
people, but I don’t for sure yet.

In your PPQ party in order to kill the monsters and boss in the time limit 
you should have:
Attacking People (Warriors, Bowmen, Thieves at the higher levels)

Also for the Eliminating Pirate stage, it’s a very good idea to have a thief 
with dark sight.

Entrance Map (Over the Pirate Ship)

The PPQ is located in Herb Town. You can get to Herb Town through the Dolphin 
Taxi in Aqua Road. Or through the warp crane in Mu Lung. You can get to Mu 
Lung through the Warp Crane by the orbis ticketing booth.

Once you are in Herb Town keep walking to the right until you get to the map 
“Herb Town: Old Swamp”. The monsters are Mr. Alli (weird alligators with birds 
on their heads) and Kru (Brown fat plant/pirate things with big lips). On the 
top left corner of the map there is a wooden structure, press up near the 
middle of it to find the hidden portal. 

You should now be in the map “Over the Pirate Ship”, and you should also see 
the friendly NPC Guon (he looks like an old vegetable).

Gather up a party, find an open channel, and start the PPQ.

Also, Guon will have a couple of quests for you, as well as the PPQ part. 

Stage 1 (On the way to the Pirate Ship)

In this map there are monsters already wandering around. These monsters are 
“Jar” and “Ginseng Jar”. They are level 47 and 48. It's nothing to get 
excited about. Don’t open any of the chests, since it just summons more 
monsters and it takes more time to get through the stage.

Kill ALL of the monsters and then you can go through the portal on the right 
hand side. 

Make sure your party kills all of them, the map is slightly big, so if you 
miss one, you have to walk all the way back just to kill it.


Don’t go through the portal until ALL of you party is right by the portal and 
ready to go through. Since the next stage has barely enough time to make it. 
If one person goes through early, then they start the timer, and the whole 
party loses precious time. This applies to every stage of the party quest.

You have four minutes to kill all the monsters.

Stage 2 (Through the head of the Ship)

This stage consists of three parts, and you have about six minutes to 
complete it.

First the leader clicks on Guon and clicks “Get on the Pirate Ship”.
Then on your message screen it will say “Guon is searching for fellow 
travelers.” Then someone else has to click Guon and also click “Get on with 

the Quest”. Once this is done, the monsters are summoned.

These monsters are Mr. Alli (weird looking alligators, level 64). The will 
drop black pirate emblems every now and then, and keep respawning. The 
leader needs twenty of these emblems. Once the leader has twenty he has to 
immediately click on Guon. Then all the Mr. Alli’s will vanish.

The leader should immediately click Guon again and click “Get on with the 
Quest.” Now Kru (big fat pirate plants with big lips level 68) will spawn all 
over the map. These drop blue pirate emblems. The leader once again needs 20, 
and once he has 20 he needs to quickly click on Guon. All the Kru will vanish 
and the leader needs to click Guon and click “Get on with the Quest.”

Now Captain monsters appear (they look like the Kru but with a blue hat and 
sword, level 70). The Captain drop red pirate emblems and once again the 
leader needs to collect 20 of them and then click on Guon. 

Once this has been accomplished all the Captain will vanish and all the party 
members must quickly go through the portal on the right.


Your party only has around SIX minutes to accomplish the above tasks.
The leader should be frantically running around the map picking up the 
emblems, and NOT just concentrate only on killing.

The leader should be clicking Guon very quickly. And on 2-3 you must clear 
the stage with time left to get through the portal, OR IT WON’T LET YOU GO 
THROUGH! Even if you did gather the twenty emblems and click Guon before the 
time ran out.

I find it helpful that a Priest be the leader of the party. That way, while 
the priest is running around healing people, the priest can also pick up the 
emblems. But the priest should be of medium level so they aren’t panicking 
about dying.

ALSO, if you have a pet with an item bag, UNEQUIP THE ITEM BAG! The monsters 
spawn so fast, that there is hardly any room to drop items, so ONLY the 
leader should pick up the emblems.

Stage 3 (Through the Deck I)

In this stage you kill all the monsters, DON’T open the chests to summon the 
monsters, do all this within six minutes, and go through the portal on the 

Also there are two hidden streets on this map; the hidden portals are in the 
doors on the background of the pirate ship you are riding on. The first door 
is eliminating Bellflowers and the second one is eliminating devoted Kru. 

One of the stages has disappearing Bellflower roots and the other stage has 
monsters that appear for a short time and then die by themselves.

According to Seth M.:
The stages with the disappearing Bellflowers are quite like the other stages, 
your goal is just to kill every Bellflower on the map, they disappear on and 
off like the one room of kitties in OPQ, once they are all dead if the leader 
talks to Guon a big red chest will appear above the door you entered, if you 
drop a Lord Pirate's Key to the Chest on it and it will open and items will 

The other room where you only have 50 seconds is similar, the only use for 
it (that I've found at least) is for 2 quests, one that Guon gives you outside 
of the PQ, which requires you to kill 200 of each of the Pirates in the room, 
and the one from the pirate in Lith Harbor, who asks for 6 pieces of the map, 
which these drop, the monsters in there have quite a bit of HP, and every 
12-15 seconds or so they all die and you get no experience for any of them 
and they don't count as kills for the quest if they die from this, in a party 
of 5 with levels averaging around 80 we only managed to kill maybe 6-7 in each 

Also, from the info given to me from xSoz, the monsters have around 10k to 12k 
HP, so it takes a bit of effort to kill them.

Stage 4 (Through the Deck II)

In this stage you kill all the monsters, DON’T open the chests to summon the 
monsters, do all this within six minutes, and go through the portal on the 

Also there are two hidden maps just like in the previous stage, look there for 
directions. Except that the devoted Kru is in the first door, and the 
bellflowers are in the second door.

Anyways the point is, if you take this PQ at face value, it stinks a LOT. 
if you take the time to explore then it’s wickedly confusing.

Stage 5 (Eliminate Pirates)

In this stage the monsters you’ve come to know and love are spawning ALL over 
the map like they can’t bear to see any spot where there isn’t a monster.

In this stage there are four doors on the map and you have to “lock” all four 
doors to open the portal to the next stage. The map has five doors, but you 
only need to lock the ones with a skull design above them.

The monsters will drop the keys needed every now and then.

The HARD part is that since the monsters are spawning ALL over the place, 
almost impossible to drop the key (without any help).

So you shouldn’t pick up the key, only let a thief pick up the key, then that 
thief can use darksight to drop the key on the doors. If you don’t have a 
thief, then you need to have your party members lure the monsters away from 
the door so you can drop the key. In fact it’s a good idea to do the same 
thing for the thief with darksight. 

Also, you should tell your party when you see a key, or if you accidentally 
picked a key up. And once again if you have a pet with an item bag, put your 
pet away or unequip the item bag.

Once all four doors are locked, the portal opens and you can go through.

Once again you only have six minutes in which to accomplish this.

Boss Stage (The Captain’s Dignity)

Congratulations, you have made it to the boss stage.

Once again, thanks to Seth M. I have the following information.

If you didn’t open any of the chests you fight the Peeking Lord Pirate or the 
Lord Pirate I don’t know which one.
If you open one chest, you fight the Angry Lord Pirate.
If you opened both chests, you fight the Enraged Lord Pirate.

The levels of these bosses are:

Peeking Lord Pirate 
Level: 70
HP/MP: 300,000/ 300
EXP: 4000
KB: 5000
Weapon attack: 350
Magic attack: 410
Weapon defense: 670
Magic defense: 455
Speed: -60
Accuracy: 140
Avoidability: 28

Lord Pirate 
Level: 70
HP/MP: 420,000/300
EXP: 7200
KB: 5000
Weapon attack: 350
Magic attack: 410
Weapon defense: 670
Magic defense: 455
Speed: -60
Accuracy: 140
Avoidability: 28

Angry Lord Pirate
Level: 73
HP/MP: 480,000/400
EXP: 8800
KB: 5000
Weapon attack: 370
Magic attack: 430
Weapon defense: 690
Magic defense: 475
Speed: -60
Accuracy: 160
Avoidability: 29

Enraged Lord Pirate
Level: 76
HP/MP: 540,000/ 500
EXP: 12000
KB: 5000
Weapon attack: 390
Magic attack: 450
Weapon defense: 710
Magic defense: 495
Speed: -60
Accuracy: 170
Avoidability: 30

According to Seth M.:
The key you need to drop on the chests in the Bellflower room is dropped by 
the boss and I don't think there is a surefire way to get him to drop, it 
seems like there’s just a 10% chance or so.

Just keep whacking at him and he’ll die. Oh and there is an eight minute time 
limit on this stage. 

Once you kill the boss go to the right and have the leader click on Wu Yang, 
the NPC that you have just “rescued.” Then you will get different amounts of 
experience depending on what levels the people in your party are.

According to xSoz:
The different experience amounts that I've seen are 10k, 20k, 28k, and 35k. 
The EXP drops as you have more people above 79 in your party. If you have two 
people and you get 28k any more then two people it's 20k and it drops with 
every increasing member till you have a full party of 6 people above level 79.
After the leader clicks Wu Yang the party will be transported to the map Wu 
Yang Giving Thanks. 

“Bonus Stage” (Wu Yang Giving Thanks)


In this stage everyone needs to click Wu Yang. You have three options.
Look at your Pirate Lord kill count.
Reset you Pirate Lord kill count.
Leave the map.

There is no bonus stage in this PQ. There is only the stuff that Pirate Lord 
drops. Supposedly he has some good drops, because the experience from doing 
this PQ isn’t incredibly worth it. And Wu Yang doesn’t give you an item for 
completing the PQ.

So far the drops I have seen are:

Sunrise Dew
Sunset Dew
Reindeer Milk
White Potion
60% 1H BW (Boss level 70)
60% Helm Def (Boss level 73)

If you know more about the drops (since hidden-street doesn’t have them) 
email me at cutekittenkyti[at]yahoo.com with PPQ in the subject line or it 
will just be deleted.

Also the Pirate Lord drops these keys that supposedly you can drop on 
treasure chests in the hidden streets on the Deck stages. But once again I’m 
not sure about this at all. Please email me if you know.

Thanks to some info from Seth M, some of the drops have been:
Ginseng concentrates
White Pots 300 HP
Mana Pots 300 MP
Some 60% Scrolls
Shoe Jump
Some 10% Scrolls

But don’t be a noob and loot the scrolls from the chest that someone ELSE’S 
key opened. Seriously its not that worth it.

End of Journey (Pirate Ship On Its Way Out)

This is the map where you appear if you run out of time, or if you have 
completed the PPQ. Just click on Guon and he’ll immediately transport you to 
the entrance map.

Contact Information

When contacting me all email messages should deal with problems with this 
guide or any questions you have about the APQ. Any other messages shall be 
ignored and sent to the trash. In your subject line, please write down 
something with PPQ in it or it will be deleted as spam.

Well here is my email.


Thanks (References)

Hidden-Street.net for the levels, names, and stats of the monsters.

Seth M. for his COMPLETELY AWESOME email about the hidden maps and different 
types of bosses.

xSoz (Scania) For the information on what portals lead to what hidden maps, 
the amount of HP that the devoted Kru have, and some of the drops from the