Party Quest Guide by Kaifta

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Welcome, all who wish to know how to Guide Party Quest.  This is an all
inclusive guide, and as such, I will write everything you need to know to GPQ


Contact information:
My current main is DarkFeatherx, though I may be on Leafstream.  If you have
any questions regarding GPQ, I can answer them, if you add me, or send me a
whisper or message.



1. Requirements of GPQ
1.1 Classes
1.2 Levels
1.3 Skills
2. Before you start GPQ
3. Stages
3.1 Waiting stage
3.2 Rock stage
3.3 Stage one
3.4 Stage two
3.5 Stage three
3.6 Stage four
3.7 Stage five
4. Boss
5. Bonus


1. Requirements of GPQ

There are not many requirements to GPQ.  You need at least 6 people, though
the max amount of people you can have is the amount of earrings in the rock
stage.  Generally, you should GPQ with between 7-9 people.  Less and someone
might disconnect and screw over your entire GPQ, more and it's just confusing.

1.1 Classes

There are some classes that are better at GPQ than others.  The very best
class in GPQ is a Dual Blade.  Priests and Bishops are also very useful.  As
are Spearmen, and their high job counterparts.  All attacking classes are
useful at Ergoth.

1.2 Levels

There are no specific level requirements for GPQ, except for one.  You must
have a level 30 or lower to finish the Pq.  And, of course, you need people
who can kill the boss of GPQ, Ergoth.

1.3 Skills

The skills needed in GPQ are maxed haste, maxed teleport(or close enough, it
may as well be maxed), some form of range attack, be it a 4th job mage's
ultimate, or any of the ranged classes normal attacks or skills, and Dark
Sight, Wind Walk, or Infiltrate.  


2. Before you start GPQ

Here are some things to know before you start GPQing.
You have to go to Relic Excavation Camp to GPQ.  This is where the NPC to
start is located.  The NPC is named Shuang, to start, you must be either
Guild Leader, or a Jr. Master.  You click on the first option that Shuang
offers you.  And then you go in, if someone other than the person who started
the GPQ goes in first, he or she will disconnect.  Though it is possible to
log back on before the GPQ starts, it is highly suggested to just wait for the
GPQ leader to go in first.  You have an hour and 30 minutes to finish the Pq.


3. Stages

There are four non-boss stages, in which you actually have to do something.
There are two pre-boss stages, in which you don't really do much, but are
important nonetheless.  There is one post-boss stage, which is bonus, and the
reason most people GPQ.

3.1 Waiting stage

The first stage in GPQ, and the one where you...wait, for three minutes.  I
have no idea what the purpose of this stage really is, except, maybe, in case
you didn't get everyone together outside of GPQ, and who need to still get to
the Excavation site.  It will tell you there is one minute left, and then 30
seconds left.  After that, it will tell you that you can go in.

3.2 Rock stage

This is technically the real "first stage" of GPQ, although most people don't
consider it Stage One.  In this stage, you hit rocks with your regular attack
until a pair of earrings come out of it.  You put these earrings on, and don't
take them off in the Pq, or you die.  After you get your earrings, you go to
the portal in the top middle of the stage.  Then you get to a more straight
map, in which there are two more sets of earrings, one of these is for the
sacrifice, the other is just in case you need more.  Never take both of them,
because it's just mean.  Go far right, and through the next portal.

3.3 Stage One

Welcome to the actual Pq, now that you've made it this far.  This is a
relatively straightforward stage.  It is also called Statues, the reason being
obvious.  On the left side of the map, there are 11 statues, on the right
there are 9, counting the one in the very middle.  Two people will do this
stage, everyone else sits in the middle, and stays quiet.
Right side:                   Left Side:

*  *  *  *                    *  *  *  *     T/A
 *  *  *        [Door]            *  *       M/B
*  *  *  *                       *  *  *     B/C

Now, one person stands on either side, so they can see all the statues on
their respective side.  There are three rounds to this stage, it's kind of
like Simon Says.  A statue will light up, 4, 5, and 6 times, depending on the
round.  First=4, Second=5, third=6.  The person who's statue lights up will
call the statue in party, guild, buddy, alliance chat.  It doesn't really
matter, as long as the person doing the other side can see it.  There are
technically, any number of ways to call the statues, but, the three most used
A1/2/3/4, B1/2/3, C1/2/3/4
T1/2/3/4, M1/2/3, B1/2/3/4
or calling it by the order it comes up in, and memorizing which statue lit up.
The first two methods are more efficient, but for those who have good memories
the third isn't a bad choice.

This stage generally takes between 3-10 minutes.  If you fail, you can restart
any amount of times.  You talk to the lion statue to start the statues being

3.4 Stage Two

In stage two, there are 6 portals.  The bottom left(1), is where you just 
came, Stage One.  The bottom middle(2) is the Jump Quests, bottom right(3),
is the next stage.  The middle left-ish portal(4), is where a bunch of
relatively easy monsters reside, one of them holding a key.  Top left(5) is
the teleport and DarkSight room.  Top right(6) is the altar room.

       (5)                            (6)


  (1)              (2)                    (3)

In (2) you have three Jump Quests, Blue(the easiest), Yellow(the not-quite-
hard), and Red(the hardest).  At the top of each of these jump quests is a
Longinus spear.  You may only carry one spear at a time.  In (4) there are
monsters, which hit between 300-600, depending on your level, and aren't
too difficult to kill, though I would suggest being level 50+ before trying.
One of them drops a key, that key is then used to open (5) by dropping it on
the door.  When (5) is open, a mage with maxed(or 17+) teleport goes in, as
well as someone with Darksight, WindWalk, or Infiltrate.  The person with
teleport teleports to the very far right of the map, and hits a box with
regular attacks, to get another key.  The Mage gives the key to the person
with DarkSight, and that person will use DarkSight, and go to the top of the
map, and walk across the platform.  You must use DarkSight, because the mobs
on that platform do a lot of damage, in which most characters cannot survive.
This person will need to drop the key on the closed/locked door at the very
far right.  The door will open, and he/she will go in, and attack the Longinus
~Note~ To pick up a Longinus Spear, you must jump+loot, otherwise you
don't pick it up.  ~End Note~
After you get the spear, you need to use DarkSight again, and go back out to
the first map.  Now, you may go to the altar stage(6).  There are four altars.

Ropes[1]        Haste[2]        [Door]         Combo[3]           Teleport[4]

These are pretty self explanatory, but, I'll do it anyway.  In [1] you need
about 110% jump, there are two ropes, you climb one, jump to a platform,
climb the second rope, and jump to the top platform, and place the Longinus
Spear.  In [2] you need 140% speed, 120% jump, or Flash Jump and some decent
%age of speed and jump.  It's easier to just use haste.  You jump from
platform to platform, avoiding the horizontal lasers.  There are 3-4 lasers.
and you can stand on the second highest platform without getting hit.  At the
top, you place the spear.  [3]  there are platforms, you must press up on the
platform that follows the combination.  The combo is 2152212.  [4] you need
teleport, you teleport up the platforms, being aware of the lasers, you again
place the spear.
~Note~ All places which use teleport, can also be done with a 3rd job Dual
Blade.  ~End Note~
After you place all four spears (3) will open, and you may move onto Stage

3.5 Stage Three

In stage three, there are a few things in which all people should know.  If
you are not GPQ leader, you do not loot the medal, or the scroll, that drops
from the wraith-like creatures you kill.  There are 8 of them.  If you kill
one, do not go into another portal, until the medal/scroll has been picked up.
There are 4 portals here.  The one that leads to Stage Two, the one leading
to Stage Four, which is hidden until you finish Stage Three, and the Wine and
Food portals.

[Wine](1)                 [NPC]                   [Food](2)
       II                                          II
       II                                          II
       II                                          II
[Stg2](3)  [Stg4]  *     *       *    *          

One person will go into (1) and another into (2).  There are boxes and
platters, respectively.  In each room there are 4 things of wine and food, but
not all platters/boxes contain a food or wine.  There are multiple ways to do
this stage, I will briefly outline the easiest way.
~Note~ The food and wine rooms are jump quests.  ~End Note~
There is a lion NPC in the middle of the stage.  Click on him, to run through
the four loot items, if you want to, you must click and hit enter all the way
through his monologue before you can finish this stage.  There is a specific
combination, which the GPQ leader must guess by putting either a medal(m), a
scroll(s), a wine(w), or a food(f) on.  All four statues must have some loot
on top of them.  You have 7 guesses to find the combination, or more wraith-
like creatures will summon.  After every guess there will be some that summon,
unless you hit endchat, or esc, instead of enter.
~Note~ The wraiths hit about 700 damage, and low level characters may wish to
get on a ladder.  ~End Note~
The easiest way to guess the combo is like this:
M, M, M, M (see how many are correct by reading what the NPC says,)
S, S, S, S (see how many correct)
W/F, W/F, W/F, W/F (see how many correct, either wine or food, not a mix of
Now you can tell how many of each of the 4 items you need.  If it says one of
the medals are correct, one scroll is correct, and two wine are correct, then
there are no food, and you don't need them.  You then would rotate the order
like this:
M, S, W, W (check how many correct)
W, M, S, W (check how many correct)
W, W, M, S (check how many correct)
your last guess should either be the next rotation S, W, W, M, or the only
combination that matches how many are correct.  You can redo this stage as
many times as you need to, if you fail.

3.6 Stage Four

There are 18 portals in this stage.  Only some of them are actually used in
GPQ.  Entrance to Stage 3(1), and four sets of portals, the first set has 6(2)
portals, the 2nd(3) and 3rd(4) have 3 each, and the 4th(5) has 5.  In each set
of portals, there is a specific portal that leads to another room.  In the 
new room you will have to kill monsters, drop their etc on a door, and then do
a jump quest, except for one, in which you only have to do a jump quest.

            o o o         o             o              o o
                            o             o             o
(1)         o o o(2)      o(3)              o(4)       o o(5)

In (2) you go in a kill some statue-like mobs.  They'll all drop a mark of
evil, and you need to loot them all, and drop them on the far right door.  You
enter the next room, and there's a relatively simple jump quest.  At the far
end, there's a box, that you must break, and open to find pants.  Loot the
pants, and go through the door below where the box was.

In (3) you have the "haste jump quest".  You need maxed haste to finish this
jump quest, though a Wind Archer's or Buccaneer's transform abilities will
work if you can do it fast enough.  It's not that difficult, but you have to
finish the jump quest before you go through the door, on the right of the
second tier of platforms.  You continue going left, passed the door, then up
and right, to the box.  You hit the box, and it drops a shoe.  Loot the shoe
and then you can go through the door.

(4), is the reason you need a lv 30-.  The 30- will go through the portal, and
kill the purple slimes, there are 20, and loot the marks of evil, that drop.
Loot them, and drop them on the top right door, all at once.  Then comes to
the "hardest" jump quest in GPQ.  It it relatively basic, though on the far
right of the first tier of platforms, there is an "invisible" ladder, that
is rather hard to notice, if you don't know it is there.  Again, go passed the
door, not going in, and finish the jump quest.  At the end is another box,
this one containing a crown.  You may now go back and enter the door.

(5) The easiest of the four jump quests.  In this, you must have a ranged
attack.  Archers, assassins, 4th job mages, and gunslingers can hit it.  It
being the gargoyle at the top of the map.  You have to jump up onto the small
round portal, to get to the area in which you can attack the top gargoyle.  It
will summon other gargoyles, but until the top one dies, they won't drop what
you need to get to the jump quest.  So, kill the top one, then drop down and
kill the 8 at the bottom.  Pick up the marks of evil, and drop them on the
door, to the far right.  Go in.  Now, there are several portals, and conveyers
The conveyers don't really do much, except make jumping harder.  The portal
you want is the second from the left.  This will bring you to the top, and
then you must jump to the third portal from the right.  This will bring you
to the top, and yet another box.  This box contains a cloak/shirt.  After that
go into the door.


     o ____ o ____ o ____ o
    ____  ____   ____

   o ____ o ____ o ____ o
        ____    ____

[Door]                    [Door]

3.7 Stage Five

This is the room that you go into, after finishing the 4 jump quests.  You
have to drop the 4 items you got, onto the pile of...dead NPC.  Drop them in
order, shoes, pants, cloak, crown.  After that, a ghost will appear, the
leader must click on the ghost, and you enter the pre-boss room.

Here, someone must drop their earrings, onto the far right door.
~Note~ They must drop the earrings straight from their equipment window.  Not
taking it off first.  ~End Note~
~Note~ The sacrifice is usually the 30-, because they have the least exp to
lose.  ~End Note~
Then the door will open, and all attackers may go inside.  There is a place
where people who can't kill Ergoth, can watch/help.  There is a crack in a
pillar.  If you press up on the crack, you'll go into the top safe area of
the boss stage.  You can hit the chain thing, and that does something to make
Ergoth easier.  Don't touch the spikes, they do damage.

[Door]                          [crack]    [Door to Ergoth]


4. Boss

Ergoth's stats:
1.7million HP
150k MP
150k EXP
2,175 WATK
2,335 MATK
1.1k WDEF
1.2k MDEF
25 PDRate
25 MDRate
0 Speed
144 Accuracy
121 Avoidability
Normal against Heal, Strong against Fire, Poison, Ice, Lightning, and Holy.
3k HP Recovery every 10 seconds
5k MP Recovery every 10 seconds
Inflicts Seal
Can 1/1 HP/MP

Ergoth also comes with 4 statues.  2 Lion statues, 2 Knight Statues.

Lion Statue A Stats:
1million HP
100k MP
600 WATK
600 MATK
800 WDEF
850 MDEF
0 Speed
210 Accuracy
13 Avoidability
9,999 KB
1k HP recovery per 10 seconds
5k MP recovery per 10 seconds
Strong against Fire, poison, ice, lightning, and holy.  Immune against Heal.

Lion Statue B Stats:
800k HP
70k MP
600 WATK
600 MATK
800 WDEF
850 MDEF
210 Accuracy
13 Avoidability
9,999 KB
1k HP Recovery every 10 seconds
5k MP recovery every 10 seconds
Strong against Fire, Poison, Ice, Lightning, and Holy.  Immune to Heal

Knight Statue A Stats:

900k HP
80k MP
610 MATK
610 MATK
950 WDEf
920 MDEF
0 Speed
210 Accuracy
14 Avoidability
9,999 KB
Strong to Fire, Poison, Ice, Lightning, and Holy.  Immune to Heal.
1k HP recovery every 10 seconds
5k MP recovery every 10 seconds

Knight Statue B Stats:
900k HP
80k MP
610 WATK
610 MATK
950 WDEf
920 MDEF
0 Speed
210 Accuracy
14 Avoidability
9,999 KB
Strong to Fire, Poison, Ice, Lightning, and Holy.  Immune to Heal.
1k HP recovery every 10 seconds
5k MP recovery every 10 seconds

Ergoth drops Ergoth's Jawbone.  Generally 4th jobs are preferable to kill
Ergoth and the statues.  When Ergoth dies, he also drops a Rubian stone.
Leader loots it, and talks to the Lion statue at the far left.


5. Bonus

And then you come to bonus.  There are several boxes, you attack them, they
drop stuff.  Including mastery books, PACs, Black Sacks, and various scrolls.



Thanks to Nexon for making Maplestory and GPQ.
HiddenStreet for the stats, and some brief reminders of what the maps look
And, the various people who taught me to GPQ.
As well as the guilds I've GPQed with.