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"Big Bang?"

I heard about Maple Story quite a long time ago and it was popping out on ads everywhere. I decided to try it out. To no avail it didn't work out for me. They constantly update on additions to the game but nothing that actually entertains me or enhances my gaming experience. What is the whole hype about Maple Story? And why do I despise this game?

I am also entitled to say that this is a few months after Big Bang. I'm here to tell you what has changed therefore changing my review a tiny bit.

Gameplay 1/10
Well the Gameplay of this is really atrocious. This honestly gives me an ulcer. I'll give it credit, it looks nice, but however it's just the same thing. There is literally no difference. Big Bang has changed the leveling system to the point where it's REALLY easy to level up. But that doesn't change anything. You're still stuck with the fact that you have to press the same button over and over again. I'll give you an example. Even the newest class the Mechanic still spams Drill Heads, an attack where you bring out two drill arms and rush the enemies. Once you got your opponents in one place then you Hammer all of them to make yourself a nice monster pancake. And that may sound fun but still not the fact that there is no variety. I'd expect more from the newest class so far. But however I expected something else to. Each class is better than the last. Meaning that the older the class is, the worse it is. This doesn't apply for every class keep in mind, but however the adventurers, the first set of classes in the game are horrible compared to Aran, Dual Blades, and others. There is no diversity to. The jobs are basically clones, and the mechanic rides in a giant mechanical beast, other classes don't stand a chance to it. So all classes do the same thing. Press the same button. And here's the nice part, once you do that, you may level up. Leveling up is so satisfying, you can get more skill points and stat points. But after that you'll just kill more. That's like this with other games but however here's an example of repetitive. So at about mid level 20's, you'll probably fight these Zombie Lupins which are Zombie Monkeys. And you do that for a while, and then you go to Mushroom Kingdom which you'll fight these penguin knights. There is no difference between these two monsters besides the fact that they're different. Sure Lupins will throw bananas at you but however there is no different attack pattern. The same goes for every monster, you'll drill them to bits. There is no other strategy to employ for other monsters meaning that you don't approach different monsters in a different way to get a better outcome, you drill.

Music 6/10
The music isn't that bad, and it's not that good. I find any that I would actually like to listen to and a few tracks are quite annoying. I don't have much to say in this aspect except this. I give this a 6/10 because I don't know what else to give it except fair.

Interface 7/10
Well this game is very colorful and they changed the hotbar which was a miner difference. They also changed the lighting and graphics a tiny bit. There's no credit I can give to this. There's nothing really I can complain about.

Economy 1/10
I can easily say that this is the absolute worst aspect of the game. The economy in this game is revolting, grotesque, abominable, unacceptable, and probably the worst economy I have ever seen in an mmorpg ever. I cannot give a single accolade or approval of the horrible economy. There is obviously a reason why I despise this so much. I bet lots of people just hate me for saying this and I am a noob at this game but however I can clearly say that this game was probably never meant for the prices, and if it was then I would probably grab a gun and shoot myself in the stomach and poor alcohol inside there (I obviously wouldn't). I'll just say this, if you are an assassin you would want some throwing stars. You can by subbi throwing stars for a very reasonable price at a normal npc store, but however you see many others around with cool ones like, kumbis,steeelies,illbis,iceicles, and possibly balanced furies, but however let's explore the economy a little. Steelies cost about 3 mil when I was playing, my friend said there was going to be inflation for about every item in the game for some weird reason. But however at that level if you are actually trying to get some mesos (the currency in this game) from picking them up from monsters and selling their drops, you would probably have 600k tops. So how do you get so much money? But that is just the beginning. There are things like scrolls which give you a simple upgrade on your items which cost about 10 million for a scroll which just gives you 2 attack for your glove. I guess people make so much money by selling these things. So I decided I want to try to make a little money myself and try to get a good scroll. I decided to train on the things that give the glove attack (I forgot to mention that scrolls will cost up to 500 million) and to no avail I didn't get anything from 6 hours of grinding taking multiple breaks and playing actual stuff I like. I kept doing this until I couldn't stand this. I tried selling some junk I had before like leathers, ores, and screws, some stuff that are pretty common but however people would want. I sold some of them but however only making extremely little money compared to the things I want. I played quite a long time for all those things and I made a puny amount. So basically, you have to grind for hours and hours, until you actually find something that can go for a hefty price and you have to go to the free market and advertise your product until your fingers get lactic acid and your mind is filled with frustration, and you keep banging your fists onto a table until you have arthritis. I cannot bear to stand this. Nothing has changed besides the drop rate of other items, and what does that do? Just makes those items worthless trash. You can always spend your money on meso bags which makes you super rich, but keep in mind that you don't want to spend money. GASP.

Challenge 2/10
This game is not challenging at all. Again like I said you just keep pressing the same button over and over again but however that's not the worst part. When you buy potions from the store you can just keep gulping them down. That means you can just keep using your potions and then you can just buy more. In another mmorpg you would just be committing suicide if you were jumping into a crowd of monsters your level and trying to kill them all. But in Maple Story that's what you are supposed to do. Don't worry, you wouldn't die cause you have 200 potions that you can just keep pressing. I feel like I should mention this because this is just something that makes the game even worse than it already is.

Other 2/10
Besides killing monsters this game has nothing. You can say that for a lot of mmorpgs but this game literally has nothing. There is no teamwork involved, even for party quests(which I don't feel like explaining because that's basically what you do if you grind), there is no pvp, jump quests are just boring, most quests are not worth doing, cash shop is a total rip off, and numerous other things. There are a lot of things wrong with this game. Overall I give this a 1/10 because it's just any other mmorpg platformer except much worse. This review was not meant to offend anybody if it did but is just my opinion. You may not agree with me but we are different people so I respect your opinion.

So the thing is Big Bang didn't change anything. Sure it tried to fix some things but they just didn't change the bigger picture. This is just horrible. 1/10 is just at the least. This game is however strangely addicting because you want those things that everyone else has. But just keep in mind, you're going to have to spend real money, LOTS OF IT.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 12/06/10, Updated 03/29/11

Game Release: MapleStory (US, 11/30/05)

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