Question from ermrules

How do i get the gargoyle passageway to open?

How do I open the gargoyle passageway i don't understand how to open it.

Also what order do the tiles above janes door have to be in I tried using the tapestry but i can't get it right.


Benders answered:

The order is(for janes door) moon, strenght, toast, knight, charity, angel, geometer, father times, folly and dawn
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bunnycharis answered:

how do I get a easter egg Idid all the things like tuch the teath 10 times it did not give me a easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Seara_Greene answered:

Do you mean the gargoyle next to Linda's room?
If so, you have to help Nigel type his boring memoir so you get Corbin's coat of arms. It shows direction to turn the gargoyle's head.
turn it like this: right arrow, right arrow, left arrow, right arrow, left arrow, left arrow, right arrow.

@bunnycharis I can't seem to find easter egg in this game either
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_Pastaaaa_ answered:

For those people in the comments needing help on the 'Easter egg' thingy.

1. Go to Jane's room.
2. Go to the dresser/desk.
3.Click the set of toy teeth repeatedly until it makes a clucking sort of sound.
4. Click it some more.
5. Wait until a blue, gold en-crested egg pops up in your inventory.
6. Say 'thank you'.
7. You're welcome.
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