Second Sight
For the Playstation 2
A mini-games FAQ
By casanova973
Version 0.4

 Table of Contents 

1: What is this FAQ all about?
2: version History
3: Earth Impact
4: X Space '92 Game
5: Earth Impact High Scores
6: X Space '92 High Scores
7: Legal Stuff
8: Email Policy

| 1: What is this FAQ all about? |

This is a mini-games FAQ for Second Sight (PS2). If you don't know what the 
mini-games are, this FAQ should tell you. So far, I have only found two mini-
games in this game, and they are called "Earth Impact", and "X Space '92". 
This FAQ should explain Earth Impact and X Space '92, the different icons in 
each game, and I will also make a list of all the High Scores different 
people have got.

Hope you enjoy this guide!

| 2: Version History |

Date Format: dd/mm/yy

Version 0.1 (20/09/04)
First version of the guide. This includes an Earth Impact walkthrough, a few 
high scores, and different icons and enemies. I am expecting to update this 
guide when I get some more high scores.

Version 0.2 (21/09/04)
Added a tip from ytse and added three more scores to the high score list.

Version 0.3 (18/10/04)
I finally unlocked the other mini-game: X Space '92. I added it to the FAQ and 
I also put in my top score.

Version 0.4 (20/10/04)
Somehow I missed out writing how to unlock the X Space '92 game, so I put in a 
strategy on how to do that thanks to an anomynous writer. But yet I still 
haven't recieved any high scores for this FAQ. Where is everybody???

| 3: Earth Impact |

Earth Impact is an arcade game you can play whenever you want once you have 
played it once. To play it, get to the Reliance level, then enter the USHC 
building. Crouch through the vents to get inside the building, then go into 
the first room on your left. Kill the two guards in here. 

One of the guards you killed was playing on an arcade game, and the other 
guard was playing pool. Go over to the arcade game and press X to play it. 
When you have played Earth Impact once, you can play it whenever you want, 
wherever you want, just by simply clicking on the Applications button on 
the pause menu. 

Earth Impact is a great feature in this game. But, the one bad thing is, is 
that it is really addictive. When you play it once, you will want to play 
again, and again... and again. It kind of drags you away from playing the 
game, so you need to be strong if you want to get on with the game. 

In Earth Impact, you are a Space Ship in space, and you just have to go around 
shooting other space ships and getting as many points as possible. The game is 
played from a sky-view camera angle, and it is 2-D. It plays like an average 
arcade game would play, so it's kind of like and arcade, in your PS2. 

Here, I will make a list of all the items I have found so far in this mini-

Yellow Stars - 
   You can find yellow stars just by shooting and blowing up another space 
   ship. They give you an extra amount of points (I'm not quite sure how many 
   points you get for collecting a yellow star). But, if you see a yellow star 
   but you don't collect it in time, it will go away.

Spanner - 
   The spanner also appears if you kill a certain enemy. It fills up a bit of 
   your life metre and it gives you a few points. But, like the yellow star, 
   this item disappears if you don't collect it in time.

Rocks -
   When you start the game, you start off between three rocks, all different 
   sizes. There is one huge one, one tiny one, and one about half the size of 
   the huge one. If you shoot the tiny one, sometimes and item comes out of 
   it. If you shoot a medium size rock, three tiny rocks come out of it, and 
   if you shoot a massive rock, two medium sized rocks come out of it. But 
   don't get too upset if you don't get an item from a tiny rock because they 
   sometimes don't appear.

Tip from ytse:

I found this mini-game actually easier when you go the heavy way (the ships 
give enough health supply to simply fly toward them whil shooting).

| 4: X Space '92 Game |

This mini-game is a lot harder to find than the Earth Impact game. They are 
almost the same type of game but this one is more classic and original. I like 
X Space '92 because it is a lot harder and more addictive (in my opinion). 
Use the D-pad to move your ship to the side and to the right or left, and 
press X to shoot bullets. The other enemies in this game will shoot back at 
you, but you can't deflect their bullets by hitting them with your own. The 
only way to avoid being hit is to dodge the bullets.

You unlock this mini-game in the Madness level. After the first checkpoint, 
run through the lobby and follow the path past another guard and you should 
find a computer behind a desk. Run down the hallway the same direction as the 
computer with Charm on and there will be a guard standing by a door on the 
left somewhere. Shoot him with a Tranquilsier, then enter the room and use 
Telekinesis to get the game down from the first shelf on your left. When you 
have it, run back to the computer you were at earlier and put in the floppy-
disk. Once you have played it once, you can play it whenever you want if you 
go to Applications on the pause menu.

When you start the game, a few basic enemies will start shooting at you. Kill 
them all easily and don't lose a life here. Then after they have gone, 
different enemies will come then more of the same ships will come in a 
diagonal line. When they clear off the screen, some balls will drop down on 
you. You cannot blow them up, so just shoot the one on the left or the right 
until you have enough space to get around them. After this, the game pretty 
much just starts getting repetitive. 

| 5: Earth Impact High Scores |

This is the layout I am going to use to post high scores:

RANK : What ranking the person got
NAME : Name of the person who got the score
SCORE: What score the person got


RANK : First
NAME : twistedinside
SCORE: 13005 (Like I believe that!)


RANK : Second
NAME : Voffen
SCORE: 9200


RANK : Third
NAME : Voffen
SCORE: 7250


RANK : Fourth
NAME : casanova973
SCORE: 6620


RANK : Fifth
NAME : ytse
SCORE: 6170


If you have your own high scores, please tell me at the Second Sight message 
boards or Email me with your score. High Scores are wanted and need. Contact 
me at:

| X Space '92 High Scores |

This is the layout I am going to use to post high scores:

RANK : What ranking the person got
NAME : Name of the person who got the score
SCORE: What score the person got


RANK : First
NAME : casanova973
SCORE: 0006500


If you have your own high scores, please tell me at the Second Sight message 
boards or Email me with your score. High Scores are wanted and need. Contact 
me at:

| 7: Legal Stuff |

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

In other words, do not do anything at all to or with this guide without MY
permission. If you do, I will take things very seriously.

You can find the latest versions of this guide at GameFAQs (
and/or Gamedestination (

| 8: Email Policy |

Quite a lot of people (or aliens!) have been sending me Emails for different
reasons. More than half of the Emails I have received didn't apply by my simple
rules that used to be in this section. That being, I decided to change my
Email policy.

Basically, if you have something that you found in the game that is NOT YET
covered in the game, please tell me. If I find it in my guide, I will block
your Email address at the click of a button, and you will never be able to send
me Emails again. I have done it before, so don't think I won't do it to you.

If you are sure that your piece of information isn't covered in my guide,
Email your information to If your contribution isn't
covered in my guide, I will be happy to add it and give you credit. If, 
however, you don't want your name or Email address published all over the web, 
you can simply tell me that and I will pretend I did it myself.

For example: I once received an Email from an anonymous writer, asking me to
change, slightly, the structure of the guide. You will see that the section
title design and the info at the top of the guide has changed. The person
requested to keep their name anonymous in the guide and they asked me to keep
their name hidden. The person sent me an attachment of my guide with layout
changes in the exact same format as my guide. Now that's what I like to see.

So, if you have any new guide additions you'd like to show me, please do, but
make sure they look nice. Oh, and I've also pleaded on the message boards for
new ASCII art for my guide, so if you have any, please send that in too.

There are some things that I really don't want you to Email me about, and I
will try and give you the list:

- Don't tell me something that isn't true. It is just stupid to tell me
  something you heard somewhere else, like a rumour. After a while it just gets
  annoying so please don't be telling me rumours or lies.

- When you Email me, don't be too formal. I just don't like it for some reason.
  But, don't be too informal so I can't read what you're saying. The basic
  slang languages are alright, such as 'u' instead of 'you', but just try to
  speak English properly.

- Try and keep the grammar clear. Don't make a huge paragraph of writing
  instead of a couple of lines, or even a couple of paragraphs. Also, try and
  spell correctly.

There, I think that's all I need to say about you emailing me. But, if I do get
some other junk I will update my guide telling you what else not to do when
you're Emailing me. Send your messages to this address:

Do not add me to your MSN list. I have loads of contacts and people I have 
never met talk to me about Second Sight. I don't want you to add me to your 
MSN list just to talk about games, and if you do I will block you on sight and 
you will never be able to Email me again. Email me if you need help.


If you feel I have missed out something important in this guide, or you would 
like to submit a high score, then Email me at:

I will be happy to add your submissions/high scores to my guide.