FAQ/Walkthrough by TheEternalVenomX

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/23/05 | Printable Version

                                 Second Sight
                        Developer: Free Radical Design
                            Publisher: Codemasters
                           FAQ By: TheEternalVenomX

1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. Controls
4. Psi Powers
5. Weapons
6. Walkthrough
 6.1. Isolation
 6.2. Preparation
 6.3. Experimentation
 6.4. Fieldwork
 6.5. Escape
 6.6. Madness
 6.7. Rescue
 6.8. Reliance
 6.9. Entrapped
 6.10. Streetlife
 6.11. Teamwork
 6.12. Breakout
 6.13. Conspiracy
 6.14. Infiltration
 6.15. Childcare
 6.16. Confrontation
 6.17. Redemption
7. Minigames
 7.1. X-Space '92
 7.2. Earth Impact
8. Final Thoughts
9. Legal Information

1. Introduction

Here we are, a FAQ project that I can finally begin to get some serious
work on.  I had a hard time finding a game that was worthwhile to do and
had few FAQs available.  I found this game in the bargain bin at a local
video game store and knew it was the one.

Second Sight it a game where you play as John Vattic, a man who was 
involved in a classified military mission as a "psychic advisor".  He
wakes up one day in a military hospital, suffering from amnesia with
only trace memories of what happened six months ago.  As the game goes on
you alternate between what's happening now and what happened then.  

If you want a complete summary on my thoughts of Second Sight then skip
to Section 9.  

This FAQ will be mostly a walkthrough with a couple sections on weapons
and abilities.  Hopefully it'll give you an idea of what to do.

2. Version History

June 28, 2005
Version 0.24
Looking for a new FAQ project to start once I got some  time.  Not only does 
this game have few FAQS but was cheap to boot. Did basic FAQ layout, a couple 
Psi Powers/Weapons and the first four levels.

June 29, 2005
Version 0.41

Escape and Madness are done, as are some other parts that needed work.

June 30, 2005
Version 0.47

Reliance is done, going to work on a level at a time.  I plan to submit this
0.5 Version tomorrow.  Also finished are Controls, Weapons and Minigames.  
Plot and Final Thoughts will wait until the end.

Ah heck, I finished Entrapped just to get a little more work done.

July 1, 2005
Version 0.50

Done most of the Sections outside of the Walkthrough, I'm submitting this
version for hopeful addition to GameFAQs.  If it goes through, then I will
increase my output tremendously to get it finished.  If it doesn't go 
through, then I'll add some more levels to the Walkthrough then submit it.
Either way more work will be done on July 2.

July 2, 2005
Version 0.59

Streetlife is done, not much else to note other than a couple fixes here
and there.

July 3, 2005
Version 0.59

Taking a small break for today, only made a few major corrections to this

July 5, 2005
Version 0.65

Took a break yesterday as I was just exhausted from a hectic morning that
lead into a busy night.  Right now I got back on track finishing Teamwork.

July 9, 2005
Version 0.71

A bunch of other projects I recently got to work on came up, hence my break.
Well, Breakout is done for today and I hope to have this whole guide done
by the end of next week at the latest.

August 31, 2005
Version 0.76

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I had vacation for a month and couldn't finish it.  
Promise to get this one done by the end of September.

September 6, 2005
Version 0.82

Infiltration is done, all I have to do is finish up the levels and this FAQ
will be complete.  Then the next project will be started.

September 7, 2005
Version 0.88

Childcare is done, plan on wrapping up the final two levels to complete 
Version 1.00.  Version 1.01 will contain my final thoughts while I'll add
the Plot in later.

September 21, 2005
Version 0.94

Confrontation is finished, I removed the Plot section because I figured there
is little point in having it.  Enjoy the story by playing through the game
instead of me summing it up for you.  It's better that way.  Anyways, I have
a couple more projects I want to get started.  But I want to wrap this one
up before I begin laying groundwork.  Version 1.00 is coming tomorrow with
the Final Thoughts.

September 23, 2005
Version 1.00

All finished, finally.

3. Controls

Left/Right Directional Buttons - Switch Psi Powers
Up/Down Directional Buttons - Switch Weapons

Square - Crouch
X - Use (Context Sensitive)
Circle - Attack
Triangle - Change Camera

L1 - No Use
L2 - Lock-On
L3 - Switch between 1st and 3rd Person Views
R1 - Special Moves (Context Sensitive)
R2 - Use Psi Power/Fire Weapon
R2 - Alternate Between Weapons/Psi Powers

Left Analog Stick - Move
Right Analog Stick - Switch Between Lock-On Objects/Move Objects with

4. Psi Powers

Select Individual Powers using the Left and Right Directional Buttons.


Lock onto objects using L2, select available targets using the right Analog
Stick.  Using R2 to pick up or manipulate objects, use the Right Analog
Stick to move them around if you can.


Press R2 to start Healing Vattic, will heal for as long as you hold or for
how much Energy you have.  This is time-consuming so only use when out of

Psi Blast

Vattic throws a blast of psi energy at a target, use L2 to lock-on and
R2 to fire.  Uses up a decent chunk of Psi Energy for each blast though.


Press R2 to make Vattic invisible to everyone, this is incredibly handy in
places where stealth is key.  It drains Psi Energy gradually so be quick
when getting through sections.


Press R2 to create a hologram-like illusion of Vattic who can pass through
laser grids and hit switches while the real Vattic stays in one place.  
Press Square to end the projection.

Psi Blast+

Press and Hold R2 to charge this up, then release it to create a massive 
burst of psi energy that'll cover a large radius


Same as Telekinesis, target with L2, aim with the Right Analog Stick and
press R2 to use.  It chokes living targets at the same time, a la Darth


Press R2 to create a projection, then approach someone and press X to
possess them.  You control everything they do and can press Square to
exit them.  Watch your Psi Energy, of course.

5. Weapons

Non-Lethal Arms

Heavy Tranquilizer

Small Arms

.45 Pistol
Soviet Pistol

Large Arms

Sawn-Off Shotgun


Assault Rifle
Soviet Rifle

Long-Range Arms

Sniper Rifle

6. Walkthrough

6.1. Isolation

After watching the beginning cutscenes you'll find yourself in the Isolation 
Cell.  Walk over to the door and lock-on the button beside the door with L2
then press R2 to open it with you Telekinesis.  Exit through the door, head
to the right side of the room.  Once in the next room, head through the right 
door to begin a small cutscene that will give you the Healing power.

Select Healing with the directional buttons and press R2 to restore Vattic's
health.  Exit through the door and head down the hallway, you'll see and
hear two guards talking.  Approach them to get their attention and attack 
them to get one's Security Card.  Head down to the end of the hall and use 
the card on the right door's Card Reader.  Once in this room, head through
the door on the right, go up and into the next room.  Use the Computer here
to get a Map of this area.

Check that Map by pausing the game, selecting "Applications" and clicking
the only icon in this window to bring up the Map.  There should be a "room"
on there specifically for the elevator.  It's in the northeast corner and
a blue "I" icon will be displayed when selecting it.  Click on this room and
you'll get the Elevator Code.  Head back to that main hallway, go up to where
the elevator is and open the doors using the Code Panel on the side.

6.2. Preparation

This is pretty much a tutorial level, so you're going to be led by the hand
throughout much of it.

After the cutscene at the beginning ends, head straight until you run into
a soldier.  Either you can hear what he has to say or you can move on, either
way you're to follow him to the assault course.  Once here, he'll teach you
to climb walls.  Just approach each one with the Left Analog Stick to climb
over them, then head up the ladder.  Crouch and head through the gate to enter
the second part.

Climb up the ladder and approach the edge of the platform, press X to drop 
off and hang on the edge.  Shimmey over and press R1 to climb up once you've
reached the other side.  Take the ladder down and talk to the soldier here.

Approach the stone block and press R1 to "stealth" against it.  Follow the 
orders to crouch against it, move around it and the like.  Simple enough.  Now
he'll give you a test, move to the far block and he'll start it.  Press and
crouch against this block so you face the metal fence on the opposite end.  
Wait until the soldier starts to walk on the side of the block you are on
then press R1 to press off and crouch-run to the tunnel entrance.  Wait here
until he announces your passing and opens the gate.  Crouch-walk through the
tunnels here to the next section.

Now comes a real test of stealth, press against the block on the left side
so Vattic faces the camera (default position).  Once the guard faces to the
right and the one on the elevated position is facing away move on the left 
side of the area and drop into the pit.  Work around and climb up to the
platform and press against the block nearest you.  When the guard here goes
to move, drop back into the pit and watch him.  When he starts to move away
climb back up and make a run for the opening.  Now you must sneak past the
guards in the trailer here.  Press against the trailer and move Vattic across
it and head through the fence to move onto the Firing Range.

The next part requires you to fire on targets in the firing range, after 
getting some intructions you are given a test.  You have to rack up 250 Points
by shooting the moving targets.  This is very simple, just aim for the heads
early on then start firing at chests once you get above 250.  

The next part is shooting from cover, press against the cover and use the L2
and Left Analogy Stick to get into shooting position.  You can position 
yourself to the left, right or above the cover.  Shoot each of the four guys
here three times without getting shot too much to pass this section.

Follow the soldier back outside and he'll direct you to the Assault Range.  
Head back up the corridor and to the right to access it.  This is a repeat of
the first range but with guns.  There are four enemies in this first section,
take cover and shoot them all (the fourth one is hidden behind the far wall,
quick-shot him).  Head to the second section and repeat the shimmeying, there
is another soldier on the platform at the end.  Climb up when he faces away
and shoot him at point blank range.  Head through the pipe and into the third
section.  Shoot the three soldiers here and move to the pit, climb up and
shoot the two guards here (this is the only part I got shot at, be careful).
The final part has a soldier hiding behind the trailer, simply quick-shot
him as he appears.  Head through the fence to complete this section.

Head back to the Firing Range to start Sniper Rifle training.  It's the same
as Pistol training basically, except you get a scope to view through.  Rack
up 250 points to beat this section and to end this section.

6.3. Experimentation

After watching the cutscene, head behind the desk of the guard you just 
killed and grab his gun.  Use the computer behind the desk, click the CCTV
feed and press the X on the control panel to disable the camera.  Quit that
application and then unlock the door and download a map.  Now, head towards
the far end of the room opposite the desk.  Use the computer there, try the
icon in the upper-left corner to get shared applications.  Try to get the 
patient files but find them inaccessable.  Leave this room by the door on
the left.

Go through the corridor until you get to the Foyer, you'll see a cutscene
where armed cops show up.  Work your way around to the left side of the 
Foyer.  Don't worry about the cops, you can't take them out and will take
damage from shots if you try.  Get through the door on the left side, use
the Healing power to restore any lost health.  Go through this corridor until
you reach the next room.  Like the cutscene says, use Telekinesis to move
the cabinet above the guard's head.  Once he goes to investigate, hit him
with a Psi Energy blast.

If you ever get caught, alarms will go off: don't attack guards since they
come in endless streams.  Instead, find a locker and kill any guards that
might be in the area.  Then, hide in the locker out of their sight until
the alarm goes off.  Then you may continue.

Now, head to the other side of the room passing through the enclosed glass
lab areas.  When looking at the map, the door you want to pass through is
on the south-west corner of this room.  Once through there, keep heading
straight until you get to a cutscene where your Charm power is unlocked (this
makes this area so much easier).

Head back to that area where you Psi Blasted the guard and head to the
door on the north-east corner this time.  Head through this corridor, 
remembering to take out any scientists or guards that will turn on the alarms.
You are now in a tripod-like corridor.  Head west then into the glass 
enclosure on the east side.  Head through the door here and take out the
guard by any means you wish.  Move through the next corridor until you hit 
the Primate area.  Use Charm to sneak up on the scientist in the glass
enclosure in the northern part of the room.  Take him out and grab the
Patient Records card on his desk.  Go back to that tripod corridor and take
the northernmost door and head through to the Patient Records area.  Use
Charm to sneak past the guards in here and use the computer in the northwest
corner (just one cubicle down from the corner, actually).

6.4. Fieldwork

When you start this mission off, you'll be ambushed by snipers.  Take cover
behind fences, carts or whatever you can find.  Aim the rifle using L2 and
aim on the soldier's heads.  Head shot them and move on with your squad.  
You'll continue to face snipers until you get to a cave, enter it and someone
will be sent to blow the blockage up.  Let them do that while you watch from
a distance then head through.

Now, follow the squad through the tunnel taking out soldiers as you approach
them.  You'll come across the base itself, use the Sniper Rifle to take out
as many guards as you can.  Eventually you'll be told to follow Wilde into
the base itself.  Work around to the left, use the icon on the upper left
corner to orient yourself.  Take out snipers and allow the squad to give
you cover fire.  Enter the shed through the door and watch the brief cutscene.

Once inside, follow Wilde to the ladder and climb up.  Go up the stairs onto
the catwalk.  Navigate around and into the small room at the end.  Heal with
the health pack if you need and take the Soviet Rifle.  Make sure to equip
that then leave the room.  Climb up the ladder on the right and pull the 
lever.  Head back down to the ground floor and head through the door that
was unlocked (follow Wilde).

After the brief cutscene, head into the next room where you'll face armed
soldiers on both the top and bottom levels.  Take cover, watch Wilde's health
and take them out.  Once you take the bottom guys out, use the ladder to 
climb up and get a better shot at the upper guys (if you feel risky).  
Wilde's health gradually improves in between shoot-outs so don't worry too
much.  Head through the doorway on the right and turn right, at the end of
the corridor on the right is the control room.  Let Wilde "scan" the worker's
mind to get the computer password.  Then try to use the computer, Vattic will
enter the password on his own.  Go to the Wastebasket and read the document
in there.  

A brief cutscene will follow, backtrack to the lower level of that room.  
You'll face soldiers on the way so take cover and open fire.  Once you are
down there, go through the now-open door behind the ladder.  Follow the 
corridors until you get to another room with soldiers.  Take them all out to
finish this section.

6.5. Escape

This gets a bit tricky as the first part is stealth while the second is pure

When you start off, immediately begin your Charm ability as a guard is coming
into the room.  Exit this area and turn left and get into the elevator to get
into the basement.

Now here's where it gets really tricky, all you have is a Tranquilizer and
have to watch out for cameras, workers, scientists and guards.  When you
start off, head down the corridor and a brief cutscene will begin.  You'll
get the Projection ability.  Now, head past the deactivated laser gate but 
stop when you reach the corner on the left.  Peak out and you'll spot a 
camera, "pull" on it with your Telekinesis to disable it.  Across from this
camera is another one down the hall, "pull" on it as well.  Now, go down that
corridor the second camera was facing but press on the wall to the left.  
Peek out and you'll spot a third camera, "pull" on it.  Then you'll see a 
scientist just walking down, tranquilize him.  The workers will approach
wondering what happened so quickly run out and tranq them.  There is an
alarm button in the big room ahead.  Once you enter it (it has the laser
gate) there is an alarm button on the immediate right, guard it and shoot
any of the three workers that comes close.

Approach the laser gate and use the Projection ability to turn off the lasers
by using the button to the right after you pass them with your projection.
Quickly arm yourself with the Psi Blast and hit the guard that's just past
the lasers.  Now you'll find yourself at an elevator, enter it and then use
the Projection ability.  Exit the elevator with your projection, have it
turn right and use the control panel there to raise the elevator.  

Once here, a brief cutscene will happen and you Psi Blast+ ability becomes
unlocked.  From here on out, it's run-and-gun so arm your SMG and move on.
The next few areas are nothing more than tight corridors so take cover and
keep moving.  Blast some guards ahead and run up the corridors.  When you
get to a gate, there is a booth to the left.  Enter it, shoot the guard, and
hit the button to open it.  Continue on, take cover and return fire until you
get to another elevator.  Same as before, enter it and use the Projection to
activate the control panel beside the elevator.

Once off, you have to navigate more corridors taking out guards as you go.  
You'll eventually get to a large room with a ladder on the left and a car
ahead.  Ignore the ladder, approach the car and press X to hop inside when
it indicates so.

6.6. Madness

After watching the opening, climb up the ladder directly ahead of you.  
Approach the rail and press X to drop off and then shimmey past the gate. Upon
pulling yourself up, turn off the floodlight and grab the Sniper Rifle.  You
have two choices now, either you can shoot or you can stealth.  The former
has you sniping all the guards in the courtyard but alarms WILL go off.  The
latter has you heading back down the ladder and using Charm to get past all
the guards.  Either way, approach the asylum and head towards the large 
statue.  To the right should be an open window, approach it to have Vattic
vault over it.

A cutscene will follow and Telekinesis+ will be unlocked.  Head down the 
corridor and take out the guard grabbing the Library Key he drops.  Turn right 
from where you faced originally.  Turn left and head through this room then
turn left again.  Head up the stairs and follow the path until you get to the
Library Door.  Once in here: there are two scientists but they won't be 
alerted to your presense.  Talk to one to get the location of Wilde. Now read 
the document on the table on the ground level, then head to the computer 
terminal across from the table.  Access it, then click Hard Disk then unlock 
the Upper Library door.  Head up to the door you unlocked and head through 

Head through the door that was unlocked and turn right around the corner.
Go through the vent ahead and into the next room.  Take out the guards here
as you head down the stairway.  Once at the bottom, go through the corridor
until you reach an operating room.  Take out the two doctors and grab one's
Dormitory Access Card.  Head through the corridor and into the next operating
room.  Take out the lone doctor then use the Dormitory Access Card on the
Card Reader beside the door.  Head through to start another cutscene.

Continue on until you get to a large lobby area with a patient just 
wandering around.  Use Charm to sneak past him and the two guards that show 
up.  Head to the doorway opposite the one you entered in through and go
on until you reach a computer terminal.  Access the computer, allow Vattic
to enter the password and click Hard Drive.  Read the only document in there 
to get a new passcode.


Now, head down the corridor that was to your right when you entered.  There
are going to be some guards here so shoot them and enter the door that they
were guarding.  Also "pull" the CCTV camera to disable it here.  In the room 
is  a Minigame Disc, a Shotgun and a Tranquilizer  Gun.  Grab all and head 
back to the computer.  Use the Minigame Disc to unlock that Minigame.  Now, 
there should be a doorway to the right of the computer terminal (from where 
you originally entered).  Enter through there to get the drop on any guards 
that are in the area.  Continue on, turn right at the first turn and then 
left.  Around the corner is a camera, "pull" it to disable it.  Use the 
Keypad to open the gate and head through the doorway.

Head up the stairs here until you reach the top, a cutscene will show partway
through.  Now, continue on until you reach a room with a series of cells.
Take out the camera around the corner on the right, use Charm to sneak past
guards.  Keep going right until you reach a metal gate.  Take out the two
guards posted here and use Telekinesis to hit the switch to open the gate.
This switch is just past the gate.  Now, head forward until you reach the
second gate.  Use Projection and have your projection move into the security
booth and access the computer.  Go to the Hard Drive and access the Security
document.  Open the WW Upper door then press Square to end the projection.
Go through the now open gate and into Wilde's cell on the left.

6.7. Rescue

To get Jayne to follow you, equip Charm then lock onto her with L2.  Press
R2 to "tell" her to stay there or follow you.  Get her to follow you down
the steps.  Approach the door at the bottom and some lightning will strike
scaring Jane.  Lock onto her and hold R2 to calm her down, once she's calm
then go through the door.  A guard is at the end of the hall, don't use guns
because loud noises scare Jayne.  Psi Blast him and head through the doorways.

Halfway down this hallway, on the right, is a door with the bottom half torn
off.  Tell Jayne to "wait" by locking-on and using the Charm ability.  Crawl 
through it and head out the window, to the left is a barred  door.  Use 
Telekinesis to lift the bar, then turn around and use that same power to drop 
the ladder.  Head back to the hallway where Jayne is waiting.  At the end of
the hallway where the guard was is a door, go through it then through the
other one to the area you just were.  Take the ladder up and wait for Jayne
to climb it after you reach the top.  Continue up the stairs, alarms went off
here for me but pay them no mind.  At the top is a guard, Psi Blast him and
calm Jayne down if she panics.  

Move on and over the ledge to the next rooftop, a cutscene will occur here.
Use Telekinesis to life the ledge back into position and hold it until Jayne
makes it over.  Move back if she needs room to move but keep the power on.

Tell her to stay, then go on and peek around the corner.  You'll see a guard
booth with 4-5 guards.  Take them out with Psi Blasts (Jayne can hear 
gunshots and gets scared) and calm her down if need be.  Then head to the 
guard booth and take the ladder up.  Take the next ladder down and head 
straight to the next ladder down.  Here's where it gets tricky, climb up to
the small ledge on your right side opposite the double doors.  Slide 
yourself down this ledge using Charm for every window you pass so as not to
alert the guards.  Once you reach the double doors at the end, head through
them and into the hallway.  Take out the guard here with a Psi Blast.  On 
the second door on the right is a patient with the key you want.  Take him
out and get the Balcony Key.  Two more guards might pop in from the next door
so quickly take them out.  Head down to the end of the hallway, take out the
guard and go through the door.

There is a red-lighted room directly ahead, go into it and you'll find it's
an elevator shaft.  Drop down into the elevator car itself and hit the 
button.  It'll take you up to the next level, on the left are some double
doors.  Open them to find Jayne waiting, get back in the elevator with her.
Hit the button again to drop to the ground level.

Tell Jayne to wait here then move into the courtyard.  Psi Blast the sole
guard you can view then whip out the SMG and take some cover.  A couple
guards at guarding the door at the end.  Use Charm to head to their end
undetected and take cover at the bench behind them.  Then take the two 
out.  It's not over yet: there are three snipers on the rooftops, use Psi 
Blasts or gunshots to take them out.  Make sure to take cover and heal as
you do this.  Then backtrack to Jayne, have her follow you to the doorway
those guards were guarding.  Past this door are a series of stairs and 
corridors with three guards.  Psi Blast them before they get a shot off so
Jayne won't get scared.  At the end is a manhole, approach it to end this

6.8. Reliance

Follow the Colonel after the cutscene and take out the snipers you come
across.  After watching the brief cutscene, follow the colonel into the
tunnel and take out the snipers in the canyon past the tunnel.  Another
cutscene will follow after this, the Colonel will tell you to work around
the fence and find a way into the base.  Do as he says, around the corner
is a series of boxes pressed against the fence.  Go up them and jump over
the fence.  Crouch and get into the vent directly ahead of you, once in
the building move ahead a bit to activate a cutscene.


Go through the first door on the right from where you start, tranq the
two guards before they call for help.  Use the arcade machine and play
Earth Impact once to unlock it.  Then leave the room and head up the
stairs.  The second door on the right has an office, try out the computer
only to find out it has no power.  While the Colonel tries to get it 
back online, read the document opposite the first computer to find the
Manager's Office Key.  After he gets it online, access the computer and
click the only icon then download the map.

Leave the office and go into the last door on the right, head through
this small room through the door.  You're in a large cargo bay now, tranq
the guard in the distance and his friend.  Then walk across to the stairs
and take them down tranqing the last guard.  Now go through the door 
opposite the stairs to get back outside.

Tranq the two guards here and the Colonel will join you, follow him.  There
is a ladder on the left, climb it and navigate the catwalk.  There is a 
sniper lurking in the mountains ahead, kill him.  Then backtrack to the 
ladder and snipe the soldier that's firing on the Colonel.  Then head back
to where you shot the first sniper and drop down into the enclosure.  Hit
the button in the shed to open the gate.  Head back to where the Colonel is
and vault over the wooden spool and the fence.  Go through the now-open
gate until a short cutscene begins.

Follow the Colonel down taking out snipers as you approach them, once you
get to some train tracks jump the barrier.  Turn right and go down this
tunnel (or follow the Colonel as he will go here on his own).  You are now
in a train station.  Go up the ledge on the right and head down until you
see an open door on the train.  Go in and follow the cars until you reach
the door at the end.  Once back on the platform, head into the open door
and grab the Assault Rifle and the Station Key.  Backtrack through the
train until you regroup with the Colonel.

Use the key on the red gate and go up the stairs and follow the corridor.
A short cutscene will happen and ALL of your psi powers will be 
unlocked.  You also gain a new Projection ability, first project yourself
then drop down into the hole.  Press X by a soldier to possess him then
fire on his own men (there are three others not including the one you
control).  Once they are dead, press Square to end the projection.  Kill
that guard with whatever you like then drop down to check on the Colonel.

6.9. Entrapped

Head down the steps in front of you, arm yourself as if you payed attention
to the cutscene you would have heard the "shoot to kill" orders.  Turn
left and head down the pipe.  Soldiers will drop down ahead, stay in the
water and go through the pipe ahead.  Shoot the soldier that passes past
the pipe entrance and shoot the soldier on the upper ledge.  Now, turn
left and head around the corner shooting the guard.  Go up the ladder and
through the door.  Press against the wall on the left, pop out and shoot
the soldier around the corner.  Grab his Shotgun and arm yourself with it.

Go down the ladder and through the door at the end to end up in a giant
room.  Kill all the guards in here, even the ones that will pop up in
the middle of the gunfight.  Now, on the right as you entered is a platform
with a gate.  The gate will not open on it's own, but there is a small
drainage-like opening on this platform.  To open this, use Telekinesis on
the two levers on the two raised platforms.  The drainage gate will open: 
It's right behind the ladder on the top, crouch and go through it and 
follow to the end.  Once you leave a few soldiers will attack, kill them.  

Now, go through the door that's opposite the soldiers and you'll find
two levers.  Pull one to open a pipe door and pull the other to open the
gate.  Jayne will join you, jump over the railing into the water pool in
this room and follow the pipe down.  Jayne will follow you.  Once in the
next room, go through the pipe on the right and Jayne will climb down a
ladder to rejoin you.

On the raised platform is a lever, pull it to open two gates.  Drop down
and go to the lower gate and pass through it.  Take out the 4-5 guards
in this stairwell and exit into a large sewer passage.  Run down the
waterway, taking out more soldiers as you come across them.  Two pipe 
gates are evident, use Telekinesis to pull the left lever to open the
left gate (it's on the platform above, but your Telekinesis can reach).

Go through here until you reach a large room.  Shoot the guards then go
to the large ladder on the opposite wall.  Climb up it, turn right and
shimmey across the ledge to an opening.  Climb up, press X to drop down
and shimmey across to the ladder.  Climb it, kill the two soldiers here
and approach the laser gate.  Create a projection, pass through the two 
and move to the third one.  Possess the guard, press the button on the
control panel to disable all the gates then throw him off a ledge to
kill him.  Now, move to where that third gate was but opposite it is
a lever to raise the elevator.  Do it then place Vattic on the elevator,
create another projection and pull that same lever to lower the elevator.
Shoot the two soldiers that are firing on Jayne and then run down the 
platform and go down the small ladder.  Stay put and Jayne will come to
you assuming she's under "follow" Charm orders.  Position her on the
elevator and have her "wait".

Now, backtrack to the elevator control lever at the top taking out
soldiers as they appear.  If you leave them alone, they'll gang up on
Jayne and kill her.  After pulling the lever and raising the elevator
head through the now-deactivated third laser gate.  Follow the corridor
and take the ladder down.  Exit through the only doorway until you get
to another large sewer room.  Take out the guards here before they call 
backup.  Drop down and move across the left wall until you see a ladder
on the right.  Climb up it and head to the large pipe you see ahead
of you.  Once here, go through until you see a guard on the left.  Shoot
him and move on shooting/healing as you go.

This part is pretty damn tricky as it's a giant gunfight in a small
tunnel.  All you need to do is get to the end as quickly as you can,
don't worry about the soldiers as if Jayne dies you have to restart.  At
the end is a ladder.  Climb up to finish this section.

6.10. Streetlife

Do not open the cargo door otherwise an endless stream of agents will pour into 
the garage.  Instead, turn around and go up the stairs to find a Sawn-Off 
Shotgun on the shelf.  Head down and go into the room  underneath the stairs.  
Open the vent cover beside the shelves and head through the vent.  Peering 
outside, headshot the agent with the tranquilizer to take him down.  Head 
out, turn right and use Charm to move down the alley on the left.  At the end 
is a group of gangsters, approach them to start a cutscene.

Go up the ladder on the right and follow the ledge up here.  At the end a 
cutscene will begin, shoot the agent down below to save the gangster.  Now,
head on and go down the ladder, move back to ground level and go down the
alley.  Go through the brown door on the right about half-way down, another
short cutscene will begin.

Talk to the female gangster to get your objective, head through the door on
the right side of the room where you entered.  Now go through the blue door
into a large cargo bay.  Turn left and go through the blue door here to head
back in that alley with the first gangsters you ran into.  You must follow
the radar in the corner to the package.  So, head straight from the cargo
bay door and use Charm to head to the straight end.  On the right is an 
intercom door, use the intercom to open it.

After the cutscene, head back to that first group of gangsters to gain 
access.  Now the game becomes a shoot-out, go straight and up the ladder 
ahead to get a good vantage point.  Equip the Sawn-Off Shotgun and shoot all
the agents that head up the ladder (or you can snipe them from the higher
ground).  Once the gangsters call a retreat, follow them to their new 
position.  Don't use Projection+ to possess a guard and kill his friends, it
leave you far too vulnerable.  Anyways, equip a Shotgun from one of the 
agents and open fire on them.  

After that second wave is done, the gangsters point you to an apartment 
accessable by a fire escape.  Climb up those ladders and vault into the room.
Read the documents on the table to finish this section.

6.11. Teamwork

After the opening cinema ends, you'll be attacked by snipers from the little
village ahead.  Use the Sniper Rifle to take them out, the Colonel will then
regroup everyone.  Listen to him, heal whoever needs it, and then follow the
two he sends to the shack ahead.  One of these guys will adjust the radio 
setup in this shack.  He needs cover, so you and the other guy will have to
do that.

The first wave comes from the right side of the shack (where your teammate
sets himself up).  Snipe the guys in the head when they approach as you have
limited sniper ammo.  If you run out, then head out and take cover behind
the little wall in front of you.  Once they are all taken out, they will
swarm from the other side of the shack.  Don't bother sniping them but use
a Pistol or Soviet Rifle.  Once they are taken out, the radio guy will tell
you to head back to the Colonel to give the new frequency.  Do so and a small
cinematic will take over.

Follow the Colonel and his men until you get to a small hill-like area.  He'll
briefly talk a strategy to the men.  After that, crouch and follow the unit
up the hill until you see two guards.  Take them out then walk up to the house
and enter the door on the right along with Jayne.  In here, attempt to open
the opposite door.  It won't open so instead head to the left and through the

After the cinematic, snipe the guards patrolling ahead then head through the
door that hasn't been opened yet.  The guy running through the door opposite
as you leave is a civilian so don't harm him.  Heal the teammates who need
healing and help them take out a few soldiers.  Then head through that same
door the civilian went through and into the opening there.  Watch the short
cinematic, then use Projection to get past the laser gate.  Once you head
through this corridor you'll see the projection of a child.  Follow him to
a lever that'll open a door to the base.  Go back to the Colonel and talk to
him to get there.

Now you are in the exterior entrance of the base itself.  Take cover and work
you way until the end taking out guards as you go.  When you get to the large
cargo bay door after taking out all the guards, a small cinematic will take
place.  The Colonel will the ask everyone to scout for locked doors.  Face
the cargo bay door, turn around and head to the right.  Along this wall is
the corridor you went through earlier (it had the laser gate).  There is a 
locked door halfway down, attempt to open it to contact the Colonel.

Watch the small cinematic, take out the guards in this room and approach the
civilian in the center to end this section.

6.12. Breakout

When you first start off, take cover and shoot the agents at the end of the
hallway.  Starke will then head into a room on the left to grab a Key, take
out the agents in this room.  After that, follow Starke to the end of the
previous hallway.  He'll unlock the outside door and the two of you will go
down some stairs.  Shoot the agents that will pour into the large outside
area here and take their guns (some have Sniper Rifles).  On the left wall is 
an elevator, use Telekinesis to lower it and then use it.  Vault over the 
window and shoot the two agents on the right.  On the left side is a door 
which you can unlock to let Starke in.

Now go to the opposite end of the hall with Starke, he'll open the door there.
Follow him down a flight of stairs and he'll open fire at more agents.  Use
the Sniper Rifle to take out the agents.  Starke will continue on once they
are done so follow him.  He'll open the door at the bottom and you are in
another corridor with agents on the opposite end.  Take out some of the agents
and when Starke gives the order do the following.  Take cover, use Charm and
run towards the agents.  But, what you really want is a door on the left with
a large green "EXIT" sign above it.  Go through it, take out the agents then
through the double doors at the opposite end.  This will complete this short

6.13. Conspiracy

Stealth is absolutely crucial in this level.  The doors will lock once the 
alarms go off and will only unlock when the alert is over.  So, use Charm
constantly and hide in closets to avoid guards or to wait alerts out.

When you start off, face away from the desk so you are facing the front 
door.  Now, go in the corridor on the right and into the first door in
this hallway (use Charm to avoid the guards).  Read the UVD box on the closet 
then exit this room through.  Turn left and head down the corridor to watch 
a cutscene.

Hide behind the corner here out of sight of the guards.  Select your 
Projection power and run it through the detector at the end of the hallway. 
Now, at the very end is a note framed on the wall.  Read it to get the 
s.hanson username for log-in.  Now, end the Projection and wait until your Psi
Meter is fully charged.  Project again and this time go through the first door
on your right.  Go straight to the computer on the right.  You'll have to be
quick here, login and click the top-leftmost icon to open a window.  Click on
the secuity camera icon.  Deactivate all three cameras then end the 
projection.  Wait until your Psi Meter is fully charged.  Use Charm to enter
that same room.  Equip the Heavy Tranquilizer and knock out the cleaning lady
in here.  Then access the computer on the top left portion of the room.

Now, open the top-leftmost icon and click the only icon in the window.  You'll
be in an e-mail inbox.  Click the second email then click the window that 
opens.  Another window will pop-up asking if you want to download a file.  Do
so and then drag the desktop movie icon to the UVD icon.  Go back to that first
computer you used and open the UVD icon on the desktop.  Click the movie icon
once then leave the computer.  Use Charm to go back to that corner you used
to hide from the guards previous.  Now, use Projection and possess the first
guard in the corridor prior to the detector.  Move him through the detector
and take a right.  On the right side are some elevators, call one and put the
guard inside.  Depossess him and wait for the Psi Meter to charge then possess
the second guard (the one beside the detector) and repeat the process.  Once
both and in the elevators, walk to the Detector.  Use Telekinesis to "pull" on
the detector so it doesn't go off.  Then head to the end of the hallway and
through the door to the left of the note you read.  Approach the TV to start
a cutscene and end this level.

6.14. Infiltration

When you first start off, head down the corridor that the camera showed you.
Use Telekinesis on the guard in the watch booth to pull him towards you, grab
his weapon after killing him.  Head down and take out the guard on the ground
and on the roof on the left however you choose.  Then turn left after leaving
that corridor and go around the corner.  Go through the door on the left, read
the memo then head into the next area.

Climb up the ladder on the right, head down the walkway to the helicopter and
equip the Sniper Rifle.  Snipe all the snipers in the area then switch to the
Soviet Pistol to take out the remaining soldiers.  Quickly follow the walkway
around and climb up the embankments to the top.  Turn left and walk onto the
bridge to lower the first section.  Use Telekinesis on the control box to the
right to lower the second section.  Walk across and jump down the embankments.
Then go forward and through the door on the right.  Run through or Charm 
through this corridor (depends if you want a fight) and into the next area.
Go over the bridge on the left, past the bell and onto the next walkway.  Take
out guards as you come to them, then turn left and head straight down.  Go
down the stairs at the end and turn around.  Go down the path to enter the
next section.

Snipe the guard ahead of you on the steps, then go up the steps to your 
immediate right.  Follow the walkway, taking out guards until you get to a
red building on your left.  Now, this will get a bit tricky so read carefully.
You need to kill both guards in here, choke them with Telekinesis as other
tricks won't work.  Then, position yourself so you can see the Church Key one
of them dropped.  I find the side window works the best, shatter it with a 
couple Pistol shots.  Then use Telekinesis to move the Key towards you. Then
go down the corridor to the building's right and take out the two hiding
guards.  When you get to the pier, equip the Sniper Rifle.  Take out all the 
guards on the  pier then go up the ladder ahead.  Drop down so you can shimmey 
on the railing past the boxes.  Climb up and head straight, ignore the pier 
itself, and go around the corner.

You'll come to a building with a new enemy, these guys have shields that are
impervious to bullets.  You need to choke them with Telekinesis to drop their
shields.  Then pelt them with bullets to finish them off.  Do this to take out
this guy then go the way he came.  Once through the building, you'll come to
the Church's courtyard.  Take out the lone regular soldier and the two new 
black soldiers that show up.  Then go up the church steps and unlock the door.
Go down the stairs and into the congregation to end this mission.

6.15. Childcare

When you first begin, head straight down the corridor and go through the door
at the very end.  You'll see a projection of a child walk through that door,
follow him and enter the generator room on the left.  Use the Telekinesis on
the generator to get power running.  Now, head back into that first corridor
and go into the first alcove on the left.  Enter the door, go up the ramp and
around the corner to the left.  Enter the small room in here to watch a 

These next few parts are going to be a bit tricky, stealth is highly 
recommended.  You'll encounter tight quarters, frequent rushes and those new
black enemies that take extra attention.  Go outside of the room and around
the corner to the left.  Psi-Blast the guard coming up the ramp, then head
straight through the door.  Psi-Blast this guard then exit back into the 
corridor here.  Turn left and through the door, psi-blast the guard then the
second one.  Now, go back to that door that leads toward the next room but
use Projection.  Go through it and up the stairs on the right, possess the
guard and open the door with his palm on the pad.  Depossess and quickly go
through that door.  In here are some guards, kill them all being aware of the
lone black on in here.  Once they are gone and no alarms are sounded (some
might), you'll need to unlock all the door.  Go up the ramp on the right and
go into the cubicle to the right to find a computer.  Access the Camera icon
and disable all cameras, then open up all palmpad doors with the next icon
then download the map with the final icon.  Now, exit the cubicle and go
through the door on your immediate right.  Down the stairs and into the next
room, kill the guards and approach the kids to free them.

Now, go through the door opposite you came and follow the corridors to a 
cell block.  Head down and through the door on the right, up the stairs and
you'll be back in the Control Room.  But the third child has an electrical 
storm up to protect him from two soldiers.  Kill the soldiers, target the kid
and use Charm to calm him down.

After the cinema, follow the projection down the stairs and back into the
cell block.  Now, open the cells using the box to your immediate left and
walk into the cell with the Projection.  Leave, then turn right and follow
the Projection to the end of the hall.  Go through the door on the left, down
the corridor and follow the projection through the door in the next room.  
Down the stairs is another cellblock, go down a bit to find the fourth child's

After the brief cinema, follow the child through the corridors and rooms.  
Take out any guard you come across, don't worry, she'll Charm to hide while 
you take them out.  Once she stops in the Control Room, talk to her to end
this mission.

6.16. Confrontation

Turn around and some guards will burst in through the door.  Shoot them all
and grab the Elevator Key one drops.  Straight run-and-gun here folks so
stealth is not required.  Enter into the corridor, turn left and you'll see
the hallway is blocked by laser beams.  Beside those laser beams are some
elevators, press the button of one and hop in when it arrives.

Turn left from the elevator and shoot the guards around the corner.  Head 
into the first door on the right, take cover and shoot all the guards.  Then
head through the door on the left side (it's beside a closet door).  Head 
through and turn right after you leave.  Take out the guards and turn left
at the junction.  Turn right again and head through the door.

In here you will encounter psychic clones, use Telekinesis to choke them to
death.  You can also whittle down their psychic shields with bullets, but
keep in mind you're using up ammo.  Once that is done, you'll see a cutscene
where a guard will open the other door.  Follow him as instructed to the end
of this level.

6.17. Redemption

Choke the two black guards and shoot them after their shields are lowered.  
Then exit the room and head down the ramp on the right, turn left and use
the palm pad to open the door (this is the only way out, so it's not too hard).
Head down the stairs and Vattic will comment on the elevator, it's under the
stairway you went down.  Head towards it and Vattic will automatically ride
it down.

Walk down the end of the hallway, when you reach the first left turn hide 
behind the corner before it.  Whip out and fire SMG shots at the black guard
to drop his shields and kill him.  Project and possess the scientist in here
and have him use his palm on the palm pad by the doorway.  Exit out the door
that opens at the end of the hallway you are in.

In this room, immediately Charm and run to the door at the end.  Then pick off
the four black guards in this room.  Telekinesis them off the walkways into
the pool below.  When they go to use the ladder in front of you, shoot them
dead as they climb up.  The door out of here will open, so leave and be treated
with a short cutscene.

Well, remember this place? Wait until the illusion of Vattic appears then
leave this room via the only door.  Head through the door opposite and turn
left at the hallway.  You'll see illusions of two guards talking, go through
the door between them.  Head through the door opposite to be back in the
Isolation room.  Press the button to the Isolation area and walk in to watch
a cutscene.

You switch back to past Vattic, head down the hallway.  In this big room you
will face a wave of those black guards.  What you need to do is use Telekinesis
to bring them flying to you.  Once they are lying at your feet, gun them down
to kill them.  Repeat this until the wave is done and head out the door on the
opposite end. 

Again you are faced with an illusion.  Head down the hall and into the asylum
you were in much earlier.  Head to the upper right section where the security
gates are.  Take out the guards so they won't bother you, use Telekinesis on
the switch to open the gate.  Move through and on the left is Jayne's cell from
before.  Kill the guards and enter.  Wait here until you go back to the past.

Head down the hallway and through the doorway into an underground passage.  
Keep going down the scaffold taking out more black guards along the way.  At
the bottom, turn left and go into the cave to start another illusion.

This one requires no combat, walk down the hall and turn left.  Then head
through the double doors at the end.  You'll be in Hatton's office so just
watch the proceedings and you'll be back.

Now, for Hatton himself.  Continue onwards and you'll be in his cave chamber.
Guards will pour out of everywhere to attack, open one of the child's cells on
the right to get some extra help.  You only need to open one as the child will
open the others.  Just keep taking out the guards until a cutscene kicks in
to finish the game.


7. Minigames

7.1. X-Space '92

I marked the location of this minigame in the walkthrough, type "xspacefind"
into your Word Find feature and you'll locate it.  It's in the Madness 
section of the game.


Left and Right Directional Buttons - Move Ship Left and Right
X - Fire

There are three types of enemies; normal spaceships, saucers and drone
ships.  The normal spaceships will arrive in rows, the saucers hover down
erratically while the drone ships swarm in clusters.  Every once in a while
a downed enemy will drop an icon, it will give you rapid-fire for a brief
while.  There are also grey balls that will appear, you have to push one
away with shots until you can slip through.  This game is a one-shot kill
so a single laser blasts or impact can kill you.  You get three lives.

7.2. Earth Impact

Like X-Space, search for the word "earthimpactfind" to see how to unlock
this minigame.


Left and Right Directional Buttons - Rotate Ship Left and Right
Up and Down Direction Buttons - Move Ship Forward and Back
X - Fire

This is very similar to the arcade game Asteroids, except replace the
moving asteroids with firing ships.  The key thing to keep in mind is to
get enemy ships to follow you into the crossfire of others.  Friendly Fire
is on so enemy ships can be destroyed by their own side.  Try not to take
enemies head-on but move around so you can take anyone from the side.  
After taking out some enemies one of three icons will appear.  A gold star
gets you 100 Points, a Wrench will repair your hull while a Red Icon will
give you Shielding for a limited time.  To get a high score, grab all the
gold stars, make sure you have shields more than half the time and grab
any wrenches that appear.  Also use the tactic of drawing enemies into the
line of fire.

8. Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a game with neat psychic powers: try Psi-Ops: The
Mindgate Conspiracy.  Second Sight had some ambitious ideas, but it simply
became another third-person shooter with "psychic" powers designed for
the bargain bin.  It's a nice title, but besides the excellent story the
game needed more work.  I guess I was just spoiled by Psi-Ops, but I just
thought the psychic gameplay's execution was off.

9. Legal Information

This guide copyright 2005 TheEternalVenomX.  This guide may not be copied, 
altered, distributed or sold without the author's consent and permission.

Second Sight is a trademark of Free Radical, this guide is intended to assist 
gamers through their experience playing Second Sight, the author is not
making a profit off it.

Right now, I only give permission for GameFAQs to host this FAQ.  I mean
no offense to any other sites, but I just feel most comfortable with what
I have going on right here.

Special Thanks to CJayC and Sailor Bacon for their hard work on the 
administration of this site.  Without their hard work hundreds of authors
would have no place to display their works.  Special Thanks also goes out
to Free Radical, who show more promise and potential than any other developer
out there.  They will hit it big one day, TimeSplitters and Second Sight show
they do have it.