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Second Sight

Xbox Walkthrough

  Table of Contents
01: Controller
02: Level 1, Isolation
03: Level 2, Preparation
04: Level 3, Experimentation
05: Level 4, Fieldwork
06: Level 5, Escape
07: Level 6, Madness
08: Level 7, Rescue
09: Level 8, Reliance
10: Level 9, Entrapped
11: Level 10, Streetlife 
12: Level 11, Teamwork
13: Level 12, Breakout
14: Level 13, Conspiracy
15: Level 14, Infiltration
16: Level 15, Childcare
17: Level 16, Confrontation

04: Legal Jargon


The default settings for the XBox Controller are as follows

RIGHT TRIGGER: Fire Weapon, Use Psi Power
RIGHT THUMBSTICK: Look, Move Camera, Aim, Move Object with Psi
LEFT THUMBSTICK BUTTON: Toggle 1st/3rd person view
RIGHT THUMBSTICK BUTTON: Change Weapon, Change Power
A BUTTON: Use, Interact
B BUTTON: Punch, Pistol Whip
X BUTTON: Crouch, Stand
Y BUTTON: Toggle Camera mode
Start: Pause, Use PDA


  Level 1: Isolation 
SUMMARY: An isolation ward in a high security medical facility. In an isolation 
cell an unknown man awakens from a drugged stupor. He can remember nothing of 
his past - but know instinctively that his captors mean him no good. He must 
try to escape

OBJECTIVE: Escape. Get out of the isolation cell. 

Concentrate on the button on the other side of the door, and use it to open the 
doorway. In the next room practice your skills. You will need to use your 
powers to scare the guards. You will gain the psychic power of healing. Use 
this power to heal yourself completely before you move on. Scare the guards and 
then beat them up. Pick up the guard's keycard. You've found the elevator, but 
it requires the code. 

OBJECTIVE: Find the elevator code.

Use the key card you picked up to gain entry to the lab. Use the computer and 
click on the elevator to get the code. Return and use the code and activate the 

  Level 2: Preparation
SUMMARY: On short notice Dr. John Vattic reports to a US military base in 
Germany where he expects to provide expert scientific advice.  Upon arrival he 
learns that he is required to undergo military training prior to the briefing 
for a squad mission.

OBJECTIVE: Complete the military training. Complete traversal training with 

Follow Cortelli through the compound and onto the training course. Climb over 
the walls to complete traversal training. Climb up the ladder and then hang 
from the platform and shimmy to the other side. Pull yourself up and then climb 
down the ladder. 

OBJECTIVE: Complete stealth training with Tex.

Sneak around Tex and reach the grate. 

OBJECTIVE: Sneak through to compound gates.

Crawl through the pipe and go to the right on the other side. Watch the guards 
stay on the left side and sneak past the first guard. Drop down into the trench 
and stealthily make your way around the trench. Pull yourself up and use the 
boxes to sneak past the next guard. Crawl under the windows of the guardhouse 
and enter the gates.

OBJECTIVE: Complete shooting training with JC

Shoot the targets as required.  In the next session, take out the front two 
guards first, and then the guards who are farther away. 

OBJECTIVE: Shoot/ Sneak though to compound gates.

Take out the first set of guards carefully.  Climb over the walls taking out 
the guards as you go.  On the other side, take out the guard waiting below in 
the area you trained with Tex. You can see him through the fences, and the one 
at the top of the ladder. Crawl inside the tunnel. This time go in the middle 
tunnel and shoot the guards waiting outside of the barred tunnels.  You should 
be able to take out two. Go back and actually enter the tunnel that leads to 
the gates.  Once outside use the crates, and disable the guard above the 
trenches.  Before you get into the trenches there is a guard you can see 
through the fence on the other side.  Shoot him, and then drop in the trench. 
Climb out of the trench on the other side, and take out the other guard. There 
is one last guard waiting behind the guardhouse. Shoot him and make it through 
the gate

OBJECTIVE: Complete sniping training with Franklin.

Make your way back to the shooting range. Shoot the targets and get 250 points 
to complete your training.

  Level 3: Experimentation
SUMMARY: Six months after joining the WinterICE mission John Vattic finds 
himself imprisoned in a high security medical facility.  He has been subjected 
to extensive surgery and trauma. As John escapes he discovers that he possesses 
phenomenal psychic powers.

OBJECTIVE: Find and gain access to the patient records room.

A guard will try to attack you, and you will gain the PSI PULSE ATTACK. Use the 
computer on the desk, and pick up the guard's PISTOL. Turn off the security 
cameras, check the floor plan and unlock the door. In the foyer avoid the swat 
team, and hide behind the desk, jump over the fountain and either enter the 
door or the ventilation on the other side. Once you are out in the hallway exit 
through the door.

Crouch down and walk under the lab windows to avoid being spotted by the doctor 
and the security guard.  To distract the guard ahead use your telekinesis on 
the door shown in the cut scene. Slip inside the door behind him while he is 
distracted and pick up the TRANQUILIZER GUN.  In the room with all of the labs 
and the clear windows, there is a guard to the left. Use your telekinesis to 
move something inside the lab. When he goes to investigate run inside the lab 
on the right side and through the door in the back.  Enter the next door and 
you will learn CHARM. Use charm and make your way past the guard, the guerillas 
and up the ramp on the left side of the lab. Grab the keycard from the table.  

Charm your way back to the small hallway you were in just before you learned 
the charm ability. Use your charm to make it past the guard that you previously 
distracted. When you get to him turn right, and then enter the hallway on the 
left hand side of the room.  There is an automatic door on the left, so make 
sure you charm past it. At the end of the hall to the left you can see the 
records room. If you've not alerted security, you'll have the lab to yourself. 
Otherwise you'll have an ambush team to take care of before you can use the 

  Level 4: Fieldwork
SUMMARY: The WinterICE squad is on the ground in Western Siberia. They are 
proceeding toward the UHSC Pipeline station where they hope to find out more 
information about Professor Viktor Grienko. A few kilometers from the station 
they are attacked by unknown troops. 

OBJECTIVE: Keep Jayne alive. Follow WinterICE to pipeline station. 

Keep following the quad and use your sniper rifle to take out your attackers 
along the way. Jane will take off and you will need to follow her around the 
left side of the building. Open the door and follow her inside.

OBJECTIVE: Find a way out of the pipeline station.

The door has blown shut behind you. You need to find another way out. If you go 
up the metal stairs and follow the catwalk you can find a first aide kit, and 
an assault rifle. Use the lever to unlock the door.  Jayne will discover a 
body. Use your tranquilizer gun to take out the soldiers in this room. You can 
use the first aid kit at the end of the hallway. Take out the waiting solders 
in the next room, and climb up the ladder. Make your way to the right towards 
the control room. Use the first aid kit if needed. Use the computer, and Jayne 
will give you the password. Look in the trash on the computer to find out about 

Make your way back to the lower level and defend Jayne from the soldiers. Exit 
through the opened gate to rejoin the squad

  Level 5: Escape 
SUMMARY: John Vattic has discovered that he is not the sole survivor of the 
WinterIce mission.  John must escape from the medical facility and get to the 
mental asylum where Jayne Wild is being held.

Objective: Escape. Find a route out of the Medical Facility. 

Use your charm abilities to make your way to the elevator. At the top you will 
gain the projection ability.  Hide inside the niche where the switch for the 
security field was. Astral project and move forward up the hallway. Turn of the 
switch for the security camera. From this switch go left and forward. There 
will be two switches across from each other on the wall. At the end of the 
hallway you just passed you will be able to see another security field. Walk 
through it and around the corner to switch it off. Return to your body. There 
are now two security guards on the other side of the field you passed earlier. 
Either wait for them to turn around and leave, or charm your way past them and 
down the left corridor. 

Wait here and when you have full PSI power charm your way past the engineers in 
the room where you turned off the security field. Turn it back on, and then 
hide behind the nearby box. A security guard is at the end of the hallway. 
Charm your way behind him and then grab him and knock him unconscious.  Walk 
onto the elevator, then astral project. Walk around the machinery in the room 
to activate the elevator switch. Return to your body and ride the elevator up. 

At the top you will gain PSI BLAST ability. If you use your charm ability you 
can make it out of the building and no shots will be fired. Make your way up to 
the crate halfway up the left side of the hallway where the first set of guards 
lies in wait. Let your PSI charge up until a soldier runs your way. Charm, and 
make your way around the corner to the crate where there is a vent with some 
steam pouring out.  Hide here for a while until another soldier runs down your 
way. The next stop is the wall that the ramp turns around. Pause here and let 
the PSI Charge back up. Charm your way to the brown crate in the middle of the 
next room. There is one roaming guard wait until he comes out of the guardhouse 
and charm your way inside.  Take out the guard inside without being spotted, 
and let your PSI charge. Push the button and take off around the corner. Stop 
and hide behind the pillar on the right side and let your PSI charge back up. 
If you've disturbed any solders, they will be waiting. Otherwise they'll just 
be talking amongst themselves. Sneak past them into a room on the right hand 
side. Charge your PSI and sneak out to the elevator. Project to activate the 
lift and ride it to the top.

Charm and hide behind the large crate. When your PSI is fully charged Charm 
again and go straight ahead. Charm your way behind the crate that a soldier is 
hiding behind. Let your PSI charge. Do the same thing again. Charm to the crate 
the soldier is using for cover. In the next area, charm to the middle crate, 
and then charm to the car. 

  Level 6: Madness
SUMMARY: After stealing a car and escaping from the Osiris Medical Facility, 
John Vattic arrives at Penfold Asylum. He know that Jane Wilde is being held 
somewhere within - John needs to find her. 

OBJECTIVE: Find Jayne. Find a way into the asylum building.

Climb up the ladder directly in front of you and go to the left side, climb 
over the rail and hang off the edge to make your way round the fence. Turn off 
the light, and pick up the SNIPER RIFLE. Make your way along the left hand 
wall, and use your Charm abilities and your telekinesis if needed to distract 
the guards. Pass the stairs leading to the upper terrace, and eventually you 
will come to a sewer pipe crawl inside and follow it. Climb inside the open 
window at its end. 

Once inside you will learn a new Psychic attack. Take out the second 
approaching guard to pick up the LIBRARY KEY. At the end of the hall, go down 
the stairs and to the left.  Take the next left, and at the end of the hallway 
go up the spiral staircase. At the top enter the LIBRARY and try to avoid the 
doctors in the room. A note on the reading table will tell you the password to 
the computer. Read the various books on the bookshelves describing mental 
illnesses, and various patients that have been admitted, including Jayne. Use 
the computer to unlock the upper library doors. You can also look up Jayne's 
file. Exit through one of doors on the third level of the library. Crawl inside 
the ventilation and crawl through to the other end. 

Use a tranquilizer dart to shoot the orderly in the neck/head area. Go down two 
levels and on the second level down shoot the next orderly.  In the lower 
level, use your telekinesis to distract the guard, and once he is scared you 
can shoot him with the tranquillizer gun. Read the lobotomy schedule on the 
table. Follow the hallway, until you come to a room with beeping monitors, 
charm your way to the end of the hall. If you want, you can project and read 
some of the patient's charts. There will be a short hallway, and then another 
lab room. Charm your way across the upper level and to into the room.  You can 
pick up the DORMITORY ACCESS CARD from the counter. Now you want to sneak past 
the doctor in the lower level and use the access card on the card reader at the 
end of the room to access the dormitory. 

Inside hide behind the pillar, and then the walls next to the door, so that you 
can sneak past the security guards who are in pursuit of an escaped patient. 
Make it into the hallway and into first room on the left. Use the ventilation 
to crawl from room to room. At the end of the hall is an orderly's station. 
When the patrolling guard is out of view, jump up onto the catwalk above and 
use your telekinesis to move the can on the counter. When the guard is 
distracted shoot him with a tranquilizer dart. Use the computer on the desk to 
check the security files, and get the access code for the door. Go back to the 
catwalk and jump up. You will be able to crawl through some ventilation. Follow 
the vents until you can see a doctor in a bathroom with a therapy pool shoot 
him with your tranquilizer gun.  Make your way back to the security desk. 

In the hallway straight ahead from the desk, use telepathy to take out the 
guard half way up the hallway. Use telepathy to distract the guard at the end 
of the hall, and the use your telepathy to destroy the security camera that is 
halfway up the hall. Finally use your telepathy to take out the guard at the 
end of the hall, and the security camera there as well. Finally you need to 
take out the guard on the other side of the hall.  Once this is done, enter the 
room the guard in the middle of the hall was guarding.  You can pick up a 
SHOTGUN, and some TRANQUILIZERS.  You can also use your telekinesis to get the 
disk off of the top of one of the shelves and use it in the computer to play X-
SPACE '92 game. Where the security camera was at the end of the hall you can 
enter the security code to open the gate. Once inside you can climb up the 

At the top, use your telekinesis to knock out the security guard inside the 
archway to the left. Then, use your telekinesis to take out the security camera 
at the end of the hall. Shoot the guard with a tranquilizer dart.  Go back to 
the door to this dormitory. There are two guards to the right. Use your 
telekinesis on nearest one, and then the furthest one. Before shooting them 
with the tranquillizer gun, use your telekinesis to knock out the security 
camera that is just above the door and to the right. After that is done, you 
may need to knock the guards out again, and then shoot them with a tranquilizer 
dart. Make your way around the wandering orderly and use the same technique to 
immobilize him. You will be able to see a security guard standing outside of a 
security gate. Use telekinesis to move the nearby cart, and tranquillizer him 
while he is distracted.  Before you approach the security gate, use your 
telekinesis to disable the security camera. Approach the gate and use your 
telekinesis to open the gate, and check out the security computer inside.   Go 
to the gate at the other end and use your projection power. Have your astral 
self use the computer and open the security door. Immediately return to your 
body, and exit through the door. Enter the next door to find Jayne.

  Level 7, Rescue
SUMMARY: John has found Jayne Wilde in an isolation cell at Penfold Asylum. 
Jayne is in a very distressed and unstable state. John must now help her to 
escape to safety over the rooftops and courtyards of the asylum. 

OBJECTIVE: Escape from the asylum with Jayne.

Have Jayne follow you down the stairs, and lighting will strike the metal cage 
around the door. Calm her down and have her follow you inside the door.  Once 
inside calm her to have her wait.  Take out the guard at the end of the 
hallway, and crawl under the partially blocked door. Climb out of the window 
and use your telekinesis to move the beam blocking the door. Two guards will 
find Jayne. Take them out and calm her down. Make your way out into the 
courtyard. Use telekinesis to make the fire ladder drop down. Climb up and use 
your telekinesis to take out the guard who is approaching and the tranquilize 
him. Jayne will start to follow your across the wooden bridge and it will fall.

Calm her down and heal her if necessary.  Use your telekinesis to take out the 
patient who scared her, and the approaching guards.  The use your tranquilizer 
gun on them. Use your telekinesis to raise and hold the board so Jayne can 
cross to the other side. Make sure she is all the way across before your drop 
the board.  Have her wait while you climb up near the roof and enter the 
ventilation.  Use your tranquilizer to immobilize any guards.  There should be 
one on the roof, and several on the other side of the windows.  When you have 
immobilized them all help Jayne climb up the ladder on the roof, and down the 
ladder on the other side.

At the bottom of the staircase, have her wait again while you shimmy your way 
around the left side of the building. Eliminate the guards inside. Use your 
charm on the patient, and he will give you a key.  Jump on top of the elevator 
and into the emergency hatch. Press the button inside to un-jam it. Unlock the 
doors near the elevator and get Jayne to join you on the ride down. Have her 
wait near the elevator and take out all of the guards waiting in ambush. Enter 
the door at the other end of the courtyard, and there will be three guards 
waiting for you inside.  Immobilize them and then climb down into the sewers.

  Level 8, Reliance
SUMMARY: Colonel Starke and John Vattic are on night watch at the WinterICE 
camp. They have left the camp area to investigate strange lights, which John 
has seen in a nearby forest gorge. 

OBJECTIVE: Keep Colonel Starke alive. Follow Starke and recon the area. 

Follow the Colonel and the ghost, and take out the snipers along the way. Go 
around the corner of the fence and use the boxes to climb over the fence. On 
the other side, climb inside the ventilation. Listen two the two soldiers in 
the game room. Continue to the second floor, and in the first room take out the 
patrolling soldier. You will hear the soldier on the lower level decide to 
sweep the building. Wait inside this room, and ambush him as he patrols.  The 
second room on the upper level also has a guard. Take him out and then search 
the files on the computer. Also, pick up the key from one of the cabinets. 
Return to the lower level and take out the remaining guard in the games room.  
You can play the video game if you like.

Return to the second floor, and exit through the room at the end of the hall.  
In the large machine room, crouch behind the box on the upper level just to the 
right.  A patrolling guard will approach. Tranquilize him.  On the lower level 
there are two patrolling guards.  One guard will patrol mostly along the wall 
near the alarm button.  There is another guard who will patrol around the back 
area, and will stop inside a niche made out of boxes.  Make your way to the 
lower level and hide behind the niche.  There is one side that is only one box 
high. Hide here and when the guard stops inside the boxes, tranquilize him.  
You are then free to take out the remaining guard however you want.  Just make 
sure he does not set off the alarm.

On the lower level, there is a door below the one that you used to enter the 
machine room. Peek outside. There are two patrolling guards. The far guard (on 
the right) will patrol away from you and Colonel Starke. When he does, the 
other guard will turn and take a leak or something. While his back is turned 
tranquillize him.  Tranquillize the other guard, and make your way back inside 
the machine room.

Go up to the upper level, and out the other door. As you exit some snipers will 
attack, take them out, and go around the building and climb down the ladder at 
the edge of the aluminum roofing. Push the button inside the shack to open the 
gate. Before joining Colonel Starke, enter the courtyard between the buildings. 
If you enter the door on the far left hand side, you can pick up many weapons, 
and use the first aid kit on the wall. 

Climb onto the wooden spool, and over the fence to join Strike. Join the 
Colonel on the other side of the gate, and follow him down the road. Use your 
sniper rifle to take out the snipers along the way.  Climb over the barricade 
and follow the Colonel into the tunnel. Inside there is a HEALTH STATION if you 
need it.  Follow the ghost through the train and into the station office. Pick 
up the guns from the table and the STATION KEY from the wall. Go back through 
the train and use it to unlock the gate. Use projection to possess one of the 
soldiers and then kill the other soldiers.  Check on the Colonel.

  Level 9, Entrapped
SUMMARY: John Vattic and Jayne Wilde are escaping through the extensive storm 
drain system underneath Penfold Asylum.  Armed troops have been deployed to 
stop them with orders to shoot to kill. 

OBJECTIVE: Escape through the storm drains with Jayne.

Use your telekinesis to take out the three guards who are waiting around the 
corner at the end of the tunnel. Stay on the upper level and enter the door at 
on the right. There is a patrolling guard inside the door, so use your 
telekinesis to take him out. Go down the stairs and ladder. Project and enter 
the door. Inside possess one of the guards and kill the other guards in the 
room. Have him exit the room.  Return to your body, and use your telekinesis to 
grab him, and then tranquilize him. 

Inside the room, pull one of the levers, and use your telekinesis to pull the 
other one.  You will open the sluice gate. Crawl underneath of it. There are 
three guards in the room. Take them out, and then head back to the sluice gate. 
Near it is a door, open it, and pull the two levers to open the gate for Jayne. 
Go back to where the guards were. Climb down the ladder and up the stairs.  Use 
your telekinesis to open the gate.  Take out the attacking guards and enter the 

Inside use your projection, and open the door at the bottom.  Possess a guard 
to clear out the other guards. You may have to do this more than once. When 
there is one guard left, enter the room and take him out. At the end of the 
room use your telekinesis to pull the lever and open the gates. You can pick 
either one, the lead to the same room.  Project and posses one of the three 
guards waiting inside. When there is only the possessed guard left. Return to 
your body and take him out. Climb up the small ladder to the elevator. Jayne 
says she will wait for you.

Jump over the railing and climb up the nearby tall ladder. Jump up to the ledge 
and use it to shimmy over to the archway. Lean against the wall and make your 
way over to the ladder. Climb up. There are two guards at the to that you need 
to take out. Use your projection and pass through the electric barriers, and 
pull the lever on the other side, to raise the elevator. Take out the attacking 
guards below, and then project through the barriers again. This time, turn and 
push the button being guarded. Possess the guard and walk him away from the 
button, so that he does not turn the barriers back on again.  Return to your 
body, and make your way to the button.  Make sure to take out the guard you had 
possessed earlier. Climb down the ladder. At the bottom will be a large room 
with lots of water. Use project and possess one of the guards.  Take out the 
other guards in the room. You will definitely have to do this more than once.  
Your goal is the large tunnel on the upper level.  After you have cleared most 
of the way. Enter the room and go down the ladder just in front of you.  Go to 
the end of the room that is straight ahead. Use telekinesis to take out the 
remaining guard.  Before you approach the tunnel use your possession to take 
out the guards who are waiting up ahead. In the tunnel, climb up to get to the 
other side of the metal bars. 

On the other side there are several tunnels off to the side of this main 
tunnel. We will use a possess/telekinesis technique to take out the guards in 
these side tunnels. You will possess the nearest guard, and walk him back into 
the tunnel and use him to shoot the other guard.  Then walk him back up to the 
bars.  You will then return to your body, and use your telekinesis to finish 
off the guard you just possessed. There will be a tunnel on the left, to the 
right, and again to the left. Use this technique to clear the guards. Follow 
the tunnel to the ladder, and your escape is complete.

  Level 10, Streetlife
SUMMARY: Jayne has dropped John off near the New York tenement block where 
Colonel Starke has gone into hiding. Government agents are patrolling the area 
and John doesn't know exactly where to find Starke. 

OBJECTIVE: Find Colonel Starke. 

In the upper area of the garage you can pick up a SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN. Return to 
the lower level and enter the back room and open the ventilation gate. Crawl 
inside and take out the agent waiting outside. There are three agents waiting 
outside to the right. Use possession to take two of the guards, and telekinesis 
to take out the third. Go down the alley they were guarding, and enter the 
building to the left. Talk to the gang member inside and she will have you 
deliver a package for her. Return to where you crawled out of the ventilation 
and use the intercom on the door just up the stairs. You will get a tattoo. If 
you go down the just as you exit the building you will find some gang members.  
They recognize the tattoo, and will protect your from the agents. 

Follow them back into the alley, as you will not be able to take out the agents 
on your own. You can heal them and yourself as needed. Follow them, and they 
will lead you to Starke. Climb up the fire escape and heal yourself as needed. 
Read the documents on the table. 

  Level 11, Teamwork
SUMMARY: The WinterICE squad have arrived at the outskirts of Dubrensk 
searching for Grienko's research facility.  The village initially seems 
deserted until Russian soldiers open fire on the squad. 

OBJECTIVE: Keep WinterIce alive. Locate Grienko's base.

Protect the team.  You are assigned to help guard Cortelli as he repairs the 
radio on a near by building. Help JC defend him against the Russian troops.  
Use both your gun and your psychic healing abilities. Cortelli asks you to have 
the Colonel change his frequency. Run down and ask him to change it. Follow the 
troops into the village. Defend the troops using your sniper rifle and heal. 
Enter the building to the right first, and Franklin will set up her sniper 
position. Enter the building to the right. Use your projection and follow the 
ghost child. There is a ladder that leads down into a bunker, and if you pull 
the lever inside, you can open a nearby doorway. Show the colonel the route to 
the base. 

Protect the troops, and take out the enemies. Go down the side tunnel that you 
entered earlier, and try to open the gate that was on the side.  This is the 
door everyone is searching for. Jayne says to follow the Colonel and JC. 
Protect them. You will find an injured civilian. 

  Level 12, Breakout
SUMMARY: Starke has given John information which confirms the involvement of 
the NSE in the events at Dubrensk.  The block is surrounded by NSE agents who 
are now storming the building. John and Starke must escape so that John can get 
to the NSE headquarters.

OBJECTIVE: Escape from the building with Colonel Starke. 

Shoot the agents waiting in the hallway. Enter the next apartment to pick up 
the HALL KEY, and take out the agents inside. Go back out into the hallway. 
Follow Starke out onto the fire escape. Take out the agents and make your way 
onto the elevator on the ground floor. Use it kill the agent waiting in the 
window. Climb inside the building and open the fire door for Starke. Follow him 
through the building. Take out the snipers that will attack from the other 
side. In this hallway avoid the attacking agents, and make your way to the door 
with the green exit sign above it. Take out the agents inside and exit through 
the brown doors inside the room. 

  Level 13, Conspiracy
SUMMARY:  Starke's evidence of a conspiracy has led John to the NSE 
headquarters. What are they planning and how is it connected to the events at 

OBJECITVE:  Confirm Starke's evidence connecting the NSE directly to Dubrensk.

You cannot be seen in this level, so keep a low profile. Crouch next the stairs 
on the right. A patrolling guard will walk by. Shoot him in the head with a 
tranquillizer. Charm your way past the glass wall on the right to the end of 
the first passage, enter the store room and pick up a disk from the shelves. 
Use possession on the guard standing outside of the restroom. Use him to take 
out the guards inside the room just inside the end of the hallway, and the 
guards near the metal detector. Inside the room with the multiple guards, read 
the clipboard on one of the desks.  Across from the restrooms is an office 
rooms with come computers. Use your projection and use the computer on the 
desk. Turn of the CCTV cameras. Next possess the cleaning girl and bring her 
out into the hallway where you can tranquilize her.

Use your telekinesis to permanently shut down the camera in this room. Use the 
terminal nearest to the windows and you will be able to access Hanson's e-mail. 
Download the attachment and put it on your disk. Take the disk to the next 
terminal to use it.  At the end of the hallway, use your telekinesis on the 
metal detector to disrupt it as you walk through.  There are two guards waiting 
at the end of the intersecting hallway. Possess one and then make the remaining 
guard walk near to the intersection.  You should be able to safely take him out 
here. Enter the movie theater across the intersection to view the movie.

  Level 14, Infiltration
SUMMARY:  WinterICE have met heavy resistance as they attempt to make their way 
into Dubrensk village. The situation is critical. Jayne and Colonel Starke 
decide that John's psychic powers mean that he alone stands the best chance of 
finding Grienko.

OBJECTIVE:  Find and gain access to the Zener base through the village church.  
Find the church key in the red house. 

Use the fence for cover shoot the first sniper waiting in the window. Shoot the 
next guard who is waiting up the stairs to the right. There is yet another 
sniper on the roof. Enter the small doorway, and read the clipboard on the 
table. Possess the patrolling guard, and use him to pistol whip the two guard 
who guard the ground.  Move him in place along the ramp that leads down to your 
hiding place. Use telekinesis to drag him to your hiding spot, and shoot him 
with a tranquillizer. 

Exit the shack charm your way into the helicopter. Pick up the RUSTY KEY and 
charm your way back to the shack. Climb up the ladder to the right. Follow it 
around and use your sniper rifle to take out the guards around the courtyard. 
When you have taken out all of the guards, you will come to the bridge that was 
raised. Walk on the first portion to lower it, and then use your telekinesis to 
lower the second portion. Make your way round the courtyard and enter the door 
marked with a red star. Charm your way across the long hallway. At the end, use 
your possession to make one of the guards pistol whip all of the other ones.  
Use your telekinesis to take out the last guard. Follow the stairs to the 
frozen river, and follow it further into the compound

Charm your way up the stairs, and inside the first room on the right. Use your 
projection and possess one of the guards outside, and use him to pistol whip 
the other guards along the way. Return to your body. Inside the next room, 
crawl into the fireplace, and follow it into the next building. Take out the 
guard waiting inside. Use possession again on one of the guards to disable the 
others. You can see another room outside of the windows. There are two guards 
waiting inside. Take them out and then use telekinesis to move the board that 
is locking the room. Inside read the note, and pick up the Key from the table. 

Make your way back outside taking out any guards along the way. Make your way 
round the passage on the other side of the red house. At the top use your 
sniper rifle to take out the snipers and guards at the end of the pier. Climb 
up the nearby ladder and jump over the side and shimmy around the boxes 
blocking your way. Climb back up and make your way down the pier. At the end go 
around the back and use your telekinesis to pull the lever to unlock the door. 
Press the button on the radio equipment to turn off the jamming signal, and 
then talk to the Colonel. Make your way back up the pier, and around the other 
side of the building. Take out the ninja commando guy, and enter the church.  
Do not exit through the large doors yet. Use your sniper rifle to take out the 
two visible guards on the other side of the building. Then Charm, and exit the 
building.  You will hear a door behind your open, and two more commandos will 
pass you. Re enter the building and crouch next to one of the doors. Possess 
one of the commandos to kill the other, and then take out the remaining 
commando. It is now safe to enter the church.

  Level 15, Childcare
SUMMARY:  The secret lift from the Dubrensk village church leads John down into 
the Zener research facility - But where is Grienko? - And what has happened to 
the Zener children?


Follow the passageway past the lab.  The doors are electronic, and the power is 
out. Make your way down the staircase and read the clipboard on the wall. Use 
your telekinesis to start the generator. Return to the lab and talk to Anna. 
The soldiers will try to sweep the area. Use your possession to possess one of 
the guards, and use him to take out the others. Possess him and make him use 
the palm scanner to enter the control room. Use charm to sneak past him and the 
other guards. Hide under one of the tables and use your tranquilizer gun to 
shoot the guards in the room.

Use the computer up the stairs to check the map, and read the notes in the 
system.  Also disable the security cameras and update the palm scanner to 
accept any palm prints. Enter the door on the right side of the room and go 
down the stairs. You will be able to see three guards attacking some children. 
Use possession to possess one of the guards to take the others out. Continue 
through the door on the other side of the room. Take out the guard in the 
hallway with the children's cells. Use the palm scanner to open the doors to 
their cells. You will hear an alert from the control room.  Climb the stairs at 
the other end of the room and use possession to help the child. When the guards 
are all taken care of use your calming abilities and talk to the child. 

Follow Nadja's apparition back to the room where the guards were attacking two 
children. The locked door on the other side of the room is now open.  Take out 
the guard inside, and use the palm scanner to open the children's cells. Follow 
Nadja, before you get to the room where the Guards were attacking the two 
children. Project, and possess one of the guards. Use him to take out the other 
one before they have time to call for backup. Disable the guard that remains, 
and continue to follow Nadja.  In the hallway with the children's cells use 
possession to take out the guards inside, and then use telekinesis to take out 
the remaining guard before he calls for back up.  Continue up the stairs, and 
before you enter the control room use possession to control one of the 
commandos. Kill the other and then take out the remaining commando. 

  Level 16, Confrontation
SUMMARY: John is faced with the realization that Hanson's NSE troops were 
responsible for the slaughter of the Zener children in Dubrensk. The tissue 
samples they brought back have been used in bio-engineered psychic research. He 
must find Hanson.

OBJECTIVE: Find Hanson. Access the elevator to get to the upper floor.

Hide behind the big movie screen.  Use possession to take out two of the guards 
in the room, and the telekinesis to take out the possessed one. Pick up the 
guns they have dropped, and the ELEVATOR KEY. Charm over to the elevator. At 
the top, use possession to take out the guards in the hallway around the 
corner. There are also several guards waiting in ambush in the office. Use 
possession to take them out, and then enter the office. Use the side door and 
in the closet use projection and take out the other agents in the hallway 
outside. At the end of the Hall, enter the lab. Use telekinesis on the psychic 
soldiers, and then shoot them with a gun or tranquillizer.  Follow the agent to 
Hanson's office. 

  Level 17, Redemptions
SUMMARY: Hanson was in Dubrensk! What if he could have been stopped then? - 
before is twisted research project could even get started

OBJECTIVE: Find Hanson.

Take out the commandos, and make your way to the elevator. At the bottom, you 
can hear a scientist and commando talking. Take out the commando and talk to 
the scientist. Use calm to talk to the scientist. Use the palm scanner to open 
the door, and then use project and possession until there is only one commando 
left in the room. Enter the hall at the end of the room, and you will find 
yourself back at the hospital you woke up in at the beginning of the game. Make 
your way to your hospital room.

You will flash back to the present. Charm your way through this room and out 
the door on the other side. Use the palm scanner to shut the door behind 
yourself.  You will flash forward to the asylum.  Make your way to Jayne's 
cell. You will flash back to the present.

Make your way to the door with the plastic flaps. Project and possess one of 
the guards on the stairs, and take out the rest of guards. Return to your body 
and take out the last guard. Go don the stairs and to the door at the end of 
the hallway. Flash to the NES building and enter Hanson's office. Flash back to 
the present and use projection to enter the cave, press the button to free the 
children, and press the other button to open the door hiding the weapons cache. 
Enter the cavern. Fight off all of the soldiers who attack. The mutated kids 
will attack Grienko. Game over.

  PDA Information Files 
These are the files on your PDA, taken directly from the game. 

Dr. Jon Vattic - A MIT scientist whose principle research work is investigating 
the underlying scientific credibility of parapsychology.  Co-opted onto the 
WinterICE squad under the recommendation of Jayne Wild. Six months later he 
finds himself picking up the pieces of a shattered life - what happened to 

Parapsychology - The scientific study of psychic phenomena.

Kastein - US military base in Hamburg, Germany - strategic base of operation 
for the WinterICE mission and military training camp for John Vattic.

WinterICE - A squad of marines specializing in tactical insertion, extraction 
and counter-terrorism. Permanent squad members are Col. Starke, Coretlli, Tex, 
JC, Franklin and Ballard. They are assisted by civilian advisors Jayne Wilde 
and John Vattic. Their mission is to track down Prof. Grienko and establish 
what he has been researching.

Colonel Joshua Starke - WinterICE Commanding Officer.  Following several 
accomplished tours of duty, Colonel Starke elected to leave mainstream service 
in order to head up small specialist operation teams such as WinterICE. He has 
pioneered in the use of parapsychology in counter-terrorist operations.

Anthony Cortelli - WinterICE Communications officer. Cortelli's ability to 
wring a signal out of even the most outdated comms lash-up has gained the team 
vital intelligence on earlier missions. It's reputed that he can take a full 
pack over the boot camp assaulty course faster than anyone else on the squad. 
(Tex would, of course, argue the point).

William Robert Jackson ('Tex') - WinterICE Explosives expert. Tex's wise-
cracking attitude can often rub others up the wrong way but the other squad 
members have discovered that this exterior belies the excellence and expertise 
of a true brother in arms.

Juan Carlos Verdes - WinterICE Weapons Specialist.  Though soft spoken, JC is 
an accomplished expert in his field who can turn his hand to almost any weapon, 
new or old.

Martha Franklin - WinterICE Reconnaissance / Sniper. This veteran's ice-cold 
demeanour doesn't mean that she lacks passion, but it ensures that very little 
is capable of breaking her concentration as she takes aim for a surgically 
precise shot.

Patrick Ballard MD - WinterICE Field Medic. Ballard's dedication to his work 
doesn't leave much time for conversation.  However his quietness and calm 
inspire much confidence in his patients as he patches them up quickly and 
efficiently, even under heavy fire.

Jayne Wild - WinterICE Civilian Advisor.  Her claims to possess precognitive 
abilities are taken very seriously by the military command and Wilde's psychic 
advice has apparently guided the team away from potential disaster on a number 
of previous occasions.  John Vattic has been co-opted onto the WinterICE team 
under Jayne's recommendation. 

Professor Viktor Grienko - Russian parapsychology researcher.  Grienko began 
his career as a brilliant student in St. Petersburg under Pavlov.  During the 
Second World War he was discredited after collaborating with German research in 
POW camps.  Officially killed at the end of the war but also rumoured to be 
involved in a secrete project instigate by Stalin in Siberia. Allegedly sighted 
at a USHC Pipeline station in Western Siberia where he was attempting to 
contact US authorities in order to claim political asylum.  At the time Grienko 
claimed to have psychic research results which would change the world.

Pavlov - One of the greatest physiologists of this generation, Pavlov worked in 
Russia in the early twentieth century. He is most famous for his research work 
into conditioned reflexes and higher brain functions.

Joseph Stalin - Soviet Communist leader from 1924 until his death in 1953. 
Later viewed as a tyrannical dictator responsible for terror campaigns and 
other questionable practices.

United States HydroCarb (USHC) - North American petrochemical company which has 
expanded operations to take advantage of the commercial opportunities in 
Western Siberia following the collapse of the former USSR.

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) - Alliance of Russia and other 
republics which was established in 1922 and officially dissolved at the end of 

Penfold Asylum - An insane asylum in Vermont dating from the end of the 
nineteenth century, when an extensive programme of asylum construction swept 
the US as a part of the 'moral commitment' to improving the treatment of the 
mentally ill. Hopelessly outdated by modern clinical standards but somehow 
still in operation, it remains an imposing landmark. Jayne Wilde is being held 

Osiris Medical Facility - High security military clinical research facility in 
North Carolina. Declassified areas of specialization are stem cell research, 
brain surgery, tissue transplantation and comparative primate biology. 
Information on many areas of research is classified under federal security 

Tenements - New York slums where Colonel Starke grew up. After his arraignment 
following the WinterICE mission, Starke went AWOL and returned here. He remains 
in hiding trying to clear his name and prove that his command in Dubrensk was 
not negligent. 

Dubrensk - Siberian village in Tyumen Oblast. Remote and inaccessible it is the 
base for Grienko's research project. 

Tyumen Oblast - An administrative region of the Russian Federation, located in 
Wester Siberia, just north of Kazakstan. 

National Security Executive (NSE)- A government agency responsible for highly 
specialized activities protecting national security. Most activities are highly 

Zener Project - Cold war parapsychology research and eugenics project 
commissioned by Stalin and set up in Durbrensk by Grienko in 1953. Its aim was 
to investigat the potential for use of psychic abilities in furthering USSR 
expansion. Proposed applications extended from covert intelligence gathering 
and espionage to the use of battlefield psychic shock troops.  When the 
successes of the project, the so-called Zener Children, were found to be 
withdrawn, distant and uncooperative, the project was cancelled and funding 

Zener Children - Children with the 'gift' were recruited from regional testing 
programmes all over the USSR and brought by rail to the village of Dubrensk 
where they became subjects of Grienko's research.  The vast majority were 
ultimately rejected, and (according to official sources) returned safely to 
their parents. The true success stories of the project were a small number of 
children with exceptional psychic abilities. These Zener Children were also 
distinguished by an unusual arrested development syndrome which left them in a 
perpetually pre-pubescent state. 
Psychic Powers

US Zener Project - A research project instigated by Director Hanson based on 
the work of Prof. Grienko. The goal is to produce psychic agents through stem 
cell bioengineering. The source genetic matrial comes from tissue samples 
extracted from the Zener children. 

Telekenesis - The ability to remotely interact with objects without physically 
touching them. 

Healing - Psychic regeneration of bodily damage. The amount of healing is 
related directly to the amount of psychic energy expended. During the healing 
process the subject is rendered immobile.

PSI Attack - Conversion of raw psychic energy into a devastating physical 
attack. The psychic energy is manifested as a physical shockwave.

Telepathic Charm - Psychic influence which can be used to implant thoughts in 
another person's head. Primary use is to misdirect people by making them 
unaware of one's presence. The illusion is immediately dispelled by physical 
contact with a charmed subject or by attempting to charm when clearly in plain 

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