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Nancy Drew- The Secret of Shadow Ranch walk through

Written by: Prncescristne

Game Overview:
       	You’ll start in the horse shed and as always you will be in 
Nancy’s shoes. Use arrows to move. You will click on the horse poster 
to view. Turn right. Pick up the hat sitting on top of the barrel. 
Beneath it is a key. Pick the key up. Check the tool box.  Pick up cell 
phone; you’ll see you have e-mail, internet, and the phone feature. 
Click on notepad. You’ll have a journal with observations and task 
list. To question suspects all you have to do is click on them. If you 
make a mistake, all you have to do is click the second chance button. 
If you need help you can call either Bess and George or The Hardy Boys.

	Nancy Drew- Nancy is an armature detective. You’ll step in to her 
shoes and play the role of the detective.
	Hannah- Nancy’s housekeeper back at home. She writes a letter to 
her in the beginning of the game and again at the end. 
	Bess and George- Nancy’s two best friends. They are related to 
Aunt Bet and Uncle Ed. You can call them whenever you need help.
	Aunt Bet and Uncle Ed Rawley - Aunt and uncle to Bess and George. 
They have invited Nancy to their ranch for a few days. They are absent 
from the airport and the ranch when she arrive.
	Frank and Joe Hardy-	The Hardy Boys. You can call them anytime 
you need help in the game. They will offer their assistance with any 
tips or clues.
	Bob- Your trusty horse. Nancy will ride Bob any time she leaves 
the ranch. 
	Charleena Purcell- A romance author who bases her stories from 
‘real life’ characters and she is collecting details for a novel she 
may write in the future. She helps you and you’ll help her. 
	Dave- The ranch hand who picks Nancy up from the airport.  He 
develops a slight crush on Nancy. He is a relative of Ellie, Frances’s 
	Shorty- The cook out at Shadow Ranch. He is a gossip and loves to 
talk. He is very excited Nancy is there, because now he has someone to 
talk to.
	Tex- The care taker to the horses. He has a bad temper and 
doesn’t think Nancy will last long at the ranch, because she’s a city 
girl.  He has a bad temper, but takes his job seriously.
	Mary Yazzie- Mary owns a gift shop. She is trying to convince the 
Rawleys to sell her part of their land. She will help Nancy with some 
of the things Nancy needs for her tasks. 
	Dirk Valentine- A 19th century robber.  He would rob trains, 
banks, and stagecoaches. One day while in a local bar, he saw a woman 
singing and playing the piano; he instantly fell in love with her. He 
left her clues to find his treasure. He was hanged by the local 
	Frances Humber- Daughter to Meryl Humber, the sheriff. She lived 
on Shadow Ranch in the 19th century. She falls for Dirk Valentine, and 
when he is killed she leaves Shadow Ranch forever and vows to never 
speak to her father again. She never wanted Dirk’s treasure, and never 
looked for it.
	Meryl Humber- Sheriff in the 19th century. He disapproved of his 
daughter’s love for Dirk Valentine. He was able to grab some of Dirk’s 
letters before they reached Frances. He and his officers caught Dirk 
and hung him in Dry Creek; earning the hatred of his daughter.
	Ellie- Frances Humber’s cousin. She regularly communicates with 
Frances after she leaves the ranch and receives many letters from her 
	Sheriff- Hernandez. Current sheriff. Nancy calls him a few times 
when trouble arises.
       Start with letter to Hannah. You learn that the Rawleys are not 
at the ranch. You were picked up at the airport by Dave, the ranch 
hand, and given the number to call the Rawleys.  Bess and George are 
not there either. You’ll learn the Rawleys used to own a clothing 
store, and then moved out to Shadow Ranch, because it was their dream.
	Pick up the cell phone and check your e-mail. You’ll read a 
message from Bess and George saying to call them immediately. Click on 
to directory on your phone and call Bess. You will learn Bess and 
George are stuck in Omaha, Nebraska. They also tell you that George is 
so bored she bought a book on 19th century fashion. So, later if you 
need to know anything, just ask them. Hang up with Bess and George.
	Call their aunt and uncle- The Rawleys. You’ll find out that 
uncle Ed was bitten by a rattlesnake the previous night. Aunt Bet and 
Uncle Ed were in their bedroom and Uncle Ed was bitten in the arm by 
the snake because he poked it with a yard stick. They will ask you to 
deliver a letter to Mary Yazzie. They will tell you to get the key to 
the roll top desk from Dave and to take the letter from there. Hang up 
with the Rawleys. 
	 Go in to the kitchen and meet Shorty. He’ll tell you about the 
phantom horse and Dirk Valentine. 
	Turn around and exit through the blue door. Go forward and slight 
left toward the chicken coup, you will see Dave there. Talk to him. Ask 
about the phantom horse and how he thinks the snake got in. Ask him for 
the key to the roll top desk. He will mention something about how Mary 
Yazzie doesn’t like the Rawleys. Finally, tell him that Bess and 
Georges’s plane is delayed.
	In your task list, check off:
	Ask Dave for key to roll top desk.
	Go back in house to the den and open the desk with the key you 
were just given. Read the letter in the middle of the desk. It is to 
the Rawleys from someone they fired and they are clearly upset. It is 
signed by Jane Nash. Next, on the right edge of the desk, pick up the 
letter for Mary Yazzie. Scan the shelves and find a set of square turn 
keys. Take them. Read the paper on the left edge. It is a bill of sale 
for a trunk that the Rawleys sold to Mary Yazzie. Close the desk. 
	Check out the blanket chest in the corner. In the front, you’ll 
see some blankets, but in the back is a secret compartment. You’ll need 
3 square keys to open it. If you put in the keys you grabbed from the 
desk, you’ll see that you still need to turn them to the right code. 
Otherwise, to get the code you can back out of the corner and proceed 
to the fireplace. Look at the clock. Nancy notes that the clock is not 
at the right time, and it must be broken. Look at the colors by the 
numbers. Red is at 12, Blue at 2, and yellow at 7. While you’re there, 
read the book on the table. It is ‘The City Slicker’s Guide to Ranch 
Horses Book One. Read the 17 pages about horses you’ll need it later, 
but you can always come back.  At the same time, at the book case you 
can read The City Slickers Guide to Ranch horses, and read the 21 pages 
on feeding. Again you don’t have to right now.  Go back to the blanket 
cabinet. Insert the keys, and turn them to the numbers you got from the 
clock. Turn red to 12, blue to 2, and yellow to7. It opens so you can 
read the journal of Meryl Humber who is the 19th century sheriff of Dry 
Creek and the father of Frances. You will learn that Frances likes Dirk 
and her father arrested him. He wrote about how he took the letter from 
Dirk and hid it so Frances would not get it. Also, Frances loves the 
Harrison Yellow. She said it was her favorite flower. Return journal. 
Read the letter to Frances. In the letter and receive a set of numbers. 
9, 12, 15, 22, 5, 25, 15, 21. Which if you translate numbers to 
letters, example- 1=A, 2= B, 3= C, it will say I LOVE YOU.  In the 
envelope, take the graph. Return the letter and pick up the locket. 
Open it using even numbered buttons. This is a random sequence so keep 
trying until it opens. Pick up the clock pick inside. See a picture of 
Meryl and Frances. Close the cupboard. 
	Turn around and walk to the kitchen. Look at the refrigerator. 
Read the measurements guide and the sheriff’s numbers. Turn right and 
talk to Shorty. He’ll tell you that he misses the Rawleys. 
	In your task list cross off:
	Those 3 holes on top of that blanket chest in the den might be 
some kind of lock. Figure out how to open it.
	Those buttons on the watch face of the pocket watch I found must 
do something! 
Figure out what!
	Click on cell phone, click on web internet browser. Click search 
and read all the topics there; Arizona, Cliff Dwellings, Rattlesnakes, 
Scorpions, Saguaro Cactus, and Harrison’s Yellow.
	Go out to the horse corrals. T urn right and go through the door. 
Turn left. Talk to Tex, the head wrangler. He’ll tell you to take Mrs. 
Rawley’s hat. You’ll need to get a canteen from Shorty and ask him if 
he has any chores for you to do. Turn toward the door and leave. Say 
hello to Bob and his two friends, Ace and Clyde. Leave corrals.
	Talk to Dave about how long he has worked there, about Tex, and 
the letter from the desk, and a treasure hunt. 
	Turn around and go to the house and ask Shorty if he has any 
chores for you to do. He will ask you to pick ripe vegetables, get eggs 
from the chicken coup and prepare a cooking fire in the pit and fill 
the red bucket next to the fire with water just in case you will need 
it.  Go outside and on the wall by the back door, grab the vegetable 
basket. Turn around and go out to the sunflowers. Grab your cell phone 
and research the internet browser for harvesting vegetables. On the 
right side, there is Beefcake tomatoes, Golden Queen tomatoes, and 
Black Turtle bean pods. Pick the Beefcake tomatoes only if they are 
completely red. The Golden Queen is supposed to be red and ivory and 
the Black Turtle bean pods are a grayish color. The beans are over 
ripe, but if you don’t pick it, Shorty will keep sending you out. On 
the left are Northern Lights tomatoes, Old Ivory Eggs, and Romano 
beans. The Northern Lights tomatoes should be red and ivory, the Old 
Ivory Eggs should be ivory and white, and the Romano beans should be a 
grayish color. Note: if Old Ivory Eggs are white, and do not have any 
ivory on them, DO NOT PICK IT!!! If you pick under ripe vegetables you 
will be sent home and you’ll have to click second chance.  Whenever you 
want to check your vegetables or you have picked all the vegetables you 
should, go back to Shorty right away.  
	Shorty will give you a yellow and green basket and you should go 
and get the eggs.  So take the basket and go out to the chicken coup. 
Check in every stall for eggs. You’ll pick up your first two eggs and 
the basket will break and you’ll have to fix it.  The pieces won’t have 
numbers but if you imagine they are numbered left to right, the 
vertical are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. The horizontal are numbered 9, 
10, and 11.  From bottom to top, click number 8 and turn it until the 
green matches. Next up, number 4, turn it. Next up, is number 6, click 
to turn it. Next up, is number 2 and right click to turn it. Next up 
number 3 and match the arrows. Then number 5, match the arrows. Next 
are number 10 and use it in the direction it already is. Take number 1 
and click it until it turns. Next number 8 and click to turn it.  The 
last one is number 11, and all you have to do is match the arrows.  
When the pattern is correct, a red string will appear. Click on the 
string. Then click on the bottom of the break, and finally on in the 
center. Stitches should appear with every click and the basket will be 
	Start on fixing the fire pit. You’ll need 5 piles of twigs as 
kinder, 2 balls of newspaper as tinder, and logs. Back out of the 
chicken coup. Close the door. To the right of the door is a pile of 
twigs, pick them up. Turn around and there will be another pile of 
twigs by the wagon. Pick them up too. Walk back to the sunflowers. 
Between them at the back, there is another pile of twigs. Your forth 
pile of twigs is next to the back door to the house. Pile number five 
is by the red pump house. It is to the right of the door. Now that you 
have all 5 piles of twigs, you should pick up the red bucket by the 
fire pit. 
	Go back to the chicken coup. Check all the holes and you should 
get five eggs. If the white chicken is sitting under its sign and you 
ever want it to move, you have to walk back to the house, go inside, 
turn around, go back out to the coup, and he will be gone. Give Shorty 
his eggs and he will remind you to fix the cooking fire. Ask Shorty for 
a water canteen. Now go to the den and by the fireplace there will be 
newspapers sitting there. Grab the first newspaper and crumble it and 
take it. Grab the second and see that some criminals escaped from 
Denver, and there is evidence they are hanging around in Arizona. 
Crumble the second newspaper and take it. 
	Go back outside and go inside the pump house and to the sink 
there. Pull out the red bucket and fill it with water. Grab your filled 
bucket and return it to next to the fire pit. Click on the fire pit and 
you’ll find a scrap of paper that has symbols and words on it. Take it. 
	Now turn around and go to the logs by the back door. Click on the 
pile of logs. The first one will place itself. Then click on the ax 
blade. Position your swing on the second from the left. Next position 
your feet in the middle on the far left. Click the swing button and 
your log will cut. Click on the pile again. Place your swing all the 
way to the right. Place your feet on the closest spot toward you in the 
middle.  Click the swing button. Click on the last log. Swing position 
from the center, and place your feet closest to the box on the far 
right. Swing and cut. Pick your wood up.
	Return to the fire pit. First put down your tinder which is 
anything that burns easily, or your newspaper. Next your kinder which 
feeds the fire, which is the twigs. Finally put down your firewood. 
Shorty will congratulate you on your great job.
	In your task list, cross off:
	Find out what the deal is with the ‘phantom horse’ the Rawleys 
	Ask Shorty if he’s got any chores for me to do. 
	Find the vegetable basket that I’m supposed to use.
	Build a cooking fire outside. 
	Fill the bucket by the fire pit with water, just in case.
	Get your chores done.
	Go back to the horse corrals and in to the shed and ask Tex if 
you can ride now. He will say yes. Turn around and pick up the saddle 
with Bob’s name on it. To saddle up Bob, you must walk out the door, 
pass him and turn around and then turn left between him and Clyde to 
step up to him. Pull the saddle out of your tool box. Click on the 
horse. Then click on the foot stirrup. It will raise and you will be 
able to click on the tightening rope. Click this three times to tighten 
your saddle to the horse.  Click again on the stirrup to lower it. Grab 
the reins and you will lead Bob to the corral. If you did not tighten 
the saddle to the horse, you will fall off when you attempt to get on 
the horse. Tex will test you on ten questions that you must answer 
correctly before you can ride outside of the corral. You can answer as 
many times as it takes you to get them right. 
	Here are the questions and the answers.
	10 Question before riding Bob.
	Where is a horse’s hook? On its back legs
	Where's a horse's frog? On the bottom of its hoofs
	How tall is a horse that's fifteen hands? 5 Feet
	What kind of horse is a Paso Fino? A gaited horse
	How can you tell if a horse is colicking? It keeps lying down 
then standing up
	What's the difference between a bay and a chestnut? A bay has 
black points
	What tribe bred the first appaloosas? Nez Perce
	What part of a horse is most likely to be hurt when it founders? 
Its feet
	What part of the saddle should you always check before you head 
out on the trail? The cinch
	What is a mule? The off spring of a female horse and a male 
	Leave through the back gate. Ride to Mary’s Gifts. Go inside and 
turn to the counter and talk to her. Give her the letter from the 
Rawleys. Ask her about the trunk she bought from the Rawleys. She will 
tell you it was originally the trunk of someone named EH and AH. Ask 
about the petroglyphs. When you finish talking, check out the framed 
picture on the counter. Ask Mary about the picture. She will tell you 
it is a picture of her and her horse. Go back to the chest at the left. 
Nancy will ask if she can try to open it. Mary says that if you can get 
it open, you can have something out of it. You can again put the square 
turn cranks in, but you don’t know the position of the cranks. You 
should take the chance to explore Mary’s shop. You’ll get to the left 
side of her shop; you will find a book by Charleena Purcell. The 
author’s biography includes her cell phone number. Pick up your cell 
phone number and call her.  Her assistant will answer and ask you some 
questions before finally connecting you with her. When you talk to her, 
tell her about the wrenches as the keys to the box, and the pictures on 
top of the box. She’ll tell you that it is from the wedding of Eldridge 
Humber and Abigail Humber on April 9, 1811.  Those are the numbers of 
the wrenches. 4-9-11; when it opens, take the locket as your gift. Open 
your locket using the pick you took from the other locket earlier from 
the one in the den. The locket will open by pressing the odd numbers in 
the locket. The code is random. Open the locket. Flip it open and it 
has a F.H. on the inside for Frances Humber. On the other side, is a 
torn picture, the same as the one from the other locket. On the back of 
the torn picture, it says ‘Green Bottle Under’.  Exit Mary’s Gifts. 
	Ride Bob to Trail Stop and Cougar Bend. Take a look around both 
places.  At this point, there is nothing you need at Trail Stop, but 
you can pick up arrowheads there if you want. 
	At Cougar Bend, you’ll find your petrogylphs. When you find a 
petroglyph, closely look at it. If you double click on it, you’ll go to 
your chart from the blanket chest. Move the petroglyph you found to the 
lightened place on the grid where it is located. You will start to 
spell a message on the bottom of the grid.  The grid will also tell you 
where you can look. You can locate 10 petroglyphs with out a rope. 
After you find them, return to Shadow Ranch. 
	Take your saddle off of Bob. Stop and talk to Tex. Ask him if you 
can have a rope. He will say no, because you have to earn a rope later. 
Return Bob’s saddle to its post. A few things will fall out of the 
saddle bag next to it, and fall on the floor.  Pick the card up off the 
floor. It is a birthday card for Tex. You will realize that Jane Nash 
is actually Tex’s sister. 
	In your task list, cross off:
	Study up on horses so I can pass Tex’s quiz.
	Figure out how to open that trunk Mary bought from the Rawleys.
	Leave the horse shed. Evening sets and the scene cuts to Shorty 
singing and yodeling.  You will see the Phantom Horse and a pipe in the 
pump house will burst. 
	Next day breaks, your phone will ring, and it is the Rawleys. 
After you hang up, call and talk to the sheriff, then finally call Bess 
and George. When you are done, go out to the pump house, because you’ll 
want to see the damage. 
	There is a No Trespassing sign on the door, by order of the 
sheriff. Call the sheriff again and ask if you can explore the pump 
house. Enter the pump house. Look to the left for ventilation shaft. 
Enter the shaft. Go through the tunnel. At the end is a vent. Enter a 
room. Find Dave, beneath the staircase. Talk to him. He’ll tell you 
that he is the nephew of Ellie- Frances’s cousin. He’ll show the other 
half of the picture from the locket you took from the chest at Mary’s. 
On the back it says ‘stairs to the cellar’. He will also tell you about 
the secret entrance in the den; it is behind the left bookcase. All you 
have to do is pull out a book and it will open. He will be embarrassed 
and he will leave. 
	Look around the cellar. On the shelving unit, you will find on 
the top shelf, there is a jar of acid. On the shelf below that is a 
purse. Pick up the purse. 
	Leave again through the ventilation shaft. Go down the stairs and 
turn around. Click on the top stair. Play the game. You have to move 
the tiles around to view the green bottle under the FH tile. When 
exposed, click the green bottle. There is a paper in the bottle.  It is 
a few of the letters that Dirk wrote to Frances. His first letter talks 
about the shawl she knit. Leave through the vent shaft back to the pump 
house. When in the pump house look at the pipe that burst and under it 
there is an arrowhead. Pick up the arrowhead. 
	Go out to the horse corrals. Talk to Tex. Ask if anyone ever gone 
after the phantom horse and ask him about his sister Jane Nash. He’ll 
say he is busy and shoo you off, because he is angry you have been 
snooping. Leave the corrals and go out to the chicken coup and talk to 
	Ask him about the cellar. He will ask you to do him a favor: say 
yes. He will tell you there is a hole in the wire of the coup. He tells 
you the wire will arrive at night. But you have to fix it tonight. Ask 
to read the letter he has from Frances to Ellie. Ask him what jail Dirk 
stayed in when he was arrested. He will tell you about Dry Creek and 
give you directions there. 
	In your task list check off:
	Keep your eyes peeled for a green bottle that’s under something.
	Call sheriff and get permission to look around in the pump house.
	Look for ‘green bottle under the stair’ to the cellar.
	Dirk said there was a flower on Frances’s favorite stationary. 
Find out what it was. – Orchid
	Go back to the horse corral shed. Talk to Tex about his sister 
and ask if you can go riding. He will say no. He will tell you to ask 
Shorty about chores first. 
	Enter the kitchen, Shorty is not there. This is a chance to look 
in the cupboard by the stove. Click on the map. Shorty will catch you 
looking through his stuff. 
	Go outside and call the number you got from the bottom of the 
map. It is the number to the SW Geo Survey.  Ask them about the map. 
Ask them about Shorty and if he knows anything about Valentine’s 
treasure. Call Bess and George; tell them about the cowboys and the 
purse you found in the cellar. The three of you will discuss the bead 
pattern missing from the bag. They will offer to call some people about 
the pattern on the bag. Get on the internet browser and read about 
common knitting stitches and agates. 
	Turn around and go back in the house. Compare the notes in your 
internet browser to the painting in the den. You’ll see that Frances’s 
favorite shawl is knit using the Daisy knit.  Talk to Shorty and tell 
him you are embarrassed that he caught you going through his stuff. He 
will forgive you and you can ask about Mary Yazzie and the property.  
Ask what he knows about the treasure and the pump house. Ask him if he 
has any chores for you to do. He will ask you to check the vegetables 
and grab the eggs. 
	Go outside and grab the vegetable basket, and head to the 
sunflowers. When you walk between the bins, if you hear a rattling, 
back out and go back in the house. Then turn around and return to the 
sunflowers and the rattlesnake will be gone. If you click on anything 
when the snake is there, you’ll be bitten. Pick the grayish looking 
Black Turtle beans, none of the Golden Queen tomatoes, and the bright 
red Beefsteak tomatoes; all on the right side. Turn to the left side 
and pick all of the Ramono beans, the ivory and white Old Ivory Eggs 
and none of the Northern Lights tomatoes. Go back in to the house to 
	Go out to the chicken coup. Pick up the eggs and return to 
	He will tell you it is Tex’s birthday. He will ask you to make 
his cake. Ask him for a canteen of water. He will give it to you, then 
turn right and click on the recipe box. Take out the cake recipe. Take 
recipe and write it down. It is:

	1 cup Butter
	2 Eggs
	1 2/3 cups Milk
	4 cups Flour
	1 Tablespoon Baking Powder
	2 1/3 cups Sugar
	3 teaspoons Vanilla
	Turn to the silver counter. All your ingredients will pop up on 
the counter. Add to the bowl:
	2 sticks of butter, 2 eggs, 5 scoops of milk, 2 scoops of flour, 
3 scoops of baking powder, 7 scoops of sugar, and 3 scoops of vanilla. 
	If Nancy says at all during the game, that ‘Opps you missed, then 
you must rescoop that item and add it to the bowl. Once all the 
ingredients are in the bowl, back away from the counter and a menu will 
pop up. Click Bake. It will give you the choice of pans. Choose the 
middle one. The batter will pour and it will be in the oven. Click on 
the dials. Set the temperature to medium heat and the time to 45 
minutes. Click bake. Click on the cake to take it out. Try the cake to 
make sure it tastes good. When the cake is good, click on the bowl of 
frosting and the cake will be frosted. 
	Shorty will then tell you he cut out the flower pieces to put on 
top of the cake from Marzipan and you have to put it together. There is 
an outline on the cake to help guide you. It will make a tulip. Take 
the largest piece and turn it over line up with the line on the right 
side of the cake. Take the petal that will match the line on the left 
side and place it there. Take the second largest piece and connect the 
round side to the left piece. Turn the long curved piece and place it 
in the open spot in the center. Take the long skinny piece and turn it 
over, put it at the bottom of the petals on the cake against the 
largest piece, as the stem. You should have 5 pieces left. Take the 
largest, turn it over and attach it to the left side of the stem. It 
will have the curved side out. Click on the rectangular piece. Place it 
in the groove between the petals on the right side. Take the skinny 
curved piece and place it on the right side on top the previous piece. 
Grab the last curved piece and place it in the groove on the left. Grab 
the last piece that looks like a square and turn it over and place it 
so it lines up on top of the curve on the left. Make sure the entire 
flower lines up with the line on the cake or it will not register as 
correct.  Paint the petals red and the leaves and stem green.
	Back away from the table. Go out to the horse corrals and ask Tex 
to go riding. He will tell you to feed the horses and chickens first. 
	In your task list, cross off:
	Make a birthday cake for Tex like Shorty asked me to.
	Find out what kind of flower Frances used to decorate the cake 
Dirk talked about in his letter.
	Turn around and look at the green chalk board that will tell you 
what to feed who. You’ll need to feed: Bob, Clyde, Ace, and the 
chickens. Bob is Rations A: 2 pounds of oats, 1 pounds corn, and 1 ½ 
pounds mixed pellets. Clyde is Rations C: 3 pounds oats, 1 ½ pounds 
mixed pellets. Ace is Ration D: 1 pound oats, ½ pound corn, and 3 
pounds mixed pellets. The chickens are 2 scoops from their bin. Bins 
are from left to right: Oats, mixed pellets, corn, soybean meal, and 
chicken feed. Start with Bob. Bin number one: scoop 2 times, Bin number 
three: 2 times, and Bin number two: 1 time. Back away and you will get 
a menu asking you if you want to throw it, or keep the bucket. Click 
keep. Walk out o Bob and click on his silver bucket and pour his food 
in. Go back to the shed.
Clyde is next. Bin number one: scoop 3 times, Bin number two: scoop 1 
times. Keep bucket, and pour in Clyde’s silver bucket. Next, work on 
feeding Ace. Bin number one: scoop 1 time. Bin number three: 1 time and 
Bin number two: 2 times. Keep the bucket and take it out and pour it in 
Ace’s bucket. Go back to shed, return the yellow bucket to the scale 
and open Bin number five: scoop 2 times. Keep the bucket and go out to 
the chicken coup. Where Dave usually stands, is where the chicken 
feeder is. Open the lid, then grab the bucket and pour it in. Don’t 
forget to close the lid. 
	Go back to the corral shed and talk to Tex. Ask to go riding now. 
He will say yes. You have to lasso a stick 4 out of 5 times and run the 
three in less than ten seconds. Grab your saddle and saddle up Bob. 
Take him to the corral. To lasso wait until the lasso makes a full 
circle, but click quick cause it will keep spinning and go away. You 
have 5 tries and then the rope will be returned to the stand and you’ll 
have to click it again. Keep trying until you get 4 out of 5. Barrel 
racing; click to start and click the arrows to turn around the barrels. 
This something that you have to find the place you want to click, trial 
and error. The only hint I have here is don’t hit the barrels, it will 
slow you down. When you complete both, it will jump back to the corral 
shed where Tex will give you your lariat. Ask to go riding and he will 
say yes. Grab your saddle and go grab Bob. Tighten the saddle and go 
out to the corral. Get on Bob and leave the corral. Go to Cougar Bend. 
As you leave, you’ll see Mary Yazzie as you leave. She’s standing 
outside Shadow Ranch’s corral. 
	In your task list, check off:
	Get a lariat from Tex by playing (and winning) those games he set 
up for me in the corral.
	Feed the chickens and horses for Tex.
	See if it’s ok with Tex if I go riding. 
	In Cougar Bend, go to rocks. On the right, look up, grab your 
lariat and pull yourself up. When you get your last 7 petroglyphs, the 
bottom of your grid will say, ‘Beneath cappys keys cappys name please’.
	In your task list, check off:
	Find out where the ‘rock pictures’ are that Dirk Valentine told 
Frances to mark on that map he made for her.
	Mark where all the petroglyphs are on that map Dirk made for 
	Figure out a way to get up on that ledge at Cougar Bend. 
	Go to Mary’s Gifts and pull out your cell phone. Check your e-
mail and read the e-mail Bess and George sent you about the bead 
pattern. Go in Mary’s shop and talk to her. Tell her you thought you 
saw her earlier. She’ll say you didn’t see her. Open your notebook and 
look at your new tasks. Close the notebook and leave the store. Get on 
Bob and go to Dry Creek. 
	Look around Dry Creek and go in jail and look at the last cell. 
It is locked so you can’t see Dirk’s message. Go down to Cappy’s and 
you’ll see the sheriff has locked it. Go back to Bob. Ride back to 
Mary’s Gifts so you’ll phone will have reception. 
	Call the sheriff and ask about the lock. He will give you the 
combination number. 9-2-7-4. Go inside and talk to Mary again. Ask if 
she knows about Dirk Valentine’s treasure. Ask her if she has any beads 
to fix the purse. She’ll tell you that you can have the beads if you 
finish her ring display. Organize the rings by color, the design, and 
size. When you finish, talk to Mary again. She will give you beads. 
Grab Bob and go back to Dry Creek.
	Go to Cappy’s. Click on lock and put in the code from the 
sheriff. Go strait in. Look at the books on the table, then the 
crackers on the counter. Note the empty space on the counter next to 
the cracker tin. Turn around and you’ll see that someone has been 
sleeping there. Go to the piano and click on lower section down by foot 
petals. Click on the top panel and see you will need a password. Back 
away and finish looking around the bar. Look at the game machine. 
You’ll see you need something to play this. Leave Cappy’s. Grab Bob and 
go back to Mary’s Gifts. 
	In your task list, check off:
	Get the combination to the lock on that building in the ghost 
town from the sheriff.
	Find out what and where ‘Cappy’s keys’ are.
	Research 19th century fashion accessories and learn more about the 
purse I found.
	Grab cell phone. Web search Cattle brands and branding. Go into 
the directory and call Charleena Purcell. Ask if she knows anything 
about Dry Creek. She will tell you that is where Frances and Dirk met. 
Ask about who Dirk referred to as Pappy. She will tell you his name was 
Cashmeer Valentine. He was Dirk’s father, who later disowned Dirk. Ask 
about the brand name of the crackers with the quote ‘even the crumbs 
are crisp’. She will ask you if you have ever read any of her books, 
you tell her no, but she says it is ok, and that she will still look up 
the cracker company, and she will e-mail you what she finds. 
	Grab Bob and go back to Dry Creek. Go back to Cappy’s. Using his 
first name, open the secret compartment on the piano. Some of the tiles 
move more than one tile when clicked. 
	If you click the tiles, it moves:
	Tile 1 moves tiles 1 and 4.
	Tile 2 moves tiles 1, 2, and 5.
	Tile 3 moves tiles 2 and 3.
	Tile 4 moves tile 4.
	Tile 5 moves tiles 1 and 5.
	Tile 6 moves tiles 6 and 8.
	Tile 7 moves tiles 6 and 7.
	Tile 8 moves tiles 2, 4, and 8.
	So, to open the compartment, you must press the tiles in this 
	Press tile 7, until it says E.
	Press tile 6, until it says E.
	Press tile 8, until it says R.
	Press tile 3, until it says S.
	Press tile 2, until it says A.
	Press tile 5, until it says M.
	Press tile 1, until it says C
	Press tile 4, until it says H.
	The code will spell CASHMEER. The compartment will open and a 
letter will be in there.  The letter will say:
“Take your forks and a crank to the Beady Eyes Ranch and make sure you 
see what’s below. When you stick the forks in and give it a spin, off 
towards my treasure you’ll go.  
	Leave Cappy’s. You need a crank. On the right side of the General 
Store, there is a machine on the porch and you can grab the crank 
there. Turn around and go to the front of the jail. On the porch there 
is a brand. It is a backwards B, next to a P. That is the brand of the 
Beady eyes Ranch. Click the brand, and lift the board. You’ll find a 
machine in there, take it. You’ll need forks… 
	Grab Bob and go back to Mary’s Gifts. She has a set of tuning 
forks in her store. Look at them, then turn around and talk to Mary. 
Ask her if you can borrow the tuning forks for a while. She says she 
will give them to her if you help her finish a display she’s working 
on. She will tell you that if you collect her 10 arrowheads she will 
give you the tuning forks. She will give you a box to put them in. 
	Start at Shadow Ranch, if you didn’t pick up the one under the 
pipe in the pump house. Next go to Trail Stop. Go strait across from 
Bob. There is one. Go left one step after Bob and on your left you will 
find another arrowhead. Go past Charlie’s grave two steps and to your 
left is your third arrowhead at Trail Stop. Your fourth and final 
arrowhead at Trail Stop is three steps after Charlie’s grave on the 
left. Go to Cougar Bend. There are three arrowheads here. One is up on 
the ledge, so you will have to take out your lariat and rope the 
branch, climb up, and go to your left. It is on the ground by the rock 
with the V on it. Climb down. One is right in front of the rocks in the 
center. Your third arrowhead is in front of the rocks off to the left. 
Now go to Dry Creek for your last two arrowheads. One is just to the 
right of the General Store, in front of the outhouse. When you click to 
get a closer look, a scorpion will come out. Turn around and walk to 
the other side. On the right of the Post Office there is a barrel; in 
front of it on the ground is an arrowhead. You can now return to in 
front of the outhouse and grab your 10th arrowhead.  
	Grab Bob and return to Mary’s Gifts. Give her your arrowheads. 
She will tell you she only needed 9, and she will give you the last one 
as a souvenir. She will also tell you that you can take the tuning 
	Go back to Bob. Go back to Dry Creek. Go in to Cappy’s. Go to the 
counter and to the empty spot you saw on the counter earlier. Place the 
machine you took out of the floorboards in front of the jail on the 
spot. Take the crank out of your tool box and put it in the side. Take 
out your tuning forks and spell the word FACE with the forks on top. 
Turn the handle and a loud noise will come from the machine breaking 
the lamp to your right. Grab the rolled up paper from the lamp and read 
	“Now go and peek beneath Zebra Rock, but you’ll need a magnet 
what’s there to unlock.”
	You’ll need a magnet. So return to Shadow Ranch. You will see 
Mary Yazzie and Tex standing outside the corrals talking. Return Bob to 
his stand and return his saddle to its post. As you step out of the 
horse corral shed, evening will fall. 
	Walk over to the chicken coup. Look at the hole on the side. 
Click on the wire sitting on the floor next to the coup. Nancy will 
remind you that Dave said to wear gloves. Go back to the corral shed 
and grab the gloves off the saddle. Go back to the chicken coup. Piece 
together wire fence. Notice your gloves glowing from the powder in the 
ghost town. See the phantom horse again and a power line falls. Next 
day breaks and your phone will ring. It is Bess and George. Talk to 
	In your task list, check off:
	Find 10 arrowheads for Mary so she’ll give me those tuning forks. 
Look everywhere.
	Do what the note Dirk left for Frances in the piano said to do.
	Find out who Pappy is.
	Fix the chicken coup like Dave asked (he said the wire I’ll need 
might not get here until after dark).
	While in den, you may as well stop and fix the purse. Grab the 
purse and the beads from your tool box. Put on one yellow bead, then a 
black one, then a black one with red corners, then a black one, then a 
black one with red corners, then a black one, then a black one with red 
corners, then a black one, then a black one with red corners.
Next add a red bead, then a white bead, then a red bead, then a red 
bead with pink corners, then a red bead, then a white bead, then a red 
bead, then a red bead with pink corners, then a red bead, then a white 
bead, then a red bead, then a red bead with pink corners, then a red 
bead, then a white bead, then a red bead, then a red bead with pink 
corners. Then click it and it will sew it in a spiral pattern. It’s a 
	In your task list, check off:
	Find some beads and use the pattern from Bess and George to 
recreate the flower on that purse.
	Dirk mentioned that Frances had a favorite beaded purse. Figure 
out if it had a flower on it. 
	Take the apple magnet from the refrigerator. Go outside where you 
will find a horseshoe on the ground. Take it. Talk to Dave by the 
chicken coup. Mention Mary. Go to the horse shed and talk to Tex about 
the horseshoe you found. You will notice a rock stuck in it. Take the 
rock. Tex will mention that it looks like a rock from Dry Creek. 
Mention Mary to him and if he was out by the corrals with her the 
previous day. He will tell you to ask Shorty about chores. 
	Go back to the house. Talk to Shorty and ask when the power 
company is going to make it out there. Tell him to hang in there and 
not to pack up and leave. Ask what chores he wants you to do. 
	Pick the ripe vegetables in the garden and get the eggs from the 
chicken coup. Grab the vegetable basket from the wall. On the right 
side, again only pick the Beefsteak tomatoes that are bright red, the 
Golden Queen tomatoes that are ivory and red, and the Black Turtle 
beans that are a grayish color. On the left side, the Northern lights 
tomatoes that are ivory and red, the Old Ivory Eggs that are ivory and 
white, and the Ramano beans that are a grayish color. Take your 
vegetables in to Shorty and he will give you your egg basket. Bring 
back 6 eggs to Shorty and ask for a canteen full of water. 
	In your task list, check off:
	See if Shorty has any chores for me and get them done.
	Grab your cell phone and check your e-mail. You have an answer to 
the cracker question. It says to check out www.kelleher.lab Click on 
your web access and read about arrowheads, Kelleher crackers, and power 
line safety. You’ll learn they were Sunflower crackers.
	Go to the corral shed and talk to Tex. Ask to go riding and he 
will tell you no. He just took apart Bob’s bridle and cleaned and oiled 
it. He hasn’t put it back together yet. He tells you to put it back 
together. Grab the can off the shelf above his work station. Put the 
bridle back together. First, check out the sample to the left of the 
shed door. From the head stall add the two short clips turning them 
over before using them. If Nancy doesn’t say it is right after you 
attach them, switch them to the opposite clips. Grab the silver piece 
and turn it over. Connect the short side to the straps you just 
connected. Grab the blue piece and connect it to the short side of the 
silver piece. Grab the biggest piece, or the reins, and turn them over 
and attach it to the long side of the silver piece. Grab the last piece 
and turn it over. Connect it between the two short strips and the head 
stall. Grab the finished bridle and tell Tex that it is put back 
together. He will then tell you that you can go riding.  Grab Bob’s 
saddle and saddle him. Go out to Mary’s Gifts. Stop and talk to her. 
Trick her in to telling you about Tex and her relationship. Ask her why 
she is so interested in buying the Rawley’s property. 
	In your task list, check off:
	Find out why Mary is so eager to buy that property from the 
	Put the bridle that’s in the can in the tack room back together 
for Tex so he’ll let me ride.
	As usual, get Tex’s permission to go riding.
	See what the name of the crackers were that Frances and Dirk used 
to eat in Cappys.
	Grab Bob and head back to Trail Stop. Turn left and click forward 
twice. Go to your left and lift the striped rock. If you hear the snake 
rattling, turn around head back to Bob and then back to the rock. If 
you are on your third day, the snake will be gone. Click on the door, 
then on the puzzle. This is a magnetic puzzle where you have to get the 
coin with the MN to the upper left box, the CU to the upper right, the 
SI to the lower left side and the FE to the lower right side. From your 
tool box, grab the apple magnet you took from the refrigerator. Now if 
you would like to play this game with out the wood blocking your way, 
you can lift the rock off the game, click the game, back up away from 
the rock, lift the rock again click the game, back away again, lift the 
rock again… etc. until the wood disappears. It will be 5 or 6 times. 
Otherwise, follow these directions.
	To move MN in to the upper left box:
	Start in the bottom right corner.
	Go up as far as you can.
	Go all the way left.
	Down 3/4ths of the way.
	All the way left
	Down 3/4ths of the way.
	UP all the way.
	Left ½ of the way.
	All the way down.
	Left ½ of the way.
	Down all the way.
	Left ½ of the way.
	Up all the way.
	Left half of the way.
	Down in to the hole. 
	To get CU in to the upper right box:
	Start in the bottom left side.
	Go right
	Up ½ ways.
	Down 1/4th of the way.
	Left 1/4th of the way.
	Left in to the box.
	To get SI in to the lower left box:
	Start in the top left corner.
	Go right
	Right in to the box.
	To get the coin FE in to the lower right box:
	Start in the top right corner. 
	Go left
	Left 3/4ths of the way.
	Up in to the box.
	The magnetic puzzle will lift and you will see a flower puzzle. 
You will need all of Frances’s favorite flowers to open this box. I 
have underlined and highlighted all her favorite flowers as we went. 
They are the Poppy, Sunflower, Harrison’s Yellow, Orchid, Daisy, and 
Tulip. Use these flowers in this order to open the flower box. The box 
will open and there is a ballerina box to open. Click on the scroll on 
the side.
	“If you hope this task to ever complete you must wind her up so 
she’ll move her feet.”
	Grab Bob and go back to Shadow Ranch. Return the saddle and go 
talk to Dave. Tell him about Mary and Tex’s relationship. He will ask 
if Nancy has a boyfriend back home and be all embarrassed.
	In your task list, check off:
	Find out what a Harrison’s Yellow looks like.
	Figure out what six flowers will open the music box that I found 
in the dessert.
	Go to the shed and ask Tex if you can ride again. You can, so 
grab your saddle and Bb and go back out to Dry Creek. Go to the table 
in Cappys to check out the powder you found on your gloves. The books 
are gone. Turn around and walk to the other side of the room and note 
that all the stuff has been picked up. There is a key on top of the box 
there. Grab it. 
	You will be knocked out and you will wake up inside the jail 
cell. Face the sink, and next to it are hash marks. Translate it using 
the 1= A, 2= B, 3= C… method. Use your keyboard to type in the letters 
and after you figures out each letter, hit enter to move on to the next 
letter. It spells ‘UNDER BANK LAMP’. 
	Turn around and pick up a brick. Turn right to look out of the 
cell, you will see the key hanging on the wall. Grab out your lariat. 
Lasso the chair on the floor. It will be pulled over to the cover the 
hole in the floor. Pull the brick out of your tool box. Throw it at the 
key using the angle second from the left and a medium power. The key 
will fall on the chair. Lasso the chair again. The key will fall on the 
floor right outside your cell so you can pick it up. Open the cell so 
you can escape. 
	As you are leaving you will notice a piece of paper lying on the 
floor outside of the cell. Pick it up. It is the code to decipher the 
paper you pulled out of the fire pit. To translate you must take the 
first two letters flip them around and connect them to the rest of the 
word. Ex: WOSHAD HCRAN= SHADOW RANCH When translated between the code 
and the pictures it says, will need more supplies. If house is not 
soon… check book shelf again… Dirk might have hidden it right under 
sheriff nose. Exit the jail.
	Go across the street to the building next to the General Store. 
That is the bank. On the right side of the building, you can click on a 
loose brick. It will be under the lamp. Click the brick and it will 
move. Pull the scroll out and read it.
	“Did you know you can play some games more than one way? You can 
and I’ll tell you how. Use the ring that is the twin of Ellie’s, your 
cousin, in Cappy’s fun machine now.”
	Grab Bob head back to Shadow Ranch. Return saddle and go talk to 
Dave. Ask if you can borrow Ellie’s ring. Tell him about being hit over 
the head and locked in the jail in Dry Creek. He will tell you that you 
should stay away and call the sheriff and tell him what happened. Call 
the sheriff, tell him what happened. He says he will inspect out there 
as soon as he gets a spare chance. 
	In your task list, check off:
	Do what those hash marks in the jail cell said to do.
	Go back to ghost town and find out where that phosphorescent 
powder on my gloves came from.
Now you will need a coin to play the machine in Cappy’s bar. Go to the 
corrals and ask to ride Bob again. Grab your saddle and Bob and head to 
Mary’s Gifts. Play the game Run for Cover in the corner of her shop. If 
you win all three levels, you get a coin. 
You have to help the road runner get to it’s hole before the coyote 
catches it. 
	Level One:

	Level Two:

	Level Three:
	Click on the coin drop. Pick up your coin. Grab Bob and head back 
to Dry Creek. Go to Cappys and to the game machine. Take out Ellie’s 
ring and put it in the round button over the coin slot. Next, put the 
coin in the coin slot. Pull the lever. When ever anyone of the ‘Nicest, 
sweetest, and most pleasant friends’ rolls up, push the little red 
button beneath them. This will make them stay when you pull the lever 
again. You get two tries per every coin you put in. If you don’t win, 
ride back to Mary’s Gifts and play all three levels of Run for Cover 
again. Repeat this until all four slots on the machine are ‘nice 
people’ and you’ll win. When you win, al key will come out of the 
machine. Open the ballerina box using the key that just came out of the 
game machine. 
	A scroll will pop out from under the ballerina. 
	“On the paper you got when you first began, draw lines tween the 
pictures shown here. If you draw them in order, you’ll find something 
you need behind the picture that you make appear.”	
	Pull out the petroglyph paper and connect all the symbols. 
Connect the goat to the hand, the hand to the dog, the dog to the 
penguin with the U on its chest. Connect the penguin to swirl, the 
swirl to the eagle, the eagle to the sun, the sun to the critter, the 
critter to swirl with the cactus next to it. Next connect the swirl 
with cactus to the four crosses, the crosses to the ½ sun, the ½ sun to 
the people. It will create a V on the paper. A V for Valentine.
	This means you need to go to Cougar Bend to the location where 
you found the V petroglyph. Pull out your rope. Lasso the branch and 
climb up. Go to the left. See a rock with the V on it. Click on the 
rock. The rock will move and there will be a message there. 
	 “At Charlie’s grave, hold this up, look around and you’ll see 
the trail to the gift to you from me. Oh… and I don’t mean the Charlie 
that’s buried in Dry Creek.”
	Take the small rock that is with the note and return to Bob. Go 
to Mary’s Gifts and ask her to polish your rock. You’ll find out that 
it is a picture agate. Leaving the shop, your phone will ring. It is 
Bess and George. They finally got a flight, but it has been delayed. 
Tell them the sabotage is linked with the Valentine treasure and hang 
	In your task list, check off:
	Look out for a rock picture shaped like a V.
	Do what Dirk told Frances to do in the message he left for her in 
the secret compartment in the music box. 
	Follow up on the note that was in the music box. 
	Grab Bob and go to Trail Stop. Step up to Charlie’s grave. Click 
on it and your picture agate will pop up. Turn in a circle until you 
see the place shown on the rock. It is just past Zebra Rock. Nancy will 
say she’s grabbing Bob and heading that direction. You will arrive at 
the question mark. Turn right and walk strait. Keep going strait, 
you’ll curve you’ll a back arrow and it will point you up. Pull out 
your lariat and lasso the stick. Lasso it and climb up the wall. You’ll 
find a cliff dwelling. Go strait in to it. You’ll come to a carving on 
the wall. Use your code from earlier to decipher what’s on the wall. 
	It is a list of colors. 
	It is signed by Valentine. Go through the doorway. You can check 
out the pots you see throughout this maze. Inside five of these pots, 
you will find a key. Go through the door with the brown rock above the 
door (on the right). Click left and you’ll see a pot outside a lime 
door. Check for a key. There isn’t one, but now you’ll see what you’re 
looking out for. Go through the lime door and turn right. Go strait to 
another pot and look inside. You will find key number one. Go left and 
see a pot through the orange door, and check the pot, you’ll find key 
number two. Turn around and go back through the orange door and turn 
left and go through the yellow door.  Turn right and climb the ladder 
next to the red rock. Turn right, and you’ll see a pot sitting in the 
corner. Check it and you’ll fin key number three. Turn right and climb 
down the ladder at the blue rock. Go forward through the orange door. 
Go right through the lime door, and turn right and go up another ladder 
at the yellow rock. Take a left and turn right through the brown door. 
Go right through the blue door, turn right. Take a left through lime, 
turn left and go through an orange doorway. Turn right, go through blue 
and turn left. Go through brown, turn left and you’ll see a pot. Check 
it and you’ll find key number four. Turn around and go through lime, go 
strait through orange. Turn right go through red and turn left go 
through blue on the left side. Go strait and pass through yellow, turn 
left. Pass through lime, strait through blue. You will see a pot 
sitting beneath red. Check the pot and you’ll find key number five. 
Check out what is beneath the blanket there; you’ll find a hole on the 
floor. Backup, turn left and pass through a lime doorway and turn let 
and go up a ladder at a brown rock. Go strait. Turn right and go 
forward. You will see a door located at a yellow rock. Click on the 
door and then the box located on the door. All five keys will pop up 
and you have to match the shape of the key to the shape of the key 
hole. Put the top key in the bottom right hole. The second key goes in 
the top left hole. Key number three goes in the top right hole. Key 
four in the bottom left, and key five in the center. Click on the arrow 
and the door will open. Go in and take a right. There is a treasure box 
on the table. Open it the treasure chest. Congratulations, you found 
Dirk Valentine’s treasure to Frances Humber. It is a chest full of 
solid gold hearts. You won’t be able to take it with you, but that’s 
ok, because it isn’t yours anyway. Leave the room and you’ll find the 
culprit down below. They go off and tell you that you found the 
treasure for them. Now they just have to find their way to you. What 
are you going to do? Go back to the ladder and climb down. Go through 
the lime doorway and take the rock off the lime doorway and the red 
doorway. Switch the two rocks, so that the lime rock is over the hole 
in the floor and the red rock is in the correct place. Do this quickly, 
because the culprit is getting closer. The culprit will catch up, fall 
through the hole and ask Nancy for help. Nancy says no, and you win the 
game. She will end explaining everything in a letter to Hannah.