Question from skullmw1102

Save files anyone?

Does anybody have any game save files close to the alternate ending playing as the rebels in the campaign mode. According to one of the FAQ's, if you capture all available land maps before destroying the Death Star, you get a different ending. I have played this game repeatedly and just now heard about this ending, however I really don't want to play through again just to see the ending. Thanks for any help or advice.


Drayco90 answered:

In my game, I ended with most control of the Galaxy, and didn't recieve the alternate ending. Might be a hoax or simply false, assuming I'm not doing something else wrong.
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rohitmitra5752 answered:

I suppose the best bet would be to search the video on youtube. I don't think there is an alternate ending, but still you might give it a try. And since it's just the ending you want, go check out the video. I dont think there is any need to even play that level again
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