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How do I get past level 3 rebel campaign while controling the planet?

When I failed the mission, I just suddenly entered a land batle. But then, I controlled the planet. Now, how am I going to complete the mission?

gardyanakbar provided additional details:

well, is like this. when I play the mission to get the pilots to the x-wing, I failed. then it returned to the galactic map. My units are still on the planets. then it enters a tactical battle (a normal tactical battle not mission) and i won the battle, take control of the planet. but the mission still haven't been completed. wierd isn't it?


Imoffended answered:

Tell me what you do there because i forgot what that was. Although u can try move the characters to the place and see if it starts, or u can sell everything u can and move all units off and see if the empire captures it. A last resort would be restarting the campaign, after all, your only on level 3.
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