Question from saitaria

Won't let me open multiplayer?

When I try to open multiplayer, the game just tells that the info i put in is invalid, even though I know for a fact that its right. I've tried making a new account, but whenever i do, it just tells me that "my Email address does not match my password." Whatever that means. please tell me what the problem is and how i can get it to work.

Uberbean2 asked for clarification:

I have exactly the same problem, so bump!

saitaria provided additional details:

Update: I have recently found a way to open multiplayer, but now whenever i do it freezes immediatly on the screen that comes up before i enter the lobby.

saitaria provided additional details:

No because i had been playing on that account for months!


gardyanakbar answered:

Maybe you need to download something.... it pops up everytime the game reaches the main menu.

I always have that in my game. So perhaps you haven't downloaded it???
If you had done it and it doesn't work,

Well sorry, I don't know what to do.......
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Imoffended answered:

It probably means that your password or most likely User name is taken already.
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Imoffended answered:

How long did u wait, because for me, when i start up multilayer i have to wait like 10 secs for lag got go away then everything is fine. Try to clear your desktop background and make it clear by right clicking on the desktop screen and selecting properties and choose none. Also, make your colors 16 bit by doing same procedure but go to settings. The last minor thing you can do is adjust the screen area by doing the same thing and making the screen area 800 by 600 pixels. Another thing you can do is do the same procedure and click advance, then go to the troubleshooting tab. then you will see a bar that says none to full. Try decreasing it little by little but don't go to far, or you wont have enough what ever you need to play the game. One last thing you can do if you do all for he suggestions above together and they still don't work, is to de-frag your hard drive, but don't remove anything you know or might think is important, or you could screw up your comp. Hope this helps!
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