Question from kregdh

Help with installation?

I lost my manual. Can I still install some way or am I completely screwed if I dont buy a new game. Please answer. (Come on I made an account for msn to ask this question!)

gardyanakbar asked for clarification:

Tell us wether you lost your readme (The manual in the computer) or the paper manual (The manual in a piece or paper. Usually a small paper.)


gardyanakbar answered:

Well, maybe your not screwed up. I saw this video in youtube (accidentally) that you can install the game even though you lost your manual. But the problem is, I forget the title. Just keep looking. Anyway, if your talking about the readme, just use this step. This takes time......but works. (BUt if you can't do it, don't blame me. Blame the video maker guy.....)

Or perhaps just buy a new one.

Hope THIS helps.......
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