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Heroes Stronger?

I saw on youtube where this guy had just han solo and chewie on the rebel campaign to find the mon calamari schematics and they took on two legged walkers how?

pindragonrul provided additional details:

I mean is it a mod if so where thanks?


JalekYle answered:

Chewie can hijack Empire vehicles. This can be extremely useful if you think about it.
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Imoffended answered:

Well infantry heroes generally have more health than normal infantry. Also, Han Solo has an EMP ability that can stun all vehicles in a certain range around him. Plus, Chewie has the ability to take any vehicle and use it along with there ability. So my guess is that Han used his EMP ability on the at-st's, then Chewie took it, then he used the barrage ability on the other at-st's. OR AlSO han and chewie survived long enough (because they have a lot of health as i mentioned before) to kill all of them.
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