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Is there anyway to make troops inside a space ship during space battles?

I want to make my units protected by one of my space ships. How? just like emeperor palpatine, mon mothma and general veers.

gardyanakbar provided additional details:

What I mean is, for example:

You have the death star. On destroying a planet, a space battle you encounter. The emperor is with your space units. BUT, he is inside the death star marked like a small green box with his picture on the death star. This also happens with capital ships, such as the star destroyer and mon calamari star cruiser.

I am asking why can't land units reside in a cruiser or something, so they will be protected, rather than in a small shuttle.


KiiNGxKiiller answered:

Um im not sure what your exactly asking but u cant station units inside a space station or ship, nor can you build units out of a ship. although all star destroyers auto build tie fighters and a few bombers directly out of their ships...
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