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Asked: 6 years ago

Star Wars : Empire At War With Clone Wars Campaign?

I would like to ask is there a mod 4 this game that contain a clone war campaign coz as we know clone war are cool just like in the movie..........???

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Sorry this has not been answered sooner.
Right now there is a good mod underway for clone wars that I believe is close to being released.
It is called Republic at War and can be found at

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I have two mods for empire at war that involve the clones. There is Republic at War (beta, not out yet), and Attack Of The Clones. However, i believe AOTC is for forces of Corruption. if you can't get those, i suggest going to either filefront.coma dn searching for one, or go to google (or any other search engine) and search there with a keyword set like "Star Wars Empire at War-Clone Wars Mod-Download

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