Unit/Skirmish FAQ by VampireHunterD4

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Star Wars: Empire At War
In-depth Unit and Skirmish FAQ
By Alex Wilson


Asterisk means incomplete.

Table of Contents:

1.0- Intro
1.1- About Me
1.2- Version History
1.3- Copyright

2.0- Comparision of Rebel and Imperial Armies/Navies.* 

[Rebel Unit Guide-Space]
3.1- Z-95 Headhunter
3.2- Koensayr Y-wing
3.3- Incom T-65 X-Wing Starfighter
3.4- Corellian Corvette
3.5- Corellian Gunship
3.6- Marauder Missile Cruiser
3.7- Nebulon-B Frigate
3.8- Alliance Assault Frigate
3.9- Mon-Cal Cruiser
3.10- A-Wing

[Imperial Unit Guide-Space]
4.1- Probe Droid
4.2- Tie Fighter
4.3- Tie Bomber
4.4- Tie Scout
4.5- Tartan Patrol Crusier
4.6- Acclamator-class Crusier
4.7- Broadside Cruiser
4.8- Victory-class Star Destroyer
4.9- Interdictor-class Star Destroyer
4.10- Star Destroyer
4.11- Death Star
4.12- Long Ranhge Scanner
4.13- Gravity Well Station

[Rebel Unit Guide-Land]
5.1- Rebel Trooper 
5.2- PLEX Trooper
5.3- T2-B Hovertank
5.4- MPTL-2A
5.5- T4-B Tank
5.6- AirSpeeder
5.7- Infiltratior

[Imperial Unit Guide-Land]
6.1- Stormtroopers
6.2- Scout Bike
6.3- AT-ST
6.4- Tie Mauler
6.5- 2-M Repulsor Tank
6.6- SPMA-T
6.7- AT-AT
6.8- AT-AA

[Rebel Heroes]
7.1- R2-D2/C-3PO
7.2- Captain Raymus Antilles
7.3- Mon Mothma
7.4- Han Solo/Chewie
7.5- Admiral Ackbar
7.6- Red Sqaudron
7.7- Obi-Wan Kenobi
7.8- Kyle Katarn

[Imperial Heroes]
8.1- Darth Vader
8.2- Boba Fett
8.3- General Veers
8.4- The Emperor
8.5- Captain Piett
8.6- Mara Jade
8.7- Grand Moff Tarkin

[Shared Heroes]
9.1- Fleet Commander
9.2- Field Commander
9.3- Smuggler
9.4- Bounty Hunter

10.1- Mines
10.2- One-Use mines
10.3- Ion Cannon
10.4- Garrison buildings
10.5- Space Station
10.6- Sensors/Turbolasers
10.7- Hypervelocity Gun
10.8- Space platforms
10.9- Abandoned Factories

[Skirmish Info]
11.1- How skirmish battles work
11.2- How to play Skirmish*
11.3- Imperial/Rebel strategies for Space*
11.4- Imperial/Rebel stratigies for Land*

12.1- What to send and where
12.2- The List
12.3- Email of note

[The End]
13.1- Contributors


1.0- Intro
Welcome to my First FAQ for GameFAQS, the in-depth guide to the Units, Heroes,
and structures you'll find in the tactical battles of the game,as well as a 
simple and easy strategy section for Skirmish battles. For ease of use, each 
Section is headed by it's Table of Contents name, sans brackets ( [,] ), and 
the sub-section headed by the numerical decimal shown in the ToC.I Hope you
enjoy my guide and find it helpful as you try to conquer the galaxy.

1.1- About Me
Hello, my name is Alexander Wilson, better known as VampireHunterD4 and VoShay.
I am a nineteen year old high school graduate, looknig to attend college soon,
I am an avid gamer, avid fan of many fictional works (With Star Wars way up 
there), and a happily fiancee'd dude. I spend much of my time online discussing
new ways in which to conquer in the many forum-based sims I play. If you wish
to hit me up for anything really, contact me at vampirehunterd4@hotmail.com or
better yet, IM me at T3h3vil337 on AIM. For ICQ, 24666560 will usaully work. I
accept all friendly conversations and enjoy intelligent debate. So have fun
chatting me up if you want, or asking me questions. Questions are the single
best way to enhance this guide and your playing expierence, because if your 
missing something you think this gudie should provide, you can probably leave
me a message on AIM, and I'll get to it. ;) So that about wraps up me. Ciao.

1.2- Version History
2/28/06 0.9 All sections written, manyupdates expected to the skirmish section.
first upload.

1.3- Copyright
This and all information included is copyrighted (C) to Alexander James Wilson,
and may not be reproduced in anyway for non-personal usage without permission.
Permission is rarely denied, all one needs to do is ask. Simple. Reproduction
without credit will be dealt with quickly and negatively. Reproduction without
consent may be forgiven. Any and all information that is not my intellectual
property is used under the Fair Use Law, and is either a fact or belongs to 
someone else. I'll list them at the end of the guide. End Line.


2.0- Comparision of Rebel and Imperial Armies/Navies

The Rebel and Imperial fleets and armies are different. In some ways very. 
Different tactics will apply to either side, and the attempt to play the Rebel
Alliance with an addiction to slugging matches will end in your early demise-
Playing the Empire with finesse in mind will likely only bore or annoy you. 

The Empire depends on numbers, power, and numbers. As The Imperial Navy/Army,
you have at your disposal a large number of ultimately expendable units. Your
Tie squadrons will keep coming and coming, and your units are oft meant to be
expendable. Your greatest concern will be keeping your capital ships safe,
or your heroes and AT-ATs.

The Rebels are much difference. They will never win in a equal slugging match.
Many say they are more powerful- no. They are more varied, and have easily
defined prescision roles many players identify and use to great affect. This 
does not mean they have more raw power, players just easily adapt to the Rebels
with no problems. As the Rebel alliance, you will hit and run, strike hard, and
make double sure you are using your units wisely, as their cost and lack of 
strength make head-on battle a risky proposition. 


Rebel Unit Guide-Space

3.1- Z-95 Headhunter

Weak: Tie Fighter, Tartan Patrol Cruiser, most anything.
Strong: Tie Fighter

Description: The Z-95 Headhunter is an aged fighter-decades old, it's continued 
use is a sign of it's good manufacture. It, however, barely holds up to the 
standards of any other fight.

Strategy: Phase these out and/or bever build them. The 70 credits you save are
not worth it. Use X-Wings. 

Opinion: Bleh. Cute and all, but's really there more for show and story.

3.2- Koensayr Y-wing
Ability: Ion Cannon: Select a target,and an Ion burst will shot down hardpoints
for a short amount of time, as well as damaging shields nicely. Bombing Run:
When in orbit, Y-Wings are able to be called in to strike targets during land 
battles. These bombing runs are definitely the most useful thing ever.

Weak: Tie Fighter, Tartan Patrol Cruiser
Strong: All Capital Ships and Stations

Description: The Y-Wing, a several year old model, is considered the workhorse
of the Rebel navy. It's heavy armor, shields, torpedos, and ion cannon make it
the ultimate bomber to use against your foes.

Strategy: If you see no Tartans in your way, feel free to run up, blast, and 
bomb anything big and ugly. Start with ISDs, then VSDs, then Space Stations,
then smaller capitals. Tie Fighters aren't really a worry, just heroes and

Opinion: This is the work horse. Planets can often be defended by just a 
garrison of Y-wings. Take out the main ships, then fly back and let the station
take care of the fighters.

3.3- Incom T-65 X-Wing Starfighter
Ability: Lock S-foils: It locsk the S-foils in closed position, increasng speed
and manuverability at the cost of weapon power. Is usaully useless, unless your
racing accross the map for some reason.

Weak: Tartan Patol Cruiser
Strong: Tie Fighters, Tie Bombers

Description: The Incom T-65 X-Wing Starfighter is a marvel of design, one of
mosr advanced starfighters in the galaxy. It's useful against any ship of it's
class, and is good at distracting capital ships.

Strategy: Use it to screen your bombers and your capital ships from enemy 
fighters. Watch out for tartans.

Opinion: This will be around forever, especially if you don't like the A-Wing.
Use it in small numbers to protect your larger ships, or use them and Y-Wings
exclusively to hit and run.

3.4- Corellian Corvette
Ability: Boost Engines: Increases your speed and decreases your attack. Useful 
for running from a sudden ISD or other threats, as well as getting the corvette
towhever your expiercing bomber trouble.

Weak: Capital Ships
Strong: Fighters, Bombers

Description: The Corellian manufacutred Corvette-class ship, with no formal 
desigination, is often called the Rebel Blockade Runner, or simply Blockade
Runner, due to it's use as a multi-purpose mid-class vessel by the Rebel 
Alliance, for it's speed and ability to be modified. It is armed with two quad
laser battieries, making it easy to rip enemy squadrons to shreds.

Strategy: In the Early game, this ship is very useful in destroying any fighter
especially bombers. In the later game it's role is mostly filled by the Gunship

Opinion: I like it plenty, but the Gunship is better in all respects, and only
a little more costly. Until you get it, however, this will mow through all the
Imperial bombers you'll find. It's best to have this screen your capitals, as
it's worth about two X-Wing squadrons if used right.

3.5- Corellian Gunship
Ability: Boost Engines: Go faster, shoot less. Good for jetting to trouble 
spots or running like a little girl.

Weak: Capital Ships
Strong: Fighters and Bombers

Description: The Corellian Gunship-class ship, like the corvette, has no unique
desigination. Unlike the corvette, it has no nickname. A moving mid-class 
weapons platform, it is superior to the corvette in all ways, and the New 
Republic used it for decades before re-fitting it's Navy with brand new ships
of all classes. It's armed with missiles, lasers, and is deadly to anything
smaller then it. 

Strategy: It fulfills the same role as a corvette, but better. It decimates
anything smaller then it in record time. Use it to screen your capital ships
from bombers.

Opinion: Dern good ship. It's possible (but not perfect) to phase out all 
X-Wings and A-Wings and use just these. The only problem-These get tore up by
Capital ships, whilst X-wings and A-wings don't care. 

3.6- Marauder Missile Cruiser
Ability: Barrage Area: Send a barrage of powerful missles in an area. Lasts
until you movethe ship.

Weak: Everything but fighters
Strong: Everything

Description: The Marauder-class Cruiser began it's life as a ship of choice by
pirates. Inexpensive yet effective, it was quick and well-armed with missle
tubes, providing an excellent raider. The only downside to this craft- No armor

Strategy: Keeping them in the back, sandwiched in your capital ships, makes for
a decent long ranged bombarder. Think of them as Space Artillery.

Opinion: I HONESTLY hate these ships. They are very weak and inaccurate, so 
while they are powerful, I prefer to spend the population on another type of

3.7- Nebulon-B Frigate

Ability: Boost Shield Regeneration: Increases the rate of regen on your shields
at the cost of speed and power. A very useful ability when you've lost almost 
all your shields, but will not help you escape. 

Weak: Bombers
Strong: not particularly well suited to fight anything, good against mid-class
ships, and can be decent back-up against capital ships.

Description: The Nebulon-B Frigate-class starship was created, produced, and 
used exclusively by Imperial contractors. However, the ship was often used as
a border guard, among other things, and was oft overwhelemed by strategically 
planned attacks, aimed at capturing the ship. It's speed and power, as well as
being one of the few miltiary-grade frigates available, led to it's eventual
use by the Rebel Allaince much more often then the Imperial Navy, to the point
it became a rarity to see one stationed core-ward. It is well armed and 
powerful, and can stand up to any mid-sized ship, as well as the aging 
Acclamator-class cruisers. It's only true weaknesses are enemy bombers. 

Strategy: Use these as the bulwark of your fleet. Quick, powerful, and not
particularly vulnerable, they are very useful at drawing fire away from your
more important vessels, and returning it shot for shot. 

Opinion: I love Nebulon-B's. Especially as it'll take you seven years to get a
Mon Cal MC-80b cruiser.

3.8- Alliance Assault Frigate mk. II

Weak:Bombers, Star Destroyers
Strong: Mid-class ships, Acclumator-class cruisers

Description: An aging design, the Assault Frigate of the Old Republic is now
being used almost exclusively by the rebellion, as opposed to the predecessor
of the Star Destroyer, the Acclumator, which remains an Imperial ship. It is
well armed, and makes up in it's lack of a hanger by acting as a small capital
class vessel. 

Strategy:Use it as your main capital ship, unless you can afford to use Mon 

Opinion: I tend not to use them, but I'm not a fan of Rebel larger ships. 

3.9- Mon-Cal MC-80b Cruiser
Ability: Boost Shield Regeneration: Makes your Mon Cal very hard to kill with 
not torpedos. A Very useful ability in a slugging match with superior laser

Weak: Bombers
Strong: All mid and capital class ships, save the Star Destroyer

Description: The Mon Calamari, a peaceful and industrial people, were sparked
to action by the Empire's actions. Their fleet of large, impressive, and very
well built Luxury cruisers was easily retrofitted for military use. They are
the Capital Ship of the Rebel fleet for decades, although they quickly are 
built from scratch as military vessels instead of converted passenger liners.

Strategy: This is your big boy. Used to lay all the other big boys and stations
to rest. Protect it well, and hit them hard. THat's about all this sucker is
meant to do. 

Opinion: I love big ships. No way around it. You'll want as many of these as 
you can afford, to disperse among your fleets.

3.10- A-Wing
Ability: Lure: Attracts all nearby enemies to attack the sqaudron, while 
increasing it's manuverability. Awesome.

Weak: Tartans
Strong: Tie Fighters, Tie Bombers

Description: Developed by hard work from Jan Dodanna, the A-Wing is a marvel of
engineering. It is one of the fastest starfighter in the galaxy, faster then 
any mainstream Imperial ship. Piloted by the 'strangest men,' these ships are
the rebellion'sgreatest anti-fighter vehicle.

Strategy: Run this sucker in with the ability going and those annoying fighter
screens go bye bye. Otherwise, it's a faster but weaker X-Wing. 

Opinion: I personally like them, as I tend to use smaller ships when possible,
as they don't get worked by capitals. 


Imperial Unit Guide-Space

4.1- Probe Droid
Use: Send to a planet to find out what's there, kinda.
Description: Built in droves by the empire to root out rebel hidden bases, its
proven to be very successful. It discovered the Hoth Base, among others. It is
otherwise useless.

Strategy: If you like, build these and send them places before your ships go.
30 credits is nothing compared to half a fleet.

Opinion: In AI games, useless. But against a real human- you may find them a 
friend to swear by. 

4.2- Tie Fighter
Ability: Hunt: You click this, and the sqaud goes running all over to find 
enemies to attack. About the only thing worth doing with them.

Weak: Everything
Strong: Bombers

Description: The Twin Ion Engine, or TIE fighter, is a fast, agile, and very
manuverable craft. The pilots of these craft are almost always considered 
disposable, and their only purpose is to distract and swarm. They do so very

Strategy:It is also almost useless against most anything besides bombers and
fighters in large numbers. It's bonus is numbers, speed, and the fact you 
don't build them- they boil out of most Imperial ships like hornets from a 
bothered hive.

Opinion: Well their's no way you can not use them. Best to set them on hunt 
and go do your thing.

4.3- Tie Bomber
Ability: Bombing Run: In a land battle, orbital bombers can nuke stuff for you
often. A necessary abiliy for most combats.

Weak: Everything
Strong: Capitals

Description: With the need to surgically subjugate enemies, and a capital ship
bomber, the TIE bomber was developed. It proved very successful with it's large
compliment of proton torpedos or bombs, as need be.

Strategy: When you enter battle, wait for all the ties to deploy, then select
all your bombers. Make them a group, and use them like rebel bombers- pick 
something you want dead and blast it. Best used away from anything smaller then
a Marauder.

Opinion: You have to use them.. and they are very useful. 

4.4- Tie Scout
Ability: Unknown.

Weak: Most things.
Strong: Nothing.

Description: Forced to find a way to scout out systems with something better 
then an automated droid, they chose to retrofit bombers with a hyperdrive and a
lot of speed. It has proven mildly effective.

Strategy: These are good for flying to and capturing a space platform. That's 
it. Perhaps you'll like to use it as cannon fodder?

Opinion: I tend to ignore these, but they will most likely come in handy during
online play.

4.5- Tartan Patrol Crusier
Ability: Boost Weapons: At a cost to speed and shield power, this ship fires
much more powerfully, and quicker.

Weak: Larger ships
Strong: Smaller ships

Description: Before the extremely deadly Lancer frigate, the empire relied on 
Tartan patrol ships to serve as a deadly anti-fighter weapons platform, much 
like the corellian gunship. The negative, however, is the lack of missiles
on the Tartan.

Strategy: Use these to screen your larger ships of fighters. That's about it.
It's deadly against all fighters.

Opinion: They are the backbone of your anti-fighter fleet, but you can get away
with jsut a fighter screen of ties. I wouldn't swear by it though. 

4.6- Acclamator-class Crusier
Ability: Boost Weapons: At a cost to speed and shield power, this ship fires
much more powerfully, and quicker.

Weak: Larger ships, bombers
Strong: Mid-class ships

Description: An aging hulk, these left overs from the Clone Wars are effective,
if small comapred to Imperial ships of the line. They are however larger then
all but two of the rebel ships.

Strategy: This is your early version of an Imperial Star Destroyer. That's it.
unless you can't afford to, phase them out for real Star Destroyers when you 
can. Otherwise, use them to your advantage as they are good against most things

Opinion: Their tiny. Useful early on, but later you want the big guns. It can 
field one tie and one bomber.

4.7- Broadside Cruiser
Ability: Barrage Area: Barrages target area with devestating missle fire, as 
long as it does not move.

Weak: everything
Strong: everything

Description: A companion ship to the Maurader-class cruiser, this vessel acts
almost exactly the same as the marauder, in every way.

Strategy:Keeping them in the back, sandwiched in your capital ships, makes for
a decent long ranged bombarder. Think of them as Space Artillery.

Opinion: Hate hate hate these. I find them useless. Maybe you'll like them.
Note this does not mean they cannot be deadly or effective. I just hate them.

4.8- Victory-class Star Destroyer
Ability:Boost Weapons: At a cost to speed and shield power, this ship fires
much more powerfully, and quicker.

Weak: Mon Cals, bombers
Strong: Everthing else

Description: A vangard ship, the Victory-class Star Destroyer was a smaller 
vessel then the Star Destroyer, designed to act as a picket ship. It was still
very deadly, and could hold it's own against any Rebel ship except a Mon Cal
cruiser, although the cruiser would be heavily damaged. 

Strategy: Use it like a real battleship. Support it, then strike the enemy
head-on! Look's cool, and works.

Opinion: Have a lot of these. You save on the cost of a Star Destroyer.

4.9- Interdictor-class Star Destroyer
Ability: Gravity Well: Prevents any hyperspace. Good to trap hit and run rebel
fleets. Jam missles: Makes missles not work.

Weak: Capital Ships, bombers.

Strong: Nothing, really.

Description: Tired of hit and run engagements ending with the rebellion always
managing to slip away in the nick of time, the Imperial Navy developed the 
Interdictor. With giant gravity wells sucking most of it's power, the ship is
not very powerful ni combat, but prevents any hyperspace. It became a symbol
of power under Thrawn, who used it to pull ships out of hyperspace and ambush

Strategy: Hide it in the back of your fleet, and turn on the juice. Let the
Rebels enojy their lack of escape. 

Opinion: Useful to defend your worlds with in ahuman game. Otherwise, useless.

4.10- Imperial Star Destroyer
Ability:Boost Weapons: At a cost to speed and shield power, this ship fires
much more powerfully, and quicker.

Weak: bombers
Strong: Everything else

Description: A monsterous ship, this is the symbol of Imperial terror accross
the galaxy. Large and in charge, it has no equal at this time. 

Strategy: surrond it with support ships against bombers, and plow. This baby
can take a beating, and dishes one out too. It's a giant flotilla of death.

Opinion: Love. Pure love is the ISD.

4.11- Death Star
Ability: Fire main gun. It shows up in your command bar as a switch. If your
in orbit aronud the last rebel planet, it automatically goes off after the 
Description: The largest man-made object, the Death Star is the size of a small
moon. It is an Imperial battle station with the unique ability to destroy a
Strategy: It comes with it's own fleet of two Victory-class star destroyers, 
and four tartan cruisers. A nice addition to your forces. After two minutes,
it can destroy the enemy planet. Even if you lose, you can hit it as the 
lose screen comes up, losing the fight but destroying the planet anyway.

Opinion: It's uber, but really expensive. And if red squadron gets to it, your
toast. Game over.

4.12- Long Range Scanner
Weak: All

Description: Long range Imperial Scanner.

Strategy: Build one when you got the money. They reveal the entire map. sweet.

Opinion: Useful, but not always worth it.

4.13- Gravity Well Station
Ability: Gravity Well: Prevents hyperspace.
Weak: All
Strong: None

Description: A stationary Interdictor cruiser.

Strategy: Just... stop them from running. Simple.

Opinion: Useful, if built on the right planet. 


Rebel Unit Guide-Land

5.1- Rebel Trooper
Ability: Take Cover: Increases Defense but greatly reduces speed.

Weak: Tank Treads, bombs
Strong: Most things.

Description: The basic grunt of the Rebel Allaince, they often have little 
group training but tend to have backgrounds supporting excellence in blasters.

Strategy: Use this as your frontline troops, and have a lot. Troops are the 
backbone of every land army. You must have troops, or you will lose. In fact,
if their is no Anti-infantry turrets around, you can easily win any battle with
a large but not enormous amount of troops. 

Opinion: You need them. 

5.2- PLEX Trooper

Ability: Take Cover: Increases Defense but greatly reduces speed.
Weak: tank treads, bombs
Strong: most things.

Description: With the Imperial dependance on armor, portable proton torpedo 
launchers(when available) became a staple of the Rebel forces. It oftened would
even the odds.

Strategy: These and troopers can take imperial armies with relative ease. Use 
them just behind troopers to fire on any armor they run into. 

Opinion: These guys are evil 

5.3- T2-B Hovertank

Ability: Hunt: It goes roving, looking for enemies.

Weak: AT-AT, Artillery, 2-M Repulsor Tank
Strong: stormtroopers

Description: A light scout, the hovertank is useful for quickly moving to 
hotspots, and as a effective and cheap garrision.

Strategy: Their good for taknig hits, and distracting infantry. You'll want 
better units for other stuff.

Opinion: Their usefulness drops off as you get better units, but it's still
nice to surprise them with a raid from an unexpected area.

5.4- MPTL-2A
Ability: Deploy: becomes immobile and deploys it's artillery cannons.

Weak: Everything
Strong: Everything

Description: A long range missile tube armed bombarder, the MPTL-2A is one of 
the most powerful vehicles in the rebel's army, if a tad fragile.

Strategy: This is your baby. These, as a fraction of your ground army, i'd say 
about 30%, will garuntee your win. Hide them behind some scouts/protectors, and 
rain havock on any enemy that comes in range. Works best in groups of four or 
more (two squads.)

Opinion: Love these things, though they should be getting re-balanced in a pack

5.5- T4-B Tank
Ability: Rockets: The tank uses rockets instead of lasers. Good against turrets
and structures. 

Weak: Anti-vehcile turrets, AT-ATs
Strong: All Imperial ground vehicles, except the AT-AT
Description: It's a two-laser turret treaded vehicle, with several rocket pads.

Strategy: Use these as your main assault vehicles. They also make good armoured
spotters for your artellery, as they are hard to take down compared to other
rebel units.

Opinion: Good tank. Real good tank.

5.6- AirSpeeder
Ability: Tow Cable: Uses a cable to trip up AT-AT walkers, serverely damaging

Weak: AT-AA, AA guns
Strong: AT-ATs

Description: A repolsurlift vehicle, this flying craft can only be used on the
ground. It is the best way to attack enemy AT-ATs.

Strategy: Use these mostly as spotters, unless you see an AT-AT. Since nothing
can hit them save an AT-AA and AA guns, their real good at spotting. Their very
bad at killing things. 


5.7- Infiltratior

Ability: Thermal detonaters: THrows a good sized bomb on a vehcile or structure

Weak: Anti-Vehicle turrets, tank treads
Strong: Infantry, buildings, light vehicles

Description: Specially trained special ops, these troops are deadly with their
laser rifle, and good with their bombs too. They can mow through platoons with
ease, and blow up buildings and smaller units just as easily. 

Strategy:Use this to mop up troops and buildings. They are great as garrisons,
anti-infantry in a group, and as a base demoltions crew after you get the 

Opinion: I certainly love them.


Imperial Unit Guide-Land

6.1- Stormtroopers
Ability: Take cover: Signficantly reduced damage, for signifcantly reduced 

Weak: Treads, Infiltrators
Strong: Troopers
Description: The bread and butter fo the Imperial army, these men fight and die
for the Emperor.

Strategy: Use them. Lots of them. You need lots and lots, early on. Lots and 
lots period.

Opinion: Your army will most likely be 50% to 70% stormmies usaully. 
deal with it.

6.2- Scout Bike
Ability: Mine: Drops mines that explode after a few moments. 
Weak: Everything
Strong: Troops, Artillery

Description: On fast and lightly armoured speeder bikes, these scout troopers
are fragile and used mostly to secure positions, and find enemies. 

Strategy: These are your arty killers. You fly them in quick and drop your 
mines next to the rebel artillery, and run. They'll die good. So will your men.

Opinion: Next to useless, until the rebels have artillery. Then they are cheap 
life savers.

6.3- AT-ST

Ability: Barrage area: Until the unit next moves, it barrges an area, dealing
impressive damage. 

Weak: PLEX troopers, T4-B, Artillery
Strong: troopers

Description: The light forces of the Empire, this is the best armor/speed trade
in their army.

Strategy: You can use these early game, but I definitely suggest phasing them
out by the end. THeyaren't extrodinairly useful, except against lots of enemies
that won't kill them too quick.

Opinion: Beh. Kinda lame, really. 

6.4- Tie Mauler
Ability: Explode: The unit blows up. 

Weak: PLEX troopers, vehicles, Artillery.
Strong: Troopers

Description: The 'TIE' tank, this is just as expendable and weakly armoured as
it's airborne counterpart. It's main virtues are speed and being able to 
destroy itself in a mildly damaging explosion. 

Strategy: Use these as shock troops, maybe. They are virtuous in the fact they 
easily run over troopers. That's their best use. THe explosion is cute, but 
it's better to use scout bikes and Mara Jade over this for "explosions."

Opinion: Very bah. Don't like'm at all.

6.5- 2-M Repulsor Tank
Ability: Weapon Boost: Loses shields to pump out the pain.

Weak: PLEX Troopers, T4-B tank, Artillery.
Strong: T2-B tanks.

Description: The Imperial tank of choice, the Repulsor tank uses it's speed to
advantage over the rebel treaded vehicles.

Strategy: Use them as a good counter to the rebel tanks, unless your able to
pump out AT-ATs. 

Opinion: Their yummy. They are one of the few Imperial units for which Weapon
boost is useful. 

6.6- SPMA-T

Ability: Deploy: Deploys to fire artillery laser shots.

Weak: Everything
Strong: Troops

Description: A response to the rebel artillery, the Imperial army, as always, 
made up in numbers what they lacked in quality. 

Strategy: Deploy these toward the back of your unit groups. Don't expect them
to be as useful as rebel artys.

Opinion: Their allright, that's about it.

6.7- AT-AT

Ability: Deploy stormtroopers: Deplyos one squad of stormmies. It can have two
deployed at a time. If one dies, you can deploy another squad again.

Weak: Plex soldiers, Air Speeders
Strong: Everything but air speeders, and troops. 

Description: THe large, powerful AT-At is the Imperial land unit of terror.
Insanely powerful and well-armoured, it is the most difficult land unit to kill

Strategy: If you can, build as many of these as possible. They have no easy
counter, and net you free stormmies, which are technically infinite.

Opinion: They are your best unit.

6.8- AT-AA

Ability: Unknown

Weak: Everything
Strong: Air units 
Description: Used to combat air speeders, this vehicles is useless against most
everything else.

Strategy: Hide it towards the back and hope you don't need more then one, ever.
they are almost useless.



Rebel Heroes

7.1- R2-D2/C-3PO
Ability: Steal technology: They steal tech in the main game. Hack Turret: hack
into a turret, converting it to your use. Repair vehicle: Repairs a vehicle to 
full health.

Weak: Everything
Strong: Nothing

Description: Intrepid droids, both intricately linked to Anakin Skywalker, they
serve the rebellion.

Strategy: They are really useless. While R2's repair is useful, it's not fast
enough or worth the 850 credits. Turret hack is useless, as the droids are dead
or the turret destroyed by the time they get to it.

Opinion: Utterly stupid as ground units. 

7.2- Captain Raymus Antilles
Ability: Boost Speed: Boosts speed. Makes him temporarily the fastest unit in
the game.

Weak: Capital Ships
Strong: Fighters, Mid-size ships

Description: Father to the Captain Antilles who dies on the Tantive IV, he is 
an able leader, and a heoric figure. 

Strategy: He is an uber corvette, use him as such. He's great to send to 
trouble spots.

Opinion: He's pretty dern good.

7.3- Mon Mothma
Ability: None
Weak: Nothing
Strong: Nothing
Description: Leader of the rebellion.
Strategy: useless in battle.
Opinion: No use in battle.

7.4- Han Solo/Chewie/Millenium Falcon
Ability: Invulnerability: Turns the falcon invulnerable. Sprint: Causes hero to
run very fast. Steal: Chewie steals a vehicle. Disable: Han disables a number
of enemy vehicles. In space, they are a nigh-invincible itch capable of 
destroying any one ship, eventually.

Weak: Anti-Infantry turrets.
Strong: Infantry, vehicles.

Description: Loyal to the core, the stalwart duel will work very hard.. for the
right price.

Strategy: Chewie loves to hop from AT-AT to AT-AT. Han is darn good to rush 
into the middle of several vehicles and disable them all for easy pickings.

Opinion: Most useful gronud hero, in my opinion.

7.5- Admiral Ackbar/Home One
Ability: Target ship: All ships target an enemy, quickly destroying it. Boost
Sheild Regen: Boosts shield regeneration.

Weak: Bombers
Strong: Everything else

Description: The personal vessel of Admiral Ackbar, the Home One is the 
flagship of the Rebel navy, and the most powerful ship in the game.

Strategy: Use it to target powerful enemies. It can take two ISDs by itself.

Opinion: Awesome!

7.6- Red Sqaudron
Ability: Lucky Shot: Luke fires a lucky shot, dealing lots of damage. Lock
S-foils: move faster at reduced fire-power.

Weak: Tartan cruisers
Strong: Ties, space stations.

Description: The famous red squadron with it's original members, they are the 
best Rebel fighter squadrons in the galaxy.

Strategy: Use them to target ships with plenty of shields- Luke can tear 
through them, but he can only deal so much damage to a component before it's 
gone and the rest of the damage is wasted.

Opinion: Useful, but it's noyl really necessary to stop death star's with.

7.7- Obi-Wan Kenobi
Ability: Heal troops: Heals all nearby troops to full. Protect: Uses the force
to protect one unit. 

Weak: anti-infantry turret
Strong: Infantry

Description: The aged and last Jedi Master, besides Yoda, he is stil a powerful

Strategy: He's alright. Use him to protect artillery, and heal your troopers.
He'sbasically a mobile one-shot bacta tank. His best ability is to use the 
Force to disable structures.

Opinion: Possible useful, but I tend to pass on him.

7.8- Kyle Katarn

Ability: Sprint: Run fast. Thermal Detaonator: Tosses a more pwoerful version 
of the infiltrator bomb. Latches on to a vehicle or structure, and does massive
Weak: Anti-vehicle turrets
Strong: infantry, structures
Description: Once an Imperial stormtrooper, Kyle Katarn is the crem de la crem
of Rebel Spec Ops... as a mercenary.

Strategy: Use him to hit and run Imp bases, or to increase your ability to 
fight off Imperial AT-ATs and troops.

Opinion: Good solid hero. 


Imperial Heroes

8.1- Darth Vader
Ability: Spawn Ties: Recreates Vader's back-up wingmen. Force Crush: Destroys
one helpless vehicle.

Weak: Nothing
Strong: Everything

Description: The Dark Lord of the Sith, he uses the Force to help crush the 

Strategy: He is uber itself. Use him to crush squads of infantry, that pesky
 tank. Or to disable a building with the force. He's also very good at
deflecting lasers. He is the ultimate shock trooper. In space, he's okay at 
destroying fighters and such. The best part is it is very hard to kill him.

Opinion: He is a must have. Always have him. 

8.2- Boba Fett
Ability: Fly: Moves super fast on his jet rockets. Sonic Charge: Uses a sonic 
charge to destroy enemy fighters.

Weak: corvettes
Strong: fighters

Description: The Best bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett always gets his 
man. He is known as "Vader's Bounty Hunter," because of the Dark Lord's tending
to hire him. 

Strategy: Use him to clear out fighters. On the ground, he's an okay hero.

Opinion: He's allright. I use him rarely in space skirmish.

8.3- General Veers
Ability: Focus firepower: Use very strong lasers to cut down enemy vehicles.
Deploy stormmies: Deploys a squad of stormtroopers, infinite uses, max two 
deployed at a time.

Weak:Plex Soliders
Strong: All vehicles and structures.

Description: THe best General in the Impeiral Navy, he also has the best AT-AT.

Strategy: Usehim to add the extra punch against Rebel forces in an assault. A 
large bonus is his being invinicble to tow cables. A must-have.

Opinion: Love him.

8.4- The Emperor

Ability: Force Lightning: Uses the raw energy of the force to burn as many 
troopers down as possible. Force Corrupt: Brutually savages the mind of nearby
rebel units, turning them against their former comrades. 

Weak: Anti-vehicle turrets
Strong: Troops

Description: Emperor of the Galatic Empire,his frail demeanor belies his still
ample ability in the Force.

Strategy: Use him to back up your forces if necessary, he is better used to 
reduce the cost of stuff on planets.

Opinion: Useful, but not very. Better to have Vader and leave him at home.

8.5- Captain Piett

Ability: Proton Blast: Uses a very powerful proton beam to deal massive damage.
Tractor Beam: Prevent the escape of a rebel vehicle.

Weak: Bombers

Strong: All non-fighters.

Description: The Accuser is the personal command ship of Captain Piett, one of
the up and coming officers of the Imperial Navy.

Strategy: Use the Accuser to hit the enemy hard. The Proton beam is great 
against any Mon Cal, hero, or space station which still has shields. It is less
useful against shieldless enemies, as the destruction of the component means
some damage isn't dealt, sometimes a lot of it.

Opinion: Most powerful ship in the game.

8.6- Mara Jade

Ability: Force corrupt: Causes the enemy to join your cause. Thermal Detonator:
Causes a large powerful blast, attaches to vehicles and structures only.

Weak: Anti-infantry turret.
Strong: Infantry, structures.

Description: THe Hand of the Emperor, Mara Jade is a powerful and well-trained
force sensitive.

Strategy: Use her to kill off troops, and destroy or damage closely held groups
She's great to hit and run buildings.

Opinion: useful. 

8.7- Grand Moff Tarkin
Ability: Indirectly makes all Imperial forces in the battle 25% better in all
respects. However, he makes retreat impossible. Use him wisely.

Weak: Nothing.
Strong: Nothing

Description: One of the Grand Moffs, he is so confident and powerful he is not
even afraid of Vader. He is the Emperor's right hand man, after Vader.

Strategy: You only get him in the campaign. He's useful in battles you can win.

Opinion: Use him as often as you can in close battles.


Shared Heroes

9.1- Fleet Commander
Ability: Indirectly makes your fleet more powerful.

Weak: Nothing
Strong: Nothing
Description: A well-trained officer, he helps manage your fleet.

Strategy: None really. Always have one if you can.

Opinion: Great.

9.2- Field Commander
Ability: Indirectly makes your fleet more powerful.

Weak: Anti-infantry turrets
Strong: infantry

Description: A well-trained officer, he helps manage your army.

Strategy: Keep them towards the back, if you use them.

Opinion: Less good then the fleet commander.

9.3- Smuggler
Ability: Steal credits

Description: Scum, this man will steal from the enemy for you.

Strategy: Hide him on a planet the enemy won't often check.

Opinion: Almost useless.

9.4- Bounty Hunter

Ability: Neutralize a hero.

Description: A bonuty huntr willing to kill- for a price.

Strategy: Use him to neturalize most heroes.

Opinion: Problems are this- too expensive to kill major heroes, not worth the 
money to kill minor. If you have the money and/or hate x hero, go for it.



10.1- Mines

Strategy: Capture and hold as many as you can, as these are the source of your 

Opinion: uhm... necessary as heck? 

10.2- One-Use mines
Description: One captured, you get a one-time boost of money.

Strategy: Grab it if you can.

Opinion: Uhm.. money=good. Duh.

10.3- Ion Cannon
Ability: Use ion Cannon: Use an Ion cannon blast to disable a ship for some 

Description: Developed and used by the Rebel Alliance, this large Ion Cannon
can fry the major systems on any vessel.

Strategy: Use it to pick off star destroyers, or the next biggest ship they 
Opinion: Great to have in a space battle.

10.4- Garrison buildings
Ability: recruit pirate troops.

Description: A building that somehow allows for the aquiring of unique troops.

Strategy: Capture it and bam, free troops.

Opinion: Most of the troops you can get are useless.

10.5- Space Station
Weak: Bombers
Strong: Capital Ships

Description: A space station, at variuos levels more powerful.

Strategy: Protect it well- this is your home base! In skirmish, it's loss 
usaully means you lose.

Opinion: protect it at all costs!

10.6- Sensors/Turbolasers
Description: Either a sensor array or a turbolaser. Sensor arrays make the 
entire map visible. Turbolasers blow everything up.

Strategy: grab them if you can.

Opinion: Very useful.

10.7- Hypervelocity Gun
Ability: Use Gun: Fires the gun, greatly damaging an enemy unit or sometimes, 

Description: A rail gun, it's able to fire several shells before requiring some
time to cool down.

Strategy: Use it against stationary targets. Like Space stations, or engaged 
capital ships, for maximum effect.

Opinion: Not as good, in my opinion, as the Ion Cannon.

10.8- Space platforms
Ability: Build turret.

Description: Build a missile or laser turret on these free-floating abandoned
wepons platforms.

Strategy: Almost useless.

Opinion: Almsot useless part duex.

10.9- Abandoned Factories
Ability: Build troops.

Description: An abandoned facility for producing a unit(s).

Strategy: Useless, usaully.

Opinion: Usaully useless.


Skirmish Info

11.1- How skirmish battles work
Skirmish battles are different from the campaign. You control a base or space
station, sharing it with your allies, while your enemy does the same. All
money is giving equally to all of you. It's not split. If you would get 500 
normally in single play, then you all get 500. You can build the units right
there on the battle map, as opposed to building them in the galaxy map. They
still come in as reinforcements at reinforcement points, or hyper in if your
fighting in space. The goal of the game is to control all the resource nodes
you can, so you can out-tech and out-build your enemy. It will be difficult, 
commander. Good luck.

11.2- How to play Skirmish
Once you start, send your inital forces to capture nodes and build resource
facilities on it, to start earning credits. From there, build units and tech
up to the next level when you feel you can wait on pumpimh out more units. Try
to get to tech level 2(land), or tech level 3(space), before you try to take 
his base or space station.

11.3- Imperial/Rebel strategies for Space
None Submitted yet

11.4- Imperial/Rebel stratigies for Land
Nnoe Submitted yet



12.1- What to send and where
I'm a busy guy, and I'm not an all-knowing deity. They are things I don't know.
Also, their are other things I'm just clueless about, or didn't think to add.
Sometimes, I may just skip something. Or you have a question. These are all
things you can contact me about, and the answers will no doubt be reflected in
this guide ASAP. I'm that amazing. So if you have the need to talk to me, email
me at vampirehunterd4@hotmail.com, or better yet, im me at t3h3vill337 on AIM.
I may not respond, but I'll get the message and hit you back as soon as I can,
or just update the faq real quick for you. I will also add a Player Strategy
section. If you have a unit specific or battle mode specific strategy you feel
is worth showing off, Send it to me and if I think it's worth putting up, it's
here. I will obviously put whatever name you give me in the contributors. Thank
you in advanced.

Specifically, send these things-

Descriptions- you have more/better info on the units/buildings? Give it to me 
and I'll update the description. More-better!

Strategies- Give'm to me, so they can be shown here.

Questions- Any questions I can answer will be and then shown here.

Typos- I screwed up? Tell me about it. 

Missing stuff- for example-the costs. I don't feel like hunting down the costs 
right now, as it doesn't directly effect their fighting abilities and tactics 
in a battle. If you do though, you get credit and a big grin from me.

12.2- FAQ
Currently, in the first version, I've gotten no questions, you lazy bums! ;)

12.3- Email of Note
Nope, no funny, angry, strange, weird email yet. We can only hope. ;) 


The End
13.1- Contributors
None yet, except my darling fiancee making me feel good enough to do things 
like this. :)