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Where's the product key?

I bought the game online, and asks me for a product code, but I can't find it since I downloaded it online legally. It also says that the code can be found on the back of the package, but I didn't get the package since I downloaded it online. Any ideas where I should look?


sanatdutta10 answered:

Try this DXR32-X44M7-CYTCX-P6H6P-97CPG if it also not work download the AOE 3 product key through net or just search in google.
or this one
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fahimshihab answered:

Age Of Empires 3 product Key:-

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ProNoobxD answered:

On the back of the instruction booklet. Or on the inside of the case (Bottom right)
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lacheesy101 answered:

http:/ /

Thats a link to my video with some really great keys, I promise you it's not a scam ahah
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