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Asked: 5 years ago

Disc 1 won't work! Can ayone help?

I put AoE 3 disc #1 in my computer , but it doesn't do anything! I want to install the game, i have the install key, but it won't work! If anyone knows a way to get a free download of this game that doesn't include the cd key of some way to fix the disk, please post an answer!

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Depends what is wrong with it. If it is scratches there are kits to try and fix them as well as places that can do it for you. If it is something more severe (a physically broken disc or something spilled over it that warped it or effected the disc itself), then it may not be repairable. In that case I can't think of any legal way you could get the game again. You might contact the company and explain the situation and possibly be able to send in your disc for a replacement, but I don't know. Otherwise you could find a cheap used copy and use your CD-key.

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You probably have autorun.exe off. To install the game, go to My computer > The disc drive that it's in (It should say AoE on it) and click on autorun.exe

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Disc might be dirty try cleaning it or it could be scratch if u have a scratch repair u can try that.

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I'm With smakit's Answer, But, The company closed, Years ago.

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