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Rules for AOE III multiplayer???

It seems to me as if when a player's partner quits in 2v2, it's perfectly acceptable to rush seeing as that's invariably what happens in those situations. My friend and I totaled some guy's civ, and he spat some **** about reporting it to ESO. Is this considered cheating and can my account be affected by it, or are you just not allowed to H@X? Thanks a lot.

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Stiphilis answered:

Hacking/Glitching/Exploiting will get your account banned; rushing will not.
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spoooot answered:

He's full of it. If he's not prepared to defend the rush then he doesn't deserve to win, period.

However, if his partner quits before the 5 minute mark, he can choose to resign without it effecting his stats.
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BUNNYCloud answered:

^ Actually, I think it doesn't affect stats if it's before the two minute mark, not the five.

Ensemble doesn't officially recognize no rush games, meaning that you cannot be banned for rushing in one. However, it makes people very angry and can get you kicked from games if you do it enough.
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