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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I advance to the fifth age?

When I do skirmish on single player I can't advance to the fifth age. I've built every building and researched everything, but there isn't even an advance button at my town center! The more help the better.

Additional details - 5 years ago

I'm not using the scenerio editor. I'm just playing deathmatches with defult maps.

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This can be accomplished with triggers. The following description has to be executed for each
age, beginning at age 0:

i) In the scenerio editor, select the menu option 'Trigger'.
ii) In the Trigger dialog box, select the'Create' button
iii) Select the round (radio) button next to 'Conditions'
iv) From the drop-down list, select 'Timer'
v) Enter 1 in the textbox.
vi) Select the round (radio) button next to 'Effects'
vii) From the drop-down list, select 'Player : Set Age'
viii) Enter your player number in the textbox.
ix) Enter the age in the textbox (This must start at 0)
x) Go to step ii) and when to step ix), increment the age by 1.

Otherwise, it may just be the RM that you are playing (although I have not encountered this problem,
some of the SPC (single player campaign) games will restrict the player to only certain Ages.)

Hope this helps,

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In Deathmatch games, you can't get to the Imperial Age unless you set it there beforehand. You have to stay in Industrial.

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If you play with all the defualt settings, you can't. You can only advance to the Imperial age on Supremacy games with 4000 food and 4000 gold. Deathmatch just can't go Imperial on the default.
Good Question!

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Cheat code. Doesnot work Can u help me

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are you playing in sandbox mode? If you are, start a new skirmish in any other Dificulty because it would't be fair for you to advance so fast

If you aren't your game is either pirated or glitched, Bad.

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