Beginner's Guide by Real_Cowboy

Version: 2 | Updated: 04/05/05 | Printable Version

R.O.S.E. Guide: From Start to Class Selection, by Real_Cowboy
Completed 3/9/2005, Version 2: 4/5/2005 (added shopping intructions)
NOTE: The exact urls given here are current only as of completion date. 


NOTE: To skip to a section, hit Ctrl+F and type in the 3 digit code
for that section, which is shown to the right of the section in this 
table of contents. The codes are not always in order because some 
things were added after Version 1. 

I.   Getting Started 						001
	a. User Registration					002
	b. Downloading the Game Client				003
	c. Installation						004
II.  The Game Interface						005
	a. Status Bars						006
	b. The Menu						007
		(Character, Item, Skill, Quest, Community, 
		 Clan, Help, Info, Option, Exit)
	c. Text Area (includes how to change text-size)		008
	d. Shortcut Keys					009
III. Vital Information						010
	a. Stats						011
	b. Skills						012
		(Sit, Gather, Normal Attack, Party, Trading,
		 Open Market)
	c. Classes						013
	d. Items						014
	e. Controlling Your Character				015
	f. Parties						016
	g. Buying and Selling					033
IV.  Walkthrough: Birth Island					017
	a. Creat a Character					018
	b. Birth						019
	c. The Aaura Fairies					020
	d. Setting Shortcut Keys				021
	e. Leveling Up						022
	f. Quests and Fighting					023
V.   Walkthrough: Adventure Plain to Class Selection		024
	a. Frequently Asked Questions				025
	b. Appearance at Adventure Plain			026
	c. Meeting the People					027
	d. Personal Markets					028
	e. About Quests						029
	f. Infectious Disease/Mushroom/Woopy King/Episode Quest	030
	g. Distorted Faith Quest				031
	h. Choose a Class					032

		       I. GETTING STARTED (001)


So you want to play ROSE? The first step is to get a user account, 
which may not be as easy as it sounds. Here are the steps:

1. Go to the registration page. 

2. Agree to the Privacy Policy and click "Register Request"

3. Complete the registration form:
	a. Choose a user ID (this will NOT be your character's name)
	b. Click "Check ID" to see if the ID is available
	c. If the ID is not usable, click "Cancel" in and try again
	d. If the ID is usable, click "Confirm"
	e. Complete the rest of the form
	f. You must click "Check Mail" to confirm your email address
	g. Try another email address if it is unusable
	h. Click "Register" once everything looks right

At this point you may see an error message such as "Wrong Approach." 
Here are some things to try (I don't know which of the following are 
valid, but it won't hurt to try):

	a. Try disabling your firewall
	b. Make sure you are using the most current version of your 
	c. Try a different browser (Firefox instead of IE, or vise versa)


1. Log in and download the game client 
	a. You must have the the latest version of DirectX, which is 
	   available on the download page
	b. I prefer to download the .exe file instead of the .zip
	c. If you have a slow internet connection, be patient


Install and Play
1. Click on the .exe file you downloaded

2. Go through the installation process

3. Open the application and sign in

Many people run into problems at this point.
	a. If you receive an error about a .dll file, you may need 
	   Windows XP
	b. The first time you open the game, you will have to wait for 
	   some updates to install
	c. If you see an error in Korean and the window closes, the 
	   servers are probably down

		      II. THE GAME INTERFACE (005)

This section describes the objects you see on the screen as you play 
and explains how to use them. The two buttons to the right of the Menu 
button don't seem functional to me. To take screenshot, just hit 
Ctrl+Print Screen 

a. STATUS BARS (006)

At the top left of the screen you see your status bars. The top bar 
shows your Hit Points, the second bar shows your Magic Points, and the 
third one shows the percentage of experience points you have relative 
to what you need to reach the next level.  To see the actual experience 
points, see the Character window (described below). You can also see
your current level in this box. 

b. THE MENU (007)

Underneath the Status Bars, click on "Menu" to see a list of the menu 
elements. Each one has a shortcut key used to open or close the window. 
The shortcuts are shown in parentheses. By clicking on the upside-down
triangle at the top of each window, you can minimize that window into 
an icon that can be placed anywhere on the game screen. You can then
double-click the icon to open that window. The button with the 
horizontal line hides portions of the window. The hidden portion can 
be viewed again by clicking on the same button, which actually becomes
an upside-down triangle when portions of the window are hidden. Just
play around with the window to see how it works. 

There are three tabs in the Character window:
	>Info: This just tells you your name, class, level, and exact 
	  number of experience points. Worry about the other stuff after 
	  you complete this walkthrough.
	>Status: This shows your Stats (described below under "Stats"). 
	  When you gain a level, you will receive points to distribute 
	  among the Stats. The number of points you have are shown at 
	  the bottom left corner of the Character window. If you hover 
	  the cursor over the green circle with a plus sign (+) next to 
	  each Stat, it will show you how many points are required to 
	  increase that Stat. Clicking on the circle will increase the 
	  Stat. The right side of the window shows how your Stats have 
	  actually affected your character's qualities. 
		-Atk: Your attack power. This is affected by different 
		 Stats according to the weapon you are using.
		-Def: This is your defense power against normal attacks. 
		-M-Def: Defense power against magic attacks.
		-Hit: The higher this number, the more likely you are to 
		 hit your target.
		-Cri: The higher this number, the more likely you are to 
		 achieve a critical hit,
		 which causes more damage to the enemy.
		-Avo: The higher this number, the more likely you are to 
		 dodge (avoid) an attack 
		 so the the enemy misses. 
		-A-spd: Attack speed. Makes you hit the enemy more 
		 frequently during a given period of time.
		-M-spd: Moving speed. This affects how fast you can run. 
	>Union: This shows Union information. You can't do the Union 
	  quests until you reach level 30.

2. ITEM (Alt+I)
There are two tabs at the top of the Item window:
	>Tuning: This shows the parts you have for your Cart. You won't
	  begin your quest to get a cart until level 30 and you can't 
	  drive it until level 50. 
Since you are not yet concerned about Tuning, let's look at the three
tabs in the Item\Equipment window:
	>Equip: This shows your items that you can equip, such as 
	 masks, hats, back items, ammunition, weapons, clothing, etc.
	 Top equip an item, just click on the item and drag it up near
	 the image of your character. You don't have to put the item
	 in a specific box because it will automatically go where it 
	 is supposed to. To unequip, drag an item down to its storage
	>Attrition: This is where you store items that replenish hit 
	 points, magic points, and stamina (don't worry about stamina 
	 yet). Scrolls are also stored here (see Items below). To use
	 one of these items, double-click on it. You can also drag 
	 items to the Shortcut bar (see "Shortcut Keys" below).
	>Etc: This is where most items that you pick up from fighting
	 are stored. Arrows, bullets, and cannon are also stored here.
	 You equip ammunition the same way you equip other items. 
The box on the left of the bottom of the Item window shows how much 
zuly (money) you have. The second box shows the weight you are carrying 
and your weight capacity. If you exceed capacity, you can't run.

3. SKILL (Alt+S)
There are three tabs at the top of the Skill window:
	>Basic: Every player gets these skills. (See "Skills" below.)
	>Active: You will get Active skills after you get a class. 
	 They are generall attack and magic skills.
	>Passive: Passive skills need to be learned and upgraded in
	 order to use and upgrade related Active skills. 

4. QUEST (Alt+Q)
The top half of the Quest window shows all the quests you have 
accepted. Click on a quest and the the information about that quest 
will be displayed in the bottom half of the window. The boxes at the 
bottom show the number of items you have collected for the quest. If 
a quest has a time limit, the time will shown at the bottom left. 
When you don't want a quest to appear in the window anymore, select 
that quest and click "Give Up" at the bottom right. 

This is where you manage your friends. Click the green circle with 
a plus (+) to add a friend. 

6. CLAN (Alt+N)
You have to have 1 million zuly to start a clan and no one will accept
you into a clan until you are at least level 30, so don't worry about 

7. HELP (Alt+H)
I don't think this is even functional in the beta.

8. INFO (Alt+W) 
This doesn't do anything yet.

9. OPTION (Alt+O)
There are four tabs in the Option window:
	>Video: This is where you select between Full Screen and 
	 Window mode, and you can designate the size of the window.
	 You can also also the Performance/Quality ratio here. 
	>Audio: Select Stereo or Mono and select to receive 
	 notification of friends loggin on. 
	>Game: Select how to start battles. You can choose to target
	 an enemy by clicking once and attack by double-clicking, or 
	 you can choose to attack with a single click. The first 
	 option is useful when you want to select an enemy and use 
	 a special attack. You can also select to make players, NPCs, 
	 and monsters names to show or be hidden from view. 
	>Community: This is where you choose to accept or reject 
	 Whispers, Friends, Trades, Parties, and Messenger. 

10. EXIT (Alt+X)
You can: 
	>Back out and "Return to Main Game"
	>"Return to Select Menu" to play another character
	>"Exit Main Game" to quit playing

c. TEXT AREA (008)

You will notice the text is really small. This is how you make it 

1. Open the folder 
   "C:\Program Files\Triggersoft\Rose Online\3Ddata\Control\Xml" 
   in your Windows Explorer. This URL will only work if you installed 
   the program in the default folder, of course. If you saved it 
   somewhere else, just locate the Xml folder.

2. Right click on the file "DlgChat.xml" and open it in a simple text 
   editor, such as Notepad.

3. In every instance where it says Font="8", change it to say Font="3". 
   Yes, making the number smaller makes the text larger.

4. Save the changes to the file, close it, and start the game.

The text area shows what other players say, which monsters you defeat, 
and rewards you receive. If you click the chat icon, you can supposedly
filter what you see, but it doesn't work yet. Here are different ways 
to talk to other players:

1. ALL: Just type your message and hit enter and all people in
   your general area can read it. 

2. WHISPER: You don't have to click the Whisper icon to do this. 
   Just type "@NameOfPlayer Message." To clarify, type the @ symbol,
   the name of the player you want to whispher to, a space, and 
   then the message. (Do not type the quotation marks, of course.) 

3. SHOUT: You can do this once every 20 seconds to reach a wider 
   audience. Type "!Message." To clarify, type the exclamation 
   point and then the message. 

4. TRADE: I'm sure what this does. Use the "Trading" skill to trade.

5. PARTY: You don't have to click the icon to do this. Just type
   "#Message" to talk to only members of your party.

6. CLAN: Type "&Message" to talk to only members of your clan. 

7. ALLY: Type "~Message" to talk to only your allies.


You can drag items and skills to the Shortcut toolbar to use them 
quickly. Just open the Item or Skill window and drag the icon of what
you want to use down to the Shortcut toolbar in the position of the key
to which you want it assigned. You can switch between horizontal and 
vertical format by clicking on the rounded arrow icon, and you can move
the toolbar by grabbing it at the left corner if it's horizontal or at 
the top corner if it's vertical. There are eight positions to which you
can drag items and skills, but there are actually four different views 
for a total of 32 positions. Click the up and down arrows to move among 
the views. You can click on an item or skill icon and drag it anywhere 
off of the toolbar to remove it from the toolbar. 


a. STATS (011)

Here is the basic information about Stats. You will need to consult
guides specific to your chosen class to learn how to distribute Stat 
points. See the Birth Island walkthrough below for newbie Stat 

   In-game Tip: "Strength is a source of power attecting Max HP, power 
   of near attack weapon, defense power and item carrying ability."

   Strength increases the attack power of melee weapons the most. It is 
   also good for guns and launchers.

   In-game Tip: "Dexterity influences on moving speed, distance attack 
   weapon and dodge rate for physical attack."

   Moving speed refers to running, and the distance attack weapon refers 
   to Bows.

   In-game Tip: "Intelligence attects Max MP, attack power of magick 
   weapon and magick resistance."

   Muses use this stat the most.

   In-game Tip: "Concentration has an effect on accuracy, crafting success 
   possibility and recovery speed of HP and MP as well as power of guns."

   Dealers need a lot of CON to add the strength and accuracy of Guns and 
   Launchers. This stat also increases the success rate in crafting.

5. CHARM (Cha)
   In-game Tip: "Charm affects condition for quest, rewards for clearing 
   quest and danger for hunting."

   Charm makes enemies drop more items and gives you better rewards for 
   completing quests. I don't know what "danger for hunting" means.

   In-game Tip: "Sensibility influences on sense for crafting item, battle,
   critical attack, quality of crafted item and skill damages."

   This stat makes you acheive critical hits more frequently and improves 
   damage from active battle skills.

b. SKILLS (012)

This covers the basic skill every player has. To use a skill, open the 
Skill window and double-click the skill you want to use. You can also 
assign skills to the Shortcut toolbar (see "Shortcut Keys" above). You 
begin the game some basic skills and learn a few more when you leave
Birth Island. 

1. SIT: You can sit down to recover hit points and magic points. 

2. GATHER: Use this skill to pick up the item on the ground nearest to
   your character. This is easier than clicking on items you want to 
   pick up. 

3. NORMAL ATTACK: This is your default attack, so you really don't need 
   to do anything with it. 

4. PARTY: Click on another player and use this skill to form a party. 
   See "Parties" below for more information. 

5. TRADING: Click on another player and use this skill to trade. A 
   trading window will pop up. You also need to have your Item window 
   open. Generally, you have already discussed the deal with the other 
   player before you open the Trading window so you already know what 
   you are trading. Here are the step to trade:
	>Drag the item(s) you are giving to the other player from your
	 Item window to the Trading window (it does not matter where you
	 drag the items because when you release the mouse button, they
	 automatically go into the right slot).
	>To give money, click on the zuly symbol (the Z) at the bottom
	 of your Item window where the amount of zuly you have is 
	 displayed. A small window pops up where you enter the amount 
	 of zuly to be traded. 
	>The other player's items and/or zuly will show in the Trading 
	>When everything looks right, click "OK." The other player must
	 also click "OK." 
	>Both parties must then click "Exchange" to complete the trade. 
6. OPEN MARKET: Use this skill to open a personal market to sell and 
   buy goods. You cannot otherwise play the game while your market is 
	>When you use this skill, your Item window will pop up along
	 with the Market window. 
	>To sell items, click and drag the item from your Item window
 	 to a spot in the Market window. Another small window will pop
	 up where you enter the price. There is a default price displayed
  	 which is referred to as "Auto Price" or "AP." Sometimes this is
	 much lower than the actual market vulue, so you need to know 
	 how much items are worth. You also need to enter the number of 
	 that particular item that you would like to sell. To remove 
	 items from the market, just drag it back to your Items window.
	>Click the "Buy" tab to designate items that you would like to 
	 purchase from other players. If you have at least one piece
	 of an item you want to buy, you can drag that item to the buy
	 window. If you do not have at least one piece of the item you 
	 want to buy, you will have to find one from an NPC. Click on 
	 the NPC to open their market window and drag the desired item 
	 to your market window. You can't do this from other players' 
	 markets, unfortunatly. Once you have added something to your 
	 buy window it will stay there until you manually remove it. 
	 Once an item is in the window, click on it to select it, then 
	 you must click the basket item at the bottom of the window to 
	 enter the price you want to offer for the item and the maximum 
	 number that you are willing to buy.
	>At the top of the market window it will say "YourName's personal
	 market." Change that text to advertise what you are selling and/
	 or buying.  
	>When you are ready to open for business, click the Start icon. 
	 If nothing happens, there might be a message in the Text Area
	 saying you are too close to an NPC to open your market. 
	>To quit marketing, just click the Stop icon. 

c. CLASSES (013)

Everybody starts the game as a Visitor and can begin the quest to get 
a class at level 10. At level 70 you can make another class change. It 
is best to decide what you want to become early so you can distribute 
your Stats accordingly. Refer elsewhere for Stat distribution help. 

1. HAWKER: Hawkers generally use bows for long-range attacks and are 
   fast.  Some players build melee Hawkers and use dual-weapons or
   Katars. All of these weapons require Dexterity. Awesome fighting 
   Skills can be aquired to use with either bows or melee weapons. At 
   level 70, Hawkers can make a class change and become a Scout or a 
	>Scout: Scouts generally use bows and attack from afar. They 
	 can learn to put monsters to sleep and summon hawks. 
	>Raider: Raiders generally use dual-weapons or Katars and 
	 specialize in dealing heavy attacks to enemies. They generally
	 don't have high Defense but have a hight Avoid rate. They can
	 learn to become invisible and throw poisen knives.

2. SOLDIER: Soldiers specialize in heavy melee attacks and strong defense.
   They can use just about any type of weapon and can wear strong armor. 
   They can obtain skills to increase your hit points and improve 
   defense. They can also get skills to increase the attack power of one-
   handed weapons (swords, clubs), two-handed weapons (spears), or 
   crossbows. At level 70, Soldiers can make a class change and become a 
   Knight or a Champion.
	>Knight: Knights generally use one-handed weapons and carry a 
	 shield. They can wear heavy armor and helmets. They have higher
	 defense than Champions. They can increase power and magic points
	 by researching Knight Faith and can gain skills in using bows.
	>Champion: Champions generally two-handed weapons or dual-weapons 
	 wear lighter armor than Knights. They have stronger attacks than
	 Knight, however. They can increse power and dexterity by 
	 researching the Spirit of Champ and can learn to absorb monsters'
	 hit points. 
3. DEALER: Dealers are money makers. They find more items when fighting, 
   they craft items, and can purchase goods at lower prices than other 
   classes. They can also be excellent fighters. Dealers can use really big 
   guns and hire mercenaries to fight for them. At level 70, Dealers can 
   make a class change and become a Bourgeois or an Artisan. 
	>Bourgeois: Dealers preparing to become a Bourgeois generally use 
	 Launchers. Before level 30, which is a requirement for equipping 
	 the first Launcher, Dealers are best using guns. Some people, 
	 however, become melee Dealers and add more strength to their 
	 character. Melee Dealers save money by not buying ammunition, 
	 which can be very expensive at lower levels. A Bourgeois does not 
	 focus on crafting as much as the Artisan. Bourgeois are generally 
	 more powerful than Artisans in battle and have awesome summons. 
	>Artisan: Dealers preparing to become an Artisan generally use 
	 Guns. They are masters at crafting items and can make a lot of 
	 money selling them. They are not as strong as Bourgeois, but are 
	 very uselful in their own way. Skilled Artisans can learn to 
	 craft Carts and Castle Gear. 

4. MUSE: Muses are the magic users. They don't have powerful attacks, but
   they can learn many skills to enhance battles, including the ability to 
   summon Phantom Swords that attack enemies. They can heal, cure, and 
   temporily increase running speed. At level 70, Muses can make a class 
   change and become a Cleric or a Magician.
	>Cleric: Clerics focus on healing and enhancing the attack  and 
	 defensive power of party members. They are known for their 
	 support. They generally use and Wand and also carry books
	 that increase Stats. They can learn to partially tame monsters.
	>Magician: Magicians learn powerful offensive magic and generally
	 carry Staffs. They harness the powers of the elements and can 
	 summon monsters. 

d. ITEMS (014)

This game has a countless number of items. If you point to items in your
inventory, you can see information about it. Many items have more 
information that can be seen by right-clicking on it. To use items, 
double-click on it or use the Shortkey to which it is assigned. Here are 
the main categories of items:

1. HIT POINTS REPLENISHMENT: Fruits, potions, and meats restore hit 

2. MAGIC POINT REPLENISHMENT: Milk, juice, and potions restore magic

3. EQUIPMENT: This is stuff that you equip. There are weapons, clothing,
   shoes, hats, jewelery, gloves, and more stuff that can be equipped.

4. SCROLLS: Some scrolls can be used to "warp" to certain places while
   others enhance abilities temporarily. 

5. MISC: You find all sorts of items that monsters drop. Pick up everthing
   because it is all worth money. Most of what you find will be sold 
   unless you are a crafting Dealer and make stuff with it.


1. THE CAMERA: The first thing to know about is the "camera." In three 
   dimensional games, it seems as though there is a virtual camera 
   following your character's every move. Here are the controls for the 
   ROSE camera:
	>Left and Right Directional Keys - Move the camera left or right 
	 around your character
	>Right-click - Hold the right-click button on your mouse and move 
	 the mouse to rotate the camera and zoom
	>Scroll - The scroll wheel on the mouse zooms in and out, but it 
	 seems to work only sometimes

2. WALKING AND RUNNING: The TAB button switches your character between 
   walk and run modes. I don't see why anyone would want to walk, though, 
   unless you have summoned warriors and you want to walk to an enemy 
   slowly to give your warriors time to reach the enemy first. 

3. THE DIRECTIONAL KEYS: This game gives more freedom than other MMORPGs 
   I have played. Simple hit the UP directional key on your keyboard and 
   your character will move several steps in the direction AWAY from 
   the camera, regardless of the direction your character may have been 
   facing. While holding UP, you can hit LEFT or RIGHT to move the camera. 
   That means if you hit LEFT, your character actually turns to the right. 
   It is only confusing for a little while - just play as if you are 
   controlling the camera rather than your character. 

4. THE MOUSE: To move with the mouse, just click on any spot on the game 
   screen and your character will move to that spot. Use the LEFT and 
   RIGHT keys on the keyboard to rotate the camera while moving. This is 
   very useful because you can click on a spot on the game screen far 
   ahead and, while your character is moving, work with your items, 
   skills, etc., or chat with other players.

Which Method Should You Use?
It is best to use both methods to move around. It is very simple to 
transition from one method to the other. Use the keys to turn around 
corners and objects, and use the mouse to point your character to a 
distant spot.

f. PARTIES (016)

It is more fun to play with others than by yourself. It is best to have 
a party of different classes that compliment one another. As a Visitor, 
though, the main benefit of partying is to be able to attack stronger
monsters together and share the experience points. To form a party, 
click on another player and use the Party Skill. It is easier to do if
the Skill is set to a Shortcut Key. Others may invite you into a party 
it you allow it (see "Options" in the "Menu" section above). Up to four
players can be in a party, and that number increase if you reach a 
certain party level. You can leave a party at any time. 


NOTE: Opening your Personal Market is covered in the Skills section.
Trading with other players is also covered in the Skills section.  

A really cool part about this game is the dynamic, real life-like 
economy. You make buy low and sell high with all the other players to 
make money. 

1. BUYING AND SELLING WITH NPCS: To trade with a non-player character, 
   just click on him/her. A dialogue window opens and you have to select 
   the option to trade or view products - it varies. Three windows should
   be open: The NPC's shop window, the Sell/Buy window, and your Item
   window. There are two ways to make transactions:
	>Drag items from the NPC's shop window to your Item window to 
	 buy automatically, or drag items from your Item window to the 
 	 the NPC's shop window to sell automatically. 
	>Drag items from the NPC's shop window to the Sell/Buy window,
	 or drag items from your Item window to the Sell/Buy window. The
	 advantage to this method is that you see the sum of all sells
	 and/or purchases before you finalize the transaction. You must
	 click OK to finalize. 

2. OPENING A PERSONAL MARKET: Use this skill to open a personal market 
   to sell and buy goods. You cannot otherwise play the game while your 
   market is open. 
	>When you use this skill, your Item window will pop up along
	 with the Market window. 
	>To sell items, click and drag the item from your Item window
 	 to a spot in the Market window. Another small window will pop
	 up where you enter the price. There is a default price displayed
  	 which is referred to as "Auto Price" or "AP." Sometimes this is
	 much lower than the actual market vulue, so you need to know 
	 how much items are worth. You also need to enter the number of 
	 that particular item that you would like to sell. To remove 
	 items from the market, just drag it back to your Items window.
	>Click the "Buy" tab to designate items that you would like to 
	 purchase from other players. If you have at least one piece
	 of an item you want to buy, you can drag that item to the buy
	 window. If you do not have at least one piece of the item you 
	 want to buy, you will have to find one from an NPC. Click on 
	 the NPC to open their market window and drag the desired item 
	 to your market window. You can't do this from other players' 
	 markets, unfortunatly. Once you have added something to your 
	 buy window it will stay there until you manually remove it. 
	 Once an item is in the window, click on it to select it, then 
	 you must click the basket item at the bottom of the window to 
	 enter the price you want to offer for the item and the maximum 
	 number that you are willing to buy.
	>At the top of the market window it will say "YourName's personal
	 market." Change that text to advertise what you are selling and/
	 or buying.  
	>When you are ready to open for business, click the Start icon. 
	 If nothing happens, there might be a message in the Text Area
	 saying you are too close to an NPC to open your market. 
	>To quit marketing, just click the Stop icon. 

3. BUYING FROM PERSONAL MARKETS: You get the best items from other 
   players, not from NPCs. To purchase items from a personal market:
	>Click on a personal market from which you want to buy.
	>Drag items from the personal market window to your Item window.
	>Enter the quantity, if applicable.
	>Be sure you are not getting ripped off by reading the final 
	 cost in the small window that pops up. 
	>Click OK to finalize. 
   To sell items to a personal market:
	>Click on the Buy tab to see what the other player is willing to 
	>Drag items from your Item window to the personal market window.
	>Finalize transaction by clicking OK. 


Open the game and click "Create" to create a new character. Though 
there are five spots on this screen, you can create up to only three 
characters. Choose your Name, Sex, Face, Hair, Start Point, and Birth 
Stone. The last two do not affect your stats, they only determine where 
you start on Birth Island, which doesn't matter. There is not a lot of 
customization available at this point, and characters look very similar 
at first. The unique looks come later as you equip different clothes, 
hats, gloves, masks, back gear, and weapons.

b. BIRTH (019)

You appear on Birth Island as a newbie, with nothing but the clothes on 
your back and a small wooden sword. What is your purpose? Like other 
MMORPGs, you must continually become stronger, get more stuff, complete 
quests, and find your own destiny. Depending on what you picked as your 
Birth Stone and characteristic (Faith, Justice etc.), you will be placed 
in oneof four sections on the island. The section in which you find 
yourself does not matter - they are basically the same - and you cannot 
travel to another section. A box with a question mark will appear; 
double-click on it for some instructions. You already have an item that 
you need to equip, so open your Item window (Alt+I) and drag the PEACOCK
FEATHER up to the image of your charater to put it on.


There are two fairies you can talk to - they both say the same stuff so 
you only need to talk to one. You can see where they are on your map 
because all Non-Player Characters (NPC) are marked with a smiley face 
or other symbol. So click a fairy to speak to her. You will be given 
three primary options in the discussion:

1. What is the World of Seven Hearts?
2. What is Visitor?
3. I need some help. How can you help me?

The third option is the important one. Go through the discussion and 
the dialogue box will close. Click on the fairy again! You want to talk 
to her about everything because you will receive experience points and 
items. Now you have six options. Go through ALL of them and through ALL 
of the sub-options (going through all the stat information will not give 
you anything, however). You will not need to use the shop and it is 
better for you to not leave for a bigger world until you complete some 
quests. You will get Sandals, so put them on.


You should now set some Shortcut Keys. Open your Skill menu (Alt + S) 
and drag SIT to F1 and GATHER to F2. Now you can sit down to replenish 
hit points or pick up dropped items with the quick tap of a key. Just 
ignore the Normal Attack skill; it is the default attack. Also, open 
your Item menu, click on the Attrition tab, and drag some Fruit to F3 
for quick hp recovery. You should NOT, however, need to use many 
Apples on Birth Island. Your HP will fill up when you increase a level.

e. LEVELING UP (022)

With the experience points you got from the fairy, you will actually 
gain a level before fighting. You will have 21 stat points. A box 
appears with instructions about raising stat points. Open the Character 
window (Alt+A) and distribute the points. Raise Strength 5 levels, and 
Charm 3 levels, and your stat points will be gone! Many people put all 
of their points in Strength at first, but getting some Charm makes you 
get more items when fighting and better rewards for completing quests. 
I think it's worth it. You can reset you stat points later and 
redistribute them according to what is best for your chosen class. But 
be warned; you cannot reset your stat points once you reach level 15! 
Put most points in Strength and a few more in Charm until you reach 
level 10. If you decide to use a Bow, however, you will want to put a 
lot of points in Dexterity once you get a Bow.


1. HOW DO YOU FIGHT?: Just click on a monster and your character runs to 
   it and kills it. Fighting is real-time, so you can use an item whenever 
   you want. If it seems boring, don't worry because fighting will get 

2. ABOUT DROPPED ITEMS:  Many monsters will drop items when you them, 
   so just hit F2 (if you set the shortcut) to pick up the items. Note 
   that you cannot pick up other players' items until a certain amount of 
   time has elapsed (I don't know how long). I take items that others 
   leave because everything is worth money. If you pick up a SHORT SWORD 
   or BAMBOO SPEAR, be sure to equip it. You may also find some RED SHOES, 
   which you should also equip. Better shoes make you run faster and have 
   other benefits. Note that your newbie gear cannot be sold, so just 
   drop them by dragging them from your Item menu to the ground. If you 
   find IRON THREAD, do NOT sell it for less than 1000z! Many people will 
   try to rip you off. If you find a FEATHER, you can sell it later for up 
   to 1500z. If you want to be a crafting Dealer, keep those items.

3. KILL STEALING: Do not Kill Steal! This is called "KS" or "KSing" 
   and it makes people mad. It means that you attack a monster that is 
   already under attack by another player. This steals exp. points from 
   that player. You only attack a monster with someone else if you are 
   in a party with them. This does not apply to King monsters. 

4. START FIGHTING: Now you start fighting! You do not want to do it 
   without a plan, however. By fighting monsters that fulfil a quest
   you receive more stuff.
	>First Quest - Kill Three Jelly Beans: You should have received 
	 your first quest by talking to a fairy (it is option five in 
	 the dialogue), which is to kill three Jelly Beans. Any type of 
	 Jelly Bean will count. So run around and click on Jelly Beans 
	 to kill them. If you open your Quest menu, you can see your 
	 progress. You will also see a message in the text area saying 
	 "You have earned proof of monster." After killing three Jelly 
	 Beans, you will automatically receive a reward of Grapes and
	 zuly (the monetary unit).
	>Second Quest - Kill Four Little Choropies: Talk to a fairy and 
	 select option five to receive a second quest, which is to kill 
	 four Little Choropies. After killing them, you will automatically 
	 receive a reward of Kiwis and zuly.
	>Third Quest - Kill Eight Choropies in Ten Minutes: Talk to a 
	 fairy and select option five to receive the third quest, which 
	 is to kill eight Choropies (Little or regular). This time you 
	 must complete the quest within ten minutes, which is easy. After 
	 killing them, you will automatically receive a reward of Bananas 
	 and zuly. Thanks to deathclaimedsoul for helping out here.

5. LEAVING FOR A BIGGER WORLD: Upon completing the three quests, you will 
   be at level 3 (give more points to Strength and Charm). You should not 
   spend any more time on Birth Island because you can start making more    
   money at Adventure Plain. When you are ready, talk to a fairy and select 
   option six to be taken to Junon World!



Let's get a few things out the way:

Q: How do get my second class?
A: Wait until you reach level 70.

Q: How do I get a Cart?
A: You can't drive one until level 50.

Q: How do I get Wings?
A: Buy some for 35-50k zuly or become a Dealer and make them. Wings 
are overrated in my opinion and are only good for Muses and perhaps
Dealers until they want a back pack. Soldiers and Hawkers definately 
should wear Back Shields. 

Q: How do I join a Clan?
A: A million zuly are required to make a Clan and you probably won't join 
   one until at least level 30.


Upon leaving Birth Island, you appear at Adventure Plain. Basically, 
the goal is to reach level 10 so you can get a class and learn some new 
skills. You can either fight, fight, fight, or you can receive some 
quests to earn experience points and kill some enemies along the way. 
The second choice is far more enjoyable. To receive some quests, you 
need to meet some key Not-Player Characters (NPCs).


HINT: On the map on your screen, point to an NPC icon (a smiley face or
shield) and it will display his or her name. 

1. MAAED, THE OLD FISHERMAN: You begin near the southern dock, which 
where you will find Maaed. Walk onto the deck and make a left turn onto 
the narrower platform. Choose option 1 and you will receive the 
Infectious Disease Quest (see below). Then choose option 2 and you will 
receive some Fruit. You can return to him every time you gain a level 
until level 8 to receive more Fruit, so don't forget.

2. GRAY, THE VILLAGE CHIEF: After meeting Maaed, cut back and head out 
further on the dock to talk to Gray. Choose "Are you in short of 
materials" (nice translation), and he will ask for some help. Talk to 
him three times and accept to collect Jelly Bean Skins, Threads, and 
Leaves of Flame. Skins come from the Jelly Bean family, Threads from 
the Choropy family, and Leaves from the Flaming Flowers. You will 
sometimes receive these items when you kill these enemies, then you 
can return to Gray to receive money for them. 

3. RHONWE AND PONY: Now just go northwest a little and walk off the 
dock into the water. Head toward the beach to meet Rhonwe and Pony. 
Neither are important at this time, but Rhonwe is the Visitor Guide 
and can tell you about Jobs and other things. Pony just sells Fruit 
and Milk (HP and MP recovery items).

4. RONK, THE SMITH: Now go north a little and onto the dock again. 
Here you meet Ronk, who sells Weapons, Clothes, Hats, and Shoes. Buy 
the Toy Bow (can use at any level) and arrows (about 500) if you want 
to use ranged attacks. If you are at level five, you can purchase some 
other items. If you want to use melee attacks, I suggest using the 
Wooden Bat and Wooden Shield instead of the Bamboo Spear. That way 
you will have higher defense. I prefer using the Bow at this point, 
regardless of what class you want to be, because you have a great 
advantage when competing with other players for enemies to kill. 
While someone is running towards an enemy, you can shoot it from 
afar to claim it. Also buy Blue Wild Jeans, a Iguje Hood, Dumb 
Gloves (unless you have picked up some Leather Gloves), and Leather 
Shoes. They are all worth it. I would skip the level seven gear and 
wait to buy level ten gear. If you do the Infectious Disease Quest 
you will actually receive some level seven gear.

5. SAYON, PERON, AND MAIHRAD: Go east a little further and you will 
run into Sayon. Ask him if he has something to ask, and you can receive
 the Price Chart Quest (this can be done at the same time you do the 
Infectious Disease quest - see below). Do not take the Price Chart to 
Juresis yet. If you accepted the Infectious Disease Quest, Sayon will 
also be part of that (see below). Peron is the boat operator, but it 
is a waste of money to use the boat now. Maihrad tells you about Jobs, 
but doesn't do anything for you.


There are personal markets all over the place in this part of Junon. 
Many people are offering to buy  and sell items. Be very careful because 
many people are trying to rip off newbies. DO NOT sell Iron Thread or 
Feathers for less than 1000 zulys. If you want to be a crafting Dealer, 
hang on to those items. Don't be too afraid of the markets, however, 
because you can items from other players that you can't get from NPCs. 


Many quests can be worked on at the same time. While travelling between 
Adventure Plain and Zant, try to do as many errands as possible. Start 
the Infectious Disease Quest first do the Price Chart quest at the same 
time. When you reach level seven, talk to Gray to receive the Distorted 
Faith Quest (guide is after Infectious Disease guide) that you can also 
do when you are travelling. When you reach level ten, you can begin your 
Class Quest any time.


This is the Episode and is required to get to the next planet. It is very 
long and all of the steps do not have to be done right after another. You 
will reach level ten long before you kill the Woopy King.Also, the name 
of the quest changes several times as you complete parts of it. Here are 
the steps:

1. Accept the quest from Maaed. 

2. Talk to Sayon and go through the stangely translated and humorous 
   dialogue. He will tell you to check the mushrooms.

3. Check the mushrooms and kill monsters along the way. From the docks, 
   the mushrooms are south and just a little west. Look at the map on the
   screen and you will see a crescent-shaped cluster of dots that look 
   like rocks. Enter the path to the mushrooms for the north. Walk up to 
   the mushrooms and a dialogue box will pop up. Go through the dialogue 
   to get the Emblem. Your character will say you need to show it to Maaed.

4. Head back to the docks, killing monsters along the way, and talk to 
   Maaed. Select option five - "Here's the news about the infection." Go    
   through the dialogue and you will be told you need to visit Karitte at 
   the Tower of Luxem Valley. You will also be given experience points 
   (check the text area to see how much you get).

5. You now need to find Karitte, and you get to see some more of Junon 
   World. From where Maaed stands, go northwest to the two bridges. 
   Heading west, cross both bridges, and feel free to kill some monsters 
   along the way. Immediately after crossing the second bridge, turn north 
   and enter the Valley of Luxem Tower area. You may need to avoid some of 
   the more difficult enemies in this area. Go straight north until you 
   cross a bridge (the bridge is on an angle to the northeast), then go up
   and cross the next bridge (this one is on an angle to the northwest. 
   Sanon the Mountain Guide is between the two bridges, but he just tells 
   you that Zant is to the north. Straight west of the second bridge is 
   the Tower, but you will have to go around the hills. Find Karitte at 
   the top and select option two in the dialogue. She tells you that you 
   need antidote, but must first get ten Pumpkin Seeds.

(The Price Chart Quest can now be done. Jump off the Tower and head north 
to the Canyon City of Zant. Enter into the city walls and head west. 
Cross a bridge over the river. Find the NPC named Juresis who is in the 
north-western section of the city after you cross the river. Talk to him 
and select option three and you get a bunch of experience points. Then 
talk to again and select option four to get another Price Chart to deliver 
to Sayon back in Adventure Plain. Deliver the Chart to Sayon, get another 
to take to Juresis, then get yet another to take to Sayon - then it's 
done. Do not make special trips to do this - do it when you are already 
travelling between the two.)

6. It is time to get ten Pumpkin Seeds. Pumpkins hang out in many parts 
   of the Valley of Luxem Tower. Attack regular Pumpkins - not Big, Elder, 
   or Cowboy Pumpkins. Open your Quest window (Alt+Q) to see how many 
   Seeds you have. You will also be informed in the text area when you get 

7. Once you have ten Pumpkin Seeds, go back to Karitte on the Tower. Go 
   through the bizarre dialogue and you will receive the Soil of 
   Purification and Antidote. 

8. Take the Soil of Purification to the mushrooms. Regardless of what 
   Karitte may have told you, the Soil must be taken to the mushrooms 
   within 20 minutes. You know where they are. Walk up to the mushrooms 
   to apply the Soil.

9. Take the Antidote to Maaed. Talk to him and you will receive some 
   experience points. Then you will instruct you to take some Antidote to 
   Pony and Rank. Their locations are on the Adventure Plain map. Both of 
   them tell you to let Maaed know that they are okay.

10. Talk to Maaed and you will some experience points and several items! 
    Some items you receive should be good to equip. They are level seven 
    gear. Accept Maaed's request to help more and he will ask you to 
    deliver a letter to Lena in Zant.

11. Take the letter to Lena in Zant. Walk into city area of Zant from 
    the south. Lena is close to the entrance on the left standing by the 
    handcart. She will tell you that Karitte is a witch and you need to 
    talk to her again. You will get some experience points here as well.

12. Go back to Karitte on the Tower. She will tell you to talk to Luth, 
    who is in Zant.

13. Find Luth on the west side of the river in Zant. He is standing a 
    little to the east of the large platform with the spinning clock on 
    it (the Hourglass). Luth will mention the Crystal Key and will receive 
    some experience points, but he will get upset and stop talking. Check 
    your Quest window and it will tell you to talk to Lena.

14. Talk to Lena again. She says you need the Crystal Key to the 
    Hourglass. You are instructed to talk to Luth (Lud) again.

15. Go visit Luth again. You will receive more experience points. He 
    confesses that the Woopy King took the Crystal Key. 

16. Kill the Woopy King. He appears randomly in the northeastern area 
    of Zant. Be cautioned, though, he will totally own you if you attack 
    him before level 20 or so. When a Woopy King appears, many players 
    in the area will attack it. to claim any dropped items, you only need 
    to be the FIRST to attack it and stay with the fight until it dies. 
    Also, he will only drop the Key some of the time and he may not give 
    you the Key if more than four players attack him. It can take a long 
    time to get it. 

17. When you get the Crytal Key, talk to Lena again. She will tell you 
    to put the Key in the Hourglass keyhole.

18. Go to the Hourglass. It is a giant spinning clock on top of the 
    platform on the west side of the river in Zant. Just walk to the 
    center of the platform and a window will pop up saying you found a 
    big keyhole. Choose to put the key in and your character says you 
    need to go back to Lena.

19. Talk to Lena once more. She will ask you to visit Karitte to 
    apologize for her.

20. Go to the Tower and talk to Karitte. You get a reward! - a bunch of 
    zuly, experience points, and a Talisman Ring. She asks you to visit     
    Harin in Junon Polis to see how she is.

This now continues as the Prove/Banned Secret Medicine Quest and is not
covered here.


1. When you reach level seven, talk to Gray in Adventure Plain. Choose 
   option two - "I've heard that you are looking for a delivery man". You 
   need to deliver the Pearl Clams to Frantzie in Zant. Do this when it 
   is convenient - do not make a special trip.

2. Go talk to Frantzie. Go in the City of Zant, cross the river, and walk 
   up a path in the southwest corner to find him. He will give you some 
   Coated Shoes and ask you give the Appointment Letter to Gray.

3. Give the Letter to Gray (remember he is the Village Chief in Adventure 
   Plain) and you will receive some zuly. That's all there is to this 


When you reach level ten, head to Zant and talk to Warren to begin your 
Class Quest. Warren is just a little to the west of Lena. That brings us
to the end of this guide.