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Myst V: End of Ages
                                Demo Walkthrough/Hints
                          Copyright 2005 Steven Cunningham

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The demo for Myst V: End of Ages includes two realms Direbo and Noloben
and has one major puzzle included as well as some Easter eggs.


        1) Hints
	2) Quick Solutions
	3) Walkthrough
	4) Easter eggs

 1) Hints

        Go forth and listen.

	(Hints are in no particular order but will generally progress from
	 start tasks to end tasks)
        Pick up your drawing tools before leaving the pedestal.
	You need two hands to climb a ladder.
	Ever drawn something upside down?
	Reflections can show us what is truly important.
	Bi-lingual dictionaries can be difficult to use.
	Check out downstairs.

 2) Quick Solution

Use pedestal to link to Noloben.
Take tablet, go left copy glowing symbol onto tablet upside down.
Drop tablet walk away wait for rain to start.
Go to bench with pots and note down reflected symbols.
Find pull-rope to make rope ladder drop.
Go up rope ladder.
Match up symbols on windows to symbols above them on inside of dome.
Turn four pedestals so each has one reflected symbol selected.
Go back down ladder, turn right and follow cave to inside of dome.
Demo ends once you try to enter inside of dome.

 3) Walkthrough
        Go fowards, listen to guy talk then use pedestal to link to Noloben.
	Don't bother with any of the bridges because you can't open the gate on
        the other end.

        Take the tablet off the pedestal exit pedestal area and turn left
        listen to guy talk again and take note of how he says you can talk to
        the Bahro through primitive symbols. Go further left and find the bench
        that has an egg surrounded by four empty pots with a wall of symbols
        behind it. 

        Copy the blue symbol in front of the bench onto the tablet upside down
        then put the tablet on the ground. Back away and wait for the Bahro to
        appear, if it scratches its head then you need to retry, otherwise it
        will start to rain. 

        Go back to the bench and take note of the four symbols that are
        reflected in the now full pots, draw then somewhere because the pots
        will not remain full indefinitely. These are the four symbols you need
        to solve the main puzzle but you need to translate them into Bahro
        before you can use them.

        Go back to the pedestal and walk to the cliff behind it. Pull the rope
        to make a ladder drop down, before going up take note of the cave
        entrance to the right of the rope, this is where you need to go after
        solving the puzzle. Climb up the ladder (you will need to leave the
        tablet on the ground to do so).

        You will see a large dome with four small pedestals around it. Each
        pedestal has a movable top and a mark on the side opposite the dome.
        These pedestals need to be set to the correct symbols in order to open
        the access passage to the interior of the dome. However none of the
        symbols on the pedestals match the symbols you copied down from the

        To obtain the correct translation you can use the dome to match up
        the Bahro symbols on the outside with the ones on the inside and then
        translate the four symbols you need to set on the pedestals or simply
        look at the translation table below.

        To translate the numbers to the symbols keep in mind that one is
        represented by a single horizontal or vertical line ( | or - ) and
        groups of five are represented by a circle.
	For eaxmple two is represented by ||, four is represented by #,
	seven is represented by a circle with || drawn over it and fourteen
        is represented by two circles, one inside the other with # drawn over

            Number | Bahro
               2   |  Six dots in two rows of three
               4   |  Three horizontal lines
               9   |  Two vertical lines and one horizontal forming a U
              12   |  A circle with a vertical line cutting it at the top

        To solve the puzzle enter the Bahro equivalent of two on the pedestal
        closest to the ladder and then work clockwise around the pedestals and
        down the above list, once you have entered all the symbols go down the
        ladder and through the cave next to the ladder to reach the inside of
        the dome and end of the demo.

 4) Easter eggs
    Draw the symbol on the pedestal inside the dome on your tablet - doesn't
    seem to have an effect but is saved in slots on tablet.
    Draw a representation of the main puzzle (a large circle surrounded by four
    smaller circles in an X pattern) on the tablet and the Bahro will add a new
    link icon to the pedestal on the beach, if you click on it you will be
    linked to the inside of an island that can be reached by going through the
    other cave on the main island and then across the water, the pedestal here
    is invisible but will transport you back to the beach pedestal if you click
    on it.

 7) Credits

This Document is Copyright 2005 Steven Cunningham
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright owners.