Europa Universalis II Cheats


  • Various Codes

    When in game press F12, type the cheat, press enter and then press ctrl + F12 to close the window.

    10000 People added to capitolswift
    6 Colonistspocahontas
    6 Diplomatsvatican
    6 Tradersdagama
    Allows you to control all armies in the world (Toggle ON/OFF)richelieu
    Army investement +5000event 99035
    Better relations with ten nationsevent 99026
    Change domestic policy at any timerobespierre
    Conversion of a random province to your state religionevent 94003
    Free Manufactory in a random provinceevent 94030
    Gain +4 manpowerevent 99044
    Gain 40 warshipsevent 99040
    Gain 40000 infantry and 160 artilleryevent 99038
    Gain a Conquistador and 2 colonistsevent 94029
    Gain an Explorer and 2 colonistsevent 94070
    Give +50000 ducatsmontezuma
    Improved forts in 8 provincesevent 99070
    Increased monarch statsevent 94013
    Infinite troops/shipspeterthegreat
    More tax in four random provincesevent 99086
    Navy investement +5000event 99036
    Reveal the whole mapcolumbus
    Sets Stability to +3oranje
    Toggles revolts on and off.alba

    Contributed By: Gallavant, Soviet_Star_17, and OXPIUM.

Europa Universalis: Crown of the North Cheats


  • Codes

    Press Tab to open the console then enter the following codes:

    Gain $5,000manunited
    Gain 1,000 Victory Pointsrichardnice
    Kill Hertig Erikkillerik
    Kill Hertig Stigkillstig
    Kill Hertig Valdemarkillvaldemar
    Kill Konung Birgerkillbirger
    Kill Menvedmillmenved
    Lose $5,000aik
    Lose 1,000 Victory Pointsrichardbad
    No events triggeredburp
    No war declaredsvensk
    Rebels defeatedutopia
    View all buildingsdimmuborgir
    Win gamekillhaakon

    Contributed By: Starky27.

Hearts of Iron Cheats


  • Event Cheats

    There's a large number of events that you can type in by changing the numbers after 'event' Press F12 then enter one of the following

    Event 1002-Increases Supply Stockpile by 100

    Event 1003-Increases Manpower by 100

    Event 1007-Increases Manpower by 30

    Event 1009-Decreases Dissent by 3

    Event 1011-Scientist Defects(Steals a technology from a neiboring country)

    Event 1012-Discovers a Accidental Discover (Gain a tech you havent found yet)

    Event 1013-Increases the IC in some of your territory

    Event 1016-Changes Governments alignment, player can choose to go further towards communism or facism

    Event 1040-Steal a tech

    Event 1150-Coup Reduces your nations dissent by 100% (new government type?)

    Contributed By: bensully.

  • Less Dissent

    Press F12 then type event 1009

    Contributed By: Emperor Pilaf88.

  • More IC's (Industrial Capacity)

    Bring up the console by pressing F12, and type in the following:

    event 1013

    Each time you use this code you get some extra IC's in a random province that you own. Keep repeating the code by pressing the up key in the console to get unbelievable amounts of IC. Great for using with minor countries who have practically no chance against the superpower nations.

    Contributed By: Iced~Metal.


  • Cheats

    Press F12 during Single Player mode to display a dialogue to enter these Event Cheats. Type Event then the following numbers to enable the cheat.

    4 Ministers Die, Dissent Decreased 101140
    Claim Some Provinces OR the Russian-German Pact2600
    Commander Assassinated1050
    Commander Defect1060
    Commander Executed1080
    Cost Fort Decreased 11030
    Decreased: Fascism Decreased 5 and Decreased: Communism 15 OR Decreased: Fascism 15 and Decreased: Communism Decreased 51017
    Dissent Decreased 304100
    Dissent Decreased 5 Decreased: Fascism 202500
    Dissent Increased 1 OR Decreased 11014
    Dissent Increased 1 OR Decreased 1 but 1 Politician Dies1015
    Dissent Increased 3, Supply Decreased 3501008
    Dissent Increased 51090
    Finnish Winter War Event3200
    Germany Claims Memmel event2400
    Gives Greenland and Iceland to the United States3900
    IC Decreased 11010
    IC Increased 61006
    Invites Poland to Enter Alliance With Allies3600
    Italy Claiming Albania Event3500
    Japan Receives Vichy Bases4000
    Join Axis OR Dissent Decreased 25 OR Trigger Event2200
    Join Axis, Dissent Decreased 302300
    Join Germany OR Germany Annexes Austria OR Dissent Decreased 402100
    Land Fort Decreased 11020
    Lend-Lease Act3700
    Manpower Increased 1001004
    Minister Dies1100
    Oil from Romania (Increased 1500)5000
    Pressure On Siam Event4500
    Random Leader Loyalty Decreased 41001
    Research Sabotaged1000
    Spanish Civil War3100
    Spanish Civil War Intervention3400
    Supply Decreased 100 Dissent Decreased 51005
    Sweden Intervention in Finnish Winter War3300
    US Oil Embargo Oil (Decreased 10000)3800
    Vichy France Event2800
    War Against Soviets and Soviets Claims Territory2700
    War Entry Decreased 51120
    War Entry for France Increased 10 and UK Increased 52000
    War Entry Increased 51110

    Contributed By: EPNeo.

  • Cheats

    Press F12 during Single Player Mode to display a dialogue to enter these cheats.

    100% War Entry Levelwar
    5000 Coalcoal
    5000 Manpowermanpower
    5000 Oiloil
    5000 Rubberrubber
    5000 Steelsteel
    5000 Suppliessupplies
    DI Set to 500di
    Extra Escortsescorts
    Extra Transportstransports
    No Limit on Troopsnolimit
    Nuclear Bombnuke
    Toggle AI Aggressivenessnowar
    Toggle Automatic Event Pauseshowid
    Toggle Control of All Nationsfullcontrol
    Toggle Fog of Warnofog
    Toggle God Modedifrules
    Toggle Province IDshandsoff
    Toggle Revoltsnorevolts

    Contributed By: EPNeo.


  • Steal Technology from a Country

    Pick any nonimportant country(a country that doesnt show up when you start the game). After saving the game, surrender, select your saved game, right click on your country, select the country you want to steal from, then reload the game playing as that country. MAKE SURE YOU ARE PLAYING IN THE SPOT WHERE YOUR COUNTRY WAS. Once you start back up, hit the diplomacy key, select your old country, click ''give technology'', then take whatever you want. Make sure you save afterwards so that you get the technologies.
    Note: this also works for loaning troops or influencing you country.

    Contributed By: edmaster07.

Two Thrones Cheats


  • Misc. Cheats

    Press Tab to bring up the cheat console, then enter the following:

    all rebels defeatedutopia
    cpu wont declare warsvensk
    get $50,000manunited
    get 1000 victory pointsrichardnice
    lose $50,000aik
    lose 1000 victory pointsrichardbad
    play like a godstefanrehn
    toggle eventsburp
    toggle fog of wardimmuborgir

    Contributed By: gsgreg.

Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun Cheats


  • Main Cheats

    When playing game press [F12], type any of these cheats below and confirm with [Enter]:

    Defeat allNOREVOLTS
    Get leadersLEADERSHIP
    Get loads of moneyMONEY
    Get menMANPOWER
    Get prestigePRESTIGE
    Get province IDsSHOWID
    Get transportsTRANSPORTS
    Hands off allHANDSOFF
    No fogNOFOG
    No troops limitsNOLIMIT
    No warNOWAR
    Play like a GodDIFRULES
    The AI will now accept any of your peace proposalsneville
    Total controlFULLCONTROL

    Contributed By: irishpony and revolution9.

  • Resource Cheats

    Press f12 to bring up the cheat prompt. Then type in code and press enter. Pressing up after hitting enter re-enters the last code entered. All these cheats add to your national resource stockpile.

    +10 morale to naval unitsevent 200
    +10 organization to naval unitsevent 201
    +2 fire value for infantryevent 112
    100 amunitionammunition
    100 artilleryartillery
    100 cattlecattle
    100 cementcement
    100 coalcoal
    100 coffeecoffee
    100 cottoncotton
    100 dyedye
    100 explosivesexplosives
    100 fabricfabric
    100 fertilizerfertilizer
    100 fruitfruit
    100 fuelfuel
    100 furniturefurniture
    100 glassglass
    100 graingrain
    100 ironiron
    100 liquorliquor
    100 lumberlumber
    100 oiloil
    100 opiumopium
    100 steelsteel
    100 sulfursulfur
    100 teatea
    100 timbertimber
    100 tobaccotobacco
    100 winewine
    100 woolwool
    Allows Commerce Raidersevent 214
    Allows Corvettesevent 212
    Allows Cruisers, disable Frigateevent 217
    Allows defense against gas attacksevent 110
    Allows Destroyersevent 219
    Allows Dreadnoughtsevent 220
    Allows gas attacksevent 109
    Allows Heavy Cruisersevent 221
    Allows Ironcladsevent 215
    Allows Monitorsevent 216
    Allows steamer transports (replace clipper)event 213
    Allows Torpedo Boatsevent 218
    Annex TexasEvent 14206
    Clausewitzian: +5 organization to land unitsevent 101
    Converts slaves into laborersEvent 16301
    Destroys a random factory, where XYZ is the tag of the owner of the factoryevent 24025 XYZ
    Free cavalry division, -12 Manpowerevent 23019
    Free dragoon division, -12 Manpowerevent 23018
    Free infantry division, -10 Manpowerevent 23017
    Get 8 research pointsevent 24008
    Grants 100 canned foodcanned_food
    Grants 100 luxury furnitureluxury_furniture
    Grants 100 small armssmall_arms
    Grants 100 tropical woodtropical_wood
    Grants you a random technology you do not have yetevent 24037
    Increases Prestige by 10, improves relations with three random nearby nations by 25event 24020
    Increases the output of a Precious Metal RGO by 10event 24013
    Jominian: +20 morale to all land unitsevent 100
    Make Mexico a satelliteEvent 14203
    Quebec becomes satelliteEvent 14180
    Reduce militancy and consciousness by 7 for all population groups.Event 15000
    Reduces your whole nation's militancy by 2event 22013 (note: requires Bureucracy invention)
    Triggers a Communist revolution - Country becomes a Proletarian Dictatorshipevent 23100
    Triggers a Conservative revolution - Country becomes a Presidential Dictatorshipevent 23103
    Triggers a Liberal revolution - Country becomes a Democracyevent 23101
    Triggers a Reactionary revolution - Country becomes a Monarchyevent 23102
    Upgrades the rail level of a random province you own by 1event 24012

    Contributed By: Das, Abyssmal Fiend, and mtgowns.

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