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Version 1.0

Written by Melchoir55 (Isaac Martin)
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Table of Contents:

1) Introduction
2) Starting the game
3) Choosing a starship
4) Items
5) Passengers
6) Special events
7) Modding Instructions
8) Credits


1) Introduction

	This guide was written simply because no other guide currently 
exists on gamefaqs. The information 

contained herein is gleened not only from the experience of the author, 
but also from
forum contributions of gamefaqs members. The users who's information was 
used in this faq are listed respectfully in the "credits" section.
This guide is not intended to be a walkthrough, but simply as a reference 

2) Starting the Game
	When you begin the game you get a choice between three different 
types of characters. You may choose the scientist, the pirate or the military 
officer. You are also given the option to customize the game by changing 
the total amount of time/galaxy size, 
nebula density and enemy strength. 

3) Choosing a starship

All starships begin with the Hydrogen Fusion Drive and an Electron Matrix 
All starships have 1 slot for a faster than light drive and 1 slot for a 
sublight drive (thruster).

a) The Scientist:
	The scientist ship starts out with a short range scanning device, 
a Neptunium Railgun and a Pulse Detonation Thruster.
	The starship has slots for a total of 4 circle-shaped upgrade slots. 
It has 1 slot for a weapon. Once you have another cargo-carrying ship in 
your flotilla, the science ship can hold a total of 16 items.
When playing this character, one should focus on amassing creatures.
b) The Pirate:
	The pirate starts out with a Neptunium Railgun and an Impaler 
Missile Rack. It also starts with the Fusion Tube Thruster. 
	This starship has a total of 5 circle-shaped upgrade slots. It 
also has 2 weapons slots.

c) The Military Officer:
	The military officer starts off with 2 Neptunium Rail Guns and a 
Fission Missile Rack. It also starts with a Pulse Detonation Thruster.
	This starship has 6 circle-shaped upgrade slots. It also has 3 
weapon slots.
	This starship has a smaller cargo hold. It can only hold 8 items 
in it's hold until you add another ship to your flotilla. Once you have a 
2nd cargo capable ship, you can store 12 items.
When playing this character, one should focus on amassing emissaries and 
weapon tech.

4) Items
Items are ranked from least powerful (1) to most powerful (highest number) 
when appropriate. This can be a matter of preference, so similarly powered 
items are listed with the same power level.

1.Electron Matrix Shield
2.Structural Gluon Shield
3.Proton Matrix Shield
4.Meson Lattice shield
5.Temporal Flux Shield

1.Hyperwave Filter Array 
2.Continuum Renderer Array

*Repair Units*
Repair units will repair damaged systems as well as your hull during 
1.Hyperfoam Injector 
2.Multibot Repair Drone

"Unique Circle-Upgrades"
1.Nebular Extent Calculator - Shows an outline around all nebulae to assist 
you in plotting a course.
2.Nebular Sled Drive - Pushes Nebula out of the way as you travel through, 
will not work in a dense nebula area.
3.Anti-Graviton Shunt - You are immune to the effects of any black hole. 
When on a black hole, you can then enter it and use it to teleport to another 
black hole in the universe. (thanks to Chapel_Perilous for this tip)
4.Plasma Coil Cloaker - This upgrade adds a new button to the top right corner 
of your battle screen. You can now cloak your ship in battle. Enemy ships 
cannot fire on your cloaked ship and most cannot see it. Be extra careful of 
colliding with enemy ships while you are cloaked.

"Weapon Jammers"
1.Hyperwave Tele-Scrambler
2.Signature Projector 

*Battle Computers*
1.Mnemonic Sequencer
2.Eidetic Matrix Bubble 
3.Sardion Optimizer

*Short-Range Weapons*
1.Neptunium Railgun - Though it is a starting weapon, it can be quite useful. 
This gun targets and shoots down incoming missiles.
1.Laser Beam
2.Electron Accelerator Beam
2.Plasma Torch
2.Gattling Laser Beam
2.Molybdenum Cone Cannon
2.Proton Phaser Beam
3.Strange Quark Projector
4.Burst Cone  Tchorak weapon. Attainable with timeless bauble. 
5.Plasma Blaster
? Mass Driver
? Flash Crater  Tchorak weapon.

*Medium-Range Weapons*
1.Impaler Missile Rack
2.Gauss Cannon
2.Positron Scrambler Beam
2.Fusion Rocket Launcher 
2.Antichronon Pulse Blaster 
3.Tachyon Ray Gun 

*Long-Range Weapons*
1.Fission Torpedo Pod
2.Multi-Missile Launcher
3.Particle Vortex Cannon  Most powerful weapon you can find without the 
Timeless Bauble. This weapon is extremely useful at taking out small 
fighters and also does considerable damage to capital ships.
4. Lava Bomb Launcher  Tchorak Weapon
12.Nova Cannon  Armament of a special boss. Attainable with the timeless 
bauble. Quite powerful.

*Faster Than Light Drives*
1.Hydrogen Fusion Drive - Travels at 12x the speed of light.
2.Nebular Hydrogen Drive - Travels at 6x the speed of light even through
a nebula.
3.Nebular Sled Drive - Travels 12x the speed of light even through a 
4.Ruby Laser Drive - Travels at 14x the speed of light.
5.Ion Flux Warp Drive - Travels at 16x the speed of light.
6.Nebular Ramjet Drive - Travels 10x of light in normal space. 20x speed of
light in a nebula.
7.Graviton Implosion Drive - Travels at 20x the speed of light.
8.Hyperdrive - Unique item. Instantly teleports you to a selected location.
Takes two months to recharge.

*Sub-light Drives (thrusters)*
1.Pulse Detonation Thruster
2.Fusion Tube Thruster
3.Ion Impulsor Thruster
4.Reactionless Thruster

1.Mantle of Babulon - Unique item. While in possession of this item all
races will become friendly towards you except for the Tchorak and the
Tan Ru.
2.Torc of Babulon
3.Codex of Primordius
4.Plastic Time Capsule
5.Golden Disk
6.Golden Canister
7.Zelulig Monocle
9.Brass Time Capsule
10.Marvelous Toy
11.Platinum Time Capsule
12.Crystal Fish - When this item is in your inventory the Tchorak will
become friendly towards you.
13.Lookout Frogs - If you encounter Esmeralda while this is in your
inventory, you will capture her.
14.Toy Robot - If you encounter Esmeralda while this is in your
inventory, you will capture her.
15.Cenotaph of Rilex
16.Dream Snake
17.Golden Gnat
18.Three Headed Threep
19.Thrint Whistle
20.Spider Bat
22.Six Finned Bloater
23.Black Monolith
24.Ancient Mummy
25.Neon Mantis
27.Chaos Weevil
29.Star Wisp
31.Serpent Vine
32.Horloge of Primordius - Begins the Dread lord of the dark traverse 
special event.
33.Crab Monster
34.Purple People Eater
36.Piranha Bee
37.Smeltov's Brain
38.Wind Bag
39.Fuzzy Lummox
40.Tentacular Tiger

*Useable Items*
1.Timeless Bauble - When used, you will be asked to enter the name of an 
item. After entering the name of an item exactly and hitting enter, press 
ok. That item will be added to your inventory. If you enter the name of 
a unique item and that item is sitting on a planet somewhere or in your 
inventory, the bauble will instead give you a random item. It will also 
give you a random item if you enter anything other than the precise name 
of an item in the game.
2.Limited Vaccum Collapser - When used it will destroy everything within
5 light years. Make sure to give yourself enough time to escape. It will 
destroy black holes, star systems and nebulae.
3.Golden Cannister - When used it will produce a Golden Disk
4.Klakar Beacon - Summons a Klakar to assist you in battle. You will have
to pay it one item after the battle, assuming it survives. If you use the
beacon outside of battle, it will summon the Klakar to trade with you.
5.Aethric Mirror - When used it will switch the places of you and another
6.Melodium Conograph - As far as I can tell, all this will do is waste one
year of your time.
7.Chromium Gong - Useable once per combat. Picks the most powerful enemy
on the screen and destroys it.

5) Passengers
1.Esmeralda - When you encounter her she can be captured if you have a
lookout frogs or toy robot.
2.Zorg Ambassador - He will join you if you encounter the Zorg home world 
and are in possession of the Mantle of Babulon.
3.Muktian Ambassador - He will join you if you encounter the Muktian home 
world and are in possession of the Mantle of Babulon.
4.Calatian Emissary - A rare passenger. You can find him on the same planet
as the Calatian Colony. 

6)Special Events
1. Dread Lord of the Dark Traverse:
This event starts when you acquire the item Horloge of Primordius. You are 
shown the location of a special black hole that you need to enter to encounter 
a special boss. While you can get the item by using the timeless bauble, it 
won't work. You need to be lucky and get a universe that is set up to do the 
event. Before entering the hole, you need to find the sword of Damocles. It's 
actually a starship hanging around in some system. After destroying its 
defensive satellites, board Damocles to add it into your flotilla. After
adding Damocles, enter the special black hole (make sure you have an 
anti-graviton shunt equipped if possible).
2. Cascading Supernova
This event begins when supernova's start heading towards Glory. You must 
return to Glory and fight the special boss there. This can be difficult because 
you are on a timer and you may not be equipped for a hard fight.

7) Modding Instructions
I am not terribly interested in a detailed explanation on how to mod WW. All 
you really need to know is that after going to the directory 
C:\Program Files\Shrapnel Games\Weird Worlds\default\gamedata
You will find text files that define item attributes. By altering these text
files you can alter the performance of any item in the game.

8) Credits given to the follow Gamefaq's message board members: