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how to defeat peofessor Wolf?

In mission 2 how to defeat professor Wolfs machine


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There are three parts to this boss fight. At first, you have to shoot those protruding yellow tubes while dodging the "suicide zombies". Then you have to use your telekinesis to remove those hovering blue spheres from the midsection of the machine. Just grab them one by one and drop them anywhere outside the machine. Once that's done, Wolf will take off with a little shuttle platform and follow you around, shooting lasers at you. At this point, you're supposed to attack him from behind and, once again, destroy the yellow tubes on the back of his shuttle. In order to actually get behind him, you have to use your teleportation ability.

That's pretty much it. It's a lot easier than it sounds, by the way, because the only real threats during all this mayhem are the "zombies" and, subsequently, Wolf's laser shuttle, both of which are rather slow and easy to dodge. If you run out of ammo, check those two little box things by the base of the machine. There's also a bit of health to be found, if you turn on your infernal vision. Good luck.
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