Celtic Kings: Rage of War Cheats


  • Various Codes

    Press [Enter] during gameplay and then enter the following codes:

    Flatten terrain.flatterrain
    Remove fog of war.togglefog
    Remove housestogglevis
    Remove trees.removedecors
    Switch sides.setplayer

    Contributed By: Max Jones.

Jagged Alliance 2 Cheats


  • Cheats

    The v1.06 patch or later is required to use these codes.

    100 points of damage to all enemies in sectorAt the Other Screen, press Alt+O
    Aborts Enemies turnAt the Tactical Screen, press Alt+Enter.
    Additional $100,000At the Laptop Screen, press Plus
    All characters and items are visibleAt the Tactical Screen, press Alt+E
    Character sits in wheelchairAt the Other Screen, press Alt+4
    Character transforms into monsterAt the Other Screen, press Alt+5
    Create new characterAt the Other Screen, press Alt+G
    Create robotAt the Other Screen, press Alt+V
    Damage character under pointerAt the Tactical Screen, press Ctrl+H
    Decrease money by $10,000At the Laptop Screen, press Minus
    Enables cheat modeHold Ctrl and type "g a b b i" at the tactical screen.
    Kill all enemies in current sectorAt the Tactical Screen, press Alt+O
    Kill all enemies in sectorAt the Map Screen, press Alt+Auto Resolve
    Merc forces "away" character to join teamAt the Laptop Screen, press Space+Left Mouse Button
    Mustard gas explosion at pointerAt the Other Screen, press Alt+K
    Refresh health and energy for all charactersAt the Tactical Screen, press Ctrl+U
    Reload selected character's gunAt the Tactical Screen, press Alt+R
    Restore selected character's APAt the Tactical Screen, press Alt+D
    Spawn civilian at pointerAt the Other Screen, press Alt+C
    Spawn enemy at pointerAt the Other Screen, press Alt+B
    Spawn item at pointerAt the Other Screen, press Alt+I
    Teleport selected character to pointerAt the Tactical Screen, press Alt+T
    Teleport squad to sector under pointer in travel modeAt the Map Screen, press Ctrl+T

    Contributed By: Luigi and Tails.

  • Enable cheat mode (in versions prior to v1.06)

    Enable cheat mode (versions prior to v1.06)Hold Ctrl and type IGUANA at the tactical screen.

    Contributed By: nfsan.

Rails Across America Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    Press Control and C and a textbox will appear (if you don't enable the cheat codes yet, you must press yes to continue) and write the following cheat codes

    Add $10 Million dollars to playerADDVENTURE
    Forces the next failed shortline to go to auctionSOTHEBY
    Sabotage the selected trackBOOMBOOM

    Contributed By: gamesbond8.

Warrior Kings Cheats


  • Cheats for Warrior Kings

    Just type, without needing to press enter, the following codes(they are not case-sensitive) for the desired effect:

    Gives 10000 of each resourceGIMMEGIMME
    Reveal mapDOYOUSEE
    Tough mode (makes your units close to impossible to kill)MAKEMENAILS

    Contributed By: konspirator.

  • unlimited resources

    Open up my computer, open up (c:) drive, open up program files, open up empire interactive, open up warrior kings, open up saved, then open the save game of your choice. To access the file you will need to do so using wordpad (right click on file then go to open with... then click on wordpad). Next press ctrl+f, this will open up the quick search menu, next type "MOTHER" and press search. Scroll down the page (about 8-10 lines or so) until you find:
    There will be values next to them (1000 e.g) all you have to do know is edit them to 100000 e.g. If you followed this cheat right you will have unlimited resources. YOU WILL HAVE TO MAKE A BACKUP OR COPY OF THE FILE SO YOU DONT DAMAGE YOUR FILE.

    unlimited foodfood 10000
    unlimited goldgold 10000
    unlimited woodwood 10000

    Contributed By: benisalegend.

Wildfire Cheats


  • Cheat mode

    Enter IAMACHEATER during game play to enable cheat mode.Then enter one of the following cheats.

    Add 10,000$C
    All itemsU
    Decrease gammaCTRL+KEYPAD MINUS
    End missionS
    Increase gammaCTRL+KEYPAD PLUS
    Toggle interfaceCTRL+I

    Contributed By: Ecstacy2003.

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