• Various Codes

    Enter these whilst on the console

    Brightness is affectedlightgamma
    No crosshaircl_dynamic_xhair 0
    No more background soundstopsound
    Open up a sound playermp3
    The frame rate is modifiedfps_max <#>

    Contributed By: Robbie Kennedy.


  • Steam Achievements

    There are a total of 53 achievements. These achievements can be viewed in steam under: Community -> View all [No. of games] games -> View Stats (Under Day of Defeat: Source)

    AWOLPlay on 5 non-official Day of Defeat Source maps
    BeachheadCapture the final flag to win a round
    Beat the HeatWin a round on each of the winter themed maps: Dod_Kalt and Dod_Colmar
    Black MariaGet 250 kills with the K98k's Rifle Grenade
    Bolt ActionGet 500 kills with the K98k
    BroomhandlerGet 150 kills with the C96
    CapoGet 500 kills with the Thompson
    CarbineerGet 150 kills with the M1 Carbine
    Carpet BomberGet 250 kills with the Garand's Rifle Grenade
    Clean SweepWin Dod_Colmar without the other team detonating any bombs on your objectives
    Combat EngineerDefuse 100 enemy bombs
    Cookin' With GasGet 500 kills with the Garand
    CutthroatGet 150 kills with the Knife
    Demolition ManPlant 100 bombs on enemy objectives
    Dig For Victory!Get 150 kills with the Shovel
    DogfaceGet 1000 kills as the Rifleman player class
    Don't Bring a GunWin a knife fight
    Don't Tread on MeBlock a Flag Capture that would have won the round for the enemy team
    Double CrossKill an enemy by throwing back one of their team's grenades or riflegrenades
    Egg LayerGet 250 kills with the US Frag Grenade
    Eviction NoticeKill a deployed sniper or machinegunner from a distance greater than 100 feet with a rocket
    Hail MaryIn Dod_Jagd, plant a bomb that explodes in overtime to extend the round
    Head HunterGet 1000 kills as the Sniper player class
    HEATerGet 1000 kills as the Rocket player class
    Iron CrossGet 5000 kills as an Axis player
    Jack of All TradesIn a single life, get a kill with an MG, Sniper Rifle, Rifle, SubMG and a Grenade
    Johnnie GunGet 500 kills with the .30 Cal
    Kilroy Was HereScore 8 machinegun kills from a single deployed position
    KnuckledusterGet 150 kills with your fists
    Linoleum RipperGet 500 kills with the MG42
    MarksmanScore 5 consecutive headshots in a single round without dying
    Medal of HonorGet 5000 kills as an Allied player
    Nuts!Block 100 Flag Captures
    Old SchoolGet 150 kills with the Colt
    On the WarpathScore 100 Flag Captures
    Point ManGet 1000 kills as the Assault player class
    Potato MasherGet 250 kills with the Stick Grenade
    PutschKill a machinegunner who has killed 8 or more players from a single deployed position
    RationingKill 4 or more players with a single grenade, riflegrenade or bazooka shot
    Rocket PoweredGet 500 kills with the Bazooka
    RoscoeGet 150 kills with the P38
    Sometimes the BAR Gets YouGet 500 kills with the BAR
    SquaddieGet 1000 kills as the Support player class
    Storm of the CenturyGet 500 kills with the MP44
    Take No PrisonersIn a single life, kill 4 or more players in the victory time after winning a round
    Tank TerrorGet 500 kills with the Pschreck
    The Big BurpGet 500 kills with the MP40
    The Iron CurtainGet 1000 kills as the Machinegunner player class
    The ProducerGet 500 kills with the Springfield
    Trophy CollectorScore 5 or more kills in a single life using scavenged enemy weapons
    Valve Gift Grab 2011 DoD:SCollect three gifts dropped by opponents.
    War HeroComplete all Achievements
    WarlordWin 100 rounds
    Wilhelm TellGet 500 kills with the K98 Sniper Rifle

    Contributed By: Mr_Alexander and th3l3fty.

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