Alien Blast: The Encounter Cheats


  • Alien Blast Cheat Codes

    Push F9 during the game and type in the following for the desired effect:

    God modegod
    Kill All Enemieskillall
    Loads level xx (replace xx with a number 1-45)load level xx
    Obtain all weaponsallweapons
    Turn Gravity Offgravity
    Unlimited Ammoallammo

    Contributed By: fayzex and gsgreg.

O.R.B. Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    Press ENTER to input these cheats:

    All Tech Researched$GET TECH
    Disable Asteroid Collisions$COLLISIONS OFF
    Disable Fog of War$FOGOFWAR OFF
    Disable God Mode for Selected Unit$GOD OFF
    Enable Asteroid Collisions$COLLISIONS ON
    Enable Fog of War$FOGOFWAR ON
    Enables God Mode for Selected Unit$GOD ON
    Get indicated number of resources$RU [number]
    Get indicated number of support units$SU [number]
    Hide Frame Rate$FPS OFF
    Sets build speed to indicated number$BUILD [number]
    Show Frame Rate$FPS ON
    Weaken Enemy Hulls to 1$WEAKEN ENEMY
    Win Current Mission$WIN

    Contributed By: HOmie g StRINg, alaskanpie, Shinix, and eli0918.

Submarine Titans Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    To use one of the following cheat codes, press Enter, type in the desired code, and then press Enter again, during gameplay.

    Extra CoriumCorium
    Extra GoldGold
    Extra Gold, Corium, and MetalExiton
    Extra MetalMetal
    Get all TechnologyTechnologi
    Gives EnergyENERGY
    Gives SiliconSILICON
    More AirAir
    See EverythingFow

    Contributed By: ASF and Person With GBA.

Uplink: Hacker Elite Cheats


  • Protovision Game Server

    To access the protovision game serverjoshua

    Contributed By: omlette.


  • Cheat Menu

    To open up a cheat menu, do the following:

    Make a player called ''TooManySecrets''
    Then, Press F1 while playing the game on that user account.

    Note: This was removed in the version 1.2 patch.

    Contributed By: omlette.

  • Cheat Menu for the FBI Mod

    If you have the FBI mod, make your name CharlieBean (no spaces) and hit F1

    Contributed By: BMW540wagon.

  • Destroy Computer

    when accesing any Internal machine, click on admin, then click on console and type...<p />cd usr
    cd log
    cd sys

    Contributed By: BMW540wagon.

  • Hidden Treasure

    Carefully pry open the back of your game case and there will be a white piece of paper. Pull it out to reveal a special message.

    Contributed By: omlette.

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