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   | |  | '_ \ / _ \  \___ \| | '_ ` _ \/ __|   / /   |______|
   | |  | | | |  __/  ____) | | | | | | \__ \  / /_           
   |_|  |_| |_|\___| |_____/|_|_| |_| |_|___/ |____|          
 _   _ _       _     _   _ _  __     
| \ | (_)     | |   | | | (_)/ _|    
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| . ` | |/ _` | '_ \| __| | |  _/ _ \
| |\  | | (_| | | | | |_| | | ||  __/
|_| \_|_|\__, |_| |_|\__|_|_|_| \___|
          __/ |                      

Author: Warfreak
Version 2.2
Day Started 23/9/05


I have the Tacitus, and although GDI may have won today, we shall have our
vengeance. The Visitors have shown us the path, and we shall win the war. 
Peace through Power. 

^If anyone can figure out where that would fit in, email me and see if you are


Table of Contents
[1] Introduction, You'll Need It
    [1.01] Expansion Pack
    [1.02] New Stuff
    [1.03] Version History
[2] New Lots and Areas, Or Are They Really Ponders Scientist
    [2.01] Restaurants
    [2.02] Nightclubs
    [2.03] Bowling Alleys
    [2.04] Graveyards
    [2.05] Photo Booths
    [2.06] Downtown
[3] New Sims, Out of No-Where
    [3.01] Vampires [Short Version]
    [3.02] Mrs. CrumpleBottom
    [3.03] Gypsy Matchmaker
    [3.04] Diva / Mr. Big
    [3.05] DJ
    [3.06] Slob
    [3.07] Host
    [3.08] Server
    [3.09] Grand Vampire
    [3.10] Restaurant Chef
[4] New Cars, Vroom! Crash!
    [4.01] Cars
    [4.02] The Smoogo Minima
    [4.03] The Smord P328
    [4.04] The Landwhale by Heaveola
    [4.05] The Yomoshoto Evasion
    [4.06] Hunka 711 by Hwang Motors
    [4.07] Alarms
    [4.08] Building Garages
    [4.09] Naughty Stuff
    [4.10] Owning a Car
[5] Making and Spending Money, Its Fun, Llama Says
    [5.01] Being a DJ
    [5.02] Gypsy Matchmaking Services
[6] New Food, Not Poisonous to SimCity Standards
    [6.01] Crepes Suzette
    [6.02] Uncookable Food
[7] Aspirations, You're Hopes, and Failures
    [7.01] Pleasure Seeker
    [7.02] Grilled Cheese
    [7.03] ReNuYu Porta-Chug
    [7.04] ReNuYuSenso Orb
    [7.05] Long Aspiration Update
[8] Relationships, More of the Same
    [8.01] Turn Ons and Offs
    [8.02] Chemistry
    [8.03] Chemistry Mk 2
    [8.04] Scope Room
    [8.05] Updates, Influence and Interest
    [8.06] Fury
    [8.07] Contact
[9] Groups, Its not Multiplication
    [9.01] Forming a Group
    [9.02] Managing
    [9.03] Going Out
    [9.04] Gifts
    [9.05] Outing Meter
    [9.06] Super Outing
    [9.07] Pulling Strings
[10] Dating, Its not Mating
    [10.01] What's Dating
    [10.02] Finding a Date
    [10.03] Having a Good Date
    [10.04] A not so Good Date
    [10.05] Date Meter
[11] Delivery, Nuclear Missile Launched
    [11.01] Food Coupons
    [11.02] Love Letters
    [11.03] Hate Letters
    [11.04] Flowers
    [11.05] Flaming Bags of Poo
[12] New Items, Or Broken Ones
    [12.01] "Pinmaster 300" Bowling Alley by Hurling Fun Products, Inc
    [12.02] The HottCorp Burning 8-R Series Fire Jet
    [12.03] Florid Font
    [12.04] Dancing Fiend Jukebox
    [12.05] The GrooveLayer 9000 Professional DJ Booth by HotBeets
    [12.06] VocoPhonicSim Karaoke Machine
    [12.07] ElectroDance Sphere by ExtremeCO
[13] Dining Out, It's Tasty Quotes Fluffy the Cat
    [13.01] The Whole Concept
    [13.02] The Menu
    [13.03] Paying or Skipping the Bill
    [13.04] Favourite Foods
    [13.05] Waiters Incompetence
    [13.06] Food Cruelty
    [13.07] The Ups and Downs
    [13.08] Discounting
[14] Removing Sims, Because It's Fun, Well, for Me
    [14.01] Vampires and Sun
    [14.02] Hunger
    [14.03] Electrocution
    [14.04] Drowning
    [14.05] Cow Plant
    [14.06] Eaten Alive
    [14.07] Disease
    [14.08] Satellite
    [14.09] Old Age
    [14.10] Scared to Death
    [14.11] Fire
[15] Inventory, The Infinite Loop
    [15.01] How It Works
    [15.02] Using Inventory
    [15.03] Pros and Cons
[16] Vampires, Van Helsing all over Again
    [16.01] Turning into a Vampire
    [16.02] Living as a Vampire
    [16.03] Abilities
    [16.04] Quitting as a Vampire
    [16.05] Strategy as a Vampire

[--] Q&A, Quick & Annoying
    [--.01] Q&A

[A] Contact Information
[B] Webmaster Information
[C] Credits
[D] Sites FAQ is on
[E] Copyright

[1.01] Expansion Pack

Wow, my forth FAQ in under one year. This expansion pack is Nightlife, for the
Sims 2. If you have University, this guide would be fully understandable for 
you. If you don't, you should read the FAQ for the general gist. Also read my
base FAQ for the instructions to stop those stupid questions. In a way, I am
making you buy University because I'm me :)

[1.02] New Stuff

There are lots of new stuff in the Sims 2 Nightlife. I'll go over them in more
detail later but here are the major things.

Dream Dates
Social Outings
Bowling Alleys
Easier Community Lot Access
Mrs. CrumpleBottom
and so on

[1.03] Version History

Version 0.1 [23/9/05]
Started my forth FAQ. I'm thinking of covering the whole series. Imagine that,
the Warfreak's guide to the Sims 2 and all the expansion pack. I'll have a 
monopoly of Sims 2 guides. MUAHAHAHAHA

Version 0.2 [25/9/05]
Submission pending, anyway, this will be worked on for the time being. It will
grow really large if it keeps going at this rate. I'm working of the table of
contents and planning out the order of my future work. 

Version 0.3 [26/9/05]
CJayC hasn't seen all the contribuations yet so this guide isn't public. Guess
this guide will go under change till then. 

Version 0.4 [27/9/05]
It guide is finally online but it is an old version. This one will be 
submitted to update the old FAQ. I think it is still version 0.1. 

Version 0.5 [28/9/05]
This guide is flowing smoothly to say so myself. I'll keep the updates coming 
as soon as I have some more spare time.

Version 0.6 [12/10/05]
Been a while now. I'll update in about a few weeks since I have some exams to
cover. Exams are probably more important than you I guess. 

Version 0.7 [26/1/06]
Out of the dead and typing again. Ascii art added. 

Verison 0.8 [7/2/06]
Typing again. Second period of typing. Best finish the guide before Open for
Business comes out.

Version 0.9 [21/2/06]
Third spout of typing, should sustain this one longer. 

Version 1.0 [23/2/06]
Another update, won't be getting OFB for another 15 days. Can't wait.

Version 1.1 [26/2/06]
Added a new section on death.

Version 1.2 [1/3/06]
Open for Business is out. Getting it next week. 7 days. I CAN'T WAIT. THIS IS
a large update to make up for my impatience.

Version 1.3 [2/2/06]
Another update. Getting closer to finishing. 

Version 1.4 [3/3/06]
Betting closer still. Finished aspiration and started other sections. 

Version 1.5 [28/4/07]
More than a year. Must keep these things up to date. 

Version 1.6 [29/4/07]
Started a new file system on all my guides. It shows the version number to
prevent problems when uploading. Anyway, progress is slow, yet progressing and
progress is good. Restaurants done. 

Version 1.7 [22/7/07]
Update, working on everything I haven't exactly finished. I basically did a 
revamp of the guide to ensure everything is in working order and is not 
repeated... much. Anyway, it is progressing. I should finish this in line with
my other main guide at the moment, which is my C&C guide. Once that is 
completely finished, I'll start finishing off the Sims. 

Version 1.8 [23/7/07]
Update. Section 8 is now finished. 

Version 1.9 [16/8/07]
Update, I want to finish this after my C&C guide is done, which should be the
next update. Chapter 15 complete, 10.01 is complete. 

Version 2.0 [19/8/07]
C&C complete. Now, this is the next to be complete, been lingering for far
too long. 

Version 2.1 [20/8/07]
Update is still needed, aims to finish within version 3.0 at most. Chapters 9,
10 and 11 complete. Working on 12 and need to finish 16 for complete guide.

Version 2.2 [21/8/07]
Only chapter 12 and 16 to go. Finished today. Well, its been fun writing for
you, Happy Simming!

[2.01] Restaurants

"From the '50s diner to upscale fine dining, we've got all your Sim's noshing 
needs covered. Drop in for a quick bite while out on the town or take a date 
for some candlelit romance"

"You're Sims no longer need high cooking skill to enjoy fine gourmet dishes. 
Take them out to the restaurant and ask a server or host to BE SEATED, then 
they can relax and chat while they are waited upon by servers and chefs. If
they play their cards right, they might not even have to pay for it."

Yes, there are restaurants. You can get restaurants in this game. You get 
food but at a price. However, the food is top notch and is the best, as in 
better than what you can pull off. This is how the restaurant works. There are
normally four NPC's that are in charge of the restaurant. Just a reminder that
a level 10 cook will sometimes out perform the chef. After all, in a 
restaurant, its speed, not quality. 

Host - This elder will be behind the podium at most times. They will answer
the phone from the podium, show you to your table and take money from your
bank account to pay for the bill. You can have a better relationship for a 
discount. They normally dress in black. There are two waiters, a male and a
female. More some strange reason, I see the female more often.

Waiters - There are two waiters that will take your order when you are seated.
Only one of them will take your order. To order, just click on them and order
from the options. Have a better relationship with these two guys for a lower
chance of food being dropped from a tray

Chef - This guy is always at the oven. You cannot talk to him, but he will 
make your food, just after your order has been taken. Maybe the waiters have
walkie-talkies, I don't know. This is another elder. Getting him a better
relationship will not do you any good though.

First of all, there will be a podium at the restaurant. There will be a person
behind the podium at most times. On the podium, there will be a book and a 
telephone. To get a seat, click on the podium and select be seated. If you 
want to be at a counter, click be seated at counter. After that, you will be
seated by the host.

Second, the waiter will come. The waiter will take your order so click on the
waiter. There are several options that you can choose from the waiter. You can
have chef's choice. This is just a random choice for you. It can be anything
from a hamburger to a lobster. But be prepared to pay a large bill if you 
choose this option. 

You can choose yourself from an extensive range of foods if you order 
yourself. You can also order for other people, like your date, and you can 
order for all the people in your group.

You can find out what you date wants with the speech bubble over their heads.
This will give a bigger boost to the date. If you don't have the bubble to
guide you, just order something expensive to impress them. You can order some
dessert to wash down the meal. Just click on the waiter again and order a 
dessert. Use your imagination to create a course. Mains, entrees and desserts
along with some water. 

You can interact will eating food or dining. Click on your date or friends and
look for a chair symbol. This chair symbol means that you can do this 
interaction while sitting down. This is how the ad was made that is on the 
Sims 2 website where a man was proposing. That is possible, as long as you 
have the necessary relationship with the person. 

You can give up your seat by clicking on the podium and choose give up seat.
You can just click the Dining button to cancel it. When you finish your meal,
you can pay your bill or skip it. Skipping your bill will give a negative 
relationship with the host and the waiters. If you leave the restaurant before
you manually pay the bill, the moment you go into your car, you pay the bill.
You don't lose any relationship with the host if you do this. You do not gain
any relationship with the host either. Paying the bill yourself is a great way
for you to gain some relationship points with the host and the date. 

Also, the better relationship you have with the host, the better the discount
when it come to paying the bill. If you have a very good relationship with the
host, then you may not have to pay any money (§) at all. This is just a thing
to do in your spare time though and you cannot really talk to them while on
the community lot itself. And another thing, waiters can drop food on your
pants as well. This will go down as a negative memory. You can improve your
relationship with the waiter to reduce the chance of your pants being spoilt
by food that was meant to go in your mouth.

There is a large range of foods to choose from. These include different areas
so you can order an omelette at the middle of the night.

Breakfast Foods
Omelette - This is a morning dish, the best of the morning foods. It costs 
you §11 at default.

Lunch Foods
Chilli Con Carne - This dish will warm you up with speed. It is a great lunch
food and costs §15.

Chef Salad - This dish is made of vegetables and no meat. Despite popular 
belief that it is a salad, you can still get fat. It will cost you §16 for 
this dish.

Hamburgers - A grill dish that can only be made from a BBQ at home. Too bad
they don't serve it with fries. It costs §17 (WTF) for a hamburger.

Dinner Foods
Mac and Cheese - This popular dorm food makes a comeback in a restaurant. Just
come yellow stuff in a bowl. Not very filling. It costs §9.

Spaghetti - Another dorm food makes a comeback. It is just some white strands 
with some red sauce. It also costs §9 and is not very filling.

Ribs - Want some ribs from a pig? Well this grilled item is sold in the 
restaurant as well. Quite filling and costs §18.

Salmon - This fish, which is tasty by the way is a good way to fill up your
hunger bar. This is very filling and costs §21.

Pork Chops - This meal is about the same as the salmon as in hunger relief
but looks better and will impress your date more. It is very filling and costs
you §23.

Lobster Thermidor - The king of the foods, the lobster. This is the most 
filling food in the game and requires 10 cooking to obtain this recipe. It is
so filling, that it is most likely that you will have excess fat afterwards. 
It costs §35 for this massive meals.

Cake - A big slab of cake. Not very filling but is a good snack after a big 
or not so big meal. It costs §8.

Baked Alaska - A whitish cake, like a slick of a wedding cake. But more 
filling than the cake and costs §10.

Crepes Suzette - A few crepe rolls, drenched in a source. A new type of food
in this game. It costs you §13 for this filling dessert.

Uncookable Foods (Obtainable in the Restaurants)
These are the foods that are new and come with the game. They cannot be cooked
except maybe for the use of mods. I'm not always on modthesims2 you know. 

Nectarine Tartlette - A tart with the flavour of nectarines. It is quite 
filling and costs §12 for this. I'm thinking it is a dessert.

Lime Seared Prawns - This is a great meal. It is the favourate food of one of
the producers of the game, according to the Sims 2 website. Anyway, it is 
prawns infused with the flavours of lime. It costs §19. I think it is a dinner

Filet Mignon - This is a very filling meal. It is a thick slice of beef from
the tenderloin. Very tasty. Because it is beef, it costs §25.

Fried Chicken - A nice meal, crunchy and all. This is basically some chicken,
killed and fried. Tasty for a modest fee of §18.

Glass of Water - Just a glass of water. Nothing more, nothing less. Does not
do anything. As it does not do anything, it costs §0.

There are several things you need when building a restaurant. First of all, 
you will need to podium. This is where the host can stand and greet people. Of
course, you will need a SPECIAL oven for the chef. It will be found under the
appliance section of the dining section of the buy catalog. Next, and the 
most important thing, is, chairs and tables to dine with. Where else are your
guests going to sit?

There will be more on restaurants later, so much so that they even have their
own large section devoted to them. 

[2.02] Nightclubs

"Dance until you drop at any of the myraid of trendy clubs littering the 
downtown area."

Nightclubs are where people start dancing and having a good time. An good 
example of this is the Hub. This trendy club in the Downtown area is a great
place to have a party. Most nightclubs include restaurants. They are normal
restaurants like above but where you are seated is different. If you choose
to be seated at the counter, you are most likely to be seated at the bar of
the nightclub. 

All nightclubs should come standard with some bars. There are two distinct
advantages of having a bar. One of them is that you can have some Sims having
a good time with some drinks. The second reason is more obsecure. It is 
because that Mrs. Crumplebottom loves a drink, she can down about 5 drinks 
before a purse hitting. With the pub keeping her occupied, you can have a 
romantic slow dance or a normal dance. She doesn't like it either way so you
can have some me time while she is busy.

You have to have a DJ station as well. I mean, what are the Sims going to 
dance to? Air rustling? Nah. A dance station is quick helpful to have a good
time because there more Sims can dance. And with several new interactions that
come equipped with Nightlife, you can be sure to have a good time. You can mix
some tunes and request different music, for your romantic purposes. 

A jukebox is a great for a nightclub. Its like a stereo, you can change the 
music of the area with it. You can change that horrible techno into classical
which is perfect for a date or hip hop for the more modern date. Its quite a 
mix really. Then you need the karaoke machine, to watch those Sims sing a 
really bad song, or a good one, depending on the Sim. 

You have to have the dance sphere. If course, its a party attraction and a 
want of Sims to dance in it. Also raises body and actually depends on body
either you are successful or not. It is a great way to gain some aspiration
points so you might as well get one. 

Another must is some toilets. Well, you need the Sims to do their business 
somewhere. and where else but a toilet. But be warned, some Sims have a fear
of using the toilet so want their aspirations. 

Funky lights are a must. They spin lights with colours and look great. It 
places the Sims in the mood by raising the Environment bar. A great way to 
get the party started. 

And thats about all you need for a nightclub. The rest is for your imagination
and like the former EA saying. Challenge Everything. Well, they used to say
it, before going through a logo change, then another one. 

[2.03] Bowling Alleys

"It's not just the striking shirts that pull them in at the local lanes. It's
the crashing excitement of knocking those ten pins right off their feet."

Bowling Alleys are a great place for a group activity. Bowling is a group 
activity, so have a good time. You might even see Mrs. Crumplebottom having a
good time as she likes bowling. Bowling is a great way for Sims to have fun.
If you decide to go bowling, have two Sims. Its more fun and you gain some 
social points for it as well. Its another automated chat time. It is a great
social activity, better than poker and chess. 

Bowling is a great place to make friends so you should start to build a 
bowling alley as soon as possible. Let me remind you that a bowling alley is
quite long so make the building long or wide to accommodate this massive alley

What you will need in a bowling alley, well, the most important things, is, 
well the bowling alley. You know, people cannot go bowling if there was no
bowling alley to bowl in. Put them side by side, make them cross, do whatever
you want to do with it.

You need some seat and some chairs as well, or where else are they going to 
take a rest? After some seating, you need the decorative touch to the bowling
alley. You need the rack of bowling balls. Once you have this rack, it will
look more like a bowling alley.

Then you will need a grill so Sims can cook hot dogs, the classic bowling 
snack. Some televisions, the one that hang in the air, would do quite nicely
as well. 

A bowling alley should have a jukebox as well, to relive those old times. 
Then you will need some pinball machines as well to give the kids some
entertainment along with some arcade machines. 

A poker table here and there will not do any harm either. A bowling alley 
needs some Sims who are willing to bet some money on a deck of cards. How else
is the house going to make money? 

You know, a pool table would do nicely if you have Uni as well. Adds the nice
finishing touch on the topic of sporting balls. You have the bowling ball and
then the cue ball. Don't even think about what I think you are thinking. 
Anyway, add a coffeehouse as well. To make sure those Sims that are bowling
don't fall down on the bowling alley. Might help them wake up as well. Add a
toilet if they are using the coffee house. 

They give body points for bowling, mainly because you break a sweat trying to
lift a ball used to smash down few pins. Brings back the memory of me going
bowling but I accidently walked onto the shiny floor, slipped, hit my head
and get a strike as the ball rolled down the floor. So funny, I got a strike
for slipping. And I'm the worst bowler in history. I can average a measly a 
score of about 80 on a day, about 100 on a good day. I plain suck. They 
don't get really fit from bowling, because you don't get fit walking with a 
bowling ball and rolling it. 

This is a common aspiration want, to go bowling, with the Pleasure Seeker 
more often than not. But they are nothing but a bunch of trouble seekers. 
Just watch for the gutterballs, the strikes and such. Body skill plays an
integral part of bowling. The more points, the better the score. Low skill
points give gutter balls and the 7-10 split. Medium skilled players will
end up getting spare and at the peak of the body skill, they tend to get
strikes. Get a perfect 300 please!

And there you have it, your own bowling or not so bowling alley. With the
recent addition of Open for Business, it is more profitable to sell the 
"boweling" alleys than operating such a business. 

[2.04] Graveyards

You can make graveyards anywhere. You can make them downtown, in your regular
neighbourhood or if you really want to, place them in the University campus. 
You start off with a large community lot and then you start to build up your
morbid business. 

First of all, you need to select your grave or graves if you have been 
purging Sims off the face of the Earth. Anyway, click on the grave and select
the move grave option, or if there is more than one grave, move all graves 
option. Then, you can choose the cemetery that you have made and you just send
them over there. If you use the move all graves option, you will move all the
graves in the neighbourhood to the selected lot. Make sure you want to do this
or you can just send them one by one to avoid moving them everywhere.

Once you finish your grave moving, you can go into the build mode of the 
community lot with the graves and arrange it to your liking. You can place 
flowers of where the body will be, use your imagination. I mean, I don't think
I should tell you that, you play your game the way your like. Anyway, place
them the way you want, if you want, arrange them into the words Grim Reaper. 
Give Mr. Death some more furfillment in doing his job. 

If you want an example of a typical graveyard, go to Gothier Green Lawns. That
is the graveyard of the Sims that lived in the House of Fallen Trees. There 
are also graves of that lot as well.

Do not forget that there are two graves. There is the grave stone and the urn.
If you place the remains of some one outside, it will be a tombstone and it
will stay like that. If you decide to place it inside, it will be an urn. On
another note, if you move a grave to a graveyard, you can resurrect them if 
you know them or they used to be on your lot. But when they die, they will 
have their remains on your lot, not the graveyard. 

You cannot move the graves by placing it in your inventory. The only thing 
you can do is take the graves home and place them on your lot via the 
inventory. You cannot select your inventory while you are on the commerical
lots. Regardless.

Also, the grave will still produce some ghosts. But the ghosts don't seem to
attack the Sims that are still living that often. According to Maxis, the 
ghosts of the Sims who have died are more peaceful when they in the graveyard
so be sure to place them there. And also, you can choose to place the graves 
on a residential lot but I don't know why on earth you will want to put them
their, I mean, people live there. Unless they include a house full of the
living undead, I mean, how can dead people piss their pants?

There are some transcripts about the graveyards
Guest: Will there be an option to send Sims who have died before Nightlife 
comes out to send them to the cemetery or will only the newly dead have that

MaxisLittleL: You'll be able to to move any existing grave to a cemetery now.
Your ancestors will happily rest in peace.

Guest: How do you go about making a cemetery? Is it a residential lot, 
community lot, or something different altogether?

MaxisAmy: You can move graves to community or to home lots, so it is up to 

Guest: Can you visit a cemetery at night and see a whole bunch of ghosts 
floating around? (for those crazy knowledge sims who would love that)

MaxisLittleL: Ghosts can appear at a cemetery, luckily they are happier and
more relaxed there then they can be at home sometimes. 

If you want a whole bunch of knowledge sims go to the graveyard, for, say a
"field trip" make sure you bring a few mortal enemies of the ghosts along. 
This way, the knowledge sims get to see a ghost, the ghost gets his or her
revenge, its a Win Win situation. Well except for the poor fellow who saw
the ghost. He might want to, ummm, take a vacation for a while. For more info
on removing sims to place into the graveyard, read the [14] section for more
um, dastardly information.

[2.05] Photo Booths

I hate photos. I'm strickly anti-photo, because you look like a dork and dress
like a god dam jackass. They give photos in strips of 4, squared and framed
in the machine somehow. For the price of §10, you can get Normal or Goofy
Photos in the booth. You can get two people, just invite another person and
you can get Normal, Goofy or Romantic for the price of §10. I strickly hate 
photots so I'm going keep this short and bitter.

When the photos are done, the film falls out, you pay the money and move on. 
The normal photos are normal, the goofy are ones that are plain stupid and
the romantic ones show that the couple do not wish to be disturbed. Too bad, 
I'm god here and there is nothing you can do about it. Of course, this is a 
new place for you to WooHoo. Just invite a love interest and Woohoo. If you 
WooHoo here, it counts towards the WooHoo in public want so yeah. It can only
hold two people, any more and it would be cramp. You can take photos at home
and still, you cannot have a family photo. How I wish for something like that
to happen. A mega sized photo booth. They are pretty common in shopping 
centres in real life. 

Note, this is a double edged sword. Although it is a want of some sims, it is
actually a fear of some Sims as well. So make sure you check the fears as well
before you so a photo shoot or the shrink might just some a take a nice visit
to you. 

[2.06] Downtown

Downtown has everything you are looking for, from dancing, to dining, to 
dating and so much more. Come visit our Downtown and find out what the 
Nightlife has to offer.

That was the description of the offical downtown. There is much to talk about
downtown. Basically, downtown has brought life back into the community lots. 
There are many things that the downtown system has improved on.

* The transport system, which is changed due to cars, is much better. The 
  loading time is much shorter since you don't have to reach the community 
  overview screen, this will help with a family full of sims. Below is a 
  question of how the system works.

Traveling to other lots has changed a bit since the introduction of cars and
the Downtown area.

To initiate travel without a car:
1.	Click on a phone.
2.	Choose Call then Transportation.
3.	Choose Taxi or Invite depending on if you are traveling solo or want to 
        invite a friend.

To initiate travel with a car:
1.	Click on your car.
2.	Choose Drive to Community Lot.

If you have invited someone on a date or social group outing, you will be able
to take them with you. Once your taxi has arrived, or you have initiated 
travel using your car, a window will appear asking Where would you like to 
go?.  On the left are the areas you can choose from (your neighborhood, and 
downtown).  On the right is a list of all the community lots in that area. You
will only have Downtown available if you chose to associate a Downtown with 
your neighborhood.

To go Downtown:
1.	Choose your Downtown area from the left menu.
2.	Choose the lot you want to visit from the right menu.
3.	Click the check mark and you'll be on your way!

* You don't have to call the taxi anymore, because you have your own car.

* You instantly save before you go to a community before all hell breaks loose
  and that you can quit during the time you were playing. 

Downtown is always dark by default, and you don't get mugged as often. 
Residential houses and lots can be made downtown, but you should leave that in
the neighbourhood, downtown is more community lot based. This will still be 
linked to those in the original downtown, other university campuses and the 
other downtowns you might have created. If you ran out of room in your 
original neighbourhood, which I find hard to believe since the map is really
huge and with load times the size of hell, you can stick them in Downtown. 
Uni students from University will not come here unless you tell them to 

Of course, since Maxis wants more money for EA, there is a reason that you
should have the University expansion pack and the Nightlife expansion pack,
because the people who benefit the most out of Nightlife, or rather, actually,
get anything out of Nightlife are the Uni Students, also known as (aka) young

Which do you want first, the bad news or the good news. Ok, bad news.

You cannot gain skill points on Downtown lots. No one can get skills from
downtown lots. Maxis explains why.

Why don't Downtown objects raise my skills?

Although Downtown objects used at your home will allow you to gain skill, 
when these objects are Downtown they will not.  These objects are meant only
to be interaction objects Downtown, but you can use them at home to 'practice'
for using them in public, thus allowing skill gain.  Make sure to get a lot of
practice before using them Downtown, or you may find your Sim in an 
embarrassing situation!

Okay, thats the bad news out of the way. Good news time.

The University timer will now cease to pass when they are Downtown. Those
deans found out that all those students were pissed off because they didn't 
get enough time off. So, when you are downtown, you basically stop all timers.
You don't have to go to class, don't have to do exams and the best thing, the
countdown to the next semester will not count down. Its like downtown is 
another galaxy, where time is not spent out in the real world. This is where
the DJ booth comes in. Anyway you can make money, since the timer doesn't 
count down, you basically have an age free gameplay. You can earn money, lots
and lots of it and earn some extra money while you are at it. With Open for
Business, you can basically get more money to fund your goods, even with a 
new car. To go go back to your roots with a car. Since time doesn't to pass,
your relationship will stay the same, so you can make the shyest sim on the
face of the earth the worlds biggest socialite in no time, pardon the pun.

Since I mentioned earlier, the transport system is now in place, you can 
actually bludge off to the nether regions of your original neighbourhood. Go
home, talk to your friends and family and watch that clock tick down. Since 
downtown is now a timeless sink or void, however you want to look at it, you 
can basically do whatever you want there. WooHoo in public, piss off Mrs
Crumplebottom, get married, or get ready to get married, make money without
actually using the time, make or break friends, go on dates and outings and
get the rewards, read section below, etc etc. With this said, the timeless
void, intentional or accidential, actually helped the already degrading task
of shoving your little young adults to a world of study and pain and give them
a little relaxation and a little TLC (Tender Loving Care) for those who care.

[3.01] Vampires [Short Version]

Vampires, the undead of nightlife. In the original Sims 2, the paranormal idea
in the game was the ghosts. In University, the paranormal turned into zombies.
In Nightlife, there are vampires. I think it fits perfectly. I mean, vampires
are told in stories that they live at night and sleep in day. I guess Maxis
made it the stereotypical vampire. Vampires are the masters of the night. No
one can have more fun than them at night. During the day, however, is a 
different story altogether. 

As I said before, Maxis made the stereotypical vampire. This includes, red
eyes (kinda like slits), fangs on their teeth, dead (or extremely pale) skin
and some very special powers that sets them aside from your average Sim. 

You might be wondering, COOL! Vampires! How do I get one? Well, although I 
will mention below how, I might just ruin it for you. To get a vampire, you
have to find the Grand Vampire. There are two, a male and a female. More on
them later. Anyway, build up a good, solid relationship with them and sooner
or later, they'll bite your neck. Then, you have joined the ranks of the 
living dead. Of course, you could get someone to influence the Grand Vampire
to give them a ... little nibble on the neck. For the reasons that they are,
Knowledge Sims have a knack for being bitten. But then again, Knowledge Sims 
are kind of crazy. They want to be saved from death, be turned into a zombie,
see a ghost and now they want to be turned into a vampire. I swear, the 
paranormal was installed just for them. Of course, being knowledge Sim, they
don't want to be normal, that won't do. They normally have a fear of being 
cured of Vampirism after they are a Vampire.

There are many benefits of being a vampire. They don't have to walk or run 
anymore. They can either stalk or fly. By stalking, they cover their fangs and
sneak to the area they want to go to. Flying, no, they don't grow wings and 
fly like that. They fly by turning into a small bat and flying. Pretty cool 
when you see it for yourself. Flying is the speed of skipping I would think. 
Its not just walking but they aren't at the speed of your average Sim running
around. Of course, being able to fly, they don't go around obstacles on their
path, they fly over the small obstacles in their path. 

The biggest advantage I would think is that their mood at night will not 
decrease at all. They is why I called them that they are the Sims of the 
night. It is because that their moods doesn't decrease for 12 hours. Between
7pm and 7am, their mood stays the same. Environment does increase or decrease
but everything else can only go higher, not lower. Also, while they are in 
their coffin, they mood doesn't decrease. Only energy and comfort increase 
while they are sleeping. While at night, they can do whatever they want 
without draining motives. Exercising, cleaning, anything they do, it will not
decrease mood. They only way it can drain mood is by "accidents" like 
electrocution or being burnt alive. That will drain mood. 

Another advantage is that they can make more vampires. They have the ability
to bite necks if they are at a high enough relationship level. This can get
rejected and most vampires will have the fear of being rejected for a bite
neck. They do have a want to bite someone's neck. You can bite the necks of
Sims that are teenagers onwards. They can spread their infections with other
Sims, how generous!

Another massive advantage is that vampires DON'T AGE! A vampire in this game 
is immortal as long as their life grows. Their children can be long and truly
dead when the vampire is still an adult. It is by far the best advantage the
vampire has, besides the ability that mood doesn't drain at night. They can
make lots and lots of cash before they even age a single day. No need to put
on the aging cheat when you have a vampire. Although they might not be able
to age, they can die to other things.

Other minor abilities include a new irritate option, Bleh! to other Sims and
the ability to scare Sims that open their coffin and give a negative 
relationship with them. Quite a fair amount of benefits of being a vampire.

Of course, with those benefits, there always has to be disadvantages. Well, 
vampires that no shortage of those either.

During the daytime, from 7am to 7pm, they lose mood faster than regular Sims
do while inside. This is not as worse as the next effect. If your vampire
decides to walk outside during the daytime, they will lose their mood like a 
train travelling at the speed of sound. They start to burn up and lose their
moods really quickly. You can see their motives drop dead within a few hours.
If they die while they are outside, they will die, they advantage of not 
aging will not save them. Also, their ghost will be whitish / transparent. If
they get a day job, they have to move very quickly to avoid losing too much
mood. Anything that involves sunlight e.g., greeting guests, looking through
the telescope, getting the mail or the newspaper will all burn the vampire. 
You can stop this by buying a coffin. This will protect them from all sunlight
and they will not lose mood. While sleeping, the coffin will have its candles
lit. They only wake up when it is 7pm, or someone decides to give them a ring,
another victim perhaps. You should watch the sound and animation for a sim who
awakes from the coffin. Very eerie.

Another disadvantage or advantage is that the vampire can get pregnant. 
However, the child will not be a vampire itself. Will, think of it this way,
the vampire disease is viral, not genetic. Only genetic data will be passed
on to the child from the adult. Its your choice whether you want a vampire
kid or not. You can bite the child when they are the teenager level.

Vampires have no appearance or reflection until you decide to change their
appearance with the mirror. After you decide to give them a major change, as 
in hair, eyes, their will have a reflection. Try primping with a vampire 
without their reflection. 

You can cure vampires with a simple potion. Get your vampire Sim to call the
Gypsy Matchmaker on the telephone under services. Buy the Vamprocillin-D 
potion off her for §35. Then, click on the vampire Sim and make them drink the
potion. Then they will be cured from the point they drink the potion. Of 
course, you can make a Sim become a vampire as many times you want. 

Cost: §35
Dosage: 1 Flask
Directions: Drink entire flask for best effect
Not intended for use by children

Vampires can go to college as well. They will recieve the Undead Scholarship
because, well, they are undead. They is the only time that the vampire will
age. They will transition into a young adult and into an adult when they
finish their college education. 

You can get a mix of an alien, vampire and zombie. First, get a child that was
born as an alien. When they transition into a teenager, kill them off somehow.
Then, resurrect them as a zombie. Then, bite them. Not you what a 3 way 
undead, science experiment. It has light blue skin, alien features, red eyes,
fangs and shambles even when it stalks. 

You cannot influence the townies to drink the vamprocillin. This is because
of a bug maybe? Also, if you are planning to resurrect the vampire what was
killed somehow, make sure they are not outside when you resurrect them or 
their moods wills drain really quick outside if it sunny. I suggest you turn
the gravestone into an urn by placing it inside. They will allow you the 
chance to clean up the vampire on a sunny day while it is indoors. 

While you are downtown, during the day, it will fill up full with non vampire
sims. But, people have to go home so when it is dark, the vampires start to
lurk and the normal sims go home or turn into vampires when the Grand Vampire
comes along to start biting sessions after your Sims are Vampires. Of course,
you can just cure all your Vampire Sims and the Grand Vampires are a bit more
sedated in the field of biting necks. They will bite NPC's and having most of
Downtown vampires isn't such a good idea. 

Also, please don't make the lady below into a vampire, bad things happen. Just
read below (Mrs. Crumplebottom) and why you SHOULDN'T turn her into a vampire
when everyone else wants to. It can seriously do bad things to your game. 

When you go to work during the day, you are safe. Workplaces are vampire
friendly. Or one would hope. Anyway, there is more on Vampires later on in
Chapter 16. And you cannot use this on children. It is illegal for the game
itself, without hacks, to have Vampire children. This is why you cannot use
it on children. And as such, its a child friendly game. 

[3.02] Mrs. CrumpleBottom

The old hag from Hot Date is back. And she has a hatred for any PDAs. Not the
PDA you organise things on, it not the one you connect to BlueTooth on. In 
the World of the Sims, the acronym PDA stands for Personal Displays of 
Affection. This means, that any romantic move played by you the player or the
other Sim will result in a bad thing, done with this old hag. 

According to the Sims 2 BBS, she is just an old hag that annoys everyone, and
that is what she is used for. It is the intended function of Mrs. Crumple-
Bottom, she is just there to stop the public displays of affection in public
and doesn't get along with anyone. If you don't display any PDA's while she
is in the area, you will be fine.

Mrs. CrumpleBottom is only found on downtown lots. That being said, commerical
lots only. She will not appear on your residential lots. Thats a relief. 
Imagine her face when you WooHoo in front of her. Although the location is not
important, you can say she is everywhere. She will appear in clothing shops,
bars, grocery shops, nightclubs, etc. However, many people have claimed that 
she is most likely to appear in restaurants, mainly the fancy restaurants. The
people who say that they have never seen her on downtown lots are people who
haven't visited the downtown commerical lots a lot or they are extremely lucky
to avoid her.

When you display a public display of affection in public, she will do several
things to you. What she will do will vary.

* Hit you with her purse
This action will make her pull her purse out of her bag and smack you over the
head with it. It will hurt a fair bit I imagine. 

*Lecture You
This action is the mostly like action. She will use this action as a follow up
on the last action or a seperate wave of annoyance altogether. You Sim will 
get very pissed off and put their fingers in their ears and mimic the sign 
that she is mental by swirling their fingers around their heads, like saying,
"Mental Nut."

If you are on a date, your date meter will fall with every whack and word 
coming out of her. There are several things that she will do when you is not
annoying the hell out of your Sims.

She will pull out a sock or sweater or something out of her bag and knit it. 
This action, while it may sound harmless, generally occurs in the room that is
the largest on the lot or the room your Sim is in. This of course, allows her
to see your every move and make sure that you do not show any PDA's.

For an old lady, she sure doesn't drink like one. In the nightclubs and bar,
she will often sit down at the counter and down about 5 to 6 drinks. For an
old lady, she sure drinks a lot. Think of the liver.

*Play Poker
Mrs. CrumpleBottom sure plays poker. Many all that annoying might have thought
her a few things about playing poker. Be warned, when you play poker with this
lady, make sure you have money to lose as she is a very good winner and you 
are not likely to lose money because of her.

This lady goes bowling. Thats wierd, bowling is mainly a group activity, I
thought she hated people. Maxis is stuffing up there.

To avoid this lady, there is a way. When she is distracted or doing one of the
above actions, move out of the room. While you are out of the room, you can
perform as many PDA's as she cannot see you. I found this out when my Sims 
were performing as many PDA's as they wanted when Mrs. CrumpleBottom was 
having a few "beverages."

Mrs. CrumpleBottom has a very wierd description. There are several unique 
features of her.

* She wears only one colour. This is like a lighter brown mixed with a little

* She is an elder. This is recognised from the white hair she has.

* She has a hat or cap. This hat will have a flower on the side. You can see 
that it is a sunflower

* She has a pearl necklace around her neck. She wears this around her neck

* She has a bag that is the came colour as her clothing.

* Very thinish head. Green eyes, Long pointy nose and thin lips.  

* On her coat, the buttons are made of a gold colour. 

* Has two pockets on her coat.

Those are the most distinguishing features of this lady. Below are several 
facts that you should read.

Her aspiration is Family. Not a secret aspiration, and not a PDA aspiration.
People on the Gamefaqs boards found this out. My hat goes off to them.

You cannot interact with this lady. If you talk to her, she will not talk
back. You cannot annoy her and as far as I am concerned, she cannot have any
sort of friendship or relationship with her. 

This is very important that you know this. However much you may hate her, do 
not turn her into a vampire. According to MaxoidTim, a Maxis worker, 
Mrs. CrumpleBottom is an object in the games database. She is not to be 
modified or turned into a vampire. If you do turn her into a vampire, you will
corrupt your game data and will have to reinstall. You have been warned. As
far as Maxis is concerned, Mrs. CrumpleBottom is an object, which explains
why you cannot develop a friendship with her.

Also, another piece of useless trivia, word is it that Maxis created this old
lady and named her Mrs. CrumpleBottom because it sounded catchy. Also sounded
interesting and funny. Its coincidential that Mrs. CrumpleBottom is in 
Nightlife because Nightlife is like Hot Date from the Sims 1. They both had
more dating options, more things to do with romance, and the start of player's
annoyance at Mrs. CrumpleBottom.

You cannot really avoid her. She seems to appear more often at night. Also, if
you spend more than 3 hours at any community lot, 2 at night, (in the downtown
district / nightbourhood), she is bound to appear. You cannot really predict
when she will come. Try to be safe and do any romantic actions away from her.
Then you won't have to be whacked with a purse full of nickels and quarters.

When you see her, you have six options that you can interact with her. You 
have the choice to entertain, talk, hug, flirt (wtf), prank and irritate. You 
can choose any interaction but when the action queues up, it disappears, you
cannot interact.

And this lady is not the same Mrs. Crumplebottom as in hot date. I have been
digging through the chat transcriptions on the Sims 2 web site and found this
on the site. These are some interesting questions about Mrs. Crumplebottom
and answer a few questions.

Guest: Is this the same Mrs. Crumplebottom as in TS1 (although I thought she
died), or is it a distant relative or niece?

MaxoidLittleL: A distant relative, although she's frighteningly similar ...

Guest: Can we get rid of Mrs. Crumplebottom's distant relative in this 
expansion. I don't want her hitting (with her purse I presume) my date?

MaxisAmy: Mrs. Crumplebottom loves to go bowling. If you keep her busy, she is
less likely to object to a little romance happening around her.

Guest: What is in Mrs. Crumplebottom's purse?

MaxisLittleL: Knitting, lint, some small stones and a portrait of her great

MaxisHunter!: Also, raw pork.

Guest: How is Mrs. Crumplebottom going to work? She's Mortimer's aunt and 
he's nearly dead himself when the game starts.

MaxisLittleL: This is actually a distant relative of the original Mrs. 
Crumplebottom. The family has strong genes...

Guest: Can you marry Mrs. Crumplebottom?

MaxisLittleL: She likes to hit people with her purse ... marriage isn't such
a great idea ...

Guest: Does Mrs. Crumplebottom do anything new since The Sims 1?

MaxisLittleL: I've heard she really likes to go bowling ... 

Guest: What's in the purse of Mrs. Crumplebottom

MaxisLittleL: Magical mystical things ... and crochet	

Guest: Oh! Oh! Can we marry Mrs. Crumplebottom?

MaxisAmy: I don't think Mrs. Crumplebottom is interested in your advances.

Mrs. Crumplebottom is a distant relative from the original Miss Crumplebottom
from the original Hot Date. This is proven when the Maxis employees state
that she is a distant relative of the original. This concludes that she was
not a child of Cornelia and Gunther Goth or else she would be the sister of
Mortimer Goth. And besides, since Gunther was the MALE and Cornelia is the 
female, the bloodline would be changed to Goth as the surname of the name is
adopted, forcefully, by the female, therefore, not Crumplebottom. Anyway, the
original Miss Crumplebottom would be Agnes, Cornelia's sister. Being single 
for your entire life can do that for you sometimes. Hell, I don't know how 
the Mrs. part is there. If hacking her and killing her and resurrecting her
says that she has never even been kissed, well, how the hell did she get 
married. I'm sure a marriage ceremony in the Sims 2 would involve at least
some kissing and to even get a crush, some PDA (public display of affection)
would have to be displayed. You can't just say, "I want you as my husband and
you will follow my orders" and expect someone to obey you, thats just stupid.
Enough of this, I give up.

Wow, that was a mouthful!

[3.03] Gypsy Matchmaker

This grand old lady will pop into your lot whether when you start a game with
your family and first started Nightlife or a new family altogether. Of course,
you can just give her a call over and its all good. Apparently, they are quite
uncommon in everyday society and basically extinct in modern and large cities.
Imagine a lady with a crystal ball rubbing it in the middle of Grand Central
Station, or on the Tower of London, or in front of the Kremlin, on top of a
Hong Kong apartment building or in the middle of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
They just "ain't what they used to be". What she does will be done in depth 
later, if I ever get to it, which I will, eventually. 

Her all seeing powers can make you the ultimate match, if you give her the 
right amount if money. And she slipped the special one-time potion to everyone
who is a long time resident. You know what it is by now. Just call her under
service. You can't miss this lady. Look for a lady with a red bandana and a
necklace with a bluish dress and it is probably her. Not hard to find her is

[3.04] Diva / Mr. Big

Two new townies without the Pleasure seeker aspiration, but with the Richness
or if you like some political correctness, Foutune aspiration. For some rich 
people, they are the opposites of the Slobs and they are pretty damn friendly
but watch out for the outdoing, because my Sim dates the Diva and well, she 
can welcome herself anytime of the day. Pretty much makes me make a room 
complete with a firing squad, but due to ethical issues, Maxis doesn't make
those kinds of items. They aren't too hard to date if you have the right
chemistry, because, like any other relationship, good chemistry between two
people can get the job done faster and with a bang. Like placing pure sodium
into water, bang. They have normal names, but of course, in true Maxis style,
if you decide to turn them into ghosts, marry them, feed them to a hungry cow
plant, burn them, drown them, strave them, scare the hell out of them or
however you decide to get rid of them, another will ironically take their 

Mr Big will wear a purple robe with reddish outlining. It looks brand spankin
new and clean. It looks like a bath robe, except it isn't white. Damn, I like
white better, looks generic. You can buy several variations like that but none
will look like his suit. The Diva will be wearing a black dress and a red 
scarf. Kinda cool. These clothes are like job clothes, unless they are in the
family, they don't get the clothes. This makes dating Mr Big or the Diva even
more exclusive. Kind of stands out. Of course, they have generic names and 
mine one includes Pong and Emmy. You game will probably be different. When
you bring them into the family, they will have about 70,000 Simoleons and 
about 10 items from the higher range of the buy catalog that you can sell for
full price. Excellent. They also get the Port O' Chug and basically can give
you a retirement fund for a long time. That is if you don't want to leave 
anything for your children. But there is one thing has is reminant of the
Pleasure Seeker Aspiration on these guys. They are Professional Party Guests.
How can one become professionals at parties? Ask Maxis, they probably know, 
they designed this game.

[3.05] DJ

These guys basically appear on commerical lots that have the DJ booth, one for
every booth. They are basically mute, like the chef below and they don't talk.
The only thing you an do is to get your Sim and take over the song requests. 
You can force the DJ to get lost and spin some vinyl and let your Sim spin it
well or totally fudge up the entire operation. Of course, you get paid for it
but more on that later. Other than the fact they appear for every DJ booth, 
they aren't so special. The clothing is funky though, I would like some 
clothes like that. Of course, they aren't special and you can buy their 
clothes at a store and mix and match. Being the DJ, he or she is open to 
requests and you can get slow, medium, fast or house mix to dance to. You can
dance however you want buy other Sims will smustle or dance like they were at
home in front of the stereo that loves to lag my computer down to hell and 

[3.06] Slob

The town slob is normally both a female and a male. They are wearing dirty
and torn clothing and normally aggressive to both you and your friends (Sims).
They are downright rude, dirty and other bad names which I perfer not to name
here. Sloppy Sims and Grouchy Sims love to be rude, but both of those put 
together in a rudeness contest, they seem like the losers of the competion. 
Their clothing, mentioned eariler that they were dirty and tacky, can turn out
that they put Nightlife to the extreme, wearing PJ's out on the street. I 
think that that is too much. You find them long enough when you start to hang
around the Downtown area a lot.

The male slob will have dirty pjs with red and white stripe clothes, giving a
strange look, while the female slob wears a dirty tshirt with an animal on it,
can't tell, the pixellation on my comp is funny. Both have skills, not the 
max of skills but not the worst. They both have slacker jobs as Gas Station
Attendants, which is pretty bad for their skill set, mainly due to the fact
they probably can't work with people due to their nature and their constant
problems with other Sims.

As the opposites of Mr Big and the Diva, they contribute to the Sim Family, 
but how much. 14 Simoleons, and you lucky they didn't put a decimal point 
between the 1 and 4. For people who work and live on the street, I would have
thought that they would be hoarding money, but nevertheless, I am wrong. They
will also give you a ReNuYu Port O' Chug, which is a limited but common item
so far but that is the length of the housewarming presents. If you want to 
move them in, you are definately going to be forking out more than they can
give in. Take into account meals and everything. They are pleasure seeking 
Sims, natural with Nightlife. Maybe Maxis should start a vileness contest with
a large prize, so you can get your moneys worth. They have the ironic ability
to get replaced when the current one is disposed of.

[3.07] Host

The host is an elder that is needed to run the podium at the restaurant. The
host is the some that will seat you at the counter or at a table. Also, the 
host is the person that you have to pay the bill to. Often, the host is female
but I have witnessed some males as hosts too. There are only two hosts, one 
male and one female. Both of the are elders and that actually have a good 
purpose besides what I have just mentioned. 

The host will be important in the factor of the bill. The better relationship
you have with the host, the lower the bill you have to pay. Sometimes, you 
can have the best relationship with the host and you can get a free meal 
without having to use a free meal voucher. 

When you click on the podium, you have to choose where you want to be seated.
The host will then greet you and seat you. While the host is standing at the 
podium, the host will take telephone calls. I think that the telephone calls 
are from people in the neighbourhood and they reserve tables. 

Watch out though, if you're group or outing group is bigger than the amount of
chairs at a single table, the host will say that there is not enough room or 
the other tables are reserved and tells you to come back another time. Truth
be told, I think that it is their loss and they lose out on the profit that
they could have made on you. 

[3.08] Server

A server is a person that will serve you food in the restaurant. They servers
will often wear some black vests over a white shirt. There are often one to 
two servers in a restaurant and they can either be male or female. You can 
talk to the servers while they come and help you order. You will increase your
social bar if you decide not to order and have a chat with them. However, if
they are standing next to you and you don't decide to order, they will get 
pretty pissed off at you and move to another table. 

Having a relationship with the server might prove to be important as well. The
higher relationship you have with the server, the lower the chance of the 
server spilling food over you. This might sound nothing more than gaining a 
bad memory but you can get an aspiration fear from servers dropping food on 
you so beware. 

You can have the server the seat you at a table if the host is too busy to 
help. A better way to order is by clicking on the waiter and ordering food 
whilst clicking on tbe server. This is because it will force the command and
ensure than the food is served. There is a glitch that fails to order food for
you if you decide to order in another method and your date might get pretty 
upset with you for wasting his or her time.

[3.09] Grand Vampire

Grand Vampires, the head of all the vampires. They can only start biting your
Sims and NPC's if one of your Sims are bitten are join the ranks of vampires.
They are only found on downtown lots. There are two grand vampires, one
female and one male. They only show up on downtown lots, they definately do
not show up on regular or university lots. To get a normal vampire, you have
to make the Grand Vampire give you a nittle nibble.

You have to build up a relationship with the Grand Vampire to make him or her
give you a little bite on the neck. The Sim you want to be bitten is that one
you have build the relationship with. After you get enough relationship points
for the vampire, they will soon give you a bite on the neck. The logic level
of your Sim is the deciding factor on how many relationship points that are
needed to give you a bite. If you have below 4 logic points, you can get 
vamped in about 50 to 60 relationship points. If you have 5 or more logic 
points, then you would need to have more relationship points. Say, for 
instance, you have 10 logic points, you would need 100 daily relationship 
points to be bitten. 

There is another way to get a vampire, but only if you have University. For
the small price of 1,000 influence points, you can influence the Grand 
Vampire to give another Sim a little nibble on the neck. Those are the two
ways to get a vampire. Either way, your Sim will turn into a vampire. I won't
spoil it, but the animation placed for bite a Sim is really cool, better than
making zombies. 

Vampires, the Grand Vampires, are quite hard to find. They randomly pop up in
Downtown lots. There is no telling where you find them. If you are at a 
Downtown lot for about 2 hours and you haven't seen but want to see the Grand
Vampire, then it is time for you to move onto another downtown lot. You will
see the vampire sooner or later. When I play in the Downtown lots, I find that
the vampires appear most often in Rodney's Hideout. Don't know why and its in
my neighbourhood, not yours.

The Grand Vampire names are different from game to game. But they have one 
thing in common. There is a prefix before their name. For the male Vampire,
it would be Count *insert name here* and the female would be Countessa *insert
name here*. Once they infect one of your sims, they will start biting all the
downtown people and turning then into the denizens of the dark. However, if 
you cure all the infected Sims, the vampires seem more normal. My sims talked
to the vampire, played pool with them, the vampire tipped the piano player 
and the strangest thing, the vampire spent about 9 hours playing poker with
two other player. When the clock reaches 7 am, the Grand Vampire will stop 
whatever they are doing. Then, on the floor, they act like they are saying,
argghh, the sunlight, must run. Then, the bolt out of the building and start
running. (However the hell they can run, I don't know.) While outside, they
will have smoke coming from them, like the Wizard of Oz, except that was a 
wicked witch. 

If you decide to "slay" a vampire, another one will take its place. I guess 
there is a circle of vampires, and when the elder dies, the next in rank will
take its place. Or you can make them move in and make them give you some
money. Also, when you have the portrait for a grand vampire on your telephone
directory, they pose like they are about to attack someone. Real weird. Why 
you want to remember someone like they are going to attack.

The Count will a gown, with a medal on his white shirt. Under the down will
be a black suit. The Countessa will wear a red dress, that looks like 
something from the 1800's. Both will have red eyes, whitish - bluish skin
and look different to other NPC's. When they walk, they "stalk" where they
walk and cover their mouth with their hand. Strange. You will know a Grand 
Vampire when you either see it or place your cursor over it. 

[3.10] Restaurant Chef

This guy must really love his food or is really mute. He actually doesn't talk
at all and when you have a cursor over him, there is an blacked out cursor, 
meaning you can have no interactions with him at all. I place him at the life 
stage of elder because of the white hair. 

The chef will always where a white apron and will be standing at a special
oven in the restautant. On the oven, there are pots and pans and many dishes
and pots with soup. When you order something, a pot suddenly pops up out of 
no where and the chef will start stirring the pot, add some wine and have a 
taste of the dish. When it is done, he will simply place it all on a dish and 
have it on the counter on the oven set. Then the server will come and serve 
you with whatever you ordered. 

Note that the chef will have a French sounding name. Heres a little cooking
lesson. French chefs are among the best chefs in the world. If you decide to
visit Paris, you must have to go to a fine restaurant and taste the food, it
is simply the best. It is known that the best restaurants in the world are 
from France and the best chefs, although they may not have to be French, they
must have some training in French cooking or experience in a top French 
restautant to be a master chef. How do I know that? Stupid cooking shows that
have to be on in Primetime television on a weekend.

[4.01] Cars

Welcome to Nightlife, where cars can be used. Fans of the original Sims wanted
this in their game, but tough, Maxis gave out no cookie. But, probably due
to the intense nagging and whinging by fans, Maxis has responded swiftly and
invented cars. Sure cars are a great idea, but for those who have just shift
gears from San Andreas or Liberty City Stories and onto Sims 2, note a few
things. You cannot go drive by shooting those who are in your way. Sure the 
Sim Godfather would like some, er removed, yes thats it, removed, Sims luckily
haven't found the pleasure of wielding an Uzi submachine gun unlike GTA has.
Second pointer, and the most disappointing of all, you cannot run people over.
Sims just refuse to run them over, so smart that the driver will even get a 
Watch Out! action and so will the other person that could, and probably should
have gotten run over. 

Anyway, to actually be able to have a car, one must have a driveway. If you 
want to know how, read the manual, because they actually have a use. You know
that 8 page booklet that you get when buying the game? Use it. Once you 
finished reading the manual and learn how to build a driveway, you can place
your car on it. The cars, can be bought ... wait, can't tell you that, you
should read the manual. Okay, maybe i'll cut some slace for those pirates out
there who downloaded the game of Bittorrent. Yea, I'm talking to you. Don't
pretend that you can download loads of stuff of bittorrent and not pay the
price. Okay, for those who have your manuals, whip it up and go to page ...
okay, Maxis screwed up there. So, go to buy mode and go to the misc section
and go to the newly added car button. Choose the car of your choice, which
will be listed below and choose a nice colour.

You cannot shove driveways into the secret societys, otherwise, it would not
be a secret that the secret society can afford secret driveways that they
can afford to keep secret. I'm getting secretly tired of secretly typing the
word secret. The car is basically the best form of transportation. Better than
the taxi, that yellow piece of ******* ****. There are five cars that you can
buy, each better than the last, and the last far better than the fourth. They
provide some energy, which is good on dates. Any teenager onwards can own a 
car, so they can drive it to high school and such. You don't have to get some
learner plates to learn how to drive. Thank society I haven't even decided
to take the tests. I've played enough driving games to release that I know how
to use the accelerate pedal but just can't use the brake pedal in a safe 
dosage, well its kind of hard to get a car from 200kph down to zero without
smashing a brand spanking new brick wall.

University students do not need cars to drive off to class, guess the petrol
to fuel the car is placing too much strain on the average University student's
budget. Community lots so far cannot use the driveways as of yet, no doubt 
that open for business will fix that up. Which reminds me, I better get it and
FAQ that. I'll build a monopoly, no one can stop me, muhahahahahaha. 

[4.02] The Smoogo Minima

Cost: §950
Motives: Comfort 1, Fun 2 

"We know you've got money problems. Here at Smoogo, we have them, too. Sure,
other car companies think that throwing money away on things like genuine 
steel bolts and welding lessons for their employees is the way to do business,
but at Smoogo we know that those things cost money. Thats why cutting corners
is what we do best. The Smoogo Minima: You don't want to pay too much, we
don't want to try too hard.

This car is basically the oldest car you can ever find. This is the cheapest
of the cars and basically, in essence, the worst you can buy. This car is also
one of the few that don't give the energy boost you want. It looks like 
something that you pull from the 1980's, early 90's. Seriously, its old and 
its cheap, so unless you have more of the dough, its back to the old cars for
you. By the way, Sims don't have learner plates, so, don't worry about car

[4.03] The Smord P328

Cost: §2,250
Motives: Comfort 1, Fun 4

"This baby can withstand anything. A cattle stampede. A trip to the lumber
yard. A ton of boulders. An atomic explosion. Built for maximum brawn, the 
P328's solid adamantine frame is unyielding and can take on anything life
throws your way. Even the cup holder is designed to stand up to today's
massive beverage containers. So go ahead and maximize yourself. The P328 can
handle it. Smords makes it much bigger than it needs to be."

This is an old ute, old, rusty and damn strong. Or so they say. A two seater,
which amazes me how the hell it can hold the entire family, beats me. This is
one of those utes that people drive on work jobs. Damn strong and can take a 
beating. This is the last car that doesn't provide an energy boost. 

[4.04] The Landwhale by Heaveola

Cost: §4,250
Motives: Comfort 4, Energy 1, Fun 2

"Whether you're a soccer mom, a carpool dad, or just someone who really enjoys
picking up people from the airport, you'll appreciate the Landwhale's 
comfortable seating for eight. Designed with your passenger's safety in mind,
the Landwhale's Steel Blubber Response System is truly state of the art. The
new Sippy Cup Stability feature tracks your toddler's movements to ensure
nothing sets spilled on the upholstry. If only you could get that in your
living room. Heaveola: the not-so-mini van."

This is the first that give an energy boost when you walk into the car. Its a
passenger van that can hold eight, which is much more logical when it comes to
taking people out on an outing. Much more logical. Its a nice van, that could
probably start a bus business. Its okay looking, a used van that holds people
instead of goods. A nice car. Not such a large fun boost like the Smord though
so don't relay on this for fun.

[4.05] The Yomoshoto Evasion

Cost: §6,250
Motives: Comfort 6, Energy 2, Fun 5

"Your kid failed the maths test. You caught your teenager sneaking out. The
neighbors are screaming because someone stole their gnome. Your father claims
he was abducted by aliens again. Your bills are overdue. If you're late for
work one more time, you'll lose your job. Life moves fast. You need to have a
car that can keep up. The Evasion is your quiet escape in this crazy world. 
Sensible styling, affordable elegance, and a steering wheel to control the
vehicle's direction. From Yomoshoto, the company that drives you away."

This is basically your small ecomonical car. Its like the Toyoto of today, 
which sort of fits because the word Yomoshoto is Japanese, for something or
another (not meaning is not something or another, its something I am not sure
about). Good energy, good fun boosts. Your sensible 5 seater. 

[4.06] Hunka 711 by Hwang Motors

Cost: §11,950
Motives: Comfort 8, Energy 3, Fun 9

"Do you feel you're not measuring up in certain areas? That something in your
life is coming up short? Make it up with the revolutionary Hunka 711 from
Hwang Motors. The Hunka is more than a car, it is an extension of you. Your
friends will envy you. Your dates will swoon. In a world where bigger is 
better, you deserve to have the biggest one of all."

This is a big increase from the last car. Comfort and Fun shoot up the roof 
and the energy boost is larger. This is basically a sports car. It is a nice
convertable, the Ferrari, the Lexus, the Mercades, the BMW, the luxary car. 
How is can hold 4 people with 2 seats and not getting caught by the police 
still beats me. 

[4.07] Alarms

Protection to the max. The Sims 2, along with its safety policies does not
want players breaking their Nightlife cds or burning their computers because
a thief decides to come along and pinch their car that they bought from their
hard earned money. So they introduced the car alarm. Unlike the real life 
counterpart, the alarm sounds different. With the small price of §250 and the
lengthy period of 60 minutes or an hour, your car will be fitted with an alarm
to protect it. It will now be open and closed with a remote control. Don't 
put the alarm on the Smoogo though. The alarm is about one quarter of the car

So, you pay your money, your hard earned §250 and you think, does it actually
do anything or is it basically a §§§ sink. Like the security alarm that you
can buy for the same price, this will sound when a robber comes along and
decides to pinch your car. Of course, being produced by Maxis, is defys the
law of physics and such, this alarm will sound from a long way away, unlike
my family's car, which only sounds when someone attempts to open the door. 
When it sounds, the burglar will most likely head towards it, since it is 
probably the most expensive thing on the block. Once the alarm sounds and all,
the robber won't take it. Obviously, the robber has played enough Grand Theft
Auto to realise that cops will eventually realise that if a car alarm is 
sounding and you're in it, it means trouble. How can he pinch an entire car?
Well, there is a chance card than explains this. Due to Sim's endless 
inventory, they can hold anything they want. Amazing isn't it?

If you want a robber to steal it, you can disarm the alarm. Of course, you can
rearm it. I think. I hope. 

[4.08] Building Garages

To stop people pestering me, the garage section is up. Unlike real life, this
garage has no real purpose, except for looks. Unlike Grand Theft Auto, your
car will not be stolen if they are left outside. Also, the garage is still
part of your house, so, don't think you can own like a safehouse to store your
cars that run over, I mean hit, I mean, bumped into a few people. Just forget
I said anything, Carl Johnson won't like me blurting out what he does.

Garages are the easiest things to build. Building a community lot is by far
harder than a garage. Its so easy to build a garage, so easy that Homer 
Simpson could build one. Wait, he has enough trouble finding that elusive
"Any Key" to start up a computer. Okay, first, build a driveway for your Sim
to park into. Then, place an extension that is on the same screen. Its 
slightly more expensive but not much. Then, add that garage door and plop some
walls around it. Add some windows, a few touches of wallpaper and paint, a 
nice tile floor and some lights. Then there you go, a garage. You can add a 
pool table or a fridge or whatever you place it in your garage. This adds a 
nice dimension to building your own house in the Sims 2. 

Place your car inside the garage so that your Sim know where the car goes next
time. You have to do this manually place your car inside for one reason, the 
game has to memorise this and save it to memory when you save. Its not hard
if you only have a driveway, a garage and no car. Simple as pie. Anyway, if 
you drive a car outside on the driveway and a car on the extension, the car
on the driveway will not have to move, thanks to the defy physics law. It will
not blow up the other car, it will not push it onto the street. All the Sim
will do is sit in the car and suddenly disappear. OMG, isn't that 1337 Haxor?

Wanna build a car empire as big as Batmans? Well you can, but I don't see why
you would want to build a massive parking lot, large enough to make your 
computer implode and self destruct 10 times. It would cost you a helluva lot
of money, a large amount of it. Too bad you can't build one on a community lot
and charge some money for it. Like ticket fees, you park for 20 hours, you owe
me a helluva of a lot of money. That seems fair doesn't it? 

Garages are useful for one time. Vampires. They basically reduce the decay of
the motives that vampires have to go through. They take far more damage 
outside than inside, so you have to build a garage right next to the coffin,
so when the vampire has to go to work, he or she can wake up, get into the 
car and speed into the sunlight. The work the vampire goes to is basically
entirely vampire friendly, they don't want public liability lawsuits filed 
against them for discrimation against vampires and poor working conditions
that force vampires to end up in SimCity General Hospital. Not a good thing.
Have fun at work vampires. Just be careful as they back up into the sunlight.
What you should do is place another car, block its way so it disappears. The
motive loss overall should be less than going into the sunlight and getting
your ass burnt crisper than KFC left in the deep frier for over a year. 

[4.09] Naughty Stuff

Of course, you can do some kinky things in cars. Woohoo is now available in
the cars now. Of course, you could do it in the photo booth, but thats not
fun. When you decide to woohoo in the car, the car goes all blue and the Sims
seem to be on Pluto because you don't see them anymore. If the couple in the
car have some... spectators in the car, they won't woohoo at all. WooHoo in
Car is a want on dates frequently for all aspiration types, except Grilled
Cheese and can net some large influence and aspiration points. Not that it
matters to me. I have about 300,000 Aspiration points for each Sim I have, 
don't ask me how, seriously. It gives 3500 Aspiration points and 1000 
Influence points. Large points for one date. 

[4.10] Owning a Car

Owning a car can allow you to do many things. I'll list them in point form

Drive to Community Lot
This basically allows you to drive to a community lot instead of using the 
taxi. You will be able to pick which lot without changing neighbourhoods or
to downtown, because it is much simpler if you have 50,000 downtowns and 
you want to go to a specific one. If you aren't on the same neighbourhood, you
will have to load the neighbourhood you want, then the shop. So don't whinge
about the loading time.

Fit Car Alarm
Basically fits in your car alarm, see about for what to do and how to fit it.

Disarm Alarm
Turns off your alarm for some reasons. You can always rearm it can't you?

Sit in Vehicle
Basically, you sit in your car, seeing how good it is and how life is good.
In the car, you can turn on your stereo, which is basically the same as your
stereo that you can buy from the buy catalog, but you are too cheap to get it.

Take a Spin
This is going around the neighbourhood, driving around increasing your fun
bar without having to go to a community lot and load the screen. You don't
have to wait for any load screens, you don't even get to see what they do,
a perfect time for some sexual mischief and start a brand new soap opera.
If you go to a community lot and quit there without saving, you will get the
command of take a spin as what your Sim is doing next time you decide to play
that sim or her. Click the action and cancel to send the back home and end it.

WooHoo in Car
You WooHoo in car, how simple is that? 

Change owner
You can change the owner of the car. You can choose your Sim that you want to
have the car. When you buy the car, the default owner is no one so you have
to click on the car, change the owner to whoever. Once you change the car to
that owner, you can basically use it instead of the carpool. You can drive to
work or school in it and forget taking the bus or carpool to work and school 
and then on the way back home.

Drive to Work / School, Drive Kids to school
You can be late to work, because if you forget to go to work for don't set an
owner, you can be late, job performance drops and you might get fired. You
can send or drive your kids to school as well, forget the school bus. However,
they take the bus on the return trip to so home. Unlike getting to work, your
grades don't drop if you decide to be late to school because your parents were
too busy in bed doing god knows what. So basically, if you are late to work, 
your job performace slips, not good. If your Sim parents are too damn slow or
lazy to take their Sim kids to school, their grades don't slip. Of course, the
kid just says, Miss, my mommy and daddy were in the bedroom making sounds and
groans so I was late to school. What a good story for show and tell.

[5.01] Being a DJ

Say you are short on money and want a better job than a barista or a bar
tender does. Something that can be of community service. Depending on your
creativity, you can earn a lot of money for being a DJ. If you have 8 or
below creativity, you will earn §15 for every ten minutes for being a DJ, but
at the peak of the chain, if you have maxed out the creativity skill or are
close, you will get §30. Thats double! You can make a really good living 
living off that. Moreso in the case of those broke University students who
would make some downright low quality music to make a buck here of there. 
There is a safety guard here though. If you have a peanut butter sandwich
for a creativity skill, you only get §5. Thats a sign of saying, come back
when you're ready.

The §30 is better than the measly money that you get from being a cafeteria
worker, a barista or a bartender. Unlike some other jobs, you gain fun from
burning vinyl and dancing to the rhythms. If you have a bad skill count, you
not only get a crappy pay, people get pissed off and have a thought bubble
with a cross over your DJ station. Be careful. It makes good money if you have
the capacity to make the good money. 

[5.02] Gypsy Matchmaking Services

Well, you can basically get two services from her. You can by the Love Potion
#8.5 or the Vamprocillin-D. They both cost the same if you are her friend or
not, she wants the goddam money, not your friendship, something you should 
tell the waiters. Of course, being a good Sim, she allows you to buy in bulk,
but overruling convention, it isn't cheaper in bulk.

Cost: §35
Dosage: 1 Flask
Directions: Drink entire flask for best effect
Not intended for use by children
This basically cures whatever vampire disease you have. Only useful when you
have actually been bitten by one, not when you dream of one.

Love Potion #8.5
Cost: §350
Dosage: 1 Flask
An ancient formula dating back to time before memory, capable of lending even
the most repulsive Sim an unparalleled aura of attraction. This potent tinure
contains such powerful elements such as bee pollen, oyster juice and essence
of llama, stirred with a violin string and then aged to perfection in
refurbished pineapple juice vats. Purity assured by International Gyspy
Matchmaker Association. Caution: contents are unstable.
This is for the extra boost in chemistry between two people dating. In simple
terms, this gives a netural or negative relationship a little boost in the
right direction. 

Of course, the best service of a matchmaker is matchmaking. She basically sets
you up with another Sim, a townie most likely and depending on the amount you
give her, you get a good, or not so good date. As she says

"Ohhhhhh..... Only your cash can help my crystal ball pierce the mists of fate
that veil the inner nature of your perfect match... If you let your stinginess
cloud my vision, you'll have only yourself to blame!! Now then... how much
will you spend?!?!"

You have the option of spending from a measly §1 or a generous §5000. Of 
course, a crappy giving of cash will give you the date from hell, having a 
personality that absolutely clashes with yours, or if you give a §5000 wad of
cash, you get the date from heaven. Anything in between varies on the amount
you decide to pay. Once you pay your money, your date will fall from the sky
and land head first into the ground next to you. Ironically, being the Sims, 
they of course don't die, otherwise, you don't get your moneys worth. Then, 
the date starts. If you are lucky, you might get a good date. I ended up with
the diva with a §5000 payment and when she moved in, I got more than I paid
for, so nah, I'm better off.

Of course, being a game about relationships and what have you, once you are 
on a date, all other possible loves in the community lot come and give you a 
piece of their mind for your "behind the back" dating. Of course, I had to
learn this the hard way and it basically cost my Sim a promotion from General
Practioner to something like Specialist or something like that. Once your
date comes from the sky, well, the date starts and prepare for hell to break
loose. If the matchmaker is in love with you, well, your thrashing is much
closer and quicker than you can say "Let me explain" or "I think we have a 
misunderstanding here." Once your date comes down, the matchmaker will beat 
the living daylights out of you if you are in love with her. She set you up, 
and you get beaten for it. What a country!

[6.01] Crepes Suzette

The fourth dessert to be served in The Sims 2. First came gelatin then the
Baked Alaska. Then the Crepes Suzette and finally, the Santa Cookies that came
with the limited edition party pack. Did I forget one? Yes I did, bonus points
to those who can guess it. Send you answer to your home address because you
win nothing, not a penny. The answer is the layer cake. Pity that I forgot
that. Anyway, this serving of crepes cost about §28 for a serving, which 
serves six people. You need a cooking skill of 7 to be able to cook that but
that might not be enough. You see, this dish involves some fire and of course,
being Sims, they have a tendancy to either a) drop things or b) show off. Of 
course, your Sim will do both, being smartasses they are, they will show off
how good they are that they made this dessert. But then, oops, and onto the 
floor it goes. Simple as that. Of course, some sims will have fears of 
dropping this and they lose some aspiration points and the aspiration meter
drops a fair bit. And there will be a mess to clean up. Of course, I could
mention in the core guide that you can drop the baked alaska, but thats not
fun, dropping a fiery dish, now thats fun!

[6.02] Uncookable Food

There were uncookable food that were gained from the restaurants. 

Nectarine Tartlette
Ah, a nice dessert tart filled with the fruity goodness of nectarine. The way
this thing is produced is excellent and how the pattern is arranged is pretty
good compared with other things in the Sim world. 

Lime Seared Prawns
Some seafood alternative other than the expensive lobster. Of course, lime
seared probably means lime infused flavour prawns. Bit bitter or sour, I 
don't know but ask your Sims, they probably do.

Filet Mignon
Some meat, beef. This is by far the most expensive part of the beef I think,
judging by the cost and what my dictionary says. Its don't well if you have a
closer look at it.

Glass of Water
A glass of water. It can be cooked, just get a drink from the tap. There are
other drinks out there you know.

Fried Chicken
I love this mean, basically because I love fried chicken. This is a great meal
that I don't know why Maxis didn't place to be cooked. Turkeys, chickens, next
will be ducks. For a TurDucKen. Some of you Americans know what I'm on about.
If you don't its basically a duck, with some stuffings stuffed into a chicken
which has stuffings which is stuffed into a turkey with stuffings. Or in some
order like that, but the Turkey was last, judging by the size they can get 
up to. Ahem *points to Mr Bean and his incident with a "Turkey"*

[7.01] Pleasure Seeker

"Sims with the Pleasure Aspiration love wild nights out, cozy nights in, and
what most Sims woulc consider "the good life." They'll want to use objects 
that provide them with fun and comfort, while avoiding activities that cause
stress or equate to work of any kind. Kick their aspiration meters into
platinum by pursuing their whims of the moment, as these Sims can change their
tastes on a dime as they travel on their path to the ultimate life of 

This is newest aspiration in the Sims 2 series. Their aspiration is basically
is to make those pleasure seeker enjoy the most out of their lives. They want
to live a life of comfort and luxary, so basically, most of their wants 
involve "fun" things such as bowling, having dates, going out woohooing and 
whatever. They have a dash of Foutune sims and Romance sims and their
respective wants and needs. Its about having a great time, making the most of
their life before dying and heading onto the great beyond. Their symbol is 
some guy holding his hand up hailing Hitler something, or acting in a play and
getting really involved. 

There are several lifetime wants that I have seen. Some of them are pains in
the ass, others are relatively easy.

1. Become a Professional Party Guest
2. Become a Celebrity Chef
3. Have 50 Dream Dates
4. Have 50 First Dates

Well, the first one of becoming a professional party guest can be easily done
by working in the slacker career. One problem, you need a hell of a lot of 
friends to get this far. Of course, being slackers, they don't need skills to
get the work done, they just slack around and bludge. Being a professional 
party guest is becoming, well, a party guest, to any type of party.

Becoming a Celebrity chef is slightly harder. Less friends but you need to 
develop onto those cooking, creativity and logic skills. It is quite hard but
getting 10 cooking points can benefits like better food and a better meal,
better than eating some mush.

Having 50 Dream dates might be hard, but you can have 50 dates with the same
person over and over and over and over and over again. This isn't that hard
if you have a solid relationship with the other Sim and can basically use any
romantic interaction over and over again, without failing. This will be able
to net you the dream dates easy. Of course, it takes persistance but you can
do it.

Having 50 First Dates is a different ball game. You have to go on date with
about 50 different people for the first time. Of course, if you have a nice
socialite sim with a extremely large contact book from the neighbourhood and
from university, 50 is easy. But, for those who can't, they can just get the
Matchmaker, pay like 20 Simoleons, end the date and finish. Do it 50 times
with a grand cost of about 1000 simoleons and a nice bunch of crap flooding 
your mailbox. More on that later. 

Since those Pleasure Seekers love to have fun, that involves money. If course,
you can just date the diva for the first time, get that dream date, marry her
and kill, errrrm, I mean, remove her, for her money. Just like a gold digger,
except you don't have to divorce. And its more fun. Or you can just get a 
foutune sim in your family, get a nice paying job as a icon or a hall of famer
depending on your game, nice steady income then get the cars, poker tables, 
pinball machines, etc that you want. Of course, if you are feeling lucky, pull
out some chance cards and see your daily odds.

Before creating a Pleasure Seeker Sim, there are some things that you have to
keep in mind. They are pleasure seekers, so they have to be playful. Really
playful. You must be able to get them a lot of money really fast, so no slack
jobs. Of you have university expansion pack, detour them through there to get
some better paying jobs and more skills. This will give them a little boost 
earning in the money. Why would you need a lot of money? Simple, they simply
want to buy items that satify their material wants, and thats plenty of them.
If you are running low on money, I suggest you find a source of it quick 
since they will just want more and more. Unlike the Wealth Sims, who can make
money to bring home the bread, these Pleasure Seekers DON'T make the money and
therefore, DOESN'T bring home the bread. In essence, a good for nothing

Some of the wants that keep coming back and forth are things like juggle. 
Although your sim might not be playful enough to be able to juggle, you can
go to the fridge or the espresso maker and juggle the bottles and tumblers 
respectively. They have annoying wants to have to go bowling and play the 
pinball machine and that particually annoys me since my pinball machine is in
the back of the house in the upper floor, on a big lot, the massive 6 by 5 

The more points of playfulness they have, the weirder their wants are. Of 
course, like mentioned above, the best thing to do is to team them up with
Foutune Aspiration sims and kill two birds in one stone. Since both have
materialistic wants, some of them, like cars and entertainment, can be 
shared with both aspirations, you can basically get more aspiration points
that way. Aspiration points aren't really important in the game to me anymore
since I have about 1.2 million points shared between four sims, a Pleasure
Seeker, 2 Fortune and one knowledge. Also, with the playfulness, they will
want to juggle. This is a regular want, and a small boost, therefore, 
investing a few points into Playfulness will surely give you a regular source
of Aspiration Points. Much cheaper than buying stuff.

These sims love to stay home from work, play with the firejets while indoors,
which I must stress that it isn't safe. They will have want on anything that
is fun and get fears on things that aren't fun. However, since they like to
have fun though, it tends to get really annoying if their wants or their 
actions while you have free will on get in the way. Sometimes, they spends
lavish amounts of time hogging the bathtub, playing with the fridge, playing
with their balls (their juggling balls, not the down there balls), hogging
that pinball machine, damaging your property. And since playful points are
normally considered friendly with outgoing, these guys don't hesitate to 
walk into your lot, uninvited to your lot, become a guest and mess around with
out a care that it is your house and nothing else. 

If you want the money, get the Diva or Mr Big to give it to you. Just find
them, date them, marry them, then dump them either by moving them out or just
plain murdering them, date the next one, get more money, and so on. This does
count to the dating system, so you might as well. They might start off on the
wrong note, since they love to play pranks on people. Joy Buzzing, Water 
Bombing and the ilk isn't all to great for Relationship building. 

This is the table of aspiration levels

Platinum - Primo Pleasureseeker
Gold     - Frolicking Freespirit
Green 2  - Hearty Hedonist
Green 1  - Common Comfortlover

Haven't found the ones for the reds. Anyone care to help? Guess Not.

Anyway, the despiration action for this is a Sim, placing a lampshade over
their head and acting like a moron. well, thats the Pleasure Seekers for you,
I must finish the last of Aspiration Tables. 

[7.02] Grilled Cheese

The Grilled Cheese Aspiration is the result of failure of the ReNuYuSenso Orb
that is below. When you fail, the machine emits red smoke, and then you end
up with the almighty secret, the GRILLED CHEESE ASPRIATION. This aspiration
revolves around, well, around the grileld cheese sandwich. This aspiration is
strange in the way that it is. You can influence in Nightlife without having
to get University. 

What are the benefits of having such an insane Aspiration? What are they good
for? Well, nothing much really. Well, they do have some really, stupid 
abilities that you could use. The first is that they can cook their beloved
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches at any time during the day. This can be at dinner or
even 4 in the morning, if they are really hungry. The second ability is to
talk, on end, about grilled cheese sandwiches to other Sims. Most Sims will
do the infamous "wtf?" and walk off. However, if you talk to other Sims that
share the same aspiration, they will gain Relationship points extremely 
quickly since they can relate to the same dam sandwiches. 

Another skill for these people is a special influence want. They can influence
others to Cook Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. This is a specific cook order, which
is better since NPCs don't really cook, well at least. They either tend to 
burn themselves or serve the instant food that I could have done myself. Well,
the Grilled Cheese Sandwich requires at least 2 Cooking Skill points to make,
since you are playing with fire, and unlike a Time Specific want, the
influence can ensure that you can make others cook whenever you want, provided
you have the Influence points to do so.

In order to survive with these guys, it is best to work in pairs. Why? The
best Chemistry is between two of the same Aspiration, even moreso with the 
Grilled Cheese Aspiration. They can achieve their wants relatively easily
and relationship maintenance is relatively simple as a simple talk action can
net a fair amount of relationship points in a single go.
There are several wants for the wgacked aspiration. 
Talk to Sim about Grilled Cheese. All you have to do is to click on a Sim and
click on talk. Then, click on Grilled Cheese. Then, you talk to the Sim about
the Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It is really strange and crazy.

Make Grilled Cheese Sandwich. The funny thing about this aspiration is that 
you can make the grilled cheese sandwich anytime you want. You can make it in
the breakfast and the dinner instead of just lunch. When you finish the meal,
you furfill this aspiration want.

Serve Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. This is like the former want, except that you
have to serve it instead of eating it. Really weird wants.

Make a Sim eat a Grilled Cheese Sandwich that you made. This one kinds of fits
into the former grilled chesse want. Serve it and your want should be 
furfilled if a Sim eats it.	

Influence someone to serve Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Influence someone to 
serve a meal. 

There are also several fears, not much.

Lose a Cooking Skill Point. This is hard to furfil. You can only lose a
cooking skill point via chance cards and electrocution. Or simvac but you 
cannot lose it naturally. You have to intervene.

Fire. This one is more cooking relation. Just don't burn a food. You have to
really fail hard to burn food on a high cooking level. Just don't leave food
in the oven and have a good cooking level and you won't burn anything.

Make a bad grilled cheese sandwich. This one is that you don't over cook it. 
As long as you have good cooking points, that you won't burn it. 

Serve bad grill cheese sandwiches. This one is like the one above. If you 
have good cooking, like at about 5, you won't have a high chance to burn it so
don't worry.

As you can see, you don't exactly have to start locking the Wants fear very
often since they can be done extremely easily. There is a downside to this
however, and that is that it doesn't pay a lot of Aspiration Points. The
most is hovering near the 1000 mark, the average being 250 to 500. This will
make it harder to obtain an Aspiration reward, wich about 12 wants needing to
be furfilled in order to buy another Orb. Although it doesn't pay well, it
is mindlessly simple to achieve but one thing. The amount of Grilled Cheese
Sandwiches that are consumed will start to drain the amount of bread and 
cheese stuck in your fridge. 

The Lifetime Want for all Grilled Cheese Aspiration Types are to 
"Eat 200 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches". You have the amount of grilled cheese 
sandwiches eaten in your memory bar. You apparently keep count of how many 
grilled cheese sandwiches you eat. It might sound easy but 200 grilled
cheese sandwiches is quite a lot. Don't forget the Maxis saying, 
"Grilled Cheese! Grilled Cheese! GRILLED CHEESE !!!!! Who on Earth keeps a
tab on the amount of Cheese Sandwiches they eat? Especially when the cheese
used looks kind of like cheese flavoured rubber. 

Aspiration Meter Levels

Platinum - Juvenile Jack Genius
Gold     - Cheshire-Chomping Champion
Green 2  - Precocious Parmesan Preparer
Green 1  - Jarlsberg Using Youth
Red 1    - Frustrated Feta Fondler
Red 2    - Wayward Wensleydale Whelp

Platinum - Munster Munching Maniac
Gold     - Exceptional Edam Eater
Green 2  - Gouda Gobbling Gourmet
Green 1  - Common Camembert Coveter
Red 1    - Cheddar Lacking Chucklehead
Red 2    - Bumbling Bree Burner

Platinum - Senior Stiltion Sorceror
Gold     - Legendary Limburger Love
Green 2  - Excellent Emmental Elder
Green 1  - Grill Greasin' Granny/Grandpa
Red 1    - Mature Mozzarella Mangler
Red 2    - Run-Down Roquefort Ruiner

Their despiration action is that they pull out a piece of Cardboard with a 
Grilled Cheese sandwich drawn upon it where they will bite and kiss their
beloved sandwich. Strange people. 

To get it, use the ReNuYuSenso Orb while on an aspiration lower than gold. I
got it on my first attempt. This aspiration is quite easy to keep high. Think
because all you eat can be made at any time you like. Its quite easy to keep
your mood at platinum without furfilling the lifetime want. 

Jsut keep sticking you head into the orb if you fail. You only fork out about
6 thousand aspiration points, not a lot. You'll get it eventually. This is 
part of the challenge that is going all over the internet. Try to get a 
vampire, zombie and alien sim with the grilled cheese aspiration. 

[7.03] ReNuYu Porta-Chug

When you started Nightlife, ever thought about why those guys with the black
hair turn you on? And how fat people turn you on but those skinny people turn
you off? Well, those turn ons and offs are included in nightlife and that will
be spoken about later. All sims created before the game will receive this 
potion. This blue potion of vile goodness is basically used to change you turn
ons and turn offs. All townies have this porta chug, well, except those you 
decided to kill in Uni and those decided to respawn themselves form the dead.

Anyway, this potion is a one off use only, so don't bother using it more than

Active Ingredients: 1, 3, 6 Hypnotransacetate, Polypropesteem, Egomutabate-80

Indications: For relief from the current world view and self image. Provides
complete reorganization of psyche and internal mental construction.

Direction: Drink entire dose for best effect.

Warning: Not for use by Children.

[7.04] ReNuYuSenso Orb

Wanted to change aspiration since the creation of your character? Want to 
change the programming of your turn ons and your turn offs? Want to get the
Grilled Cheese Aspiration? Well, get this orb. Read below.

Senso Sima Sensalia, renowned brain neurologist kept the secret of the Simian
brain as closely guarded secrets. However, finally after years of careful
probbing and not so subtle bribery, Senso has broken down and provided the 
average Sim with the ultimate in modern reprogramming techniques. A gentle 
caressing of the scalp, a few lights, some soothing music and "TaDah!" a 
whole new Sim emerges. Try it once, try it twice: we won't tell.

This thing costs 6,250 aspiration points. Relatively cheap. You can change 
your turn ons and turn offs, change your aspiration at the same time. You 
have two changes so basically, 5 uses and 2 changes. Pretty good value for
the measly price of 6,250 aspiration points. If you screw up though, you get
the grilled cheese aspiration, read above for more than that.

Some offical help from the Maxis website.

How can I choose Turn-On's and Turn-Off's for the Sims I had before Nightlife?

Sims created before installing Nightlife will have a mini version of the 
ReNuYu Senso Orb in their inventory called a ReNuYu Porta-Chug.  Just click on
your Sim and choose Drink ReNuYu Porta-Chug to use it.  This allows you to 
change Turn-On's and Turn-Off's; the Porta-Chug can only be used once. The 
ReNuYu Senso Orb is a Reward Object that can be used to change your Sims's 
Turn-On's, Turn-Off's and Aspiration if you want to do it again in the future.
You can purchase it in the Rewards list if you have enough Aspiration Points.
Simply click on the Orb and choose Reprogram Self to use it.  Be careful how 
many times you use it; you only have five charges.

How does the ReNuYu Senso Orb work?

The ReNuYu Senso Orb is a Reward Object that can be used to change your Sims's
Turn-On's, Turn-Off's and Aspiration.  You can purchase it in the Rewards list
if you have enough Aspiration Points.  Simply click on the Orb and choose 
Reprogram Self to use it.  Be careful how many times you use it; you only have
five charges. Sims created before installing Nightlife will have a mini 
version of the Orb in their inventory called a ReNuYu Porta-Chug.  Just click 
on your Sim and choose Drink ReNuYu Porta-Chug to use it.  This allows you to 
change Turn-On's and Turn-Off's (since they could not be chosen when you 
originally made the Sim), but not Aspiration; the Porta-Chug can only be used

This orb is great for so many reasons. It gives a cheap method of changing 
your Sim's Aspiration. This is extremely handy if you need to change the 
Lifetime Wants since it is basically unachieveable, at the moment or is far
too time consuming. Some of them, such as the Golden Anniversary takes far too
long, some such as having a certain amount of children abducted by aliens is
the same. Others, such as having a family reunion, can crash comptuers and
is certainly not worth it. Therefore. the Orb is brillant for these things. 
Changing is worth the small price used to purchase this item. Remember, a 
Lifetime Want is worth 25000 points, this cost only 6250. Therefore, you could
complete 20 Wants for the price of one. Get it? 20 uses from 4 Orbs that
cost 25000 Aspiration Points in total.

[7.05] Long Aspiration Update

--==Wealth Aspiration==--

With the inventory system, the idea of having infinite Aspiration Points 
simply walks into mind. Lets face it, all these guys want is to spend a hell
of a lot of Simoleons, even when there aren't too many to spend. Anyway, with
the Inventory system, you can simple purchase the item, gain the Aspiration
Points, place it in the Inventory and then sell it at a later point in time
as the item doesn't lose its value over time. Rinse and repeat till you have
too many Aspiration Points. The reason why you don't sell straight away is
that you will lsoe the newly gained Aspiration Points to prevent abuse of the
Wants system. Otherwise, there might be some problems to flesh out.

--==Knowledge Aspiraiton==--

The Knowledge Sims now have a new thing to do, be a Vampire. They generally
will develop a want to become a Vampire, must be one of the really stupid
wants. Alway, they will develop the want but once they are a Vampire, they
will fear of being cured, which is really strange. They adds to the very
disturbing list. They like seeing ghosts, being zombies and being abducted
by Aliens (Must be the Scrin at work). Strange people.

They will start to develop their wants after witnessing an event related to
the want. For example, they would want to see ghosts after they saw their 
first ghost. This is in stark contrast with the Sims of the other Aspiration
groups as the will start to develop some fears instead. Soon, they would want
to be resurrected from the dead, become a Zombie, see ghosts, become a Vampire
and such. Most people would want to be cured of being a Vampire, but not 
these guys. They're special[ly stupid].

--==Family Aspiration==--

The Family Aspiration can make use of the Dating features. They can use it 
on their spouse. This prevents them from ever cheating, why would a Family
Aspiration Sim ever cheat. Think of the Children. However, other than that,
they haven't changed much at all. 

However, there is one thing. Their Aspiration Wants, the Lifetime Wants can
be changed. I mean, who, in their right mind would want to Marry Off 6 
Children or have 20 Grandchildren. Some of them were, relatively speaking, 
absurd to say the least. You can either keep changing their want to something
obtainable or switch to another Aspiration class and then furfill that 
specific want, and then switch back. 

--==Popularity Aspiration==--

The Popularity Sim benefits greatly with the new ability to go out on Social
Outings. This can help them satify their many wants to meet new people and 
become friends and better friends with one another. The Social Outing is 
great for getting rewards for developing and maintaining relationships with 
those who help promote you. Actually, it is a toss up between the Pleasure
Seeker (%$#%ing Freeloadsers) and the Popularity Sims as to who the Outing
is invented for since they both like to go on them. 

Unlike the Romance Sims, all the classes can be perfectly happy with one
Sim, dating and all that. The Romance Sims are in the class of their own, they
will date and date, but not with one person, but with many. Which leads me to
the last of the original 5 Aspirations

--==Romance Aspiration==--

The mother $@#%ing @#%!#$&s have the new dating scene to attract new and 
helpless victims into their lairs of doom. They can gain even more Aspiration
Points since there are more suckers to date. They can start to date even in
the most innocent of places, well, not so innocent, the park. They can get
it on in the Car or even a Photo Booth. This is the public Woohoo, where they
can start to WooHoo with style and with a crowd. They can, funnily enough, 
to public Woohoo with other people while they are in the "privacy" of their
own home. Some parts need to be questioned. 

What would be evil? Make a seductive Sim that has all the right features 
and traits to attract the most people. Give them the best Chemistry possible
and start making him/her to become the town's Cassanova. I want to see the
record of the amount of Sims in love with said Sim at one Single time. There
is one problem with you have many, many lovers and that is that you cannot 
do a Romantic interaction with another lover, or have a date near another
lover since they will come and be furious with you. Of course, if the 
said victim was me, my furious would involve a machine gun and several 
hundred rounds. Of course, being Australia, we can't get guns here :(

The only problem with the dating scene, as mention above, is that there are
implications for a guilty party when caught dating another person. I mean,
ask yourself, how would you feel if you caught your partner dating another
person? Not too happy, nor the happy camper for that matter. I guess you
have to find, alternative solutions. And don't keep murdering your Sims
for a pair of lovers. Thats too easy. Find some ... creative ... solutions.

[8.01] Turn Ons and Offs

Turn on and turn offs. Just like real life, some people are turned on when
they see certain things. Let me give an example. Most guys will be turned on
by a really hot supermodel and girls will be turned on by really hot male
models. And with one, there must be another. There are also turn offs. Like 
in real life. I mean, what person will be turned on by a person who has 
suffered the wrath of many seagulls on their head? Lets not think about that,
far too distrubing. 

Anyway, in the Sims, the Turn On and Offs represent how one Sim is attracted
to another. Turn Ons will raise the Chemistry between them while Turn Offs 
will lower the Chemistry between them. There are several to choose from and
these are the easiest Chemistry items to change in the game. 


Of course, some people will be turned off by fat people, while others will be
turned on by fat people. I'm not going to make any statements, or else I'll
get angry emails the day after update from people from all walks of life. In
this world, this would be classified mainly as a turn off. Anyway, you will
find that most NPCs and starting Sims would be of the average build, the 
middle between fat and fit. This is much better to your Sims as a turn off as
making it a Turn On will cost money and won't fair too well with Townies. It
is far easier to change to fit via use of the exercise machines on community
lots, which might kill your Chemistry. However, it is so much easier to get
fit or fat in the Sims 2 than in real life. Far easier. Try shedding kilos in
hours, not possible, except in the Sims 2.


This is an ok turn on since it will attract custom Sims. Face it, many careers
will require body points, and by exercising, your Sim will get fit. Fat is
harder since you have to eat yourself to death. If you have a high body skill,
odds are that your Sim is pretty fit. Of course, to measure, you have to go
to the forth bar, or the head, or the Sim bar and while looking at the
personality, you can see the fitness or fatness of your Sim. The more the bar
is filled, the more fit. 


This is a natural turn off. Ok people, face it, who likes to date other people
who smell foul? However, it is probably the worst turn on, after all who would
date a person who smells like a skunk? The stink can only be caused by 
extremely low hygiene or lack there of. You can tell your Sim stinks if you
see a waffing green stink cloud eminating from their body. By then, you 
need to have a shower, or bath. 


Or rather, Cologne. Basically, perfume, near enough for me to classify same
thing to. All Sims can purchase this for §125 at all good retailers, I mean,
at community lots who have the Cologne stand on the counter. It lasts up to
4 to 5 and a half hours. It is safe to have it as a turn on, but also as a 
turn off since you'll need it in the Inventory to use it. If course, it costs
money and it used to kill whales, but not anymore. 


Of course, you're going to have some Sims who get turned on by .... wait, hold
the phone, being a vampire? This is one of the safest turn offs till a certain
point. That point is when one of your Sim gets bitten, and the vampire number
starts to breed a bit. You can solve that by giving everyone a dosage of the
good medicine, or just convert to vampirism. Either way, it will be solved.
Not recommended as a Turn On.

*Formal Wear*

A safe turn off for one reason, most Sims don't wear formal garb out anywhere.
You can control your own Sims to wear it, making it constant there but when
you date NPC's, you lose the control and my §§§ is on the fact that they will
wear everyday clothing. Its ok as a turn on if you have your Sims dating your
own Sims, making both of them wear formal wear, but me personally, I don't 
like it, mainly because I myself hate formal wear. Too stiff and tight. Think
of your Sims, and will someone please think of the children. You might decide
to use it, theres no stopping you, but there are far better choices out there.

*Swim Suits*

Lets face it guys, what guy, in their right mind, will turn down an attractive
girl in a swimsuit? Not too many, except in the cases you can't see through
your eyes. Anyway, besides the looks, the only reason why would want this to
be turned on is that your Sim likes hanging around the poolside of a pool or
likes to use the hot tub, a lot. Its not recommended as a turn on, there is 
far better, but it doesn't serve justice as a turn off either, say a Sim just
out of a pool will appear worse off that what it appears to your eyes. Either
way, its not a good choice to make. If only it was real...


Again, another option primarily for the entertainment of the male gender out
there. Again, which male, in their right state of mind and provided they could
see will not find this a turn on. Despite its proper reference and sense in 
the real world, it is completely pointless in the Sim world. NPCs will hardly
strut around the neighbourhood in their undies. In fact, the only time you
probably see them in their panties will be when they will be in the act of the
sacred WooHoo and when they wake up after that. And that isn't a lot of time
to be exact. It doesn't serve justice as a turn on, and doesn't serve justice
as a turn off either. Just leave it say me.

*Make Up*

This is a mixed turn off for men and women. For a man dating a woman, it is
relatively safe as a turn on, since a large proportion of the NPCs will wear
makeup of some kind. Women that is. Make up and every other facial feature 
such as glasses can be changed with the ultra handy dandy tool, The Mirror. 
For women dating men, it is quite a different story. Most men in the game do
not wear make up, I mean, unless your a rocker, you don't wear eyeshadow, and
so forth. Quite safe for men as a turn on, quite safe for women as a turn off.
The best thing about make up is that it is ever-lasting and is water proof.
You can have a shower and survive through make-up on you, and you don't have
to reapply. If only that existed in the real world. However, there is   
something you must take note of. You can change the appearance of said Sim
with a handy table, rather miscellaneous but none the less, a good item. The
said item is the Cornerstone Vanity Table. You can change the appearance of
a Sim that you control so you can have some make up action once it is done.
For a problem, there is always a solution. 

*Full Make Up*

This is even worse still. It is so rare for either a man or a woman to wear
it, it really doesn't serve to be a turn on or off. You will hardly see this,
basically it is like full facial tattoos. It is as easy to remove and change
around like make up, making the strengths and weaknesses similar to the make
up but normally, if you don't care about facial looks too much, this would
be an easy turn off. Ask your Sims a question. Do you like clowns?


A turn on and off in its own right. In the real world, some are attracted to
glasses because it apparently makes you look smarter. I'm stuck with them by
looking at this stupid screen I'm typing into far too much. Yes, you screen,
you. These are controllable turn on and offs so its up to how you want your
Sims to be attracted to. Any for how glasses can be turn offs, well, just 
go to the shopping centre and find people with glasses. 


Another controllable turn on and turn off. Why Maxis, Why? Anyway, Hats are
just an accessory to your Sim's head. My Sim personally has an army style
camouflage hat. It matches perfectly with his SWAT uniform. Ready for action
at all times. Ok, its a decent turn off since on a small percentage of the
NPCs in the game actually wear hats, mainly men. Its isn't quite stable
but is it controllable. So again, up to you if you want this as a turn on
or turn off. 

*Facial Hair*

It is extremely, and let me repeat, extremely stupid to have men chase women
where the men are turned on by facial hair. Girls are not prone to receive 
facial hair in this game, quite the opposite. However, it makes perfect sense
for a woman to chase men with a turn on for facial hair. For men, it would be
a classic turn off whie on the other hand, women will have this as a great 
turn on. Note that a fair amount of male NPCs in the game will have a nice 
variations of facial hair. 

*Black Hair*

Its black hair, hair that is black. In the real world, having this as a turn
off is extremely stupid, as most of the worlds population has black hair. As 
in the Sims universe, it is pretty much the same, except the proportion is 
toned down dramitically to allow other NPCs have different coloured hair. It
is counterproductive as a turn off, as in, it does more harm than good. In
any neighbourhood, this is the most common option, since most townies have 
nice black hair.

*Brown Hair*

Its brown hair, hair that is brown. Its the second most common after black, 
but may conflict with blonde hair. There is nothing wrong with it as a turn
on, its quite suitable, but as a turn off, it is again, counterproductive. 
By now, you should know that turn offs through hair colour is pretty bad.

*Blonde Hair*

Its blonde hair, hair that is blonde. It is normally tied with brown, but
it really depends on the generation of the neighbourhood whether there is more
brown than blonde or the other way around. Again, it is ok as a turn on but 
stupid as a turn off. 

*Red Hair*

Its red hair, hair that is red. This is probably the least common colour of 
hair there is in the Sim Universe. It isn't all that common, and you will 
rarely see it. The effects therefore, of a turn on and a turn off are lesson
and strengthen respectively. 

*Grey Hair*

Right, its grey hair, hair that is grey. This is normally used by the elders
in the game, who develop a nice case of grey hair. Really, I don't know why
an adult or even a teenager will develop a turn on for grey hair. This is 
normally used for those who want to have romantic relationships with elders.
At least there is one chance of you marrying an elder with the prospects of 
stealing, or I mean, legally obtaining by inheritance, the fortunes of the
elder. Oh well, go do some gold digging

*Custom Hair*

This is a double edged sword. It can be a good turn on or it can be a good
turn off. It you have 100 custom Sims, all with different custom hair, such
as hair with white patches, or use streaks in them, anything, it will net
you some nice Chemistry points for free. That will definitely kick start
any relationship from the start. The more the better. However, custom hair as
a turn off can be good as well. From this perspective, you want to play
Vanilla Sims 2. If you are a gamer, you will know that Vanilla basically means
the game without any modifications. That means, you will have absolutely no
custom hair what so ever. Therefore, if you use custom hair as a turn off, you
will have no problems with Chemistry as there is no one to have bad Chemistry
with. Its all well and good.

A word about Custom Hair. Custom Hair is hair that is not the original hair 
that was shipped with the game. Even if you use bodyshop and end up using a 
hair that is blonde, exactly the same as the one shipped with The Sims 2, it
will be custom hair. It is a different type of hair as you will see it having
a little star like *. If you decide not to make any custom hair at all, you
have the safest Turn Off that won't backfire. It really all depends on your
playing style. You can be content with your average hair styles such as 
black, blonde and such, or you can have the custom content and the wonderful
colours that comes along with it. Its all up to you. For me, its no custom
content all the way. And come on people, in reality, how can you have hair
that is customed and be turned on by it. Look at Chaud from Megaman Battle
Network. It looks like bird poo dried up, no seriously, it does.

My Selection
After all, I do have my selection and my recommendation of what Turn Ons and
what Turn Offs you should use. For me, theses have worked without a hitch, but
again, its all up to your playing style. 

Turn Ons
Fit - This is because most townies are average to fit at least and I don't 
      enjoy seeing fat Sims, no really, I don't.

Black Hair - This is because most of the Sims my Sim is with have black hair
             so naturally there is no conflict. 

Turn Off
Custom Hair - I don't use custom hair, and never probably would. Therefore,
              this is the safest of all Turn Offs for my Sim. 

[8.02] Chemistry

The Chemistry in Nightlife is one of the most important Add-Ons. Good 
chemistry is great for having relationships with while bad chemistry can be 
a damper on any relationship. Two people who don't get along just won't get
along, simple as that. 

The Chemistry is the factor that shows how well one Sim interacts with
another Sim, in particular, any sort of romantic action and how likely, or
unlikely, it will succeed. Good chemistry will increase the success of certain
actions, particulally those which require high relationship to do. Chemistry
also allows you to do certain interactions before you can normally use them,
such as a Kiss or Hug interaction, even through your relationship score isn't
high enough. These boosted interactions can be seen with a Lightning Bolt
next to it. It isn't however, a great idea since there is still a risk of
rejection if it isn't quite right. The chemistry is also handy when you wish
to start a relationship. The most bolts, the more relationship points that 
are added to the start. You're start from 0/0 will increase, depending on
the number of bolts. They give you access to interactions that will allow
you to develop the relationship even faster, which is better.

However, like I mentioned before, the Lightning bolt has a higher chance of
failure. Therefore, you should use another action, in the same group of
actions, that is second best. For example, if there is a Lightning bolt on
the Make Out option, you should settle for the second best action, which is
safer as it has a higher change of success at the cost of a 1 or 2 
relationship points. Note that the Chemistry system can work backwards as
well. If you have a bad chemistry with another Sim, you can use Lightning
Bolt actions for gaining Negative attention. Of course, why you would want
an enemy is beyond me, maybe your Sim needs some drama in their life. I don't
know, and Chemistry will certainly make sure the Negative action will be even
stronger, making you go more into the negative points. Therefore, Chemistry
can help you make friends, as well as enemies. Note that a failure in a 
positive action will result a larger drop. Say, for instance, you fail in a 
Make Out attempt, the amount of relationship points loss will be greater than
if they weren't any Chemistry Bolts there.

Now, to find out the Chemistry between one Sim or another, you could use the
"Check Out Sim" interaction under the Flirt section, however, it doesn't 
require any direct Interaction. Why don't you gain points for it? Why does it
not furfill the Flirt Want? I'll give you a copy and paste from EA.

"The Flirt Want can only be fulfilled if the other Sim accepts your Flirt 
interaction.  This means that you have to use a Flirt interaction that causes 
a reaction in both parties, such as Caress (which can be accepted or rejected 
by the other Sim).  The Check Out action works like a mini version of Scope 
Room; all it does is show you if your Sim is attracted to the other Sim. 
It does not cause them to interact, and does not elicit a reaction."

Anyway, any interaction between two Sims will get you a reading on the
Chemistry. How do you do that? Well, click on the Relationships tab and then
have a look on the Lightning Bolts. It should then tell you the lovely
Chemistry between the two Sims. I'll list them below as well as the boost that
it will give your Sims straight away.

Level 1 : Horrible Chemistry
           - Lightning Bolt Crossed Out
           - No Boost
           - Increased Chance of Failure for Social Interactions

Level 2 : No Chemistry
           - No Lightning Bolt
           - No Boost

Level 3 : Good Chemistry
           - 1 Lightning Bolt
           - 10-15 Daily Relationship One Off Boost
           - 5 Lifetime Relationship One Off Boost

Level 4 : Great Chemistry
           - 2 Lightning Bolts
           - 20-25 Daily Relationship One Off Boost
           - 10-15 Lifetime Relationship One Off Boost

Level 5 : Incredible Chemistry
           - 3 Lightning Bolts
           - 40-45 Daily Relationship One Off Boost
           - 20-25 Lifetime Relationship One Off Boost

As you can see, the Boost is extremely handy for Chemistry. It varies from
interaction and such, but generally the same.

You can see the Chemistry between two sims with looking at their thought
bubble. The Chemistry will show itself through love hearts and crosses. If
you see the picutre of a Sim, surround by love hearts, it goes to show that
there is some fantastic chemistry between those two Sims to be had. However,
it doesn't goes to show that when there are Crosses. That basically means that
there is absolutely no chemistry between the two Sims and there are better
off keeping their distance or there will be some fights to be had. Either
way, you can still check the Chemistry from the Relationship tab as this is
the best method of checking. 

Note that the reason for Level 2, No Chemistry is that Sims that are not
capable of Chemistry or such interactions and Family Members are not allowed
to have Chemistry. Maxis doesn't exactly promote incest, and I don't either,
its rather disturbing at the least. Anyway, this is the first part in the
Chemistry section, more right at the line break. 

[8.03] Chemistry Mk 2

There are several factors to achieve some good Chemistry. They include the
Turn On, the Turn Off, Personality, Aspiration, Relationship and the Zodiac. 
They each will play a role, no matter how small and insignificant it is.
Chemistry is a pick and select method, it isn't exactly like I have Zodiac,
Turn On and Personality, therefore, 3 bolts. It isn't like that, its a 
combined value of all of them.

--==Turn On and Turn Off==--

Like I've already written on above, the turn on and turn off is a large part
of Chemistry. If two Sims have turn ons that relate to each other, there will
be a boost to your score, while if you have a turn off, there will be a drop
in your score. You can change this of course, with the nice little Orb that
lies in your Aspiration Rewards. However, delibrately changing into a little
known trait is bad for a turn on, but good for a turn off. 

To have the perfect couple so to speak, you must ensure that you get the 
Turn ons and Turn off correct. We will want to have both partners with the 
correct Turn Ons and Turn Off so it will increase Chemistry between both 

Now, we have to pick the variables that stay the same. The best one is the
hair colour. By picking that one correctly, you have one definite Turn On
correctly. The second one is depending on the situation and your partner. 
The second one should be Fat or Fit, normally, it would be fit. Anyway, 
you should do this to both sides. If you know the turn ons and turn off,
you can prepare yourself for any situation, therefore, you won't have any
major problems here. One down, four to go.


Personality is quite important to get the score up. The personality of the
Sim can obtain chemistry by having same chemistry. The closer the scores of 
the Chemistry are, the more points you will get. On the other hand, the
further away they are in terms of personality, the more points that will be
deducted. For example, an extremely nice person and an extremely grounchy
person won't get along. Similarly, a Lazy Person won't do as well as an
Active person. So it goes. Personality initially has a massive effect on the
Zodiac, but there is a away around it.

The only method, that works well, is using the lecture option from parents 
while the child is still relatively young. This only works since this is 
active encouragement and takes a fair amount of time. For it to be effective,
you need the polar extremes. You will have to make those parents get along and
since they have horrible chemistry, they're not setting the best example. But
the encouragement will help to create a Sim, who's personality is to your 
liking but this will require a lot of foresight. You need to know who you want
to date, their chemistry and personality and such, and this is a royal pain
in the rear end. The other method is to kill them off and resurrect as a 
Zombie, but this could have some ... adverse effects.

For the Ultimate couple, you get going to figure out who is going with who.
Then, you must make their personality match. It basically requires a lot
of encouragement to a certain trait and you can stop when both match each
other. Once that is done, you have one more part done. 


Aspiration is a good chunk of the Chemistry score and is relatively simple to
change, thanks to this Expansion Pack anyway. Well, first things first. One
Sim is attracted Sims of the same Aspiration. Therefore, a Family aspiration
Sim is going to be attracted to the same thing. But then again, if everyone
wanted to be lovers, having an entire town of same Aspirations would be
horrifying and boring to say the least. How would you feel if everyone was
attracted by money? Disturbed at least. And then again, NPCs come and go and
University has given us an infinite killing yard ... I mean neighbourhood.
Outside that, some aspirations can get along well with one another. However,
some don't go together all that well. But now, it is easier since there is a 
nice, quick method to change aspiraitons with the little Orb. Theres a chart
on the Sims 2 BBS showing this all. I'll paste it here and explain in some
detail how the cursed things works. 

                | (R)  |  (W)  |  (P)  |  (F)  |  (K)  | (P-S) |  (C)  |
|Romance        |  G   |   N   |   G   |   B   |   B   |   N   |   N   |
|Wealth         |  N   |   G   |   B   |   G   |   N   |   G   |   G   |
|Popularity     |  N   |   B   |   G   |   N   |   B   |   B   |   N   |
|Family         |  B   |   N   |   B   |   G   |   G   |   B   |   N   |
|Knowledge      |  B   |   B   |   N   |   N   |   G   |   N   |   N   |
|Pleasure Seeker|  G   |   G   |   N   |   B   |   N   |   G   |   G   |
|Cheese         |  N   |   N   |   N   |   N   |   N   |   N   |   E   |

E - Excellent
G - Good
N - Neutral
B - Bad

A nice little table. I remade the thing to make it look better :) Anyway, it
isn't 100% effective, but it works in most cases. As you can see, Pleasure
Seekers are one of the best when it comes to having good Chemistry. The
reverse could be said for the Knowledge Sims, since they don't exactly
have great Chemistry with anyone.

However, the most powerful Aspiration attraction is between two Sims that 
share the same Grilled Cheese Aspiration. The Chemistry score basically 
skyrockets when it comes between those two. It almost always gives a triple
bolt, even if there are problems in the other areas. If you want the perfect
couple, either make them have the same Aspiration, the best is double Grilled


The easiest one to modify by far. The better your relationship, the better
the Chemistry between the two are. The better friends you are with one 
another, the better Chemistry that will exist. However, in reality, it is
relatively pointless since you use Chemistry to build up a relationship
quickly. The exact opposite of what you want, but by the thing you are 
good friends, the Chemistry will be pretty good. However, there is always a
down side. If you have two sims who basically hate the living daylights out
of each other, the Chemistry will decrease, a lot. However, there migth be
problems in your choice if you have enemies with 3 Bolts. Real problems.

For your perfect couple, its quite simple. Have both lovers at 100/100 
relationship points. However, by, then, I'd say the Chemistry would be perfect
but who knows? There might be complications. 


The Zodiac Sign is possibly one of the most important because it is one that 
you cannot change throughout the life of a Sim. Never ever ever. It is
basically a star sign assigned to a personality or there about. Each sign 
allows you to be attracted strongly to two other signs and repelled by two
other signs. It works one way, but doesn't necessarily have to work the
other way. For example, if A's star sign likes B's star sign, B's star
sign doesn't have to like A's star sign back.

Below is anoter funky, and rather large table on the Star Signs

                 |        Attracted To       |       Repelled By       |
|Aries           |       Gemini/Taurus       |      Cancer/Libra       |
|Taurus          |        Aries/Libra        |       Virgo/Cancer      |
|Gemini          |       Pisces/Virgo        |   Capricorn/Aries       |
|Cancer          |       Taurus/Scorpio      |     Geimini/Aries       |
|Leo             |  Sagittarius/Cancer       |   Capricorn/Gemini      |
|Virgo           |     Aquarius/Sagittarius  |         Leo/Taurus      |
|Libra           |        Vigro/Cancer       |      Pisces/Scorpio     |
|Scorpio         |       Pisces/Leo          |       Libra/Aquarius    |
|Sagittarius     |       Pisces/Capricorn    |       Libra/Scorpio     |
|Capricorn       |     Aquarius/Taurus       |         Leo/Gemini      |
|Aquarius        |    Capricorn/Sagittarius  |     Scorpio/Virgo       |
|Pisces          |      Scorpio/Gemini       |         Leo/Aries       |

The table is rather accurate, so you should use that as a guide. As you can
see, Sagittarius gets a glowing report, since they don't seemed to be repelled
by any star sign.

For your perfect couple, there are only four glowing star sign match ups that
are possible. That is

Aries      to      Taurus
Capricorn  to      Aquarius
Gemini     to      Pisces
Scorpia    to      Pisces

However, your perfect couple would want near matching personality and the 
closest of the four is the first one. Pick that one for your perfect couple.

--==The Perfect Two==--

Just a short recap on the special two.

The Turn Ons are directly related to one another. Therefore, both turn ons 
will refer to two traits possessed by the partner, and vica versa. Their 
Personalities are nearly, or are, the same as each others. They both share
the same Aspiration, Grilled Cheese being the best and the pairs star signs
are compatible with each other. They also possess 100/100 relationships with
each other. And there you go, the perfect couple with 3 Lightning Bolts right
off the bat. 

--==One Pointer==--

If you really want their Chemistry to be flawless, there is one thing you can
do to jack it up. Have both partners take the Love Potion and there is no more
flaws in the relationships.

Well, there is the perfect couple. If you can get the five little sections 
right, then the sky is no longer the limit. You can just keep going up, 
towards space. Avoid GDI's Ion Cannon along the way. 

[8.04] Scope Room

The scope room is a new handy ability that will appear in the Sims 2 for you.
Anyway, the scope room is the handy ability to see who your Sim has the 
most chemistry with. Any sort of positive chemistry will display a nice white
glow around that person. The stronger the aura, the strong the chemistry is
between you and that person. 

However, this is the funny part. Your Sim will only display the glow for whom
they have had relationships with. As in, serious relationships. So if you
have had a relationship with a guy, it will glow only for the guys. If you
have had a relationship with a girl, then it will glow only for girls. The 
funny thing is, if you Sim has had serious relationships with both, or not
serious relationships at all, then it will glow for both genders.

As you can see, the Sims 2 allows for normal couples as well as same-sex
couples. Finally, getting with the times, acceptance of same-sex couples. I'm
not homosexual by the way, just so you don't get the wrong idea. Anyway, when
the Scope Room function is done, your Sim will give a message on who you will
have the best chemistry with, and that person, if you can, is the person you
should target. 

[8.05] Updates, Influence and Interest

Well, two updates to influence and the interests of your Sims.

When they released the base game, there were 18 interests. Nightlife 
introduces the 19th one, albeit hidden in the game and you cannot see it.
It apparently seems that there is a Grilled Cheese Interest. However, what it
does is completely insignificant if your Sim isnt't one with the Grilled
Cheese Aspiration. Therefore, it is utterly useless, except for a select few.

Well, the influence meter has had a nice workout with the new abilities that
come into play. 

Bite Neck - 1000 Influence Points

A small price to pay for such a massive effect. As you can probably gather 
by now, the Bite Neck will only be available for use on Vampire Sims. The
influence action will allow the Vampire Sims to have a little nibble on the
neck of the unfortunate soul you choose. Of course, normal Vampire Sims are 
going to have hard luck to convince someone they should have a nibble, so use
this on the Grand Vampires, the Count and Countessa who have an increased 
success rate on Sims, even NPCs who incidently wondered into the lot. 

Drink Vamprocillin-D - 1000 Influence Points

Well, this influence will only work on a Vampire Sim obviously. This ability
forces the vampire Sim to drink a potion of Vamprocillin that happens to be
lying around the lot. They will drink it and turn back into normal, losing or
gaining Aspiration and Influence points in the process. However, there is or
was a problem before. I personally haven't checked since I don't like the
Vampires much, but the bug was that you could influence someone to drink the
potion, the Game AI will acknowledge the request but would not process it at
all, therefore, rendering the effect useless. Therefore, you have just wasted
those points. Well, I hope it is fixed in a patch, cause if they don't...

Sing Karaoke - 1000 Influence Points

You get the idea from all those Idol series what happens. You probably get a 
general idea on Karaoke at home, or at parties. Well, if you want to use this
ability, you can make certain Sims make themselves look like an utter fool and
laugh. We'll, I'd rather turn the sound down or off because if I hear it, I'd
be breaking something.

Sing With - 1000 Influence Points

What more funny that a person making a complete fool out of themselves? Two
people making a complete fool out of themselves. Of course, this involves the
karaoke machine and someone singing. Their relationship has to be ok for them
to join in at the least. 

Serve Grilled Cheese Sandwiches - 2500 Influence Points

This influence is only available for your Cheese Aspiration Sim only. This
influence can be used any time in the day, on any Sim. Although, you must
remember that this influence requires the Sim to have at least 2 Cooking 
Skill points in order to cook the delicious dish in the first place. You might
be aware that there is a nice want that corresponds with this. 

[8.06] Fury

You're Sim is now in deeper trouble if they cheat on their partners. No 
longer will the penalty for cheating be a slap on the wrist, it is now a 
painful, lengthy experience that isn't all to nice.

Fury is basically a period of time where two Sims will have the $%^$s with 
each other. Either you have done something wrong, such as date their lover or
cheated on them and they happened to walk into the lot at that very point in
time. Fury can be seen in the relationship tab with a red colouring over
the portrait of the furious Sim. The initial fury will result in a MASSIVE
drop in a relationship. If they were lovers, don't be surprised if the 100/100
relationship will drop to a 0/0. If they were normal, then don't be surprised
that they will drop into the negatives and turn into an enemy. While it is 
still possible to mend the relationship while in fury, it is harder as you
have very few options initially to improve their relationship. While you could
do that, you should just wait for it to go away, since it will regain some of
the lost points. While you are fury, you will not that the relationship isn't
all that high, so expect someone to go around stealing your newspapers, 
knocking over your garbage bin, stealing your gnomes, etc. Just keep a sharp

Depending on the crime, a fury can last from a few hours to a day, sometimes,
extending to a few days, and in come cases, weeks. If you understand real life
properly, if you throw a drink at someone, the Sim will be enraged for about
12 hours, give or take 6 hours depending on how well they used to get along
with each other. However, for cheating on each other, a normal fury will last
for about at least a day to about a week. The worst is being robbed. If your
Sim has been robbed, they will have a fury with the burglar for a week at 
least. I think that is kind of strange, being more angry with a thief that 
stole your items is more intense than someone who went behind your back and
cheated on you. Very strange. 

How do you initiate fury? The surefire way is cheating. To be caught in the
act, initiate a romantic action on the lot with a Sim/Lover while another of
your Lovers or partner walks into the scene. This will result in the victim
having the telepath sense of the Protoss and come to you can slap you with a
shiny red fury to prove it. When a burglar breaks into you house, you will
also get a fury, but that isn't as reliable. If you decide to irritate 
someone, you can just Throw a Drink at them to show your distain for such a
person. That will initiate the shortest of the furies. You can also keep 
insulting and arguing with someone to initiate a fury while a fight seems
to do the job as well as repeatly attacking someone. Therefore, any means
of pissing someone off, it will initiate fury if used on end. 

With the introduction of the fury option, the trait of the Personality of the
Grouchy and Nice sims come under the rader now. Never decide to leave your 
free on with Grouchy Sim, because you know their actions. They will irritate,
annoy and generally, piss off your Sim to no end. Therefore, with the use
of the Fury option, these Sims will be basically unplayable since they are
having a Fury with everyone by generally pissing them off to no end.

Now, the length of the Fury is related to how nice the Sim is. The more nice
points they have in their personality, the less time it takes for a fury to
quickly disappear. However, it is the opposite for the Grouchy Sims. The more
they are grouchy, the more time is will take for the fury to evaporate. Not
only that, the amount of points will show how many points they stand to lose
in the initial frenzy. A nice Sim stands to lose less relationship points than
a grouchy Sim as they are nicer. Well, thats a given isn't it? The final thing
that the Nice/Mean factor will influence is the amount of points that you will
regain after the fury is over. Grouchy Sims will gain far less in comparsion
to the Nice Sims.

If you are smart, then you can use Fury to help you, not kill you. This can
be done if you have an exceptionally poor relationship with someone. By
initiating fury with them, you are guaranteed a -100/-100 relationship with
that person. Well, with that, you should wait for a period of time for the 
whole misunderstanding to cleap up. When it does, your boost will help you
dramitically since the low point will be increased as the Fury ends. 
Therefore, you can use the Fury command in your favour to heal a relationship
rather than break one. Well, there is a way around everything isn't there and
I'm sure Maxis would have figured this out.

[8.07] Contact

"Your Sim has just gained a Contact! Contacts have heard how cool your Sim is
and really want to get to know them. Contacts get a head start on the 
relationship and immediately count as Friends for your Sim's Influence 
capacity and Job Promotion needs. When the blue timer display on their picture
expires, these special benefits go away. If you want this Sim to remain a 
friend, have your Sim build up relationships with them"

Think of the contact as the exact opposite of the Fury. Instead of blood red,
you get cool blue. This often occurs when you have a GREAT outing or date 
with a person whose friends you haven't met. When you do have one, you might
get a phone call later with from a friend of your friend, and ask you to go
on an Outing with you. Contacts are always from people you haven't met at
all and a great way to develop friends.

Of course, the Contact will provide you a boost in the relationship with 
about 25 Daily Relationship points and 10 Lifetime Relationship points to 
boot. There is more than enough to start pulling out the ++ relationship
interactions between you and the contact, and that is certainly a great and
painfree way to attract new friends for your collection. You should take
advantage of the situation and maybe you could get another contact from your
new found friend. They last for about a day and it generally a great way to
find friends. Anyway, take advantage of it since it is the rarer version of
the Fury, and the positive one as well. 

[9.01] Forming a Group

Imagine a party of people, going out, hanging around, with the workings of the
dating arena. Then, we have an outing. It is basically a party on the dating 
arena. You get a nice set of rewards and bonuses from these outings, so it
is wise to make sure you go when you can and feel like it. Now that we have 
the basic knowledge of what an outing is, we need some more ingredients, Sims
to hang around with.

To create a group, you can use the phone, the home phone, and manage the
groups of your outing. This is where you can create groups and manage them.
More on management later. Now, on the screen, you can see who your Sim knows
and you can add them into your group. Of course, you can say yes or no and
kick them out later, but this is the simplist method and involves no sort of
communication at all. When that is done, you have a group. 

The second method which requires no work on your behalf is to be invited out
on an outing by one of your Sim friends. Of course, this might take a while,
but if you are friends with Mr Big or the Diva, it shouldn't be long. The
only downside of this, for the penalty of not doing any work, is that you 
cannot choose who your Sim is going on an outing out with, therefore, you 
might not necessarily get along with other Sims due to personality clashes.

The final method is to use the direct approach, with is the most painful, and
use the Ask option to ask them to join a casual group. You will start off with
one person, and slowly move your way up as more Sims flock to the Brotherhood,
I mean, group. This is useful as you literally screen the Sims that join 
your group, and of course, you can kick them out later. 

[9.02] Managing

Lets face it, sometimes, you are going to meet people who are friends at first
and then, your friendship slowly deteriorates. And then, you end up with
people in your group who you are no longer friends with or even enemies with.
As such, you will have to kick some people out and add in some new friends to
fill the void. 

There are two methods to manage, the direct approach or the planning approach
to it. The direct approach involves going up to the person and kicking them
out of the group, nicely without the violence. This seems to be the answer but
will normally lead to negative relationship points but if you want a firm hand
and lay down the ground rules, then here you go.

The second method can be using the phone to organise everything. Of course,
this is the first method above for forming a group, and here, you can 
effectively manage who is in and who is out of the group, without the fear of
people coming along and stealing your lawn gnome. I know, not the Lawn gnome,
anything but. 

Note that the amount of people who you can have in your group is the same as
the amount of people who can be on the lot at once. For those to have the
lower end computers, or for those who have AMD (Yes, my old computer was AMD
till I switched towards an Intel Dual Core, the number will be 2. This can
be changed and will cause some problems with running and will lag. For those
on higher end computers, you can run 8 without any major problems, unless 
you are on a large lot. Of course, you can tune it down, but don't. 

[9.03] Going Out

With the outing, the use of parties is diminished a fair bit, but they are 
still more useful as they give more Aspiration points anyway. Ok, the outing
works like the dating mini-game, where positive interactions will boost the
meter while negative actions will drop the meter. However, there is a twist
to this. While the date involves two people and how they communicate, the 
outing is different in the respect that it will rise or fall depending on the
actions of ALL members. 

As such, there needs to be harmony and peace, no war and fighting. If there 
is, you are going to be in some trouble. Anyway, to start an outing, you
can either be invited out on one by some friends or start one yourself by
using the phone and going to the Groups section. You can go to a community lot
or at home, it doesn't matter, as long as you people can interact. You can 
also shift between lots, moving the party long with you, but it will drain 
some of the time.

There are two different outings, an outing or just for fun. An outing involves
the use of the meter and will have some time restrictions. While on the 
other hand, just for fun is just that, it is for fun and you can indefinitely
go out on the outing and end when you feel like, or when all of your Sims are
dead. Both outings can be ended by the End Casual Outing command, so it isn't
that hard.

For the outing, there are time restrictions that are on the outing. You have 
to raise the meter to the next level by the time allocated or else the outing
will end, in failure or in glory depending on the level of the meter. The
goal is to have the most positive interactions done. The meter will rise,
loosely based on the relationship points gained, and the meter will fall
base on the amount of relationship points lost. Therefore, the less you lose
the better. For the information on the meter, read the section for it. In the
end, you want peace, not war. You can have War and Peace, by Leo Tolstoy, but
you need more peace then war. After all, why did the world switch from 
beating each other with big guns and switch to diplomacy?

[9.04] Gifts

There are rewards for you going out on an outing, and not just for fun. After
all, why would people go out on outings with there was nothing to gain. Less
talk, more work.

Reward #1, Items
The most common reward that I've seen, due to my Sims having maxed out skills,
is items off the buy catalogue. Based on what I've been given, it is on the
higher end of the scale, but it can be on the lower end. Either way, does it
matter? After all, it is for free and is a gift. You will need a good outing
for this, a bad one will net you nothing. The way it works is that some person
from the outing, will Shadow Team into your house and give you the items and
then flee. Note that they are sneaking onto the lot. Here are a list of items
that I've been given. 

12th Century Song Dynasty Sculpted Vase
GrooveLayer 9000 Professional DJ Booth by HotBeets
Farstar e3 Telescope
Bubble-Up "Soaking Zone" Hot Tub
Florid Font

Reward #2, Skill Points
Since most of my Sims have maxed out skills, I don't see this, but I have
experienced it. You can earn most than one skill point from a single outing,
the first outing I've had with this experience netted the Charisma and the
Creativity skill points. It happens to be random, regardless of whether you
have a high skill rating or not. So if you have a 1, or a 9, it really 
doesn't matter much. Any controllable Sim under your control can gain skill
points from the outing, making the statement of hanging around cool people
a moot point. After all, my Sims weren't so smart. Anyway, the better the
rating, the more likely that this will eventuate. However, you can't have 
full maxed out skills cause that would be just stupid.

Reward #3, Motives

Upon a successful outing, your motives will increase. This is depending on
the success of the rating, sometimes, bad outings will drop motives instead
of increasing them. A really successful outing will increase the motive
bar more, and rightly so, the amount of motives, such as bladder, comfort and
such will take a toll on your Sim after excessive liver damage. In fact, the
only motive that will never fall in an outing is the Social bar, unless you
are anti-social. 

[9.05] Outing Meter

There is a level on the outings. There are a possible 1000 points in the 
Outings meter, the more, the better. As soon as you reach a level beyond your
starting position, you will be given more time to boost that meter. In effect,
the longest possible outing will be for about 9 hours, which is longer than
most people will go out for. I get bored after a few. You will originally
start at So-So, and move your way up, or down. 

|       Outing Level       |     Points Needed     |    Time Bonus    |
|        Disaster          |        0 - 100        |       N/A        |
|        Real Drag         |      100 - 200        |       N/A        |
|         Boring           |      200 - 300        |       N/A        |
|         So-So            |      300 - 425        |      3 hours     |
|          Fun             |      425 - 650        |    2.5 hours     |
|         Super            |      650 - 950        |      2 hours     |
|        Rockin'           |      950 - 1000       |    1.5 hours     |

The time bonus is given after you complete and surpass that specific level. 

[9.06] Super Outing

How to have a great outing? Well, this isn't exactly a date, so romantic 
actions isn't warranted. The points are raised as long as relationship points
are being increased as well as wants being furfilled. As long as you continue
to do those two points, it is easy to get a Rockin outing without much of a 
problem. Therefore, you want to be either generating the bulk of the points
are calming other Sims down and make them do the bulk of the work. 

* Try not to have the other Sims beat the utter crap out of each other, you
  want them to live through the ordeal. If you cannot stop them, just use the
  command to kick them out of the group.

* Poker and other group activities are wonderful since they usually involve 
  social interaction and it tends to be positive.

* Don't accept the social call for outings straight away, after all, you might
  have a few enemies in the group. It is sort of like the blind date, you 
  won't know what happens till you get there, and still, you might not like
  what happens. 

* Use Chemistry to your advantage, after all, this might will net more bonus
  points if successful.

* Use your own friends to join the social group in order to have someone to 
  perform stronger social interactions with. After all, best to stick to the
  Devil you know than the Devil you don't.

* Never ever let your sight off the other members of the group. They 
  contribute the same amount to the meter and if you aren't careful, all your
  hard work will be undone.

[9.07] Pulling Strings

A new feature in the Sims 2, it is pulling strings. It is a reward for
friendship really, and as such, one that you would want. How does it work?
Quite simple really. What happens is that if you are working in a career 
path, other Sims, friends or family of yours can pull strings at work, mind
you, on a career path at least, and promote you to the level that you can 
achieve with the current set of skills and the amount of friends.

This can be friends or family. I've tested this out with the wife of a Sim
promoting her husband at work. Even though she was a Medicial Researcher, she
managed to promote her husband to Captain Hero. Of course, the Sim pulling
strings has to be in a higher level than yours. Test this out, and use friends
to your advantage. 

[10.01] What's Dating

Dating is well, dating. If you are unsure what it means, Encarta describes it
as the activity of going out regularly with somebody as a social or romantic 
partner. Not to be confused with carbon dating or dating of services on your
calendar. Funnily enough, the nerve and anxiety of asking a person of the 
opposite gender is not as hard in the Sims than in real life. Well, there are
three ways of starting a date.

The first method is the direct method. This is where you interact with the
Sim that you want to go out with, click on the Ask options and then ask them
to go on a date. This is usually accepted if you are at a high enough
relationship level, but it also acceptable if there is excellent, and I'm 
meaning, triple bolt Chemistry. The direct method is the easiest, and 
ironically, the most awkward, nervous, anxious form of asking a person out on
a date, in fear of rejection. 

The second method is calling them out and then asking them out on a date in
the specified Community Lot, or start the date at home. This can also be done
when you are on a community lot and you asked a Sim out to that specific lot.
This can be done from the hour of 7 in the morning to midnight, saying that
you cannot start a date when someone is sleeping. Yet again, the relationship
and the chemistry will effect your chances of success.

The third is getting the call from the said Sim and they would ask you on a
date. Don't hold your breath though, it is highly unlikely and still, you
have to have a great relationship.

The last method is to get the Matchmaker to give you a date. Depending on the
amount of money you pay for the Matchmaker, your date will either be a dud
or success. Anyway, any method is good.

Dating is just making sure you keep the meter up high, how high? To the max
where you can get the dream date. Of course, this is done through the use of
positive interactions, positive interactions increase the meter while negative
results will drop it down like a fly in your soup. 

[10.02] Finding a Date

Ok, the start of a new section. How to find a date? Well, like in real life,
you have to go around and ask people. You can do this with the function under
the ask subcategory when you click on someone. You will automatically go on
a date with that person on that lot. You can also start a date with someone
over the phone. You can invite a person on a date over the phone, which is
the less confronting way.

Note that a date will be more romantically engaging than an outing so if you
want to have many friends and not 500000000 lovers, then go to an outing 
rather than a date. Most dates will definitely end with a date, so watch out.
Also, when you are on your date, don't, and let me repeat, don't have another
lover or crush know you are there. If they see you, and yes, they can see
through those walls, your friendship with them is basically destroyed and you
will get a furious symbol at you. 

[10.03] Having a Good Date

How do you have a good date? Well, like in real life, it is relatively simple
to have a good date, just do everything right. 

It involves using the right interaction at the right time. The place seems to
be important. Unlike in real life, and unfortunately for those who refuse to
go Dutch, it is not too great to go out to a community lot and date. why? 
Well, since the date meter is based on relationship points and WANTS, it is 
best that you don't do it on the community lot provided that they don't have
the facilities to furfil the wants, such as dancing, poker, karaoke, whatever,
it doesn't matter. Sure, you can't actually buy anything, or dine out, which
is the most common dating want, but the wants furfilled are stronger done at
home than done at a community lot. And of course, you can save, which is an
added bonus and the fact that you can use some certain rewards that enhance
the ability and power of the interactions between partners or spouse, or 
whatever term for couple you want here. Also, one last thing, it will be 
harder for other, ... love interests, to come along and give you a nice slap
on the face. Unless you invite them of course. 

Another important consideration is the fact that you should choose someone who
has the right chemistry with you, two thunderbolts being the bare minimum. Of
course, you can go lower, but the fact is, it will be harder to score the
dream date since the Chemistry can kick in and add more bonuses to the mix. 
This will be handy for the Dream Date factor. Without chemistry, the world 
would not be alive as we know it. Of course, we won't have the A-Bomb either,
so, go figure.

Next consideration, Aspiration. Some are more suited to dating than other. 
Most Aspirations do a good job of giving the appropriate on dating except for
the Romance Aspiration, who want to go out, marry, remove, inherit, repeat. 
And Romance Sims have a tendancy of having, other lovers, on the dating scene,
not good for your health. 

And finally, well, why don't date a Sim you can control, ie, in the same
household as yours. Look at the advantages of this. You can understand what
the wants are for both Sims as well as the fears of both sims. It is quite
interesting and can help you get the dream date a lot faster than you would
be able to achieve it in. 

When on a date, the main factor is, wants will help get the Dream Date, but
will not get there for you. Like C&C, a Superweapon can help you, but not help
you win the game. Therefore, you must understand that the wants are the 
Superweapons in a way. Of course, you can use them, but it will not win the
game for you, it is relationship building, which is your army. 

Build up a relationship, why? Because then, you have higher interactions at 
your disposal. With that, getting that Dream Date should be a breeze, or you
hope it is. Don't be the idiot and use the higher end interactions straight
away when you barely know each other. Imagine a real life example, how would
you feel with a person of the opposite sex started hitting on you? You won't
exactly take it too easy, or brush them away. 

Start off low, using the lowly talk options. This will start to build the
foundations of any good home. This is your starting line. If all goes to the
dogs, start using talk options. Slowly, move up, using higher talk options 
such as Gossip as well as options such as Entertain. This will slowly boost
and build the relationship to a strong foundation. Then, when you have a fair
amount of daily relationship points, you can move towards the higher 
interaction such as hug and later on, kiss or flirt, to build up those 
lifetime relationship points. This is important and imperative that you 
complete this first. 

Lock in your wants. Those you want completed during the date, and the higher
end wants that you can complete during the date, you should lock in and 
prepare to fire. Anyway, lock in your wants and complete them for a boost. Of
course, you can lock in your fears but why? Because this will allow you to
control what to avoid during the situation. Like the old saying, the optimist
invented the plane, the pessimist invented the parachute. 

If you are at home, use your reward objects such as the Cool Shades to the
best effect as they multiple the power of the interaction performed. This is
handy and presents one advantage over using the community lot. Up to you

[10.04] A not so Good Date

There can be good dates, and there can be horrible ones. Of course, for some
reason, people like horrible dates, myself including, watching those 
relationships disintegrate into nothing while parking myself in front of that
idiot box. Anyway, moving on. 

If you want a really bad date, give the Matchmaker a really low sum, probably
1 Simoleon. The concept of you get what you pay for will come in the form of
a date with pretty poor chemistry and a completely incompatible personality
to yours, if you're lucky. Anyway, give her your crimpled spare change from
your pocket and see what she gives you. Note much. 

Date random people. Period. This is just dating at a really stupid level. Try
going out onto the street and start asking out people on a date. Even if they
accept, it isn't going to end all to well, if you're lucky, well, who knows?
By dating random people, you deny yourself the opportunity to using the higher
interactions till later, therefore, depriving yourself of valuable time to
think about what to do next. Anyway, just don't do it here, but maybe in real
life, though I do not advocate either position, I'm not paid so. 

Either have a lot of lovers or date a person who has a lot of lovers. In the
middle of a date, if a lover walks across, well, you are in some deep holes.
My advice, stop digging. When you are a date, any lover will come upon the lot
and sees you, and slaps you to the Plane of Oblivion where Mythic Dawn shall
great you. That will kill the lover status and won't end all to well for that

Kill your date. This is not the best way to get to know someone, on the
deathbed or the graveyard. For that matter, it is not exactly the best way to
end a date either, but sure, killing your date will be a great date. Of 
course, I strongly advise against this since you could unleash a whole can of
sardines, having bounties taking against you, etc. 

Attack your date. Well, not as violent as killing your date, but this will 
easily kill the date to an unrecoverable status. To do so, just irriate and
argue a bit, slap and poke, then you can attack your date. Well, if you want a
soulmate, not the way to go.

The most common way to have a bad date is to mismanage your time. You cannot
afford to waste time, since dating is under a time limit. You want to use the
time to get Dream Date as fast as possible, and you have time allocation so
use it carefully.

[10.05] Date Meter

There is a level on the dates. There are a possible 1000 points in the 
Dating meter, the more, the better. As soon as you reach a level beyond your
starting position, you will be given more time to boost that meter. In effect,
the longest possible outing will be for about 9 hours, which is longer than
most people will go out for. I get bored after a few. You will originally
start at So-So, and move your way up, or down. 

|       Dating Level       |     Points Needed     |    Time Bonus    |
|        Horrible          |        0 - 100        |       N/A        |
|          Bad             |      100 - 200        |       N/A        |
|         Lame             |      200 - 300        |       N/A        |
|         Okay             |      300 - 425        |      3 hours     |
|         Good             |      425 - 650        |    2.5 hours     |
|         Great            |      650 - 950        |      2 hours     |
|      Dream Date          |      950 - 1000       |    1.5 hours     |

The time bonus is given after you complete and surpass that specific level. 
Theses are the rewards that you will get based on your dating level. Note that
you can get some flaming poo as well. Don't step on it, Billy Maddison tells 
you better. 

|       Dating Level       |     End of Date       |       Gift       |
|        Horrible          |  Yell / Poke / Shove  |    Flaming Poo   |
|          Bad             |        Lecture        |    Hate Letter   |
|         Lame             |     Shrug / Sigh      |      None        |
|         Okay             |          Hug          |      None        |
|         Good             |          Peck         |    Love Letter   |
|         Great            |      Tender Kiss      |      A Flower    |
|      Dream Date          |     Romantic Kiss     |Bonquet of Flowers|

[11.01] Food Coupons

These are delivered in your mail after a successful night out on town,
downtown, whether it is for outings or for datings. Anyway, this is delivered
by the postman, and when you get one, it will state:

"The SimCity Chamber of Commerce would like to show its appreciation for your
 patronage by offering you this coupon good for a free meal for you and your
 guests at any of our fine restaurants. Or not-so-fine ones. Your choice."

Anyway, this allows you for a free meal. So, you can order as much as you can
and it doesn't matter. This can be used to skip the bill, without actually
skipping the bill on the host. You can get a free meal, so use it wisely to
rack up a large bill. The description on the coupon has the following.

"This coupon is good for a free meal for you and your guests at any 
 restaurant. No expiration date. Offer good while supplies last. Coupon cannot
 be applied to previous purchases. Not valid online. Void where prohibited.
 Cash value is 1/20 of a Simoleon."

[11.02] Love Letters

Sometimes, when your date is going pretty well, you will get a nice love 
letter in the mail. From your ever loving date, a reminder of the good times
you had, choose you choose to spurn them. Anyway, it has the following:

"Thanks for the Fun" Note
I had fun, I hope you know
That dating you was good
And if you wonder
"Should I ask again?"
I say you should

Delivered in a nice pink envelope with a love heart. 

[11.03] Hate Letters

However, when things aren't looking up, on a date, you might be sent a nice
hate letter as well. Since SimCity Police Departments do not take such threats
seriously, the onus is upon you to defend your Sims against spiteful lovers
who claim you waste their time. 

"Don't Call Me" Note
Our date was just a waste of time
The thought of it is like a knife
So if you think to try once more
Don't call again; it steals my life

Delivered in a Black envelope with a nice smooch print.

[11.04] Flowers

When the date is at its best, you shall get flowers. Of course, they are nice
thornless roses, well I hope, and they will developed in a single rose if it
was good, or a bunch of them is they really had a great time.

"I had a Great Time" Flower
Romance bloomed between us
As this single flower shows
And as I think of you, my sweet
My longing for you grows.

"You're My Dream Date" Bonquet
I never knew two Sims like us
Could share such happy hours
Each lovely second's memory
Smells sweeter than these flowers.

[11.05] Flaming Bags of Poo

Sometimes, things don't go so well, not at all. Sooner or later, when you have
a really horrible date, you will get a flaming pile of poo, the exact nature
of the poo unknown. It shall be the great mystery of the world.

"Worst Date Ever" Flaming Poo Bag
The date we shared was worse than bad
It was the worst I've ever had
An angry slap's too good for you
So have this flaming bag of poo


[12.01] "Pinmaster 300" Bowling Alley by Hurling Fun Products, Inc

"Nothing brings fun and excitement quite the way bowling does. The Pinmaster
 300 lets players combine their throwing skill with an exciting chance of 
 painful thumb injury! The compact non-regulation length lane is constructed
 of the sturdiest Ultra-waxed ash and maple, and comes with a full set of 
 urethane-coated wooden pins and perfectly balanced one-size-fits-all bowling
 balls. Automatic pinsetting keeps the game running smoothly, no matter if
 you're throwing a powerful strike or lofting your ball lamely into the 
 gutter. Ridiculous shoes not included."

Cost: §5,500
Motives: Fun - 10
Skills Increased: Body 
Colours: 5

It is also a group activity. 

[12.02] The HottCorp Burning 8-R Series Fire Jet

"The little baby fires out a burst of scorching flame every few seconds. The
 applications are endless: nightclub decor, nighttime backyard illumination,
 or simply surrounding your home with a wall of impenetrable flame. How does
 it work? Well, inside every HottCorp fire jet is a tiny baby dragon. He has
 a horde of treasure and will defend it. To the bitter end."

Cost: §325
Motives: Environment - 2
Skills Increased: None
Colours: 1

[12.03] Florid Font

"A glimmer of individuality and beauty in a vast desert of monotony and 
 stagnation. Break free of the decorating norms by adding this spectacular 
 fountain. Its soothing shape and sounds will brighten your space and your
 spirit. Or make you have to run to the restroom."

Cost: §5,800
Motives: Environment - 10
Skills Increased: None
Colours: 4

[12.04] Dancing Fiend Jukebox

"Shake that booty, swing those hips, flail those arms and get those Sim bodies
 moving! With the hip-happeninist tunes from all over, Sims of all ages can't
 help but get in the groove. Featuring a crystal clear RoKowt speaker system
 and state-of-the-art Disco-Chango-Matic track advancing technology, these
 rockin' rhythms can play all night long. 

Cost: §1,100
Motives: Fun - 9, Environment - 2
Skills Increased: Body
Colours: 3

[12.05] The GrooveLayer 9000 Professional DJ Booth by HotBeets

"Whether you're designing your very own nightclub or just hosting a wild party
 at home, the GrooveLayer 9000 furfills a very important need: the need for
 some hot dance beats. The folks at HotBeets note that the vinyl technology 
 used by the GrooveLayer produces sound that is 9000 times crisper than a 
 compact disc. We'll leave you to be the judge.

Cost: §2,750
Motives: Fun - 10, Environment - 3
Skills Increased: Creativity
Colours: 1

[12.06] VocoPhonicSim Karaoke Machine

"Everything you need for singing your heart out is built into the 
 VocoPhonicSim Karaoke Machine. It is perfect for small clubs, house parties
 or any time when you just feel like annoying your friends. Whether you are 
 practicing for your next concert, romancing another Sim with sweet melodies,
 or impressing the crowd, the VocoPhonicSim Karaoke Machine will bring out the
 rockstar in you!"

Cost: §1,800
Motives: Fun - 8, Environment - 1
Skills Increased: Creativity
Colours: 1

[12.07] ElectroDance Sphere by ExtremeCO

"What nightclub is complete without a device that can allow you to dance while
 suspended in an electromagnetic field? Not a single one, according to 
 ExtremeCO! The ElectroDance Sphere utilises a sophisticated built in fusion
 reactor (just add water) to power itself, so it has the juice to suspend 
 even the portilest of Sims. ExtremeCO asks you: "Now really, who doesn't like
 to vomit?"

Cost: §3,500
Motives: Fun - 10
Skills Increased: Body
Colours: 1

[13.01] The Whole Concept

Whats a business that serves food all 24 hours of the day, more or less 
depending if you use the sethour XX cheat or not, 7 days a week? What is the
place that allows you to dine in style, arguable, good quality service, again
arguable, without the flames that you and the fire department will see? The
answer is the restaurant. This is the business that is open at any time, 
unless you have Open for Business, and really, isn't profitable. I'm up in 2
minds for The Sims 2 - Open for Business or Open for Bankruptancy. Its 
perfect for a fun going out, a date, an outing, whatever you want. It really 
more of a social event rather than a must have feature. Again, its up to you.

[13.02] The Menu

Ok, most if this has already been covered so this would be rather brief.
However, you get a swanky new table. Yes, a table. Wow!

Food                   | Cookable?   | Price|
Glass of Water         | No          | Free |
Cake                   | Yes         | §8   |
Mac and Cheese         | Yes         | §9   |
Spaghetti              | Yes         | §9   |
Baked Alaska           | Yes         | §10  |
Omelettes              | Yes         | §11  |
Nectarine Tartlette    | No          | §12  |
Crepe Suzette          | Yes         | §13  |
Chili Con Carne        | Yes         | §15  |
Chef Salad             | Yes         | §16  |
Hamburger              | Yes         | §17  |
Ribs                   | Yes         | §18  |
Fried Chicken          | No          | §18  |
Lime Seared Prawns     | No          | §19  |
Salmon                 | Yes         | §21  |
Pork Chops             | Yes         | §23  |
Filet Mignon           | No          | §25  |
Lobster Thermidor      | Yes         | §35  |

Anyway, to order food in a restaurant, it is quite different than home. This
isn't going to the counter, grab a dish and walk off and eat. This is a 
restaurant, and not a buffet. This isn't home. Lets have a know how on how to
walk through. When you enter a lot that has a restaurant, you have to go to
the restaurant podium and talk to the host. Depending on the lot, you can be
seated, which the host prompty takes you to a sufficiently sized table. This
is because if you go on an outing, you have 8 people, you need a table that 
can seat 8 people, such as the one in the Christmas pack. You can also be 
seated at the counter, again, this will depend on the lot you are going to 
dine out in. This will place you at the counter, which in most cases will also
be the bar. Just a know how. If you do have an outing and there isn't enough
seats at the table, the other members who have been rejected will be shifted 
off to other tables. However, there will be a problem that comes time and time
again. When all tables are used up and you wish to be seated, you will have
to wait until someone finishes so you can walk in and steal their table. Of
course, you have to wait for it to be clean.

After that, you will be seated, hopefully. The closest server will or the 
server clostest to you that is idle, will attend to you and talk to your Sim
on what to order. You can order a certain dish, a certain dish for someone,
a chef's choice for you, a chef's choice for everyone. This chef's choice
will be explained later. After you have struggled through the menu, you will
just wait for the food to be brought out. This will mean that your Sim drinks
a cup of water, without a bottom and full of water, until the food arrives.
Unlike real life, the chef will start to make your order once the server has
written down the order. By the time the server reaches the Chef's oven, the
food is already done. Talk about telepathy! Compared to the comparsion of the
Sims 1, Hot Date, the food is done a lot faster. Except I want my Ice Cream. 

The server will hopefully bring out the food in one piece and you can enjoy
your meal. Of course, you can keep ordering until your hearts content or till
you get really sick. Of course, that will be added to your bill. Of course, 
you can pay the bill which gets paid automatically if you escape by car or the
other, more subtle alternative. 

[13.03] Paying or Skipping the Bill

If course, there will always be some method to avoid paying the bill, 
especially if the bill amounts to a large amount of §§§. Of course, this may
be the result to some stupid promise, such as if Uncle Moe isn't smiling when
you pay the bill, you get it for free, but in this case, its more about 
Operation Dinner Out (Spy Games comes back to me). To skip out on the bill,
just click on the podium and choose the option to skip out on the bill, and
then, the fun begins. 

When that action has been activated, there will be a timer of 45 minutes, bear
in mind Sim Minutes, not real life minutes. The object or goal of this mini
game is to survive the 45 minutes without the host or hostess catching you
to pay the bill. If they come close enough, they will catch you. If you have
free will on, be wary that your Sim might decide to do something else other
than running. Especially if their bladder is low.

Once you have control of your Sim, I suggest you move to a large area which 
has more room to manoeuvre around in. The Host or hostess will start actively
search you out. For those who play Counter-Strike, imagine you are the VIP and
the host or hostess as the Terrorists that try to assassinate you. Instead,
both of you are unarmed, except for a cup of water. You should move to a large
area so you can actively run away from the maniac Host or Hostess. Once the
timer is up, the host will completely forget about the event and resume normal
duties. Quite forgetful in their old age. However, if you get caught, that is
exactly the opposite. You will suffer the wrath of the host or hostess, which
will result in the Double -- action with them and you still have to pay the
bill of course. 

Some pointers, when you go out in a group, the whole group won't be chased, 
imagine the micro management skills needed for that. The person who chose to
avoid the bill will be chased and no one else. Thank God for that, imagine 
the micro needed to move 4 people away from an angry Host or Hostess. Don't
think about running away on foot then proceed to your vehicle and prepare to
run or rather drive away in that. If you get into your car, it is considered
to be paying the bill and the chase is over. 

Of course, it all depends on the size and area of the lot which can make you
or break you. Some restaurants are large and easy to run away, but some are
tight and nigh impossible to escape from. You can design, create restaurants
to your hearts desire to escape, but with Open for Business, its more about
space and cramming. So really, if you only have Nightlife, you can build them
to escape, but in Open for Business, it isn't economically viable because 
space is money and the less money it costs, the more money you can juice from
it. When you run, it is necessary to have the skip, run or fly option to 
escape properly so you can place some distance between the two people. There
is nothing worse than in a car chase when your car tops 100 and the Cop
Car goes 150. You'll get caught. And don't think it is really smart to use
the University expansion pack to your advantage. The Host or Hostess will
gleefully ignore the Myne Doors to a toilet and have absolutely no shame when
it comes to running into a toilet of the opposite sex. When it comes to money,
there is not stopping these shameless, blood-seeking, bill grabbing money

There is nothing that can stop the host, nothing, except to the boss telling
the host "Get Back to Work or You're Fired" Nothing can slow these guys down,
absolutely nothing. They can't be stopped, they can't be slowed down, except
for some clever tricks. Try to block the hosts way with objects, or try to
use the remotest areas of the restaurant. Its not guaranteed to work, but it
will provide some leverage. Try to put the greatest distance possible to you
can escape. But then again, why would you go to the bother to avoid such a
small bill. If you have a small think about it, a small bill amount of up to
§500 can be downplayed by a decent paying job of over a §1000. What the game
should introduce is inflation. If you think about it, the more §§§ in the
economy, the more § is required to buy an item. 

[13.04] Favourite Foods

When you visit a restaurant for the first time and dine in, your Sim will 
develop a unique favourite food. You can tell what the favourite food it by
looking at the thought bubble above their head. By looking at it carefully, 
identify it and remember it, because its permanent. Your favourite food can
be one that will provide that little extra boost during a date or an outing
but this can be downplayed on a date to be another factor or in an outing,
something that is going on in the background. Also, on a date, the two people
are talking and that will result in a rise or decrease upon the date meter so
really, the effect of the favourite food is questioned.

You can figure out what the food is when you see the thought bubble, the one
with fluffy clouds, not the speech bubble. You will have to pause it since it
is fleeting. When you do with the thought bubble in sight, lock in on it with
the zoom button and zoom until you can zoom no more. Centre in on the target
and get ready to pull the trigger, wait, I mean, look at the object and try
to find out what it is. You may need higher resolutions to view it since it
doesn't look to clear. I mean, a hamburger can look like a meat loaf or a 
bread loaf, nothing like a hamburger. And it doesn't help with the uncookable
foods, because no matter how many times you observe the plate of your Sims 
food, you will not be able to identify it because of a simple reason, you
haven't cooked it before. Duh. 

Of course, you can alter the food that your Sim likes to your whims and till
you go insane. Since the favourite food is not seen until you dine in for the
first time, and since you can't save on a community lot, you can load and then
reload again and again till you get the one you want. Since there are 17 
different plates, technically the choice of getting your favourite food is 
5.88%, which isn't much in itself. But the more you try to get a certain 
favourite food, the less likely it is to turn up, its like playing a game
where a certain monster drops a rare item. The more you want it, the less
likely it is to turn up. Annoying, but true fact. 

When you order the favourite food, it will be unclear so you can use the 
"Chef's Choice" button. This will make the chef create or rather, prepare your
favourite food for you. The chef will always know what your favourite food is
so don't worry about him or her not choosing the right food for you. There are
no problems there. You can keep practising until you get it perfect. You can
choose the food if it isn't the right food, keep picking, after all there are
only 17 dishes as of yet that you can get in a NPC restaurant. It seems you
can get lucky soomer or later. 

[13.05] Waiters Incompetence

When you go to a restaurant, you get served by waiters and waitresses. You
have to remember that their job isn't a joke. Imagine going around carrying
hot soup that if spilt, can result in burns and following that, a nice law
suit. Some with other dishes. Thats why it isn't exactly to best idea to annoy
the living crap out of them. After all, they are people like you and me, which
is arguable. Same with the Sims, if you annoy the crap out of the waiter, they
will dump a steaming hot plate of food on you as a nice plate of revenge. 
After all, revenge is a dish best served cold. This accident tends to occur
more when you order the more expensive food. Imagine serving a §35 dish, a 
lobster when what they will be earning is §20 an hour, and thats if they have
some skills to boost. You will get a bad memory for that, I mean, after all,
who likes having a steaming hot crayfish sitting squarely above their 
sensitive regions? 

Of course, to ensure customer loyalty, the host will, or rather, the server 
will redeliver the dish, and the dish is free of charge and will not be added
to your bill hopefully. After all, who wants to have food dump on them and
then be forced to pay for a replacement. Not me, and even if I did, there's 
another restaurant I won't be visiting. Still, it can effect the speed 
factor of dates and outing and having food dumped on you can be a major make
or break factor.

The best way to prevent such occurances from happening will be when you start
to befriend the waiter. I mean, using another real life example, won't you 
feel easier if you were delivering to friends, rather than angry aggressive
looking strangers? Maybe not, maybe so. You want to avoid this event happening
to you since the game can develop a fear of it and it isn't nice to complete
a fear. Loss of aspiration points and sending the meter to the red, or down
at least. The problem of befriending a waiter is that there will always be 
more waiters and waitresses over hosts and hostesses. So just wait for your
closest server to come to you and spark a conservation. Of course, don't keep
them there too long or a - will start to appear. When you order, you order,
not socialise for the pearly gates to open. 

Lucky for you, this isn't an even that occurs very often. Still, try not to 
upset the waiter, it isn't too nice to have an enemy where there could
easily be a friend. But then again, there will always be those arrogant punk
ass jerks that seem to be your enemy either way. Thats what the fight button
is for. Not recommended for real life use. DISCLAIMER. 

[13.06] Food Cruelty

Its cruel to waste food, imagine the animal or plant that suffered the knife
for it. Imagine. Anyway, there are easy ways to allow yourself a free feed if 
you are low on cash, and too many enemies or controllable Sims.

If you have a mortal enemy on site, taunt them over to where a dining Sim is
at and provoke a nice fight. Normally, dining Sims don't respond to such acts
and since you can't go carrying a flame jet where ever you go, you have to 
find another distraction. This is simple, fight. When you do, you and your
"friend" can "chat" about your "strength" in a "game" of "friendliness". 
When you are beaten up, or hve beaten up a Sim, quickly grab the food of the
dining Sim before they return and eat it. Free food and it didn't cost you 
any §§§, except for the medicial expenses, the ensuing court fees and the
time in jail, but thats minor compared to a free meal.

The second is when you have a controllable Sim on the lot with you and they
are dining out. When they can't finish a meal, you can cancel their 
interaction and eat the rest of the meal before the waiter comes along and
swoops up the food. Of course there will be boy germs and girl germs, but
a free meal is a free meal. And in the end, you're paying for it, and the 
other Sim doesn't get fat. Make the most out of any situation. 

[13.07] The Ups and Downs

There reasons for and against the use of restaurants. And here we go.

The Case For

1) Not everyone has access to cheaper sources of good food. The cafetaria from
   the University expansion pack is only available for Young Adults and 
   therefore, other Sims can't have access to it, and well, that defeats the
   purpose. Imagine a fully grown adult going out with friends in a University
   cafetaria. Doesn't look pretty. 

2) The food will not be burnt or rotten. I hope at least not. Think about it,
   what kind of restaurant will serve burnt and rotten food? A bad one, thats
   for sure but the odds of food poisoning is low. Food poisoning is not a
   nice thing to have, and it is a severe time waster so definitely a no go

3) It looks good to have a restaurant. Since the advent of Open for Business,
   it seems nice to have and own a restaurant. Of course, there are specific
   games for running a business, *pokes at FAQ Contributor Page* and they
   are much better but then again, imagine running a restaurant virtually and
   get to be silly. As Borat will say, Nice.

4) Aspiration points will dictate that you should dine out. In fact, there is
   a specific want that makes you dine out, sometimes with someone else, but
   still, dine out. Even though it is small and insignificant, its free points
   and a place to hang out.

5) It is perfect for building relationships with other Sims. While you are 
   your other Sims are dining together, they will talk with one another, not
   just sit like luggerheads, and can quickly build relationships with them.
   And besides, its more than just the food.

6) There are specific actions that you can only do while you are dining in a
   restaurant. The toast for example is what you can do in a restaurant that
   you can do no where else. Of course, you can say, so what, but you can
   propose in restaurants and all this other romantic stuff, that I don't
   pay much attention to, but it can get all moody and emotional. 

7) Its the atmosphere. Who doesn't like the atmosphere of the restaurant.

8) It often serves as another building. A restaurant can sometimes act as a
   nightclub, bar, anything. It doesn't have to just be a restaurant and that
   is the end of that chapter, it can be many things or a part of many things
   and not just one. 

9) Sometimes money isn't an issue since you can have the host give you a 
   small percentage off the main course.

The Case Against

1) There are other alternative reliable food supplies. The outdoor grill can
   be used to make and create food that it far cheaper and many times more
   filling that a normal restaurant can provide. The only problem is trying
   not to set that thing up into a portable flame thrower. Also, unlike the
   restaurant, the cooking speed is much longer and you wash your own items,
   not just leave it there.

2) The amount of service Sims on the lot, depending on the size of the lot
   can be large and enormous. The more there are, the much slower your 
   computer will run. You also have guests as well you know. Even the most
   powerful computer will have trouble running the best graphics with more
   than 1000 Sims on it. 

3) The food that is being served is not as top notch as you would except it
   to be. A Sim with 10 points in cooking can whip up a meal that in 
   comparsion with the ones served at a restaurant, it will blow it away.
   Hands down. Since the invention of Seasons, the food you can cook can
   far surpass any food that your Master Chef can cook up. Of course, if
   you are still hungry, you can just order more food, but that will lead
   me to my next point.

4) It actually costs §§§ to dine out. Of course, Captain Obvious, you might
   say, but in the end, a bit here and a bit there can hurt. No seriously.
   Try a 3 course meal with 6 people. Thats easily up to §500+

5) Restaurants exist on community lots only. And therefore, you can't save
   on the lot. You can't use the buy or build mode to correct problems, even
   as minor as a chair not facing the right way. So if the game decides to  
   crash from restaurant to home, then you haven't saved. Well, bye bye 
   marriage proposal.

6) Even through the cooking on the stove is infinitely times faster than what
   it is in real life, the servers take their time to get you the food and
   the hunger does as well, filling up slower than most methods of hunger bar

7) There may be a rare case when the restaurant will fill up with Sims and
   there isn't enough room for you. Its rare and occurs obviously more often
   in small restaurants and therefore, there is a waiting time, just like in
   real life. And no, you can't make bookings over the phone.

8) Free will Sims are harder to control here. They will have a tendancy to 
   dine in right after arriving at the lot and therefore, unusable for a 
   period of time, the time it takes to dine out. Its extremely annoying since
   the automated actions are already in place when you dine in and often, you
   just want to kick them to death. Its extremely annoying and sometime, I
   want to shoot them. Use the bowling alley, not the diner. 

9) Sometimes, the pathfinding is horrible. If you want to be seated at a 
   counter, it might just take you to the bar, on the opposite end of the
   lot. This might make some problems between the distance of serving and
   receiving the food, after all, by the time it reaches you, it is already
   cold. This is annoying since you want to have a fun time, not one where you
   sit and wait half your life.

10) You can get the fear of dropping food on your pants imprinted into your
    memory if you aren't careful. This is one of the things that can go wrong
    in a restaurant.

11) Running away from the host might seem to long. After all, 45 Sim minutes
    of constant running is surely going to tire you after a while. Its going
    to be annoying, but then again, some find it fun. 

Ok there you have it, the ups and downs of actually visiting a restaurant. Its
up to you if you want to use it or not, but its a feature and whats to point
of having a feature if you aren't going to use it?

[13.08] Discounting

Its about who you know, not what you know. Having a friend out of a host is 
not such a bad idea. Since they are in charge, A.K.A Boss Man, they will have
some plight to your cause. There aren't too many hosts around since the game
will cycle through only a few, so befriend all of them, just in case. They
can't be talked to on their job, professional I guess, but when they frist
seat you and take you to your seats, you will add them to your list of 
contacts and you can therefore use the phone and make a friend out of them. 
Of course, it is absolutely up to you whether you want a relationship to save
a few §§§.

The point of being friends with a host is that you sometimes may receive a 
discount if you are good friends with the host. This can sometimes be a 
small discount from 10% to above the 25% mark. I mean, if you are dining for
two and both order lobsters, that will amount to §70 and 10% is §7, with 
25% being a grand total of §17.50, rounded up to §18 off. That isn't much,
heck, you can't start a decent meal with that, nor buy dessert. But when 
you get to outings of 6 or more people, the % will start to equate to some
big §§§, or rather some petty cash if you earn §3000+ a working day. The 
Ecological Guru springs to mind from University. The percentage is randomly
selected from your relationship score. To explain that, the better the 
relationship, the odds are it will be a higher discount than a small one. 

[14.01] Vampires and Sun

Ah, a new death section. I had one in my original guide but no one reads that
anymore so I'll just copy it here. Leave the old one in the old guide but this
one is updated with University and Nightlife deaths. Note, these don't include
download objects and hacks and what not. Note that Sims can only be, um, 
removed from the face of the earth on residential lots, go if want to know
where a hitman is to go to, go to their home.

Anyway, onto vampires and how they hate the sun. Anyone play Dranjo? He uses
sunlight to defeat vampires. A intertextual reference is found in Megaman
Battle Networks, the recent ones. This one is only done if you control the
vampire, nothing else. Stick your vampire in the sun and watch the sunlight
fry him crisper than KFC. Of course, NPC's are a lot smarter for once and they
disappear when the 7am counter ticks. They run away and if they are trapped,
they teleport away to some dark, dank place. Just wait till their hunger bar
runs dry, which will probably finish within, oh say, 5 hours. Then they die,
leaving a tombstone and a pile of ashes.

[14.02] Hunger

When a Sim's hunger bar drops to zero, they will stuff their faces with food.
If there is no food, they will starve to death in one hour. Starvation will
kill teenagers, adults and elders but children, toddlers and babies will be
taken away by the social worker if that happens. This will take about 48 hours
since that last bit of the hunger bar thens to stretch a fair long bit. Not
recommended for those who want their sims to suffer a quick death. For a 
quick death, choose something else. 

[14.03] Electrocution

Electrocution happens when a lowly trained Mechanical Sim tries to repair an
electronic product but don't know how. Even highly trained Mechanical Sims
can get electrocuted like the Repair Man (I saw him get zapped 2 times in a 
row) can get zapped. The electrocution won't kill you, neither will the
singed clothes you are wearing. Electrocution will drop your needs in half,
and if you have 3 or more needs at halfway points, you will die. Teenagers,
Adults and Elders can get electrocuted.

Also, being electrocuted will have a chance to make you lose a skill points as
it isn't good for your brain cells. 

[14.04] Drowning

Drowning is a death that your can deliberately cause at will. Make your Sim go
swimming and when they are in, remove the ladders. Once hunger or energy drops
down to nothing, they drown. You can't plead with the Grim Reaper unless they
drown near the edge and the Grim Reaper is near the edge. After all, however
faulty your Sims are, they cannot walk on water (they are not belonging to a
highly God like power group) or meditate there even though it is possible.

The easiest way of murdering, I mean, drowning sims involves a pool, a diving
board and no exits. To no exit part is extremely important, because they can't
drown if they can get out of the pool can they? Drowning your own sims is far
easier than drowning NPCs, just like starving them to death and beyond. Just 
don't place a ladder, watch then get in, watch their energy bar go to ground
zero and watch them die. Simple, effective, and painless (to you, the player,
not the Sim, drowning is the most painful way to die.)

[14.05] Cow Plant

In University, you can get the cow plant. The method is to unleash (yes
a good word) this ... thing on your neighbours and this plant will sort them
into breakfast, lunch and ... well not tea. This plant will get hungry every 
12 hours. It places a cake on its tongue on lures the AI to come. Your Sim's 
AI is not as stupid but the neighbours are. 

Also, Sims that have a green stink cloud are not considered good eating as the
Cow plant decides that rotten food will not so. So low hygiene Sims will have
to have a shower before munch time. This includes zombies so wash and recycle 
and save ... the environment. 

[14.06] Eaten Alive

This cause of death is so rare, that the chances of it happening is equal to
a tsunami (no offence meant to the tsunami victims). This requires your house
to be very filthy. You need at least 15 plates with flies swarming over it. 
The environment should be zero. Get your Sim to walk over the dirty plates and
on the rare chance of a tsunami, you Sim will get swarmed by flies and get 
eaten alive. Gross.

[14.07] Disease

There are 5 diseases that your Sim can contract. Some are avoidable and can
be prevented but some are unavoidable and however elusive your Sim can get,
it will chase them. Teenagers, Adults and Elders can all contract diseases. 
The five diseases are 

Food Poisoning

A cold is the basic disease. You have a chance of contracting the flu when 
your Sim goes to school or work go the only Sims who can't catch the flu
directly are unemployed adults and elders. You can tell when your Sim has the
flu when you hear the Sim cough and sneeze. The cold is easy to spread around
so any social interactions with a sick Sim can result in the other Sim 
catching the flu as well. This disease is not fatal (it won't kill) but left
untreated, it will turn into pneumonia. 

A flu is an uncommon disease, as it can only be caught if your Sim is near 
some disgusting cockroaches. This roaches only appear if your house is filthy
so if you have a clean house, you won't have roaches. Your can tell when your
Sim has the flu when your Sim starts to cough and goes to the dunny as a 
result of diarrhoea. Like the cold, the flu is contracted to other Sims via
Social Interactions but it will kill your Sim if left untreated.

Food Poisoning is a disease you can easily avoid. It will only become 
contracted if you eat food that has gone off (which has a green cloud over it
and flies) or if you lick clean a plate which has a green cloud over it. It is
not contagious so don't worry about your other Sims' but if you see that Sim
going to the toilet a lot (even if it is a full bladder bar) it means that 
they have constipation, and if they throw up, chances are that they have been
poisoned via food. This will kill you if untreated.

Pneumonia is the severe version of the cold. It is formed if you fail to treat
or too lazy to treat the cold. Signs of this disease is when you see your Sim
coughing and very tired (going to sleep a lot). It is contagious but not as
bad as the cold, but like the cold, it will kill you if untreated. 

A virus will infect your Sim if your Sim screws up at using the Science Reward
Object, the SimSanto Inc. Bio Station. If your Sim has a low logic skill when
they use the machine, the vial of potion you make could be a virus. The darker
the vial of magic potion, the more dangerous the virus is. Your Sim and other
Sims can contract a virus from the vial and it is more contagious than the 
cold and the flu put together. It will kill your Sim if untreated.

In order to cure a disease, your Sim will need 14 Sim hours of rest. This 
means 14 hours of napping, sleeping, etc. Your Sim could pass out and the 14
hours will still be counted. After 14 hours, not consecutive by the way, your
Sim will be cured. If not, they will die. The second way to treat a disease is
to have a Highly Logical Sim produce an antidote from the Bio Station.

[14.08] Satellite

There is a rare chance that when your Sim stargazes without a telescope or
just watch the clouds, a satellite (decommissioned) will come down from outer
space and splatter your Sim into tiny bits. It is rare but it will happen. As
a bonus of getting your Sim splattered, your can sell the satellite for money.
You can sell the satellite for §1,999 and the tombstone for §150 to further 
insult your Sim's death.

[14.09] Old Age

Well this one comes at the end of a Sim's life cycle. After about 15 to 25
days into the elder stage, they will pass on. You cannot prevent this and I
have yet to find out what happens of you decide to resurrect them. This is
the most peaceful and the one where you don't have to do anything. 

[14.10] Scared to Death

When there is a ghost in the house, there may be the chance that the dead Sim
will perform the Scare option on a living Sim. If that happens, it will be the
same as electrocution, if there is 3 or more needs at halfway they die of
fright as their needs drop into half. This is rare and when it happens, your 
Sim can piss their pants and run, or just plain run. Elders have a higher 
chance of getting scared than other Sims.

[14.11] Fire

Fire is a common cause of death, as it can happen autonomously or by your
hands indirectly. Fire will start for several reasons.

* Your cooking level is low and your Sim uses a stove or microwave which has
  a good chance of causing fire. I've heard of higher skilled Sims causing 
  fire but it is in the minority.

* You ruin food, which can start a fire

* Use cook food in the oven, microwave, walk away while is it cooking. The
  longer you leave the food in there after the bell has rung, the more chance
  there is of it catching fire. The more smoke there is, the closer it is
  to catching fire.

* You get electrocuted while repairing something, which has a slight chance
  of it catching fire.

* Try using the BBQ while indoors. Sure to start a fire. 

* Place fire jets indoors.

When the fire starts, the object that starts the fire will be on fire. If you
are smart enough to put a smoke detector in your kitchen, the fire department
will always show up before the object is destroyed. Your initial reaction your
Sim will have will be to panic and they will come from all over the house. 
Your Sim can extinguish the fire when you cancel their panic and clicking on 
the burning object and then extinguish. They will put out the fire but slower
than the firefighter. You and the firefighter can shut down the blaze faster
if you two do it together. If the object does not get extinguished, it will
catch fire to other objects around it. 

If the object is made of wood or uses electricity, the fire usually contracts
on that objects faster. If the fire can't find anything to consume, it will 
burn out. The object will be a pile of ashes and reduce the environment score
a lot. If a Sim is next to a blaze, the Sim will catch fire. If they are not
extinguished quickly, they will burn to death. With university, there it came
to me the idea of placing food too long. But Nightlife came with the idea of
having flame jets. Basically, they burn and start fires with the floor while
indoors. Looks fun, but unless on the receiving end, not fun. Great for those
who want a cheap pyro toy. This is an excerpt from my University Guide on
how to make a cheap fire inferno. This was about a Sim who kept calling my Sim
for no reason. I dealt with that. Nasty, but the message is don't mess with
my Sims. DISCLAIMER: Do not do in real life. Its nasty. 

I got my family back in the neighbourhood, called up this girl and invited her
to a small 3 by 3 room. Of course, there was a toaster pastry in the oven and
got the child in the middle. Then, my decoy Sim ran out of the room and the 
door slammed shut. I deleted the door and then surrounded the stupid prank
caller with mini fridges. The oven was on fire due to no one taking out the
pastry and then the fire spread. The mini fridges all when boom and combusted
with the fire. Then the little girl was surrounded by fire until she caught
fire and died. I remove the evidence of murder from the cops and all that 
remains of her is a tombstone that is at the front of the house that adds 
another total count to my graveyard. 

[15.01] How It Works

The Inventory makes its introduction in this game. It does appear in all the
new games as appearences. Open for Business definitely needs this system to
work. Have you ever wondered how a burglar can fit a Wide Screen TV, a top
of the range Computer, a Fridge, Spa, Fish Tank and Car fit into their 
pockets? I do as well to tell you the truth. Anyway, the inventory system 
allows you to carry items around. It doesn't limit you to normal items such
as the mobile phone and MP3 player from Uni, you can store absurd items such
as a painting in your pockets.

I believe that one chance card in the base game explains it well. Your Sims
inventory is basically a black hole, a wormhole, or a hole of some sorts to 
allow you to store items that you want. You can hold anything in there from
your basic furniture, your rewards, your gifts, letters, anything. When the
inclusion of OFB, even food. 

Wow, sounds great. How do you do it? Well, click and select a Sim that is
grown up. Pick the Rewards tab. Click on the new inventory tab and volia, you
have the inventory system. How do you do things? Grab the item that you want
to store and grab it. The little screen will show the item name and a nice
pretty picture. Click on it to store any item that you wish. With that down,
you can now store things. To take things out, just play around with the
Inventory screen and then find the item. Click on the item and place the item
on screen Volia. 

The usable devices are however, only available in the University expansion
pack. It includes a Handheld Game, a Phone and a MP3 Player. That can be used
from Uni and for more information, read that instead. There are also four
potions to use as well. You have the ReNuYu Potion, Vamprocillin-D, the Love
Potion and the Cologne. Information on the Cologne below. 

"Compulsion" by Melvin Stein
Cost: 125 Simoleon from the Compulsion Fragrance Display

"All must have it; some cannot. She looks. A scent. A glance. A sniff. What's
that smell? If Compulsion is a disorder, the let me be dysfunctional ... 
Allure your love with a timless treasure. Pesticide free, never tested on
animals. May cause mild coughing."

This Cologne, which incidently is a name of a city, allows for higher 
Chemistry between Sims. It will increase even more if they have the 
respective turn on to it. You can activate it by clicking on the Sim and using
the Cologne, if you have it of course. You can purchase this in groups of 1,
3, 5 and 10. There are no discounts for purchasing in bulk, which absolutely
sucks. They last about 4 and a half hours per shot. In my opinion, it isn't
all that useful and therefore, you should generally avoid the cologne if you
don't want to waste money. Besides, Chemistry isn't all that hard to make
good on. 

[15.02] Using Inventory

Inventory [Nearly wrote infantry again], is used to carry items. You can carry
items around the entire planet, it doesn't matter. Inventory is used 
extensively in Open for Business, since that is the main reason for 
restocking. It is upgraded in Seasons where items are not singled out, they
are stacked, having a X effect on it.

Why should you use it? You can keep items in store in case you need it. For
example, if you are scared of a thief coming along to swipe your television,
keep it in your inventory. Helps those who are paranoid against the thieves
out there.

The real reason is that item values do not move while stored. Therefore, an
item worth 4000 Simoleons will, after a year, stay the same. Really handy. Of
course, Inventory is useful and this is where University comes in. There are
3 gadgets from University, that I'll slot in here. Warning, excessively long
section ahead.

NOYIN 2680 Cellular Phone

In the theature, in class or in an elevator? You'll be contactable anywhere
with with NOYIN 2680 and is unmistakable ringtone. Forget custom downloadable
ringtones, with NOYIN 2680 you only need one! Carry it proudly; everyone in 
the vicinity will know you own one of these find phones. Does not include 
coverage against battery.

To get the phone, go to a community lot with the SellaFone kiosk, the blue 
automated kiosk, and then buy from it. It is §149 to purchase. Also, the brand
name of this product is NOYIN. If you do not realise it yet, it is also spoken
as ANNOYIN. And with the ringtone that is annoying as hell, you would think
that the cell phone is a doubled sided blade. Sure, it is a portable phone 
that you can carry around but you can never ditch it. There are several bad
things that come with this phone. Edit, you cannot get rid of it until you
get Nightlife.

On the good side, this marvel will allow you to be contacted anywhere, and I
mean anywhere. You could be contacted in the toilet. Also, if you are in a 
bath and the phone suddenly rings, you will not be electrocuted, which defys
physics, but then again, it is the Sims were talking about. Any callable 
hour, you can call someone. It has the same functions as the regular phone in
you home, except it is portable. You can keep in touch with your friends, and
don't have to play pass the parcel with the land phone before someone whats to
talk to someone else. Of course, the secret but not so secret, secret society
does not let you do extra functions with you cell phone, but then again, the
secret society can't afford to build a phone satellite than covers more than a
few select homes. This is the most useful product for a Sim with the 
populatity aspiration. It allows you to keep in touch with other, and make new
friends out of enemies. 

That was just the short blade of the good side. There are many disadvantages.
The biggest disadvantage is by far one simple function. Your computer does it,
my lightbulb does it, my speakers can do it, my printer can do it but this 
cell phone can't. You want to know what it is, the INABILITY TO BLOODY TURN
****ING OFF. Thats right, the phone does not have the off button, because when
Maxis decided to make the phone, they forgot the off switch and the battery is
infinitely powered. Also, random and stupid people call and spam you, making 
it hard to get some rest. If you have night work like 9pm to 3am, I guess you
have 4 hours to sleep before you get spammed. The spamming is random and it 
could be your worst enemies or your bed partner from another house that will
spam you. Even if they are on a perfect 100, they will still spam you. When 
you sleep after 7am and before 12am, someone will spam you. Someone will have
to check up on you to make sure that you are asleep. If you are asleep, some
one will have to wake you out of your slumber so you can rectified of the 
problem that you are sleeping. This is where you pull out the heat seaking
rocket launcher and fire at the target of your wrath. Whoops, sorry, I got 
GTA and the Sims 2 mixed up. Although it would be a good idea ... I guess that
we have to settle on the man eating cow plant. *Sigh* Also, you still need a 
cordless home phone because of two reasons. If another person living in your
house does not have a cell phone and does not wish to be annoyed. The second
and less obscure reason is that if you decide to write an novel, the call for
the royalities come from the home phone so be careful. So you still need the
home phone as well as the cell phone.

As you can see, the reasons for the cell phone has been outnumbered by the
bad side with a score of 12 against 22. A shame that the cell phone loss the
battle. Tune in the next chapter to listen to the talk about the Cozmo MP3 
player. Is it worth the price? Tune in next time to see the results.

Cozmo MP3 Player

A whopping gigabyte of pristine sound piped through headphones made in the 
heart of music asylum, Cozmo Street.  Shut out the world, dance to your own
beat with this sleek, exciting MP3 Player. 

This machine is anything except exciting. Most people would assoicate an MP3 
player that you listen to as your walk. Your Sims however, however smart they
are haven't figured that out yet. They are not programed to do such a thing.
Priced at §195, I don't think that it is worth it. The programmers have made
this thing high on the priority list, so if your Sim is bored, nothing to do 
for a while, they will pull this out instead of playing the computer. You can
change the music they are listening to. It is just like a stereo, except that
it doesn't have all the functions. The music played is so loud that I don't 
think that the Sims were designed with eardrums. If they had, they would be
deaf, tone deaf. This Green machine is an individual action, meaning that when
you do this, you don't do anything else, which really drives me nuts. What I 
would like would be that it stays on your head except for when you have to 
listen or need quiet and fun slowly increases. You can wear it to work for an
increase in fun. It is funny to see the Sims dance however. 

LeTournament Decahedron XS

Street gaming has reached the next level with the LeTournament XS. Much more 
than a polygon or cube, it's a whole decahedron of fun! You don't have to make
small talk with strangers or fidget through classes anymore, just pull out 
your pocket gaming system and play those long hours away.

This things is priced at a hefty §245. It is probably the best of the handheld
and portable items and has the least negative effects. A great way for your 
Sim to steady increase fun. This does have a few bugs in this however, but 
they are more humourous what some may expect. This machine allows you to meet
yourself.  Next time you play the handheld, watch for the green +'s that you
see above the head. This makes them friends with themselves. I guess this is 
where arrogance comes in. "I have a crush with myself" Arrogant Sim calls. And
talking about crushes, two Sims with high relationship points can develop a
crush while playing. To play someone in handheld, click on the person, then
play and then handheld. Of course, the person has to have a handheld system 
to play, they don't have endless inventory here. The future of love, the 
handheld system. It gives plenty of fun and is a great way to kill time, 
mostly waiting for taxis. This also can develop an aspiration want.

Most people will agree with me on this (Sims 2 BBS Board -> University) that 
the handheld is Maxis' cheap initation at the PSP. The only challenge on this
is that some people say it is an N-Gage. If it was, would Maxis place the 
phone and the handheld into one? And also, how do you play the handheld if 
someone is calling. Its a PSP, cause it looks like one. If you want to 
challenge me, then go ahead, and watch as you get swat down faster than the
Iraqi army firing scud missiles and send T72 tanks to the superior M1A1 Abram

[15.03] Pros and Cons

For the Win #1 - Moving Houses

When you move houses, the items inside your house are sold off for the value
of the item, after depreciation and so forth, and you move to a new house,
all items, such as rewards items, are gone and you have to start anew. 
Therefore, you can take the items in your house, that are of value such as 
the Plasma TV or career rewards. Of course, this is the best thing you can do
since it saves you a lot of money. 

For the Win #2 - Conserving Valuable Space

Lets face it, the more stories that your building has, the more often that it
will crash. Therefore, storing the excess items in inventory is not such a 
bad idea, but then again, if you have the money for items, then there is no
absence of space. 

For the Loss #1 - Draining Resources

Don't get me wrong, this will drain the resources of your game. This is going
to cost you in terms of loading times since there is more for your game to
load, the more, the longer it takes. Up to you.

[16.01] Turning into a Vampire

First, there were ghosts and aliens. Then came the zombies. How comes the next
in the paranormal, the vampires. The vampires are a funny bunch, they 
absolutely love the nightlife, the night partying and such. As such, they have
an extremely tendancy towards nighttime, but at a cost of daytime. In the same
positions as the myths, Vampires hate garlic, water, wooden spikes and the
sun. Of course, there isn't any form of garlic in the Sims 2, they don't seem
to detest water, the wooden pike isn't invented yet and that leaves one
possible weakness, Sunlight.

Anyway, how does come become a vampire? Well, you must be bitten on the neck
by a vampire to become one of the brethen. Of course, this isn't Oblivion 
where you hack and slash all vampires you see, this one, you must keep them
alive. Well, the Count and the Countessa, the Grand Masters of the Vampires
will only wonder around in the Downtown area, and no where else, so don't wait
in the main Neighbourhood for them to turn up, cause they won't.

They also will only appear between the hours of 7pm and 7am, since it will be
nice and dark. Why only these hours? Because they are allergic to sunlight and
therefore, cannot appear in any other hours. 

Now, how is it best to get bitten by the Count or Countessa. Well, you have to
be good friends with them, at least, Best Friends or Friends with some damn
good Chemistry. Once they trust you a fair bit, they will develop the urge to
nibble your neck, giving you the nice case of Vampirism. However, if a Count
or Countessa meets a random stranger, the odds are completely random whether
you can use the influence meter to influence to bite neck. After all, on my 
first try, I managed to convince the Count to bite the neck of a passer-by,
unfortunately for them.

The Count will be walking around in your typical vampire garb, a nice suit,
Dracula style. The Countessa will be walking around in your typical ballroom
dress, nice and long. Both will sport reddish eyes, fangs and will act like a
thief with a few mouth problems. They look extremely pale and if you know them
and give them a call, your can see their phone portrait which has really pale
skin and an angry look. Not the way you'd want to be remembered. 

How do you wish to get a Vampire friend? As mentioned before, it is best to
stake out in the Downtown lots, waiting for them to pop their heads and meet
them, allowing you to talk and invite them over. The other method is the 
extremely unreliable method of using the dating service to find them, either
through good or bad Chemistry, it doesn't matter.

Once you have caught up with the Vampires, you have to be friendly to them and
be nice to them. Your next objective is to control a vampire. This can be done
in several methods. First of all, you can allow the Vampire to bite your neck.
It is completely random when this will happen, after all, it can be any time
they feel peckish. Anyway, wait for the bite neck command to pop up on the 
action queue and allow it to happen. There you have it, a vampire. Poof.

The next method is building up a strong relationship with the Count or the 
Countessa and asking them to move in with you. They will bring just over 
50,000 Simoleons into your home, which is pretty nice, and you have a Vampire
to control. Note that once the Grand Master of Vampires into your home, they
will lose their ability to be the Count or Countessa, and be replaced.

The third method is to use the influence to convince the Vampire Master to 
bite the neck of the other Sim. Contary to belief, including mine, it is 
actually effective to make Vampires. Just have a Sim with good relations 
with the Vampire brethen and this is help convince them to make and expand the

[16.02] Living as a Vampire

It ain't easy as a vampire. Since they are weak to sunlight, even natural 
light will harm them. As such, their motives will drain extremely quick while
they are outdoors, and pretty quickly even while indoors. In fact, if they
are outside when the Sun is out, they will start to sizzle and burn up. While
the night reigns however, their motives will hardly decrease at all. In fact,
they move so slowly, you can survive a night without even doing anything. So,
in the night, you should do as much as you can, while in the day, you strive
to maintain the draining motives as fast as you can.

In preparation of this, some innovative designers have created the Coffin for
your Vampire to sleep in during the day. While in the coffin, your Vampires
will not lose their motives, in fact, they will stay the same and will not 
budge an inch. Of course, while this happens, your Vampire will be regaining 
their energy and their comfort levels while in the coffin. There are limits
on the coffin, such as no Woohooing and the fact that you shouldn't interrupt
a sleeping Vampire. Why?

Well because, if they have restored a good chunk of their health, they will 
not take it lightly that they were woken up. In fact, they will scare the Sim
that opened their coffin, with the ability to Scare a Sim to death if their
motives are low. On the flip side, if the Vampire is dead tired and has not 
recovered enough, they will have their coffin opened without any dramas,
except that it will creep out the Sim who opened the coffin. While in the
Coffin, they can still be woken by babies and phones in the room as well as
the doorbell when a person comes along. 

Anyway, Vampires have the inate ability not to fall dead to the floor if 
their energy motive runs out, in fact, they just whinge and whine a fair 
amount, but don't collapse. That is pretty handy in itself. Anyway, now that
we have dealt with the day, we must cover the night.

At night, as mentioned before, their motives take a real beating to drop to
a low level. Environment is the only motive that can drop quick or rise 
quick since it is a variable based on the room. Other than that, it is hard
to drop motives. Motive sapping activities such as studying, exercising and
such will not have a profound effect, it will only chip away a little at a 
time, not enough to kill your Sim. The accidents that can befall your Sims
such as being frightened to death, electocuted and being lit on fire will
seem to have a little effect, not a profound effect as it would on a normal
Sim. The irony is, it can survive fire, but not sunlight. What about the 
light generated by the fire?

You are able to call the Vampires at different hours than your regular Sims
who have a set time frame of 7am to 12pm. Vampires have shorter hours, but
more adapted to partying with the hours of 7pm to 7am. If you are awake at
3am in the morning, give your local Vampire a call. And if you are trying
to breed a group of Vampires, stop trying, it isn't a genetic trait and as
such, cannot be inherited by future offspring. 

[16.03] Abilities

Of course, you will have the abilities of a Vampire when you are a Vampire. It
comes with its perks because after all, you can get sizzled out in the sun. 

One of the most talked about features of the Vampire is the ability to now 
Bite Neck of unsuspecting Sims. Of course, they will have to be on good terms
with the victim, after all, it will be considered a normal interaction between
two people and it is effected by relationships.

The next fun thing about Vampires is that they can how transform into a bat.
Why would this be interesting? It allows for faster travel, but it is not as
fast as the run command and is on par with the Skip Command. Of course, flying
would be more interesting than skipping and this would be handy if you do not
have access to those commands. Contary to what you would think flying is, you
cannot fly over walls or fences, in fact, it is low altitude flying where you
don't fly too high. Don't think you can fly over pools, cause you can't. The
only perk of flying is that doors will have auto-sensors on them to open for
you, either that or you're a telepath and they will open upon arrival. 
Seriously, imagine a bat trying to open a door with its little wings. Real 
fun that is. 

Another move is to stalk. No, it isn't following your favourite crush all 
around town, it is a new form of walking, rather fashionable as well. All
it really is that they cover their face with their arm and sort at the same
time, nothing dramatic. However, it makes it look like you're up to no good
and excellent for those of you who make home movies. Excellent for that reason

Another useful perk is the option to Bleh onto other Sims. It is under the
Irritate function and is one of the most interesting interactions since there
is no + or - associated with relationships. Therefore, you can use the action
as much as you want without fear of retribution. The effect of the Bleh is to
simply scare the crap out of the other Sim, making their Bladder weaken a fair
bit. This is for your regular Sim though. Against other Vampires, they'll just
Bleh back, its an initiation rite! Anyway, if you want to terrify people, just
like King Arthur did by saying "Ni!", just Bleh.

The final installation of abilities is that Vampires have no reflection. None,
zilch, nada. In the mirror, they do not appear at all. Even if they Primp,
they will have no reflection on the mirror at all. What a shame, since it will
be great for videos off a mirror. 

[16.04] Quitting as a Vampire

Lets face it, some of us aren't Vampires. I swear I could be a Vampire, I hate
day and love the night. Really strange. Anyway, without the Wooden Stake in 
the game, there has to be an alternative method to curing this disease. No,
there isn't any garlic and the Sims are unable to brew Holy Water, even if 
they are Level 100 as a cleric or priest. The solution lies in a simple potion
called Vamprocillin-D and is available from a Matchmaker near you for the low,
low price of 60 Simoleons.

Well, you can drink it to cure you of your Vampirism, but you may have a fear
from curing this disease if you are a Knowledge Sim, since they love anything
that isn't normal. Well, it can also be used to influence others to cure them
of their horrible ailment. This isn't exactly Theme Hospital but that is your
only choice for a cure, even if it is against your will. 

[16.05] Strategy as a Vampire

Well, you might be able to live as a Vampire if you wish to stay a Vampire. 
Unlike Oblivion where you are a Vampire after a few days, you can stay as a 
Vampire as long, or as short as you wish. For those of you who play as a 
Vampire, you might need some tips because after all, you cannot make money if
you are burnt to a crisp every time you walk out to your job. This is all from
EA Help, and it actually helps. 

Staying Alive

There are some basic rules to help keep your Sim vampire alive for eternity. 
The tips below can help you out, but always look for new strategies to save 
time, and limit contact with sunlight!

Time your sleep cycle.
*Your Sim will stop everything it is doing when the sun comes up at 7am 
 (including going to their coffin). Try walking your Sim to their coffin 
 before 7am, but not telling them to get into it until after the sun has come
 up. This way they don't ignore your command.
*If you Sim does not have full Energy, you can have them go to their coffin to
 sleep before daylight; if your Sim has full Energy they will not stay in 
 their coffin unless the sun is up.

Prevent daytime wake-ups.
*Don't place your coffin in the same room as a phone or baby unless you want 
 to be woken up during the day.
*Doorbells and alarms will still wake up your vampire; handle the situation 
 quickly so you can return to your coffin.

Make the night last longer.
*If you need some extra time at night, try going to a community lot first 
 thing in the evening.  Take care of your Hunger, Fun, or Social needs on a 
 community lot.  When you get home, the clock resets to when you left, giving
 you some extra time.

Making Money

There are two ways to make money as a vampire: attempt to keep your job, and 
make money in alternative ways.

*First, consider keeping your job. This is difficult to do, since most shifts
 occur during the day, but this is the most stable form of income. If you
 want to keep a job and follow a career, the tips below can mean the
 difference between a raise and the reaper.
*Get to car/carpool as quickly as possible to limit sun exposure and falling
*Keep your coffin on the street level of your house (if you house is multiple
 stories). This allows you to get to the carpool faster.
*If you own a car, assign it to your Sim vampire.  Consider building a garage
 that houses not only the car, but your coffin. This allows the fastest 
 access to your car when leaving for work.
*Consider your career path. Some paths have shorter shifts, and/or more 
 night shifts.
*If your shift ends before 7pm, run back to your coffin!
*Get your moods up as quickly as you can when you awake in the evening. 
 Since your moods don't decrease at night, skilling and socializing is much 
 easier (and you have more time to focus on it).

If keeping a job is too difficult, or it's just not in your vampire's style 
to keep a day job, there are other ways to make money at home and on 
community lots. Check out the examples below for a few ways to make 

Sell paintings. 
*Get your Creativity up to maximum, paint using the easel, and then sell your
 paintings. High Creativity paintings can sell for a lot of money.

*Build a community lot with a lot of instruments. Get your Creativity up to 
 maximum and Perform. This will allow you to get Tips. The higher your 
 Creativity, the more Sims will tip you. If all the instruments are taken by
 NPCs when you get there, Freestyle for Tips!

Use Career Reward objects.
*If you've kept a career long enough to earn a Career Reward object, it may be
 used to generate income. Only some Career Reward objects allow you to make
 money (the Slacker and Chef objects, for example), so plan ahead!

*Grow or print your own Simoleons!
*If you have enough Aspiration points, you can buy Money Trees or a 
 Counterfeiting Machine. Only use these objects when you have a high
 Aspiration level (Gold or Platinum), otherwise you may lose money, or (worse 
 yet) attract the attention of the police! 

Controlling Multiple Vampires
*Controlling multiple vampires is more difficult than a single vampire just
 because you have to be aware of time, skills, and mood for even more 
 creatures of the night. Be sure you've practiced with one vampire before 
 another moves in. If it gets difficult, try turning off Free Will in the 
 Game Options, or move one of the vampires out.

Raising Children
*Children born to or adopted by vampires do not inherit vampirism; they are 
 normal Sims. This can prove difficult when they need daytime feedings and 
 attention. If you have a non-vampire spouse or roommate, they can care for 
 the child during the day. If they work, have them call a Nanny and choose to 
 have her Keep Track of their schedule; that way she will come over whenever 
 your roommate is working. If you have an all-vampire household and enough 
 money, you can call a Nanny everyday right before 7am and choose Just for 
 Now. She will come to the house and care for the child during the day. You 
 can Dismiss her at 7pm when you awake.

[--.01] Q&A

Q. Where can I find this ...?
A. Read the guide. Next person who doesn't read the guide and sends this can
   meet my nice flaming return with Strong Course Language with an ESRB rating
   of mature or AO. Of course, if you get anything AO, please talk to Miami
   lawyer and anti-game crusader Jack Thompson (JT).

Q. Which should I get, out of the Expansion Packs.
A. Of course, its really up to you. University, Nightlife, Open for Business
   and Seasons all have their ups and downs. This is at the current points
   in writing. Of course, I realised that EA have split Unleashed into two
   with Seasons and Pets. What happened to both of them in one EA?

Q. Where can I download this game?
A. www.iwannabeapiratetodayanddownloadgames.com or if that doesn't work,
   www.idontwannaforkoutsomecashforthisgameyouknow.com or

[A] Contact Information

Hey, what do you know, it looks just like my previous legal things, cause I'm
too lazy to make another one. That block button is mighty fun to use.

Before you E-Mail me, read the guide first. If the answer is not in here, then
E-Mail me. If it is, don't bother as I won't reply.

To contact me, e-mail me at
hillsdragon13 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Replace at with @ and dot with .

Don't add me to MSN Messenger List because if I don't know you, I won't accept
you, simple as that. 

E-Mail me (and anyone else you want to e-mail) with courtesy and respect as 
we are living people like you. Have a title of what you are sending so I know
what is going on. If you try to send attachments, I won't open them so stick
the information in the E-Mail. 

Please write in English or anything close to it. It can't understand foreign
languages so please don't give me a page long quite in Mexican or Antarctic
penguin language cause I don't understand.

Don't write in sloppy English. I mean, who the hell would understand "Hwo Od 
Yoi Di Tjih Ni Tje Sdgs?" Don' be too formal, a question is not a freakin
business agreement so don't say "Dear Sir, In accordance to your Walkthrough
to the PC Game, The Sims 2, ..." it makes me wonder if I'm talking to a freak
the President of the United States of America or Bill Gates or Donald Trump.

I will credit you if your send me information about this game that is not in
the FAQ. I will also be grateful if you see this FAQ somewhere else other than
Gamefaqs or a site which has my permission. If you do, tell me so I can kick
their ass to Pluto and make them bounce off to the other side of the Universe.

I will not respond to:

* Spam
* Bill Gate's Spam (He gets spam of up to 4 million per day)
* Something not related with the Sims 2
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* Illegal stuff, like CD-Keys and Pirated Versions
* Technical Problems

Technical Problems will not be answer as they should be sent to Maxis not me.
I didn't design the game so I shouldn't know what's wrong with it, its your
game not MINE.

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in short, someone around the world who shares the same name as you will not
be credited for your work.

CJayC for hosting this FAQ, and enduring legacy
SBAllen for this administration efforts
Maxis and EA for developing the game
Me for making it
Gamefaqs FAQ contributors board for providing me some motivation, not much
Chimpy4 on the Gamefaqs board for his FAQ, unoffical though
Sims 2 BBS for some help
Snooty Sims for their info
Hotmail for giving me the e-mail account
http://www.rootsecure.net/index.php?p=ascii_generator for the ascii art
Modthesims 2 for providing mods to make it more fun. 

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