Question from Darnasian

How do i wear Jack of Blades mask?

I saw some people doing it but i don't know how to do it!!!
Please if you know tell me!!!

Darnasian provided additional details:

Actually i want to know how to wear the Jack Of Blades Mask before finishing the game,and NO,i don't want answers that include moding!

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DRAKULIAN answered:

It is very obvious.

((( SPOILERS )))

After you have beaten Jack of Blades (in Dragon form at the very end of the game (last gold quest)) your Hero will automatically put Jack's mask on if you do not do anything. If you press the (A) button he throws the mask away; if you do not press any buttons your Hero will automatically put the mask on. It does not get any more easy or obvious than that.

* NOTE: once it is on, it is on permanently and you will not be able to wear any hats. You will also be permanently evil.
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jakeob98 answered:

You need to look it up on youtube i made the video so yeah im not ganna tell you because of this jack ass im fighting called thunder ive beat the game 20 times in 2 weeks
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