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What houses can I get in Bowerstone south?

I know there is that house near teh top of the town, but i am wondering if I can get any others. I've tried killing the people that lived in each house, but they don't seem to die....


narutovsdbz answered:

On mine i killed everyone i saw in bowerstone (yup with my fists) and all the houses/shops were for sale.
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PlatinumWumpa answered:

I agree with naruto, BUT there is a house at the end of the path in bowerstone south, there is a sign in front of it, with a picture of a house on the sign, this indicates that you can buy and/or sell that house.
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Blade_Gunner answered:

i believe Naruto, in your case either your game has a rather fortunate glitch, or your blowing smoke. Civilians in Bowerstone are invincible to your attacks, but not those of your bodyguards. It is possible to kill everyone in Bowerstone, and yes, once dead you can buy the houses.

Long story short, there's a bodyguard in the tavern, hire him and target whoever you want dead, he'll do the job for you since the game won't allow you to do it for yourself.
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