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Level Help status answers
Beserk won't go higher? Answered 1
Plot Help status answers
Grey House Demon Door? Answered 2
Other Help status answers
After marriage? Answered 2
Any way to get rid of these blue marks on my body without modding my game? Open 1
Assassin's Attack Treasure Clues? Answered 1
Can I marry Whisper or Briar Rose? Answered 1
Can Summoners be used for the summon spell? Open 1
Can you still buy items from a buyed shop? Answered 1
Confused about spells? Open 4
Do you need to sleep? If not, what happens when you stay awake for days on end? Answered 2
Does anyone else have problems with Will Masters' Elixers and Elixers of Life? Answered 2
Does anyone still sell this? Answered 1
Fable TLC Patch 1.01 PC?? Open 1
Freeze Time (Different Question?) Answered 1
Freeze time glitch??? Answered 2
Getting younger? Answered 1
Headsmans Cave???? *possible spoilers* Answered 1
How can I make my guy lose his weight? Open 1
How can I make myself look like Maze? Answered 3
How can i reduce winkles? Answered 2
How can I use shops? Answered 1
How do I buy shops? Answered 2
how do I gain access to twinblades tent? Open 1
How do I get rid of the book of spells? Answered 2
How do i have kids? Answered 2
How do I have sex with my wife? Answered 3
How do I lose weight? Answered 5
How do I spawn npcs? Answered 2
How do you dye your hair or how do you make it Black again? Open 2
How to be be young again? Answered 4
Is availabel also a colector's edition of this game or some DLC? Open 3
Is fable going to run ? Answered 1
Is there a no cd patch? Open 5
Is there any way to get rid of that hair on your chest? Or are you stuck with it? Answered 1
My wives won't follow me...? Answered 1
Ok how do you use the photo journal? Open 1
Repeat performance? Answered 1
So Whats Next? Answered 1
Solus Great Sword Augmentations? Unanswered 0
What do i get for being mayor? Answered 2
What happens if a bodyguard I hired dies? Open 4
What houses can I get in Bowerstone south? Open 3
What is the best weapon? Open 2
What's the "Wanted" option, in merchants options, used for and how i use it ? Answered 2
Whats In Every Demon Door? Answered 1
Where did these scars on my character's body come from? Answered 1
Will it run ? Answered 1

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