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 Fable: The Lost Chapters
 The Oracle Messages

Version 1.0
by: JDunmanHere

There will be a version history when another version comes along.

I.   Intro
II.  Overview
III. Getting to the Oracle
IV.  Oracle Message
       -Yeron  - Characters
       -Moryk  - Lore
       -Calran - Creatures
       -Avisto - History
V.   Legal
VI.  Contact

Before we begin, let this be a warning to any and all people out there.  THIS
CONTAINS SPOILERS.  Much of the text found below is taken directly from the 
game.  You have been warned.

Fable: The Lost Chapters added quite a bit to several areas of a fantastic game.
Along with extending the playtime and adding quests, the player also found new 
information that helped flesh out the world, story and characters of Fable.  The
Oracle is a big part of that information.

The Oracle serves as an Prologue, Epilogue and history lesson - depending on the
subject of inquiry.  For characters, it tells the origins of those killed or 
still present in the game.  For those who no longer appear at this point, it 
tells what's happened to them in the two years that have passed between the 
defeat of Jack of Blades and the Hero's arrival in the Northern Wastes.

For every other subject it presents information that is in no means crucial to 
the game, but allows the world of Fable to flesh itself out.  In some cases, it 
even provides hints to future events - but that's something for you to discover.

The Oracle is found in Snowspire, which is the only populated city in the 
Northern Wastes.  It is the large stone structure sitting in the plaza on the 
west side of the city.  It serves merely as decoration until the quests "Oracle
of Snowspire" and "Oracle's Knowledge" have been completed, during which you 
recover the four Glyphs in Necropolis to awaken it.  Later additions of this FAQ
will include more information on the locations of the Glyphs to help lessen the
frustration that is digging in Necropolis.

Once the glyphs have been recovered, you can activate the Oracle from the bridge
oppostie the structure.  Under the Skills menu, all four Glyphs can be used or 
assigned to Hot Keys as Alignment Expressions.  Your Hero will do the necessary 
pose and the Oracle will recite one of its entries, based on which Glyph you 

(Note: These are taken from a game in which Whisper survived the Arena, the
 Sword of Aeons was banished, and the Hero defeated Jack of Blades in the 
 Chamber of Fate while mainly good.  Whether different actions will change the
 Oracle's message will be covered in future updates.)


    The people of Albion can be fickle in their affections, and Whisper's
    inglorious defeat in the Arena stripped her of any repute she may have once
    possessed.  For many she would never grow out of the immense shadow of her 
    brother Thunder, and so she left our shores and set out for the distant 
    homeland she had last seen as a child.  Her sea journey was once again beset
    with difficulties, and her ship was boarded by pirates.  None of them 
    survived.  She arrived at shores she barely remembered with nothing but her
    own strength.  Yet now she is beloved as a true Hero among her own people.

    After walking out of the Chamber of Fate, Theresa fled to the mountains,
    climbing alone to their summit.  There she was taken in by Palgan, an old
    Will user from the lands to the East.  Palgan had been meditating in the
    thin air close to the clouds, but he offered to take her with him on 
    returning to his homeland.  One night, Theresa awoke to find him performing
    a ritual above her, in an attempt to steal her prophetic powers.  She killed
    him and used the amulet that had transported him half-way across the globe.
    She lives in the East now, haunted by her past only in rare nightmares.

    The Guildmaster
    He may be known for his calm poise, as a stern authority rather than an
    adventurer, but this was not always so.  In his youth, when he went by the
    name of Weaver, he was part of a cluster of Heroes, Maze among them, who 
    rebelled against the previous Guild regime, and its resolution of offering
    only virtuous Quests.  Much blood was spilled in this short revolt in the
    name of freedom, leaving the number of Heroes, already rare in a world of 
    diminishing Will presence, at its lowest for centuries.  It was Scythe who
    proposed Weaver as the new Guildmaster, seeing in him the serene and 
    impartial man he would become.  Someone who would leave the moral destiny 
    of all future acolytes in their own hands.

    Many years ago, a ship from the South islands was carried upon a wave 
    mightier than any dragon.  And within the ship stood the mountain-like frame
    of Thunder.  It was a storm as none aboard had ever seen, but the great
    warrior was concerned with one thing only: quelling the cries of a child,
    his young sister Whisper.  The wave bore the vessel across vast expanses of
    ocean and into a nest of Krakens.  Thunder cast down lightning upon them
    and, gathering Whisper in his arms, dove into the waters.  As he swam, they
    heard the screams of dying men and the sounds of timber torn apart behind
    them.  It was two days before they reached the shores of Albion, leaving
    their home as far off as a dream.

    Briar Rose
    Born into a noble family, Briar's early childhood was one of luxury and 
    plenty.  But once her strength and unique abilities began to manifest, her 
    world fell apart.  Her mother died in an accident     Briar could do little 
    to prevent, yet her grieving father cast her out and she was left to fend 
    for herself, learning to rely     on no one.  She has made the Guild her 
    home, and it is in its books that she has found the companionship she has 
    never asked for from another living being.  It was her burning quest for 
    knowledge that sent her on journeys far beyond Albion during the time you 
    made your mark in this world.  But she is here to stay now.

    There is little I can tell you of Scythe's origins, for such knowledge is a
    mystery even to me.  Yet he is much more ancient than any of this time would
    believe possible, and has walked this world since long before the Guild 
    existed.  It has been centuries since he has personally been involved in any
    action, but of those among us, only Jack of Blades has seen and done more.

    You and Maze had more in common that you ever realised.  He too was left
    alone in the world after a wave of violence took his home away.  As a child,
    he watched his parents torn apart by Balverines as they walked through the
    woods.  The beasts were about to turn on him, when three warriors crashed 
    into the clearing.  Two of the were Guild Heroes.  The third was Jack of 
    Blades.  In an instant, Jack slew the Balverines in a show of strength, 
    then killed the Heroes.  Maze carried this debt all his life.  It burdened 
    his every action and, in the end, destroyed him.

    The Archaeologist
    The one who called himself the Archaeologist was one of the few with a true
    academic interest in the Old Kingdom.  But he was also a mine of 
    disinformation, gathered from unreliable and sometimes contradicting 
    sources.  And he was too cowardly to delve far enough into the mysteries of
    that age.  After his kidnapping by Minions, he fled to the cities of the 
    West, disguised as a glove Trader.  He hasn't opened a book or stepped near
    a ruin since.

 =Moryk - Lore
    Demon Doors
    The life of a rock endowed with conciousness is never easy, but we all have
    a single purpose for which we were created. Mine is to collect stories, to 
    be a keeper of ancient secrets past and foreteller of terrible events 
    future.  That of Demon Doors is to safeguard the riches that lie behind 
    them, and to invent games and riddles to test those who seek them.  

    The Necropolis
    The place they call the Necropolis was not always a city of ghosts and 
    relics.  It was once as thriving as any town, and its people as peaceful and
    content as any other.  Yet there was one among them who was not so satisfied
    with this life and bargained the fate of his city in exchange for wealth and
    power with entities too powerful to comprehend.  The very next day the
    riches he desired were his, but he wasn't able to enjoy them for long.  A
    vast force from beyond this world swept the city and wrought utter 
    devastation so swiftly that the dead didn't realise they were no longer
    among the living.  Some still wander the streets, shadows of their former 
    selves, forever condemned by the avarice of one man.

    The Ship of the Drowned
    When the Old Kingdom constructed the Hook Coast lighthouse, they did so to
    house a magical item known as the Fire Heart.  The beating of its powerful
    pulse summonded a ship from the depths of time, sunken for millennia, with
    a crew of whispers.  This ship could carry the traveller to any part of the 
    world, no matter how remote of inaccessible.  But it would take a steely 
    soul to withstand the desperate solitude of the journey.

    The Singing Sword
    One of Albion's oldest fables is the tale of a sword whose enormous powers
    were matched only by the perfect pitch voice enormous powers were matched 
    only by the perfect pitch voice with which it would sing battle songs.  But
    in some versions of the myth, it was its dreadful lack of tune that would
    defeat whole armies.  This has led some scholars to believe that the tale
    has its root in Temmins, the worst bard ever to exist.  He who once killed 
    an old Hero by regaling him with a monstrously bad melody.  Unfortunately, 
    it is only a fable, and such a sword has never existed.

    The Gods Skorm and Avo
    Though many worship these so-called gods, the temples to Skorm and Avo can
    only be dated as far back as four-hundred years ago, when they were founded
    by a ruthless Trader.  He uncovered two locations in Albion where the Will
    was particularly strong.  In one of them it tended towards good, healing
    those who stood there; in the other it tended towards evil, filling the mind
    of its visitors with horror and violent urges.  The Trader saw an 
    opportunity.  He would create two temples to two opposing gods, and demand 
    gold from those who felt their power.  In time, people came to believe in
    the existence of Skorm and Avo, but they are nothing but false idols.

 =Calran - Creatures
    If Krakens had existed on land as the first Trolls did, or in the air as the
    greatest Dragons did, they would be as rare as most other creatures from the
    age before man.  But they dwell in the deep, unexplored mysteries of the sea
    and there they have survived since their creation in the war of the gods.  
    There is much in the vast depths of the ocean that is unknown to the people
    of Albion.  And its people should pray it stays that way.

    The Sandgoose
    Many strange creatures have walked upon this world since its birth, yet the
    historians who found some of their remains are responsible for one which
    never existed: the fabled Sandgoose.  Joining the remains of various beasts,
    they hypothesised that this flightless bird was the size of a house, lived
    primarily in deserts and was able to speak a variety of languages.  There
    are those who still believe in its existence, but their search has proved 
    fruitless so far.

    These unfortunate beings were once men, Will users who dared to oppose Jack
    of Blades.  They were cursed never to find rest except by torturing the 
    souls of the dead and feeding on the lifeforce of the living.  But their
    true nature is only hinted at in our reality.  Their true power is in the 
    Realm of Death, where souls must pass before reaching their place of torment
    or peace.  Every person who dies in this world must escape their screams 
    before finding their own rest.

    Unseen for almost as long as the Old Kingdom has been gone, these creatures
    were once the scourge of Albion.  A Will user called Hallik, cast out by the
    Archon for his use of dangerous dark magics, created these colossal beings 
    by reanimating the dead bodies of fallen warriors.  People throughout the 
    Kingdom learned to fear Hallik, and though it was the magician himself who
    was the summoner, his creations soon earned that title through their ability
    to appear out of nothing as they brought forth total devastation.

    The first Balverine was born out of the bite of a creature far more 
    terrible, the Balvorn, who dwelt upon this world when gods and demons were
    still the primary force.  When men first started to walk amongst them, the
    Balvorn would feast on the flesh of thousands at a time.  Only once did a
    human survive such an attack.  He became the first Balverine, and his curse
    has survived to this day.

 =Avisto - History

    Hook Coast
    In the early years of the Kingdom, a group of monks retired from the 
    thriving cities that were appearing everywhere and settled in the harshest 
    place they could find, founding an abbey on a distant shore.  Soon, a whole 
    community grew to serve their needs and, in time, the Kingdom built a 
    lighthouse that would guide ships from its ports to the unexplored lands in
    the Northern Wastes.  When the Old Kingsom fell, it was in a wave of 
    devastation that affected every town and city in its borders.  But a handful
    of monks who still inhabited the abbey knelt along the coast and used their 
    Will power to protect this port and its people.  You can still see the 
    swirls of magic that mark the place they fell.  Hook Coast was cut off from
    the rest of the world, but thanks to them it stood intact.

    The Archon
    This age understands nothing of the Old Kingdom.  Archon is a name that has 
    passed down many generations, a lineage of powerful kings united by a unique
    bloodline.  And by possession of the Sword of Aeons.  When Jack found it, it
    was a ghost of the weapon it once was.  And the name of Archon has become so
    detached from the realities of those kings, that it is meaningless among the
    modern men.  But the first Archon still casts his shadow in this world.  A
    world that would not even exist had he not wrested it from the gods it 
    belonged to before the age of man.
    Jack of Blades
    The mask you carry is empty, but Jack has used it for longer than you can 
    comprehend.  He is no Hero.  He is not even a man.  When the world was a 
    blur of fire and demons, when its soil had felt not the tread of humans and 
    was filled with creatures only your worst nightmares could begin to suggest,
    even then was Jack old.  What you killed in the Chamber of Fate was just the
    latest vessel he had inhabited.  Take good care of the Soul Mask now. 
    Without it, you have no hope of stopping his new incarnation.

    Among the oldest Heroes still bound to this would is Nostro, the founder of
    the Guild.  He was a tireless warrior who felt at ease only with a moving
    blade in his hand, and the blood of enemies raining down upon his armour.  
    But he did not die the death he craved, for he was poisoned by an assassin,
    leaving his soul languishing unfulfilled in this earthly realm.  You 
    returned the battle attire that was stolen from his grave, but he still 
    seeks an honourable end before he can truly be at peace.

    The Oracle
    I was created by order of the third Archon, not just to prepare the Kingdom
    for future disasters, but to act as a keeper of all past and present 
    knowledge.  Four Will users with visionary powers were charged with the 
    task: Calran, Avisto, Yeron and Moryk.  Each carved a Glyph of Inquiry into 
    stone, with the symbols that would allow their user to question me.  After
    the fall of the Kingdom, thousands of years later, Snowspire found itself 
    under imminent attack from invading forces.  The Guild sent four acolytes to
    bury the Glyphs in the Necropolis, where they remained until you found them.
    The Prophets of the Fire Heart
    When the Old Kingdom was on the verge of collapse, I wasn't the only thing 
    to be silenced and protected.  The Fire Heart, used to call forth the Ship
    of the Drowned and to project the Archon's powers across vast distances, was
    sealed behind the Primal Demon Door, the first ever created.  Charged with 
    guarding it were the five prophets who had predicted the Kingdom's imminent 
    destruction.  They were encased in glass cages that both protected them from
    the beating of the Heart, and kept them alive until such time as they were 
    released from their duty. Or died fulfilling it.

    The town of Snowspire was once but one of many thriving cities in the
    Northern Wastes, and its Lost Bay served as the furthest port in all of 
    the Old Kingdom.  Its warriors, steeled by rhe harshest winters known 
    to man, were among the fiercest the Archon had at his disposal, and it 
    was to them that he entrusted the protection of the Oracle.  But when 
    the Kingdom fell, Snowspire, and all that surrounded it, was beset by 
    invading hordes.  The Cullis Gates were silenced and the people of the
    North were cut off from all living beings beyond the icy seas of its coast.

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