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It won't install?

I'm trying to install Spore on my Windows Vista laptop. I've done it before, and it worked decently. But now, the game won't even install. I'm able to start up the installation process, but as soon as I enter the code on the back of the booklet the program closes itself. I don't know if I've done something before to make this happen, but I really want to play this game again. Thanks in advance.

KJman456 provided additional details:

Oh...shoot. Uh, I've already got it to work but I forgot to take this question down....Sorry.


RDRplayer answered:

did you install it and disinstall it 3 time? Because I've heard that spore ca only be onstalled 3 times
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savagepanda answered:

how did you fix this problem? I am having the same scenario/problem you were having. I am running vista and once i put in the registration code spore crashes. thx!
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