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How do I get A theme?

Every time I start a new game at creature or higher phase it says the diet, creatuere, then theme, what is theme and how do I get it?

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The_Pastmaster,thanks for clearing that out, but how do I choose my teme if I can't register? Or do I need more cells and creatures?

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The_Pastmaster answered:

Shamelessly stolen from GameSpot forums:
"The theme you choose means only creations and creatures that fall under a certain theme will populate your worlds.

If you've subscribed to any Sporecasts, for example, you can choose one of those, and only creations from those Sporecasts will populate the planet.

If you choose "My Theme," only creatures and creations you have made will populate the planet."
End Shameless Thievery
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Mulpuppy answered:

I don't think you get any theme other than no theme if you don't register, unless you manage to make cretures, vehicles, or buildings.
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