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How do I beat an epic creature on creature stage?

How do you beat one?

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kiante9 answered:

My friend came up with a great strategy, and it worked for both of us.

What you do is you lure it to your nest. It's probably easier if you have one of the larger nests. The Epic can't come onto your nest. Your nest-mates will go to attack it. You stay on the nest, and spit, a lot! It takes a fair bit, but it works. But you HAVE to have spit. It's good for luring it and killing it.

And if you do start to starve...well, let him kill you. You'll come back right there.

That should work pretty well.
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GB1337 answered:

Make friends with a powerful tribe, and have them join you. Make sure you are a strong creature yourself, and then attack it. After it's health is reduced to 0, you will have beaten it.
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ATMtheMudkip answered:

Yeah... it wouldn't kill you all or anything. You have to have spit. I don't think it matters what level, cus they all do 1 damage, although I think the higher the level, the more they get poisened.
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Garlenife answered:

Make sure you are not Carnivore. My brother tried to beat an epic but during a very long strike, his creature got kill by starvation. After he reload savegame and go to find some meat, the epic gone...
So, if your creature are Herbivore or Omnivore, it would be easier to eat fruit around yours without lose your bait.(the epic)
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Gb-rocks answered:

Standing in the nest also works to kill epics in the tribe stage, if you stand in a village and throw spears at it, it gives alot!!! of food(more people can gather from it, unlike regular creatures whick give 1 or 2 guys the food.)
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Kasemitsu answered:

Find 3 rogues (the creatures that are mid-level, between normal and epic), ally with each one of them (if you have the time, be picky about your rogues), then go to your nest (or the nest of a race you have exterminated, but yours is better because the other members of your species will help) luring the epic with you
And them kill it, it will take a while, though, it's good if you have spit, and being able to fly helps alot if you need to be out of reach
As good as it is for other enemies, charging against an epic isn't the brighter of ideas, and remember to feed, even if your life recharges for being on the nest, your hunger does not
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Thekey141 answered:

get one of the spit weapons and FIRE! i was a herblovar and i got it to half health before i was starving and let it go. get into a tight spot that it cant get into and well FIRE!
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