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Asked: 6 years ago

What does it take to declare war in space stage?

I'm pissed at an empire that keeps attacking my homeworld. My dudes there keep telling me it's not possible to declare war on another empire. I've completed all the other missions available, and I have about 7 star systems in my own empire. Just wondering what I need to accomplish so I can declare war on my jerk neighbors.

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Well, the thing is, going to war is listed as a mission from my homeworld, and it won't let me accept the mission. Is it just not possible?

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From: commyd 6 years ago

To declare war, keep on attacking the empire until they contact you to say that you are now at war

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You can just attack them without declaring war. You never need to declare war, but other empires can declare war on you.

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The declare war mission is just a tutorial mission, and sometimes won't be usable due to several factors like not being close enough to an enemy empire.

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To declare war take over their planets, distroy their spaceships. That should me more than enough to declare war against them.

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To declare war on another empire you need to lower their disposition toward you. You can do this by destroying spaceships, capturing cities, using harmful tools, abducting citizens, stealing items, and more. Empires can also dislike you for not paying them tribute and just for being a stranger to them. To see how you fair with another empire go into one of their systems and scroll your cursor over the face in the top right of their portrait just below the communicator button, if they keep attacking you while you do this just pause the game.

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