Question from AdamKingAK

How bad is it to ally with the Grox?

Do the other empires get a -100, -300 or what? Because a lot of my allies are at almost 300 relationship and I'm wondering if it would be possible to ally with the Grox and survive...

AdamKingAK provided additional details:

Ok thanks.

AdamKingAK provided additional details:

So technically if my relationship is high enough that the -200 won't get me war, I shouldn't get the extra -50. So if war is at -71 then... I'll need at least a +130 to survive. Alright, thanks.

Accepted Answer

luoboy answered:

-200 for allying with the Grox but I think there is another -50 for war so total is -250. So you'll probably survive if all your relationships are 300
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