Question from yucoco

How do i get cheats for TRIBAL STAGE?

Theres no cheat for tribal stage.

armadilloninja asked for clarification:

Are you asking for a cheat to unlock the tibal stage? Or cheats FOR the tribal stage?

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coolraceralex answered:

The most frequently used cheat would be the refillmotives cheat. The most effective way:
1. Pause the game.
2. Bring up cheat menu and type in cheat.
note: for spore cheats, no capitilizations needed.
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BearzUnlimited answered:

There are at least three cheats that work in Tribal stage.

set ConsequenceTrait *name of creature type*
Changes your consequence power.

I'm not absolutely sure if this works in Tribal stage, but I think it does. It adds some extra food.

Replenishes all of your tribe's hunger and health.
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NuggetandSkull answered:

There aren't any besides the Consequence cheat and the motive one. The moremoney cheat doesn't work until Civ and Space stage.
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commyd answered:

I think that addDNA may work. That'll only give a little amount of food though.
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z827 answered:

There are,Moremoney doesn't work,seeing that the tribal currency is food.AddDNA can work in the Costume Changing mode.Refillmotives will cure them and refill their stamina completely.SetConsequencetrait Cell_Omnivore,Cell_Carnivore or Cell_Herbivore and Creature_Mixed,Creature_Aggressive,Creature_Social will change the abilities you might get.There are also some cheats that change the visual but you won't like it.
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mic1007 answered:

If you are annoyed that other tribes are killing your tribe members, wait until all your babies grow, select them, attack another tribe and to save your tribe members, use refiilmotives then press up+enter(in the console).
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